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Rachmadhana Insan Chandravialissa 23rd September 1995 @dhanavls +6281350103378

My name is Rachmadhana Insan Chandravialissa, people call me Dhana. Since my parents are musician, violist is the meaning of my name. It takes from Chandravialissa. But, I can’t play violin at all, so instead of being a musician I decided to be a designer since I have passion on drawing and crafting. I’m a type of person who loves being surrounded by my friends but doesn’t hesitate to go solo. You might find me walking around textile or thrift store to buy something or even just window shopping. After completing my bachelor's degree from Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember Surabaya in Industial Product Design, I worked in a project for a month with CV Valkiarra, a home industry based in Yogyakarta. I made some concepts for wooden watch, strap watch and wooden bag. Now, I'm working in a footwear company called PT Dream Dare Discover with brand named Zuma as a Creative Designer. My responsibilities in this role included planning and developing range with moodboard, collectionboard, techical drawing and sketches, create design, choosing appropriate fabrics and follow up sample, and also made creativity and ideas into designing graphics for used in printed media. These positions has given me key employability skills while also allowing me to experience working in a professional and fast-paced work environment. Nevertheless, I still have to learn as much as I can to improve my skills. Not only in design but also personal skills.



SMAN 1 Balikpapan 2010-2013 Industrial Product Design at Tenth of November Institute of Technology Surabaya 2013-2018

Art Club SMAN 1 Balikpapan as Secretary 2010/2011 BEM FTSP ITS as Staff of Sport and Art Division 2014/2015 as Secretary of Sport and Art Division 2015/2016

SKILL 3Ds Max Autocad Keyshot Ms Word

Photoshop Illustrator CorelDraw Ms Excel

Sketching Branding Crafting

Visual Merchandising Research & Development

EXPERIENCE MINIMA Urban Artwork V Exhibition Balikpapan 2012 as artist Olimpiade FTSP Surabaya 2015 as Head of Consumption Team Makrab FTSP Surabaya 2015 as Head of Event Team IDE ART Surabaya 2015 in Self Branding Team YES SUMMIT Surabaya 2015 in Design and Documentation Team ITS EXPO Surabaya 2015 in Mural Team SPARTAN FTSP Surabaya 2016 as Financial Manager

PT BANOPOLIS INOVASI KENDARA Bandung 2016 as Student Internship Pengabdian Kepada Masyarakat Dana Lokal ITS Surabaya 2017 as member Create-Connect-Sustain by Shefď€ eld Hallam University Surabaya 2017 as participant Bali 2017 as committee CV Valkiarra Yogyakarta 2018 as Product Designer PT Dream Dare Discover Pasuruan 2018 as Product Designer


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Brief design In this project we are free to choose the material and the concept because we have to design the product, which are bag and sandal, based on our personality. Vintage and simple are the concepts, so I decided to make rucksack and sandal from leather, canvas and blacu. For the color I choose green army, brown and khaki to represent the concept.






Rucksack canvas as the main material fits 13� laptop lock with magnet one large main part zippered front stash pocket

Sandal canvas and leather as the material using rope to wrapped it around ankle comfortable insole





People tend to put their jacket, shoes, bag and accessories in different storage. That habbits usually make them forget where they put that stuffs, especially when they are in hurry to start their activities. So, in this project I try to make a storage for keeping jacket, shoes, bag and accessories in one place.

These are 6 alternatives that choosen from many sketches that I drew before. From these alternatives I have to choose one design that suitable for keeping jacket, shoes, bag and accessories.

User target

1st Alternative

3rd Alternative

Women 23-50 Women usually like to match their outfit from top to bottom, that’s why they have more than 2 jacket, shoes, bag and a lot of accessories

5th Alternative

2nd Alternative

4th Alternative

6th Alternative


Final Design 4th alternative is choosen for the final design, because it has a door in every section that can make jacket, shoes, bag and accessories keep clean. This storage also has mirror and chalkboard to write reminder.

Material Plywood with HPL and sheet layer Glass for bag storage Mirror for jacket storage Wood for necklace storage


Necklace and bracelet storage

Bag storage, can put up to 5-6 bags

Shoes storage, can put up to 8-10 pairs of shoes

Watch, earring and make up storage

Jacket storage, can hang up to 5-6 jackets

A chalkboard to write reminders



Brief design

Bukir, Pasuruan is a district where the people produce many kind of furniture from wood, especially chair. In this project I have to redesign knock up “Becak” chair from Bukir into knockdown and change a little bit of the design but still keep the characteristic of the chair.

Inspiration Rattan that wooven in backrest, armrest and seat in Bernardes collection by Andreu Carulla and Vienna Armchair by Emmanuel Gallina are the inspiration for me to redesign becak chair.

Image Board

The application space, the color, type of rattan woven, etc in the image board are the references for redesigning “Becak” chair.



Technical Drawing

Top view

Front view

Side view

Back view


Knockdown Parts

Final Design



There are 5 parts of this c hair, 2 parts of armrest, a part of backrest and 2 parts of seat. This chair also use 7 bolts, 4 connector bolts, 4 D nuts, 8 dowels and 1 L key to assembly all of the parts.




