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BUS 508 Chapter 9 Quiz 1. A ________ is a group of people with certain skills who are committed to a common purpose, approach, and set of performance goals. 2. ________ are rights to buy a specified amount of company stock at a given price within a given time period. 3. E-mails on company servers can be used as evidence in a legal case or disciplinary action. 4. ________ occurs when one person or group’s needs do not match those of another, and attempts may be made to block the opposing side’s intentions or goals.

5. ________ benefit employees by giving them ownership stakes in their companies, leading to potential profits as the value of their firm increases. 6. A ________ is a standard of conduct shared by team members that guides their behavior. 7. Managers do not spend a lot of time engaged in oral communication, both in person and on the phone. 8. ________ is the type of listening, the receiver tries to catch the speaker in a mistake or contradiction. 9. ________ are groups of geographically or organizationally dispersed coworkers who use a combination of telecommunications and information technologies to accomplish an organizational task. 10. A work team empowered with the authority to decide how its members complete their daily tasks is called a ________. 11. ________ focuses on problem-related differences of opinion, and reconciling these differences strongly improves team performance. 12. Team diversity is an important consideration for teams that must complete a wide range of different tasks or particularly complex tasks. 13. ________ is a meaningful exchange of information through messages transmitted between an organization and its major audiences, such as customers, suppliers, other firms, the general public, and government officials. 14. ________ is the average level of ability, experience, personality, or any other factor on a team. 15. Managers spend a lot of time engaged in oral communication, both in person and on the phone. 16. Effective written communication reflects its audience, the channel carrying the message, and the appropriate degree of formality. 17. Every communication takes place in some sort of situational or cultural context. 18. ________ can be defined as a meaningful exchange of information through messages. 19. In any medium, a vital component of oral communication is listening— receiving a message and interpreting its genuine meaning by accurately grasping the facts and feeling conveyed. 20. A formal communication channel carries messages that flow within the chain of command structure defined by an organization.

Bus 508 chapter 9 quiz  
Bus 508 chapter 9 quiz