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1. Question : Emily will own

Kevin and Emily own a house as joint tenants. If Kevin dies,

2. Question : The power of the government to regulate what use real property may be used for is known as 3.

Question :

Which of the following is a partnership?

4. Question : If you find a diamond bracelet on the public sidewalk, you are most likely to be able to keep the bracelet if it is 5. Question : Isabel invents a new type of exercise shoe, which she calls the “Super Soul.” To protect the name of her product, Isabel should get a 6.

Question :

7. Question : taxation?

A trademark is an example of Which of the following does NOT have the advantage of single

8. Question : Which of the following has NOT been a criticism of the Supreme Court’s decision in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission? 9. Question : Cary, Dean, and Madeline are partners in a furniture store. Madeline wants to buy some antiques from an upcoming estate sale. Dean thinks it’s a good idea, but Cary says it is too pricey. Madeline goes ahead and buys the antiques. Which of the following best describes the situation? 10. Question : Aaron and Jerard form a partnership, with Aaron as general partner and Jerard as a limited partner. Which of the following is true?

Bus 311 week 4 quiz (new)  
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