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BUS 660 Week 1 Assignment Leadership Competency Models (2 Papers) To Purchase This Material Click below Link For more classes visit

This Tutorial Contains 2 Different Papers Leadership Competency Models. A competency model is a set of knowledge, skills, behaviors, or attributes that defines what is needed by a person to be effective in a particular leadership position. Chapter 7 of the course text introduces the concept of competency models and provides an example of a leadership competency model on page 253. Study the practice of competency modeling and existing leadership competency models. Using the Library, search for a minimum of three scholarly sources on competency models and develop a competency model for a particular

leadership position, such as college president, mayor, college athletic coach, or chief executive officer. In your paper: 1. Provide an overview of your competency model. 2. List three- to- five specific skills, abilities, behaviors, attitudes, and/or knowledge areas you believe are important for success in the position. Clearly define and provide examples of each. 3. Identify how you would go about evaluating leaders in a specific leadership position using your model. 4. Discuss how your model of leadership assists in the development of leaders. Your paper should be two to three pages in length (excluding the title and reference pages). Your paper must be formatted according to APA style as outlined in the Center, and it must include citations and references for the text and at least three scholarly sources from the Library.

Bus 660 week 1 assignment leadership competency models (2 papers)