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Striving to be

The Strongest New Born

Entity - by UPNEXT

AIESEC LC Official Expansion in

UPN ‘Veteran’ Yogyakarta


...................... The story of AIESEC in UPN ‘Veteran’ Yogyakarta (UPNVY) was begun in International Relations Department - Faculty of Social and Political Science (FISIP). It all began on September 2010 when Chandra Simarmata (senior year student of International Relations Department) had just returned to Jogja from his AIESEC internship (instead of community development traineeship / KKN that campus requires) in Russia through AIESEC Local Committee (LC) UNDIP Semarang. The Lecture and the Vice Dean, Mr. Ludiro Madu and Mr. Nikolas Loy invited him over and asked about AIESEC. Interested to the organization, they initiated and started to encourage and support the student for the establishment of AIESEC in UPNVY.

Soon after coming back from the conference, they started working hard from zero fulfilling the requirements (Feasibility Reports) and recruiting some other team mates. That’s when ‘UPNEXT’ (UPN EXpansion Team), the first Executive Board Team, was formed. UPNEXT consists of seven students; Chandra, Nicho, Eta, Ronaldo, Laura, Yantina, and Victor (replaced by May Sarah). They’re all from International Relations and Communication Department – FISIP, representing UPNVY. AIESEC itself was officially recognized by the University when The Vice Rector, Mrs. Sari Bahagiarti through Mr. Nikolaus Loy invited UPNEXT for a strategic rector meeting on January 15th 2011 to introduce AIESEC. Ms. Tami (Local Committee President of AIESEC UNDIP 10-11), representing AIESEC Indonesia and LC partner for UPNVY, also attended the meeting. It was the follow up meeting after Mr. Harmein Armia (Andra), AIESEC Indonesia representation for Expansions, visited FISIP a week before. Those meetings were meant to strengthen UPNEXT proposing AIESEC in UPNVY becoming another promising Student Club (UKM) in UPNVY and its exchange becoming alternative KKN for the students. FISIP has been giving full supports ever since; finance, office, facilities, guard, etc.

As AIESEC encourages its members to experience higher leadership roles, Chandra took a role as the Team Leader. On November 2010, He invited Surya Darma (Nicho) and Margaretha Magno (Eta) to attend Indonesia Youth Leadership Conference (IYLC) 2010 hosted by AIESEC LC Bandung after joining Local Committee Conference of AIESEC LC UNDIP. That was their first AIESEC National Conference Experience ever, where they enthusiastically got to know about AIESEC further. These three students AIESEC in UPNVY was are considered as The Founder Team. officially approved by AIESEC Indonesia 2010 | The Founder Team


2011 | The UPNEXT

AIESEC UPNVY | Annual Report 11/12

on January 26th 2011 as an Expansion LC (entity), when UPNEXT successfully managed to pass the 2nd stage (Feasibility Report presentation) on National Election Conference (NEC) 2011 hosted by AIESEC LC Brawijaya Malang in front of the National Plenary. That day is considered as the birth day of AIESEC UPNVY. The UPNEXT’s journey wasn’t that smooth and going to end, apparently and eventually. There are four stages (Applicant – Initiative / Research – Official Expansion – Full Member) that expansions in Indonesia need to pass in order to officially establish AIESEC LC in the Universities. Missing one criteria of exchange realization, UPNVY once lost it’s Official Expansion (OE) status on November 2011. Yet, UPNEXT still managed to keep its OE status which was approved through a virtual legislation meeting on March 2012. There was Mr. Camilo Cupitre (successor of Andra) representing AIESEC Indonesia and Ms. Diah Kenanga representing UNDIP as the LC Partner on supporting UPNEXT journey. Ever since, its official name in AIESEC Indonesia is AIESEC OE UPNVY. Another last step closer to the final stage “Full Member” awaits, planned to be realized on 2nd quarter by UPNEXT’s successor, The Colorborators (Executive Board for 1213), led by Veronica Banister as the LCP.

2012 | The Colorborators

The Founders Indonesia Youth Leadership Conference (IYLC) Bandung, November 2010

A foreword from the President…

Be more than just a student! In this very first ever Annual Report of ours,

sensitive of other cultures and values in global diversity.

