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BUS 508 Chapter 17 Quiz 1. ________ raise money from wealthy individuals and institutional investors and invest the funds in promising firms. 2. ________ is planning, obtaining, and managing the company’s funds in order to accomplish its objectives as effectively and efficiently as possible. 3. A ________ is an offer made by a firm to the target firm’s shareholders specifying a price and the form of payment. 4. Financial plans, sometimes referred to as strategic plans, have a much longer time horizon, perhaps up to five to ten years.

5. Differing industries do not choose varying amounts of debt and equity to use when financing. 6. Short-term financing using accounts receivable is called ________. 7. A ________ is a sale of assets by a firm. 8. ________ is the term used to describe the benefits produced by a merger or acquisition. 9. A ________ is a document that specifies the funds needed by a firm for a period of time, the timing of inflows and outflows, and the most appropriate sources and uses of funds. 10. The ________ is an important tool for determining the size of a line of credit because it shows the months when additional financing will be needed or when borrowed funds can be repaid. 11. ________ are uncollected credit sales and can be a significant asset. 12. For many firms, such as retailers, inventory does not represent the largest single asset. 13. ________ are transactions in which public shareholders are brought out and the firm reverts to private status.14. ________ is the mix of a firm’s debt and equity capital. 15. ________ are periodic cash payments to shareholders. 16. Raising needed cash by borrowing allows a firm to benefit from the principle of ________. 17. Public sales of securities such as stocks and bonds are a major source of funds for corporations. 18. A line of credit specifies the maximum amount the firm can borrow over a period of time, usually a year. 19. ________ are investment companies that raise funds from wealthy individuals and institutional investors and use those funds to make large investments in both public and privately held companies. 20. The ________ feature offers tips for managing assets.

Bus 508 chapter 17 quiz  
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