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1 The career summary section of a rĂŠsumĂŠ should provide the candidate's ________. objective for the job search memberships, awards, certifications and licensure, and activities list of personal references major accomplishments, abilities, and attributes

2 Javier is an editorial manager at a publishing company. He wants to give one of his supervisors an "Employee of the Year" award. Which of the following supervisors should he choose if he is looking for an employee with a strong sense of caring? Jenny, who helps her employees develop the skills that will allow them to advance Jon, who sets short- and long-term deadlines for every project and meets them promptly Paul, who is the best copy editor and proofreader in the department Ayesha, who always takes on extra work to help the department meet its deadlines

3 Performing at the highest standards, not just for oneself, but for the team, for the supervisor, for the consumer, and for the company's shareholders, indicates a sense of _________. accountability

individuality opportunity future-orientation

4 Your coworker LaRita has asked you to review her slide presentation. You notice that it is difficult to recognize and process the most important ideas and information. To help her fix this, what will you recommend that she change? She should limit her text to five words per line and three to four lines per slide. She should include a compelling image every few slides. She should choose dark backgrounds and text colors. She should use bold or italics to highlight key ideas.

5 Lori is using secondary research to develop a business report. How can she write her report in a way that demonstrates originality in thought? Generate her own conclusions and recommendations Use the most current documentation guidelines Adopt a methodical approach to decision making Cite all her research sources

6 Your rĂŠsumĂŠ should tell a story of: the value can provide to a company everything you have learned and done in your previous job how you plan to improve your areas of weakness

your educational accomplishments

7 In order to focus your presentation on people, you should: make individuals and groups the subject of your sentences use a lot of "I" statements include as many photographs as possible in your slides avoid using presentation software or other technology

8 In the context of developing persuasive messages, which of the following is most likely to help you demonstrate a voice of competence? adopting the tone of mass advertising such as over-the-top appeals developing strong ideas in the interest of your audience focusing only on logical appeals using only emotional appeals in your persuasive messages

9 Rick is trying to schedule a video teleconference with colleagues at several locations. To do so, he needs to coordinate their schedules and also check to see if the company needs to invest in any additional resources to make it happen. By addressing coordination and resource issues, he is dealing with: constraint richness immediacy control

10 A mistake that many job applicants make while creating rĂŠsumĂŠs is: trying to display everything they do well highlighting only a few of their abilities and attributes neglecting to include areas they need to improve on forgetting to include their hobbies and other interests

11 Bao is conducting a study that compares the cost of keeping print messages on file versus storing digital messages in the cloud. What aspect of communications relates to the storage of messages? permanence planning coordination constraint

12 A colleague asks you for advice on how to understand the audience of his persuasive message. Which of the following pieces of advice will you offer? Wait until the message is perfected before choosing the right audience. Focus on their values and not their needs. Consider the psychological principles that impact people's decisions. Ask as few questions as possible to avoid annoying them.

13 Which of the following should contain all your research sources and should be provided at the end of your report? the executive summary citations the reference list table of contents

14 Which of the following is useful advice on conducting business across cultures with those who have limited English ability? Use slang and jargon instead of literal language as much as possible. Allow those with limited English ability enough time to process their thoughts into English. Speak at your normal, regular pace instead of speaking slowly as this may be viewed as disrespectful. Determine a person's level of communication proficiency within the first few moments of your interactions with them.

15 _____ is the process of converting meaning into messages composed of words and nonverbal signals. Filtering Translating Encoding Decoding

16 Which of the following is a trait of individualists? They communicate directly to efficiently deal with work tasks and outcomes. They stay in relationships even when they are no longer mutually satisfying. They tend to follow the perceived dreams and goals of the group as a matter of duty. They tend to stay in contact with and work through extended networks.

17 Which of the following is typically included in the reviewing stage of writing an effective business message?

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