I’ve got to admit that there’s a lot of emotional stories

As AIESEC always ensures youth of having an

we want to share within almost 2 years journey

integrated experience living the experiences, soon after

establishing AIESEC in our beloved and promising

my exchange on a development traineeship, I decided

campus, UPN “Veteran” Yogyakarta. It’s because we

to take a leadership role as the Team Leader of UPN

believe that we’re young and potential leaders. We

Expansion Team, a.k.a ‘UPNEXT’. My will and the

should be proactive and start to contribute and do

eager, motivate me of taking chances for change,

something positively impactful to our surroundings. It’s

because someone has to start the fire and I know I can

been an honour for us being part of history and big

do better. To be honest, being a committed person is

family in AIESEC UPNVY. This report compiles two

quite a challenge and I’ve changed a lot ever since. Yet,

years performance starting from the beginning of

I know it worth the struggle, building me a better

AIESEC establishment in UPNVY, November 2010 till


June 2012. This report contains stories, profiles and some achievements of AIESEC UPNVY.

Can’t believe It‘s been almost 2 years of fulfilling promise to strive and it’s ending eventually. As

Many great international opportunities provided

a strong new born entity, together we believe. We trust

by AIESEC especially for the youth makes me believe

that the spiritful next generations will bring AIESEC OE

that AIESEC indeed is the best platform for students

UPNVY better opportunities and challenges that open

that provide unmatched Leadership, Exchange and

the doors of this organisation and ready to change the




world. Good luck AIESEC UPNVY!


agree that having

Thank you for the spirit, thank you for believing,

double life as a




AIESECer develops young leaders to be

Warm Regards On Behalf of AIESEC in UPN “Veteran” Yogyakarta,

Chandra P Simarmata


AIESEC UPNVY | Annual Report 11/12

Local Committee President 11-12 AIESEC Official Expansion UPN “Veteran” Yogyakarta (UPNVY)

2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22

AIESEC UPNVY History Foreword from the President Table of Contents About AIESEC AIESEC 2015 Our Values Our Network Team Profile Experience AIESEC Global Competency Model AIESEC Indonesia Expanding to UPNVY The Relevance Performance Overview Events Projects Exchanges Conferences Brand Positioning Financial Report Next Issue – Introducing The Colorborators (EB 12/13) Abbreviations Acknowledgements

The Booth of AIESEC UPNVY on The Global Village Indonesia Youth Leadership Conference (IYLC) Kudus - Jateng, November 2011




AIESEC UPNVY | Annual Report 11/12


The UPNEXT and Managers

Open Recruitment, September 2011


AIESEC UPNVY | Annual Report 11/12

Management Board Conference (MBC)

Trawas - Surabaya, October 2011


AIESEC UPNVY | Annual Report 11/12

Our Values

The 1st Global Village of AIESEC UPNVY

Seminar Room – FISIP UPNVY, November 2011

AIESEC UPNVY | Annual Report 11/12


TEAM PROFILE | EXECUTIVE & MANAGEMENT BOARD The first generation Executive Board of AIESEC Expansion in UPNVY a.k.a “The UPNEXT” (UPN EXpansion Team) consists of seven diverse students. They are all from Faculty of Social and Political Science (FISIP) representing UPN “Veteran” Yogyakarta. Together they strived to build a strong new born entity, AIESEC Local Committee in UPN “Veteran” Yogyakarta.

Major / Year HI 07 HI 08 HI 08 HI 08 HI 08 HI 07 IK 09 HI 08 HI 09 HI 08 HI 08 HI 10 HI 08 HI 08 HI 11 HI 11 HI 10 HI 11 HI 10 HI 09 HI 11 HI 11 HI 11 HI 09 HI 11 HI 09 HI 11 HI 10 HI 11


Nick Name


Formal Email Address

Chandra Simarmata Graciela Margareta Magno Surya Darma Ronaldo Corbafo Yantina Debora Toy Aurelia Laura Octavia May Sarah Ni Luh Wayan Budiari Rafhael Riando Rumampuk Soraya Baun Delvalina Tuanger Rani Ramadhani Suhartanto Mae Erly Alleyga Abbad Nurullah Imad Akbar Bagus Prakoso Caesaria Kusuma Dayanti Febrian Nassa Ketut Agus Edwin Surya Putra Kristiyono Tri Nugroho Adhi Mustika Jati Putri Kayla Winona Trixie Reinol Reinaldi Aponno Rosarina Silalahi Satria Whisnu Murti Titalenta Simalango Torry Jatiprakoso Veronica Banister Yosafat Baptista

