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Pre – Production Technology

Technology Used



Successful/ Unsuccessful

Personal Development


I used blogger throughout the whole of my coursework.

This was because we were advised to do so.

I think it was successful, as it was easy to use. I think it presented the work that I done really nicely, so it was easy to read and go back to if I wanted to make changes.

I used this throughout the whole of my coursework and I found that as time went on I learnt more and developed new skills which improved the layout of each thing that I done.


In pre-production, I looked at many opening sequences and clips from British Social Realist films on YouTube.

This was the easiest way to find them, and I was able to embed the clips that I used on to my blog. The reason I looked at them, was because I got more of an understanding of what is in British Social Realist films

I think that it was successful, as I already knew what YouTube was so it was easy use for me.

The only thing that I developed was the fact that I learnt how to embed the videos as I never had to do that before.


During pre production I was looking at possible locations for my film.

This is because all BSR films have locations which are similar. Therefore when getting pictures to show the locations that I would use, I used Google Images.

This was successful as it made the posts that I done look better instead of just having writing, so that there is more understanding on where I was coming from.


During pre production I made a timeline for the opening sequence Happy Go Lucky. I took a picture of my timeline and uploaded it to my blog.

This was so I knew what features were in an opening sequence, for example what graphics they consist of.

This was successful, as I made sure that my writing was neat so it was able to be read on the camera and when uploaded it was clear.

Mobile Phone

During pre production, we done a video for vox pops, to fins out what the target audience liked.

This gave us a lot of feedback and a lot of understanding of what our audience wanted.

This was successful as I think that using this method instead of maybe a questionnaire s it was more reliable.

This was good as we were able to experiment with other ways of filming other than a camcorder.

Production Technology

Technology Used



Successful/ Unsuccessful

Personal Development


When writing the script for my opening sequence.

This was because, it was easy to lay out and allowed us to write a long script, without having difficulty.

This was successful, as we were able to write as much as we wanted whilst it still made sense which I am happy with. When it came to filming, it was easy to read, and because of the detail, we filmed better.

I never really used excel for anything like this before so it was new to me, however I will definitely use it again if I ever need to do something like this again.


When uploading the things such as the script, production schedule and call sheets.

This was so we could embed the code of our work to the blog.

This was successful, as I was able to show other skills I have. Where I used this in pre production, it was easy for me to do.


When writing up the production schedule.

This was so that I could use a table, which I didn’t know how to do on Blogger. I thought it was better than doing it one Microsoft Word, as it was a better looking table which is easier to structure.

This was successful, as it was easy to read when it came to having to look at it for filming.

I never really structured anything like this before, so now I know I can do it in the future.

Microsoft Word

When writing up the Call Sheets.

I think that doing this on Microsoft Word was better than writing it straight up onto blogger, as I was able to make it look neater and more formal.

This was successful, because I think if I done it straight on to blogger, then it would of looked a bit messy.

I had used Microsoft Word many times before, so I was okay with this.


When filming my opening sequence.

This is the way to film a film.

This was successful, as I had used this camcorder many times before, and I

Because I have done this before, it was much easier than doing it any other

Post Production Technology

Technology Used



Successful/ Unsuccessful


This was used on a Apple Mac computer.

This was so we could film for some of the evaluation parts.

This was successful, as I think it was better than typing everything up.


This was used for the evaluation.

This was so that me and Joe could upload what we filmed talking about the process that we experienced. Also we uploaded the opening sequence again and annotated it.

This was successful, as it was different as it made the work better, instead of typing it up.

Personal Development

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