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The key to a Career Development Portfolio is to develop material and order it in a manner that suits you. Whether in your computer or in a three ring binder, the order and amount of material is really all about you. Make the development of that portfolio a labor of love, and understand that it will be changing as your school experience and your career develop. It is always a work in progress. Suggested Tabs: · Current goals · Work philosophy · Results of DISC Survey and written report · SPR (Stress Processing Report) and written report · Samples of key course outcomes and assignments

· List of technical and life skills gained from each Keller course · Personal resume · Work Experience · Journal Notes from GM548 · Examples of work experiences · Examples of volunteer and community service experiences · Academic plan of study at Keller · List of professional associations or memberships · Networking connections · Interview experiences · Final slide presentation in GM548 · List of favorite web sites · Personal observations: (Late Night Thoughts While Listening to Mahler’s Ninth)

Card 548 week 4 portfolio outline  
Card 548 week 4 portfolio outline