Brief design Redesigning exterior car, front fascia, back view, side view etc, based on choosen concept. I choose Mitsubishi Mirage as my object and dynamic aggressive as the concept for this project.

19 The panther’s eyes that has sharp shape at the corner Adaptation from Infiniti Q50 lamp

Combination of panther’s eye and Q50 headlamp

Toyota Yaris’s handle that has simple shape and more practical to use

Adapt from Outlander Grille

Adapt from Toyota Yaris’s handle Exploring the face lining of wolf for front fascia Finale design of front fascia

Changing the handle for more practical use

Change the luggage door to match the backlamp

Shape exploration from Toyota Highlander backlamp Changing the body sculpture of Mirage to make it look more dynamic

Finale design of backview

REFERENCES Dynamic aggressive concept is determined based on exploration of some references. The references can be from animal or existing car that will represent the new design.

Adaptation from Mitsubishi ex-concept’s body sculpture that look dynamic and give “fast” impression to the car

Body sculpture flow from backlamp to side body





Drawing many sketches as possible based on the concept and start to make the technical drawing after find the choosen design

3D model is needed to find out all sides of the car and it helps for clay modelling

Last step is making the prototype from plywood



INTERNSHIP AT BANOPOLIS Banopolis is a startup in transportation technology. They designed a new bikesharing system that consist of smartlock and passive dock - an improvement from the now-popular dockless bikes. Their system ensures better user experience, order, and predictability, while at the same time maintain dockless convenience and adaptability. I was an internship student at Banopolis for 2 months in 2016. Work with Research and Design Team as a junior Product Designer and involved in street furniture (public, private bike parking and way finding for pedestrian) and Bandung Bike Sharing project.

Their Services

Bike Sharing Planning, R&D, Implementation

Non-Motorized Transport Planning and Design

Public Transport Planning, research, assessments, evaluation

Design Industrial & Product Design, UX

Brief design for internship project Public Parking For 8 bicycles Simple, minimalist, clean Flexible for installation on any terrain 20% Aesthetic, 80% Function Anti-rust coating For outdoor

Private Parking For 2 bicycles Modular based on capacity and function Artsy 60% Aesthetic, 40% Function Powder coating Outdoor or indoor

Wayfinding Outdoor Efficient production


Survey I work as a grup with my friend in this project, we did a survey about public parking for bike and wayfinding at some public places that has many visitors who bring bicycle. For private bike, we got an opportunity to interview 2 riders and a staff that work at Bike accessories store named Bike System.

Survey at Bike System got some datas about private bike parking, bicycle wheel and how to take a good care of a bycicle.

Survey for wayfinding around Gedung Sate, Bandung City Hall and Jalan Riau. Survey at Bandung City Hall, Kandaga Puspa Park, Lansia Park and Pet Park. Got some datas about what bike riders think about cycling facilities especially bike parking and datas about bike parking dimensions.




Public Parking

Private Parking



Technical Drawing

3D Model & 2D

Public Parking

Private Parking



Material Survey

Bike Sharing Project

We did a survey for production at metal craftsmen in Jalan Gedebage. From there we got some datas about metal treatment and type of metal.

In this project Banopolis had appointed as the conceptor of the system, including masterplan and design. The system consist of 30 shelter and 270 bicycle unit across the city. We got an opportunity to contribute in Bandung Bike Sharing project by being a surveyor to determine location coordinate, measure the dimensions of location, find out the street condition and public transportation route in 35 point.

We also distributing questionnaires about Bike Sharing at Food Festival Keuken which always has many visitors every year. This activity aims to introduce Bike Sharing system and how to use it.



Glass beads handcraft in Indonesia is the largest employment in Gudo village, Jombang since ten years ago. Beads which are made by craftsmen are assembled into jewelries, for instance necklaces and bracelets. Lately, the bead crafters have been reduced due to the declination of selling value and the lack of innovation in developing the product. Lack of knowledge of crafters about the design trend becomes the main reason, therefore it is necessary to develop glass beads into jewelries. From this ,it isexpected that the existence of glass beads crafters are able to continue the valuable cultural heritage in Gudo village.


BRAINST Determine target user

Material experiment

Share questionnaire about style Keyword : Women

Shape Experiment To find out how far glass beads can be formed and the right treatment for glass beads’s character.

Pattern/color Experiment To explore the pattern/color that interesting and suitable for glass beads.

College student 19-22

Fresh graduate/ career woman 23-30

Joining Experiment To find out the right joining that can be applied to the product

Style Minimalist Classic Artefacts analysis Keyword : User target tend to buy bag based on the model, color which they don’t have, and good material. They recommended sling bag, totebag, handbag, clutch, duffel bag, backpack as the must have bag.

Keyword : Digitarian (the shape) and Archean (tne pattern and color) as the main concept.