Chandra Eta Nicho Ronald Yanti Laura May Diari Riando Sonia Eva Pyonk Tanto Erly Aim Akbar Ocha Brian Edwin Adhi Tika Putri Reinol Ocha Satria Tita Torry Eo Evo

LCP LCVP ICX LCVP OGX LCVP TM LCVP Finnance LCVP ER LCVP Comm Manager FGS Manager OGX Manager Comm Manager ICX Manager ER Manager OGX Manager ICX Manager OGX Manager ER Manager TM Manager FGS Manager TM Manager ER Manager OGX Manager TM Manager ICX Manager ICX Manager TM Manager ICX Manager ICX Manager OGX Manager Comm


AIESEC UPNVY | Annual Report 11/12

The names shown above are the active members of AIESEC UPNVY 2011/2012, mostly from FISIP at the moment yet. There are also some other members supporting LC activities, EPs Returnee and Volunteers.


AIESEC UPNVY | Annual Report 11/12

The NAVIGATORS - Presidents of AIESEC in Indonesia 11/12 National Election Conference (NEC) Padang, January 2012

AIESEC UPNVY | Annual Report 11/12


AIESEC in Indonesia Expanding to UPN ‘Veteran’ Yogyakarta (UPNVY)

AIESEC OE UPNVY Board of Advisors Nikolaus Loy, SIP, MA Vice Dean I - FISIP UPNVY

Ludiro Madu, SIP, Msi Lecture of International Relations Department UPNVY

Prof. Dr. Ir. Sari Bahagiarti K., M.Sc. Vice Rector I - UPNVY

AIESEC OE UPNVY Local Partner Main Enabler

Partners / Supporters

AIESEC UPNVY | Annual Report 11/12



Principles  

The universality and objectiveness of science & technology in achieving the ultimate truth. Operation of the entire process Tridharma college based on academic freedom and the slogan "Widya Mwat Yasa", which is devoted to studying the state with a pure heart, clean, honest and sincere. Independence of management, efficiency, transparency and loyalty to the institution leads to a good university governance.

Values     

Values Discipline Struggle Creativity Nationality Excellence.

Vision "Being a private university in the forefront of development of science and technology based on disciplines, struggle, and creativity in order to support national development."


Mission 

Organizing higher education to produce competitive graduates who have soul of discipline, struggle, and creativity in the framework of the intellectual life of the nation. Conducts research to support and enhance teaching and community service based on the progress of science and technology. Organizing and improving community service activities on the basis of social responsibility in the interest of the community. Developing university governance in accordance with the demands of the times and improve quality management in a transparent and sustainable manner.



Goal "To support national development in the field of higher education in order to create a skilled human resource, professional, faithful and devoted to God Almighty, have discipline, responsibility and dedication to a high and a sense of concern for the welfare of society"

Are they aligned? Review above is the UPN Yogyakarta Issue that we may consider aligned with AIESEC Way. Generally, both AIESEC and UPN have a lot in common for their basic issue in society. Together, collaborate and complete each other, they will create such absolute achievements. In this case, AIESEC supports UPN to broaden its field internationally. AIESEC UPNVY | Annual Report 11/12


PERFOMANCE | OVERVIEW We offer leadership opportunities from the Executive Board to team leaders, Managers and Organizing Committee Presidents. Here is the number of realization of experiences and opportunities in AIESEC that the members got. The number of Exchange realization is quite impressive for a new born LC, especially OGX Department. There’re 31 exchange realizations in total, from both ICX (12) and OGX (19).

AIESEC OE UPNVY 11/12 ELD Tracking Numbers

AIESEC UPNVY 11/12 has contributed quite an impressive growth with realizations;

44 TMP, 27 TLP, 2 ICX GIP, 10 ICX GCDP, 19 OGX GCDP ICX EP received from 8 COUNTRIES to conduct 5 PROJECTS OGX EP sent to 11 countries.

