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This is David. He is a 19 year old boy and lives in Romford. He is English and goes to college.

Meet my Audience

David enjoys spending time with his friends and is single. He likes play video games and watching movies. He dresses casual and doesn’t put effort in unless it’s necessary. So on a normal day he will wear casual jeans and a t-shirt or a tracksuit and when he is going somewhere nice he outs more effort in. He shops in places such as, Topman, JD and River Island.

David is in college, currently studying engineering. He done well in school but didn’t enjoy it. He left school in year 11 and worked until he realised he needed to be trained in a profession. His very close with his family, however he doesn’t live with his father and lives in a council flat with his much and 3 brothers. He watches many Britrsh Social Realist films, such as Kidulthood and Attack the Block. He watches TV channels such as E4, Sky and ITV. He listens to music such as, Hip Hop, Grime and Drum and Bass. His favourite artists include, Devlin and Eminem.


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