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CARD 548 Week 3 Strategy Assignment Role Model and Labor Statistics To Purchase This Material Click below Link For more classes visit

Strategy Assignments;1.Complete either of the following (a or b): a.Choose one Man/Woman/Persons Of The Year from Time Magazine over the last ten years, and prepare a brief report on that person's career path. What event(s) triggered their designation, and what, if anything, do you find inspiring about their career? (Maybe pick an earlier year than 2007, which is YOU!) Time (You may wish to check out the "Time 100" most influencial people of the year.) As an alternative to Time Magazine, go to Fast Company or another business magazine and check for outstanding business leaders. Fast Company Or, you might try Forbes, Business Week, or Fortune. Forbes Business Week Fortune Try the Academy Of Achievement and see the note on Oprah Winfrey and her Use Your Life Awards. Oprah You may also select option (b)

below.;b.Choose a person in your personal experience (either that you know/knew, or read about) that exhibited superior leadership skills and career achievements. What is most remarkable and inspiring about their story?;2.Complete either of the following (a or b) a.Visit the website for the Bureau of Labor Statistics at the U.S. Department Of Labor, and check out the Occupational Outlook Handbook. Occupational Handbook Prepare a brief (one page) report on what you found most useful to your career direction. File the report in the Dropbox. (10 points);b.Visit the website for the Secretary's Committee On Needed Skills at the U.S. Department

Card 548 week 3 strategy assignment role model and labor statistics  
Card 548 week 3 strategy assignment role model and labor statistics