Yet, after almost 2 years exists in UPNVY, AIESEC’s membership is still dominated by more than 80% students of International Relations Department where the founder coming from. The next recruitment by the next generation, it’s settled that they will recruit students openly from other faculties to make it diverse, and no discrimination at all. The status of Expansions in Indonesia is as shown. AIESEC UPNVY is one step closer to reach full member status. Under our Talent Management Department, we try to make our members complete our AIESEC Program, and developing members become leaders. Yet most of all, synergy among departments has been our concern because it determine the sustainability of unity of the entity. We believe that this organization means togetherness as a family and developing each other. Unity and solidarity are the typical identity of AIESECers in UPNVY.


LC Visit by MC & LC Partner, Camilo Cupitre & Diah Kenanga Alun-alun Selatan - Yogyakarta, August 2011 AIESEC UPNVY | Annual Report 11/12

LC Events


 LC Meeting / Gathering

 TN Visit

 Team Transition

 EP Gathering & OPS

 BoA Meeting

Global Village Global Village is the main event for AIESEC gathering. In AIESEC UPNVY itself, Global Village was the main part of joint project between ICX and OGX. Last year, we managed to hold 2 global villages for summer and winter peak. It’s considered as the opening event. Global Village consists of cultural performances both from Indonesian participants, and Exchange Participants from foreign countries, also there’re some performances from the Locals and other entertainments. Global Village is the event to create great sounding for AIESEC UPNVY by cooperating with many social elements. The event was held twice in Seminar Room FISIP UPNVY.

 Mentoring by EBs

 Training by MC / LC


 training

 Market sharing UPN -


 Press Conference for

Outgoing Exchange

 Fundraising

Open Recruitment

Exchange Fair

Every LC in each term conducts at least one Open Recruitment, some LCs do twice. Usually it’s along with the beginning of new semester for new students. In UPNVY, it was the first and the only member recruitment for the term on September 2011, held in FISIP UPNVY. From 85 applicants, 21 passed the selection phases. 80% of them is from International Relations Department, and the rest is from Communication, and IT Department.

Exchange Fair is an initiative project by OGX to attract youth through an innovative and updated ways. This has been the most contributing initiative boosting the number of applicant to send abroad for AIESEC exchange program. AIESEC UPNVY has engage others through Info Sessions in big Universities in Jogja such as; Atmajaya, UIN, UNRIYO, Sanata Dharma, UAD, UKDW, and UPNVY. In UPNVY, this event always includes global village at the end.

 EB MB Team Bonding

 Expansion Summit



 Dutch Ambassador

Special Training from Dutch Ambassador (Kees & Maarten) FISIP UPNVY, July 2011 AIESEC UPNVY | Annual Report 11/12



Adhoc Projects Conducted differently with other projects, it’s mostly initiated independently by the TN and the EP. The goal is along with the TNs request on the first place. AIESEC UPNVY 11/12 had 2 EP GCDP and 1 EP GIP realizations for this kind of project. The GCDP concerns in children education and cultural understanding in orphanage, Aulia Foundation – Kaliurang. The EPs were Avishek (India) and Amy (Taiwan). The GIP concerns in Language course for student and staff in FISIP – UPNVY. The EP was May Xu (China) teaching Mandarin and English.

AIESEC initiates this project to improve GIP ET performance, through innovative language courses for high school students directly involving native speakers. In AIESEC UPNVY itself, the project realized with 1 incoming EP, Juliana, from Spain. Yet, the project lasted for only 2 weeks because of unexpected problem with the EP.

Mini Project - SEROJA It’s named ‘Sugeng Rawuh Jogja Project’ (Seroja), the first ever independent project of AIESEC UPNVY, concerns in cultural understanding. Impressively realized with 7 Incoming EPs from 5 different countries, Seroja contributes the most in ICX Department for the LC. This will be annually held by AIESEC UPNVY in the next terms.

TN Visit Aulia Foundation / Orphanage, Kaliurang

PBoX Unilever HIV AIDS Project This project based on exchange was the first national project of AIESEC Indonesia ever held in Jogja. The Organising Committee consists of 6 talents from UGM and UPN. It was collaborative project of both LC. During almost 2 months of the execution, the project was unfortunately only realized with 1 incoming EP, Alex, from USA.

