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BUS 508 Chapter 10 Quiz 1. A ________ groups machinery and equipment according to their functions. 2. ________ uses resources, including workers and machinery, to convert materials into finished goods and services. 3. ________ is a computer-based production planning system that lets a firm ensure that it has all the parts and materials it needs to produce its output at the right time and place and in the right amounts. 4. ________ Creates a well-defined set of procedures for coordinating people, materials, and machinery to provide maximum production efficiency.

5. A ________ is a production facility that workers can quickly modify to manufacture different products. 6. Human factors in the location decision include an area’s labor supply, local regulations, taxes, and living conditions. 7. ________ requires them to balance the need to keep stock on hand to meet demand against the costs of carrying inventory. 8. An ________ system reduces a raw material to its component parts in order to extract one or more marketable products. 9. ________ in a firm is to oversee the production process by managing people and machinery in converting materials and resources into finished goods and services. 10. Mass production begins with the specialization of labor, dividing work into its simplest components so that each worker can concentrate on performing one task. 11. ________ is a voluntary certification program administered by the U.S. Green Building Council, aimed at promoting the most sustainable construction processes available. 12. ________ is the phase of production control in which managers and employers or team members spot problems in the production process and come up with solutions. 13. Production planning does not begin by choosing what goods or services to offer to customers. 14. One of the fundamental issues facing every producer is the ________ -choosing whether to manufacture a product or component in house, purchase it from an outside supplier, or lease it. 15. An efficient facility layout can reduce material handling, decrease costs, and improve product flow through the facility. 16. A customer-driven production system does not evaluate customer demands in order to make the connection between products manufactured and products bought. 17. It is not important for production managers to understand how a project fits into the company’s structure because this will affect the success of the project. 18. A process called ________ allows engineers to design components as well as entire products on computer screens faster and with fewer mistakes than they could achieve working with traditional drafting systems. 19. A ________ implements a broad management philosophy that reaches beyond the narrow activity of inventory control to influence the entire system of production and operations management. A ________ good or service that is free of deficiencies.

Bus 508 chapter 10 quiz