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COM 295 Week 2 Knowledge Check To Purchase This Material Click below Link FOR MORE CLASSES VISIT 1. Email communication A. is characterized by low control. B. is characterized by little coordination. C. is a rich communication medium D. incurs high cost

2. Which of the following is the first step in the AIM planning process for developing influential messages? A. Idea development B. Message structuring C. Audience analysis D. Message review

3. In the context of the AIM planning process, which of the following tends to be the single most important planning step for many messages? A. Identifying reader benefits and constraints

B. Making the message easy to navigate C. Estimating your credibility D. Ensuring the communication is fair

4. George, the marketing manager at Regal, believes that an employee should always act ethically and should also report instances of unethical behavior that he encounters. This belief held by George is an example of a(n): A. bias B. prejudice C. prototype D. value

5. Which of the following is most likely to have a negative impact on your readers' perceptions of your credibility? A. Using strong analogies B. Using inaccurate statements C. Avoiding slanting D. Avoiding exaggerations

6. The less specific you are while writing your business messages the greater the possibility

A. that your readers will be ensured of your credibility B. of your readers avoiding scanning and skimming your C. of your readers being patient and reading your message more carefully. D. that your readers will question your intention of keeping them informed.

7. In the course of conducting a FAIR test to review your business message, when you attempt to determine how your message will affect others from ethical, corporate, and legal perspectives, you are most likely checking:

A. if the facts you have stated are accurate. B. if you have granted enough access to the message recipients to provide input. C. how your message will impact various stakeholders. D. if you have demonstrated respect for the inherent worth of others.

8. Craig is the sales manager at Blaize Supersports and has a 20-member-strong sales team that reports to him. On an average, Craig receives about 115 emails and sends out 75 emails a day. James, a salesperson at the store, leaves the subject line blank while typing out a leave request mail to Craig. James wants to take the week off and spend time with his family. As James is about to send it, he realizes that the subject line is blank. Which of the following should James do before sending the email to Craig?

A. Send it anyway since the subject line shouldn't matter to Craig. B. Include only the number of days and dates in the subject line. C. Type his name, department details, and employee id in the email and then send it to Craig. D. Use a descriptive subject line such as "Leave of absence request".

9. Correct: Which of the following reputations is a result of the meta message "I abide by the rules"? A. Talented, skilled, and capable B. Activist, cause-driven, and passionate C. Learning, inquisitive, and curious D. Moral, ethical, and fair

10. Which of the following is a reason why audience analysis for routine messages generally does not require much time? A. Routine messages are not important. B. Typically, the top management comprises the audience of the routine messages. C. Most routine messages do not contain much content. D. The audience is likely to respond positively to routine messages.

11. In the case of a routine message, the number of words in a primary message:

A. should not exceed ten B. should not exceed five C. should be between fifteen and twenty D. should be between twenty and thirty

12. Which of the following stages of developing routine messages involves proofreading? A. Drafting B. Analyzing C. Reviewing D. Planning

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