ORMING Sketching

3D modeling

Clutch 3D

Handbag 3D

Sling bag 3D

Alternative 1

Alternative 1

Alternative 1

Handbag 3D

Sling bag 3D

Clutch 3D

Alternative 2

Alternative 2

Alternative 2

Totebag 3D

Sling bag 3D

Handbag 3D

Alternative 1

Alternative 3

Alternative 3

Branding In a business, brand is important because it tells people about the business DNA and helps the brand connect to customers. So, in this project the design will reinforced with branding that includes product name and product logo according to product image. I choose Manika for the product name, Manika stands for “Manik-manik kaca� in bahasa. This name is choosen because it’s simple and easy to remember. For the logo, I use monochrome color and the combination mark.


WOOD SERIES This is the first series of MANIKA. Combining rounded, spiral and rectangle glass bead with wood. In this series, MANIKA includes clutch, sling bag and handbag as the product.

Clutch Material glassbeads pinewood suede lining

Size Length 200 mm Depth 30 mm Height 120 mm

Sling bag Material glassbeads teak wood suede lining synthetic leather strap

Size diameter 220 mm depth 65 mm

Handbag Material glassbeads teak wood cotton lining synthetic leather strap

Size length 130 mm depth 80 mm height 150 mm


RATTAN SERIES Rattan series is the second series of MANIKA. Combining torus glass bead with marble pattern and rattan webbing. This series includes handbag, sling bag and totebag. Handbag Material glassbeads rattan cotton lining synthetic leather strap

Size diameter 150 mm height 150 mm

Sling bag Material glassbeads rattan cotton lining synthetic leather strap

Size diameter 220 mm depth 60 mm

Totebag Material glassbeads rattan synthetic leather lining & strap

Size diameter 300 mm depth 70 mm



The brief required us to redesign the packaging of a perfume bottle from existing brand to be more unique and different from other. I choose Kiehl’s as the brand because Kiehl’s uses natural ingridients for their product and my concept for the pattern is marble, which is in line with Kiehl’s concept. For the shape, I made a hole in the middle to be easy to use.


The redesign packaging of this project consist : New design of perfume bottle Pouch Box Paper Bag Thank you card



Valkiarra is a Home Industry Company in craft field. They produce toy, replica and lifestyle products with wood as the main material. Valkiarra also being supplier for local brand in Indonesia. Their customer usually order about 100-500 pcs watch.


Wooden Bag Brief design Making wooden bag (clutch or sling bag) for woman using wood and leather as the material.


Bracelet Watch Brief design Material : wood For teenage girl Using pastel color

Beads from wood Fun shape

Strap Pattern Brief design For teenage girl Using girly color

12 12

9 9

















3 6












PT. Dream Dare Discover is a subsidiary group of PT. Halim Jaya Sakti, a giant footwear company that produce more than a million pairs of footwear monthly, and has already known for its local brand called ANDO.


Catalog I made this catalog for ZUMA Nov-Jan collection. The concept is colorful based on ZUMA’s tagline, “color your life”.


Promotion Tools I also made creativity and ideas into designing graphics for used in printed media such as banner, company profile, product photos, event materials as well as online media (mostly web graphics and for web banners). Here are some of my works.


ZUMA x Ayang Cempaka Ayang Cempaka is an Indonesian Illustrator based in dubai. Zuma and Ayang are collaborating to make footwear product, especially Sandal with her illustration. As a creative designer in Zuma, I am responsible to create color palette that represent both Zuma and Ayang Illustration characteristic.


ZUMA x Jovi Adhiguna Jovi Adhiguna is an Indonesian Influencer and Content Creator. Zuma and Jovi are collaborating to make footwear product, especially Sandal. In this collaboration, I am responsible to create artwork that represent both Zuma and Jovi characteristic.






Shibori Flower Patch Clay Necklace Illustration Fabric Painting Workshop Rebranding Manika Create-Connect-Sustain


Flower Patch Material Patch Cotton Rope Zipper

Shibori Material Cotton fabric Blacu Cotton rope Gunny sack Textile coloring


Clay Necklace Material Cornstrach Baby oil White glue Cotton rope Acrylic paint Yarn


Illustration Created in 2018, I made these illustrations for my friends graduation.


Fabric Painting Workshop Radiya Kinan is a clothing brand that produces hijab & hand painted dress for their signature. I was asked by Radiya Kinan to create the graphic for their Fabric Painting workshop. The graphic was used for banner, name card, certificate, guest book and poster.


MANIKA is a bag brand based in Surabaya, Indonesia. We collaborate with craftsman from East Java. MANIKA designs are fun and catchy for women that combine timeless, good design with good material and best handmade craftsmanship. All our products are made from 100% glass beads from waste of glass and ď€ nest natural material from East Java. I decided to rebranding Manika to reconcile today market.


Create-Connect-Sustain Workshop Create-Connect-Sustain is a research by Professor Andy Dearden from Shefď€ eld Hallam University. It's about working with creative social enterprises who are actively exploring ways of using local making and trade to challenge un-sustainable and exploitative production and consumption systems, this research seeks to investigate how community-based projects use making to enable more connected communities and to support more sustainable economic practices . I was asked to create the graphic for CCS workshop in Bali. The graphic was used for name card, certiď€ cate, notebook and poster


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