SEROJA Project Opening English Café Yogyakarta, June 2012

PBoX Unilever HIV AIDS at an event for World HIV AIDS Day Galeria Mall – Yogyakarta, December 2011


AIESEC UPNVY | Annual Report 11/12

PERFORMANCE | EXCHANGES  OUTGOING EXCHANGE Name 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 

*Chandra Simarmata *Yantina Debora Toy *Marlin Salakory *Surya Darma *Aurelia Laura *Destra Yuris revindika *Ni Wuluh Wayan Budiary *Alpha Aquilae Yantina Debora Toy Anditya Restu Aji *Margaretha Siregar *Fitriani Paramita *Henryzal Mau *Yandu Setya Mukti Suhartanto Mae Drisiye Sita Takalamingan Anggelina David Putra *Stiwy Juwita Kase Jonathan Gerry Sompotan Leonie Beatrix Clara Almabella Pinky Mytha Faruuq Qayyum Reinol Aponno Khristina Worumi Everd Daniel *Meity Ayu Nursanty *Fardina Fiammetta Cory Adriani Kapa Kreshna Ajie Prabowo Caesaria Kusuma Dayanti Seftia Novita Sari Erlyn Nugroho Torry Jatiprakoso


Host / Destination

Origin / Year

Country Russia China India China Poland Russia Ukraine India India Thailand Russia Poland India Thailand Czech India India China Thailand Thailand Thailand Thailand Thailand Vietnam India India Pakistan Russia Taiwan Ukraine India Thailand Moldova China



City Novosibirsk Xia Men Chenai Dalian Warsawa Moscow Kiev Jaipur Hyderabad Bangkok St. Petersburg Warsawa Calcutta Bangkok Pilsen Dehradun Dehradun Changsha Bangkok Bangkok Bangkok Bangkok Bangkok Da nang Chandigarh Chandigarh Karachi Krasnoyarsk Fu Chien Donetsk New Delhi Bangkok Chisinau Beijing

July – August 2010 January - February 2011 February - March 2011 February - March 2011 February - March 2011 February - March 2011 February - March 2011 July – August 2011 July – August 2011 July – August 2011 August - September 2011 August - September 2011 January - March 2012 January - February 2012 February – March 2012 February – March 2012 February – March 2012 February – March 2012 February – March 2012 February – March 2012 February – March 2012 February – March 2012 February – March 2012 February – March 2012 February – March 2012 February – March 2012 February – March 2012 June – July 2012 July – August 2012 July – August 2012 July – August 2012 July – August 2012 July – August 2012 July – August 2012

They’re all Outgoing Exchange Participants working voluntarily on social issue projects held by the LC Host in destination country. It’s ‘Global Community Development Program’ (GCDP), with duration between 6-8 weeks. From total 34 EPs, 15 of them were sent by LC UNDIP in cooperation with UPNVY. So there’re 19 EP in total that AIESEC UPNVY sent independently.

 INCOMING EXCHANGE 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 


TN Taker Exchange Type - Host

Avishek Chanda Amy Chang Alex May Xu *Juliana Serpentini Mukul Jaggi Saad Mehmood Maria Shamin Lin Eks Suky Chang Jan Barcal Jana Novotna

GCDP Adhoc - AULIA Foundation, Kaliurang GCDP Adhoc - AULIA Foundation, Kaliurang GCDP National PBoX HIV AIDS, LC UPN-UGM GIP Adhoc Mandarin class - FISIP, UPN Jogja GIP Adhoc Spanish class at Jogja, UPN Jogja GCDP Mini Project SRJP - Ghifari, Kaliurang GCDP Mini Project SRJP - Ghifari, Kaliurang GCDP Mini Project SRJP - Muhamadiah, Pakem GCDP Mini Project SRJP - Muhamadiah, Pakem GCDP Mini Project SRJP - Nurul Umaha, Kt.Gede GCDP Mini Project SRJP - Wisma Kasih, Solo GCDP Mini Project SRJP - Wisma Kasih, Solo

Origin Country India Taiwan USA China Spain India Pakistan Pakistan Vietnam China Czech Czech

Duration City Chenai Taipei California Sahnghai Granada Dehradun Karachi Karachi Da Nang Ning Bo Pilzen Pilzen

June – July 2011 Aug – Sept 2011 Nov – Dec 2011 Dec – Feb 2012 May – June 2012 June – July 2012 June – July 2012 June – July 2012 June – July 2012 June – July 2012 June – July 2012 June – July 2012

