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BUS 508 Chapter 7 Quiz 1. The ________, or span of control, is the number of employees a manager supervises. 2. ________ is the process of dividing work activities into units within the organization. 3. ________ at every level in the management hierarchy must exercise three basic types of skills: technical, human, and conceptual. 4. A ________ is a written explanation of an organization’s business intentions and aims. 5. A company that does not emphasize centralization retains decision making at the top of the management hierarchy.

6. The ________ links employees from different parts of the organization to work together on specific projects. 7. A frequently used tool in this phase of strategic planning is the SWOT analysis. 8. The four basic types of organization structures are: 9. ________, which allows firms to resume operations as quickly and as smoothly as possible after a crisis while openly communicating with the public about what happened. 10. An effective structure is one that is clear and easy to understand: employees know what is expected of them and to whom they report. 11. A ________ is a structure that places authority and responsibility jointly in the hands of a group of individuals rather than a single manager. 12. ________ is the process of recognizing a problem or opportunity, evaluating alternative solutions, selecting and implementing an alternative, and assessing the results. 13. In the course of a typical day, managers spend time meeting and talking with people, reading, thinking, and sending text or e-mail messages. 14. Strategic planning often makes the difference between an organization’s success and failure. 15. ________ is guiding and motivating employees to accomplish organizational objectives. 16. ________, or first-line management, includes positions such as supervisor, section chief, and team leader. 17. An organization’s ________ is its system of principles, beliefs, and values. 18. ________ is the process of achieving organizational objectives through people and other resources. 19. Managers assign work to employees, a process called

Bus 508 chapter 7 quiz