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1. Article 6 of the Treaty on European Union, called the Maastricht Treaty, states the EU is “founded” on: 2. Which of the following is the path through which contractionary monetary policy works? 3. Marketing research refers to__________. 4. _____ is the process of converting meaning into messages composed of words and nonverbal signals. 5. Sam, a marketing manager, often makes ethical decisions based on what others feel about those decisions. He often considers opinions from other managers and employees. Which of the following ethical systems do Sam’s decisions follow?

6. The depreciation of currency will: 7. Which of the following is typically included in the drafting stage of writing an effective business message?• 8. If a population is known to be normally distributed, what can be said of the sample distribution of the sample mean drawn from this population? 9. Marketing refers to__________. 10. Lori is using secondary research to develop a business report. How can she write her report in a way that demonstrates originality in thought? 11. Annie, an employee who often attributes her team failures to bad luck, attributes other teams’ failures to personal shortcomings. Which of the following cognitive biases do Annie’s attributions exemplify? 12. When does the straw man fallacy occur? 13. Which of the following types of unemployment is considered to be the most controllable through demand-side macroeconomic policy? 14. Microeconomics and macroeconomics are: 15. Federal law and business leaders alike favor ____________ as a means of governing private business ethics. 16. Which of the following statements is true of the WARN Act? 17. Alex is playing his music at full volume in his dorm room. The other people living on his floor found this to be a nuisance, but Alex doesn’t care. Alex’s music playing is an example of: 18. According to the Ajzen model, the strongest predictor of an employee’s behavior is/are__________. • 19. The interdisciplinary field dedicated to understanding and managing people at work is called:• 20. Regarding using personality testing as part of the hiring process, experts have concluded that: 21. In the context of developing persuasive messages, which of the following is most likely to help you demonstrate a voice of competence? 22. Identify an example of spontaneous creativity. 23. Which of the following is useful advice on conducting business across cultures with those who have limited English ability? 24. Joyce finds that the members of the project team to which she has been assignment in her management class are all athletes on the college’s football and basketball teams. She immediately considers dropping the class because she thinks her experience with that team will be negative. Joyce is likely reacting to a__________. 25. According to the Classical growth model, an economy that increases its saving will grow:• 26. A 911 emergency response service needs operators who are bilingual in English and Spanish. A few applicants of Spanish origin are rejected due to poor English-speaking skills. They file a complaint on the grounds of discrimination based on nationality. Their complaint is squashed. Here, the defense of the federal government is on the grounds of: 27. The distinction between flexible and fixed individual differences__________.

28. Advertising, personal selling, sales promotion, public relations, and direct marketing are marketing communications alternatives that make up a firm’s __________. 29. What is the main drawback to the Negotiation & Agreement strategy for overcoming resistance to change? 30. In order to focus your presentation on people, you should______. 31. In order to summarize qualitative data, a useful tool is a____________. 32. The product life cycle refers to __________. 33. The study of similarities and differences among consumers in two or more nations or societies is referred to as __________. 34. Other things held constant in a competitive labor market, if workers negotiate a contract in which the employer agrees to pay an hourly wage of $17.85 while the market equilibrium hour rate is $16.50, the: 35. In which of the following situations is a budget surplus most likely to occur? 36. How many parameters are needed to fully describe any normal distribution? 37. Under the regulations of interstate commerce: 38. Fred takes Betty to dinner at a very expensive and exclusive restaurant. The menu does not mention prices. The server takes their order, and both Betty and Fred enjoyed the meal immensely. When the bill comes, Fred refuses to pay because the menu had no prices and because he and the server never engaged in language indicating an offer and acceptance. The server said, “Are you ready to order?” and when Fred said “Yes,” the server merely asked, “What may I get you tonight?” 39. A monopoly firm is different from a perfectly competitive firm in that: 40. When two regression models applied on the same data set have the same response variable but a different number of explanatory variables, the model that would evidently provide the better fit is the one with a__________. • 41. Suppose farmers can use their land to grown either wheat or corn. The law of supply predicts that an increase in the market price of wheat will cause: 42. The DeBeers company is a profit-maximizing monopolist that exercises monopoly power in the distribution of diamonds. If the company earns positive economic profits this year, the price of diamonds will: 43. Jay stops at the shopping mall to purchase a new pair of jeans from the Diesel store. He is the ultimate consumer in a pipeline from the producer through intermediaries, including the clothing store. This pipeline is actually a__________. 44. Your résumé should tell a story of______. 45. A receptive developmental network is__________. 46. What is true of the features used to judge a person’s credibility? 47. Identify the statement that accurately describes the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. 48. Which of the following can be represented by a discrete random variable? 49. Suppose that college tuition is higher this year than last and that more students are enrolled in college this year than last year. Based on this information, we can best conclude that: 50. Frequent, abusive, threatening phone calls by creditors are most likely to provoke the basis for a claim of _____________.

Bus 475 capstone final examination part 1 (new)  
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