They’re all Incoming Exchange Participants working in projects host by AIESEC UPNVY through Organizing Committees and AIESECers. The GCDP held with duration 6-8 weeks, while GIP is 12 weeks. Unfortunately one of our GIP project inviting EP from Spain, Juliana, failed because she was having problems AIESEC UPNVY | Annual Report 11/12




NEC 2011

AIESEC has been continuously developing young leader through its global learning environment to equip the youth to become global leader. One of the learning we provide is through conference in local, national, regional and international level. AIESEC UPNVY throughout the almost 2 years journey since the beginning of establishment has always joined and sent its delegation to the conferences, local and national level. The BoA, Mr. Niko, did come twice to the national conference to show supports representing UPNVY.  LCC I (Local Committee Conference) UNDIP Semarang, November 2010  IYLC (Indonesia Youth Leadership Conference) Lembang – Bandung, November 2010  NEC (National Election Conference) Batu - Malang, January 2011  LCC II (Local Committee Conference) UNDIP Semarang, June 2011  NPC (National Planning Conference) Bogor – Jabar, May 2011  MBC (Management Board Conference) Trawas – Surabaya, October 2011  LCC I (Local Committee Conference) UNDIP Semarang, November 2011  IYLC (Indonesia Youth Leadership Conference) Kudus – Jateng, November 2011  LCP Meeting Padang – Sumbar, January 2012  NEC (National Election Conference) Bukittinggi – Padang, January 2012  LCP Election Meeting UPNVY Kaliurang - Jogja, March 2012  LPM (Local Planning Meeting) UPNVY Kaliurang - Jogja, June 2012  NPC (National Planning Conference) Cimahi – Bandung, May 2012

NEC 2012

LCP Election UPNVY 2012

NPC 2012 LCC I UNDIP 2011

NPC 2010

The Delegates of AIESEC LC OE UPNVY Indonesia Youth Leadership Conference (IYLC) Kudus - Jateng, November 2011 AIESEC UPNVY | Annual Report 11/12



In order to create a good brand positioning and image of AIESEC, utilizing social media (virtual / printed) is the most reliable strategy nowadays. Most activities of AIESEC UPNVY creating impacts to its surroundings has been recorded.

This financial report is compiled with all budget recorded throughout the time of establishment of AIESEC in UPNVY, from January 2011 till June 2012.


Initiatives  Review of Internal Policy and Financial System  Reimbursement system  Revenue and Expense tracking system  Giving discount to alumni and active member  Reward and recognition to for extraordinary performing member  Subsidy and Investment for conferences  Investment for office

Net Income/Loss Jan 11 - Jun 12 Rp4,000,000

Rp3,600,000 Rp3,141,000

Rp3,000,000 Rp2,025,780

Rp2,000,000 Amount

Rp1,475,000 Rp1,000,000 Rp202,900


JanuaryJuly 2011



Rp(45,000) Sep-11 Oct-11







RpApr-12 May-12

Income/L oss Rp(1,450,000)



Rp(3,000,000) Rp(3,527,000) Rp(4,000,000)

Revenue vs Expenses Jan 11 - Jun 12 Revenue


Rp16,000,000 Rp14,500,000

Revenue / Expenses

Rp14,000,000 Rp12,000,000

Rp10,900,000 Rp10,210,000

Rp10,000,000 Rp8,000,000

Rp7,069,000 Rp6,000,000 Rp4,000,000



Rp2,000,000 Rp1,125,000 Rp570,000

RpJanuary-Jul y 2011



Rp3,720,000 Rp3,517,100






Rp845,000 Rp800,000





Ja n-12


Rp30,000 Ma r-12




After meeting with Board of Advisor, Mr. Niko At The Official Office of AIESEC in UPNVY, AS 2-II FISIP UPNVY


AIESEC UPNVY | Annual Report 11/12

IN THE NEXT ISSUE Introducing our next Successor‌ The Colorborators, AIESEC UPNVY - Executive Board for 2012 - 2013 A diverse team of 8 individuals from different backgrounds, as the second generation EB continuing and leading AIESEC UPNVY network and organisation forward. Check out the Annual Report next year to see their great achievements in their term.

