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1. Question : the variance?

How is the sum of squares unlike either the standard deviation or

2. Question : If sums of squares statistics are calculated for shoppers at three different retail outlets, what statistic will indicate the variability among those at each outlet? 3.

Question :

Which is the symbol used for the test statistic in ANOVA?

4. Question : If ANOVA reveals that four different departments have significantly different levels of productivity, what will a post-hoc test indicate? 5.

Question :

The independent t-test is based on which distribution?


Question :

What does omega-squared indicate?


Question :

Each different t-distribution is defined by which of the following?

8. Question : vertical axis?

When a significant interaction is graphed, what is indicated on the

9. Question : Four different groups of employees are randomly selected from a common population for a study of differences in the impact of a wage increase. Why will there be differences even before the incentive is applied? 10. Question : hypothesis is rejected?

What is the probability of type II error when the null

Bus 308 week 2 quiz  
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