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Macomb incubator

Technology Advancement SmartZone SM* of Sterling Heights

What is a Client Company? Where business does business.

A client company utilizes resources, networking opportunities and capital acquisition assistance to fulfill new and growing business demands. By being housed at the INCubator, client companies gain access to very tangible resources such as office space and equipment. More importantly, however, is the access all client companies receive to intangible resources, such as assistance with acquiring capital investment, business strategies, a connection to Oakland University for sponsored research and student interns, as well as an experienced referral network. The INCubator’s shared space makes it easier for client companies to communicate and share business services. To meet the varying needs of growing businesses, we have four partnerships designed to address a client’s individual needs: Tenant Client Company: With the ability to lease space and reside on-site at the INCubator, a Tenant Client partnership is the most popular and hands on. Tenants interact with other INCubator companies to exchange ideas and innovative concepts, set-up a single office or multiple offices and have access to shared common space, internet, phone and other services necessary for an operational business. Affiliate Client Company: Perhaps being located on-site is not what your business needs. As an Affiliate Client, any Michigan company can utilize our on-site and virtual services, receiving all of the benefits of being a Tenant Client, without the leased space. Accelerator Client: Corporate spin-offs from established Michigan and growth stage companies are also supported by our INCubator. The acceleration program provides commercialization and capital investment assistance to grow and develop new products and services from companies that wish to diversify and expand. Accelerator Clients have support from an established company, but benefit from the INCubator’s critical business development and investment services. Anchor Tenant Client: As a larger, established company, an Anchor Tenant Client resides on-site, providing knowledge, expertise and advice to Tenant Clients. An Anchor Tenant provides stability to the INCubator, working with Tenant Clients to provide unique professional services. “The INCubator is great for nurturing a small company.” Jerry Atkinson, CEO of Tenant Client Company iTrack, LLC

The OU INCubator Advantage The majority of client companies come to the INCubator with two distinct needs: staff and funding. Working in collaboration with Oakland University, the City of Sterling Heights, Macomb County and the Michigan Economic Development Corporation, the INCubator has a unique advantage that cannot be found elsewhere: ACCESS. With access to an extensive pool of talent, our community of partners includes individuals that are ready to fulfill your company’s needs. Businesses need motivated individuals to bring about cutting-edge ideas and lead their company to success. The INCubator is ready to deliver.

Macomb incubator

Technology Advancement SmartZone SM* of Sterling Heights


Business growing from business. Our INCubator offers unique opportunities to acquire capital that are most likely to be obtained through a designated SmartZoneSM. “With professionals on our staff that have managed angel investor groups, and venture capital funds, our knowledge of the alternative investment landscape is deep.” Jeff Barry, INCubator Senior Business Commercialization Specialist

As a client of Macomb-OU INC there are three significant capital alternatives available for application: Michigan Pre-Seed Capital Fund: With the ability to obtain up to $250,000 in capital, eligible early stage companies are encouraged to apply. We assist clients in putting together business plans that include all of the requirements of the Pre-Seed Fund and other required documents to optimize your chances of approval. Available in conjunction with this loan is the Micro Loan Fund, a smaller fund with fewer requirements that provides up to $50,000 in funding. Angel Investor Tours: An angel tour offers your business ample opportunities to present to multiple, influential investors. Working with Angel Investor Group managers throughout the Midwest, we work to provide you an opportunity to present in six different regions. The more your company presents to angel investors, the greater the probability of being funded. To ensure the greatest success with acquiring capital, the INCubator assists in preparing clients and client materials for the presentations. Venture Capital: Venture capital firms invest in clients that are graduating or close to graduating from the INCubator. Once a company has started to earn revenue and is ready to graduate, they become more attractive for obtaining funding from a venture capital firm. This funding is ideal because it helps companies sustain growth outside of the incubation period. The INCubator helps identify possible resources that are aligned with your company’s needs.

A partnership with the Macomb-OU INCubator increases your opportunities of gaining the capital you need to make your business thrive.

The INCubator Working for Your Business • • • • • •

Assistance with accessing capital Development of a strategic business plan Access to business ready rental space and flexible leases Management guidance and a Kitchen Cabinet Advisory Board Consulting tailored to growing companies Support services including business seminars, service packages, referral network, technology support and many more

This project is funded by a grant from the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA). SBA’s funding should not be construed as an endorsement of any products, opinions, or services. All SBA-funded projects are extended to the public on a nondiscriminatory basis. *SmartZones is a registered Service Mark of the Michigan Economic Development Corporation

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The Macomb-Oakland University INCubator

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