Febrian Nassa - LCVP FGS, Hanum Fauzia - LCVP Comm, Reinol Reinaldi Aponno - LCVP ICX GCDP, Caesaria Apriliani Dayanti - LCVP OGX, Veronica Banister - LCP, Torry Jatiprakoso LCVP ICX GIP, Rani Ramadhani - LCVP ER, Edwin Surya Putra - LCVP TM

AIESEC UPNVY 2012 - 2013 Keep Striving within Unity in Diversity


AIESEC UPNVY | Annual Report 11/12

ABREVIATIONS used in AIESEC @ AI Available Buddy CEED

Delegate EB ELD EP GN



The most common abbreviation for AIESEC internally in the organization AIESEC International. Head office of AIESEC located in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. AIESEC´s world database, which we use in our daily work. Status for company or student in, whose form is not matched yet (didn’t find any suitable match) A member who is the contact person responsible for the well being of an intern during his or her stay in the country. Exchange of AIESEC members between two LCs. AIESEC members can work for a period of time in a LC abroad doing AIESEC work. Usually takes from 1 week to 6 months. Participant in a conference or seminar. Follows the complete agenda. Executive Board Experiential Leadership Development Exchange participant - A member going out on a traineeship in another country. Growth Network – AIESEC countries are divided into 6 growth networks (WENA, MENA, CEE, IberoAmerica, Africa and AP). Global Community Development Program (Voluntary) Global Internship Program (Professional) International Congress. All members of MCEBs in AIESEC attend. Usually starts in the late August. Initiative group e.g. if new LC is established, it’s called first IG until fulfils some criteria, or if some countries are pilot countries for projects Products provided for free as a sponsorship. Local Committee. The local branches of AIESEC at universities or cities. Local committee Development and Expansion Local Committee Executive Board. The administrative body which manages the LC on a day to day basis. Local Committee President. Head of the local executive board. Local Committee Vice President. Member of the local executive board.



PAI PBoX Plenary Reception


TN TtT Trainee X

Local Committee Vice President Communication Local Committee Vice President Finance. Local Committee Vice President Talent management Local Committee Vice President External Relations Leadership Development Seminar. Seminar on leadership issues. Learning network (HIV/AIDS, Energy, Finance, CSR, Education...) Student going on traineeship abroad. Management Board Member Committee President, head of the MC./ Member Committee Vice President. Status for company or student in They found suitable match and now are in process of preparing everything for trainee’s arrival. National Support Team Organising Committee at a conference/Organising Committee President Outgoing Preparation Seminar. Seminars for members going on an traineeship abroad, this seminar prepares them how to manage living a new culture and cope with cultural differences. President of AIESEC International. Project Based on Exchange The major room at seminars and conferences for sessions where all delegates are together. The part of the exchange process from arrival of the trainee until the trainee is back to his home country. Includes all activities. Status for a company or a student. Trainee already arrived to country for traineeship and is doing his job in the company. Traineeship Nominee. A company receiving an international member for a traineeship. Train the Trainer seminar name for trainee in receiving country (also Intern) The most common symbol for eXchange.

AIESEC UPNVY | Annual Report 11/12


ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS‌ Local Committee Annual Report

Special Thanks to: Our beloved campus, FISIP UPNVY Mr. Asep Saepudin (Dean FISIP UPNVY) Our BoA, Mr. Niko, Mr Ludiro, and Mrs. Sari Our Partner, LC UNDIP Miss. Tami & Mr. Ardian (LCP UNDIP 10/11 & 11/12) Diah Kenanga (Expansion Coordinator for UPNVY 11/12) AESEC Indonesia Ika Rahmayutari & Firnando Sirait (MCP 10/11 & 11/12) AIESEC Indonesia Harmein Armia (NST Expansion 10/11) Camilo Cupitre (MCVP LCDE 11/12) All members and partners of AlESEC OE UPNVY who has contributed to this term to make it happen, indeed.

The Annual Report is distributed virtually to members and partners of AIESEC and is available for download on the our website. This report was compiled and edited at the office of AIESEC OE UPNVY, Yogyakarta.

AIESEC Official Expansion in UPNVY | AS II-2 FISIP UPNVY | Babarsari No. 2 Tambak Bayan - Sleman - 55283 | | Yogyakarta - Indonesia | |

Annual Report AIESEC UPNVY 11/12  

Dear All, Hello guys, it's been a while... hope you're doing just fine wherever you are guys now. On behalf of AIESEC OE UPNVY, Here, we'd l...

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