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BUS 508 Final Exam Part 2 (2 Sets) To Purchase This Material Click below Link For more classes visit

Please Check The Question Details Below: FINAL EXAM PART 2 (SET 1) 1) During the past decade, Which of the following countries has experienced the greatest annual rate of GDP growth? 2) When firms develop products and marketing strategies that appeal to the customer tastes and buying habits of particular national markets, they are using a …… 3) The foreign corrupt practices Act : 4) A trade deficit occurs when 5) The European Union (EU) …….

6) Computers that are manufactured in the United States and sold in Norway are categorized as U.S. ………. 7) A balance of payment deficit occurs when …….. 8) An absolute advantage occurs when a country can maintain …… 9) Which of the following is the first step in the decision for a business to expand globally? 10) Although the average farm size has increased in recent years the majority of farmers operate as ….. businesses. 11) Of the following industries, which is most likely to be owned by a small business owner? 12) A restaurant franchisee purchases Which of the following from the franchisor? 13) When a government unit owns and operates an organization, the arrangement is known as ……… 14) Owners of small businesses can increase their chances of success if they: 15) In exchange for an ownership share, Benita’s small business receives from a group of individuals known as ………. 16) ……. Newly launched businesses fail within two years after commencing operations. 17) Martha is the owner of a very small technology start-up. She shares clerical staff, computers, and other business services with other small business owners. Martha is part of a(n) 18) ……. Are business organizations or groups of private individuals who invest in new or growing firms 19) ……. are specific geographical areas designated for economic revitalization 20) Which of the following is a major consideration in selecting a business idea? 21) The primary reasons people become entrepreneurs include all of the following reasons EXCEPT : 22) Louis works as an artist for a major textile company and created an innovation for producing designs. The company will implement Louis’s idea as part of its …. Strategy 23) An entrepreneur 24) Colin works for a large bank that recently merged with another financial institution, world of layoffs has been discussed. Collin is most likely to become an entrepreneur in order to …….. 25) Financial success FINAL EXAM PART 2 (SET 2) 1) …. involves a one-on-one presentation to a prospective buyer 2) The process of finalizing a sale is the 3) Advertising, sales promotion, direct marketing and public relations are example of ……

4) ………. Advertising is used promote a specific viewpoint on a public issue. 5) Trade promotion is ………… 6) Which of the following is an unreasonable response to potential computer problems? 7) Which of the following is an application program? 8) A computer program that imitates human thinking is a(n) ……. 9) Deciding how to prevent system failures along with the ability to continue operating if computer system fail is called …… 10) Which of the following is considered information rather than data? 11) The …… was created by the Sarbanes – Oxley Act of 2002 12) Morgan works for a travel agency. Her job involves preparing financial reports and interpreting those reports to provide information for decision making. Which title is appropriate for Morgan’s job? 13) Which of the following represents the accounting equation? 14) The natural progression of a business begins with …….. 15) Who appoints the members of the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board? 16) Bonds with ratings of BBB and above are classified as ……. 17) ……… are short-term securities issued by the U.S. Treasury and backed by the full faith and credit of the U.S government 18) Which of the following is a depository financial institution? 19) The ……. is a collection of financial markets in which previously issued securities are traded among investors 20) What provision allows the issuer to redeem the bond before its maturity at a specified price? 21) The financial manager for a typical corporation is responsible for ……… 22) Which of the following assets would firm mostly likely finance using longterm sources? 23) When a firm receives goods or services from a supplier and agrees to pay for them at a later date, this arrangement is called ………. 24) Two types of divestitures are …….. 25) …….. would be the LEAST likely to obtain a private placement

Bus 508 final exam part 2 (2 sets)  
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