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Red Door Learning Montessori's

Back to School Health Fair Join Us on August 18th 2012 12035 Deforrest ln. Houston, TX 77066 Section Heading To THINK BIG and to use our talents doesn't mean we won't have difficulties along the way. We will--we all do. If we choose to see the obstacles in our path as barriers, we stop trying. "We can't win," we moan. "They won't let us win.� Ben Carson, Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story

Can you think outside of your bubble?

We dare not attempt to raise our kids without our village partners! By partnering with intricately woven community leaders, educators, parents, entrepreneurs such as Steven Walton of Business Networking in Houston, profound author & WEA Texas Chapter President Dawnielle Winningham, Brigete Sandlin of Elegance Events, and Erica Johnson of the Pampered Luxury Mobile Spa Galan Graphix, Tiffany's Touch, Blue Light Bulb Consulting Source Inc. and a host of other partners to contribute with thinking outside the bubble!

Red Door Learning Montessori Inc. is a federally recognized 501 (c) (3) tax exempt learning academy that provides free educational services & resources to children who have been given a diagnosis of learning disabilities such as Autism, Attention Deficit Hyper Disorder (ADHD), Dyslexia, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), and Cerebral Palsy. On August 18, 2012 we will begin an initiative to provide a creative health forum for our children through partnering with local health providers such as doctors, nurses, dentists, and the City of Houston Health Department. Our goal is to provide immunizations and various health screenings at Red Door Learning Montessori’s Back to School Health Forum. Additionally, we aspire to create community awareness and sensitivity for the primary learning disabilities mentioned above. We are striving to educate guardians with effective measures that will enable independence for any child who endures the disadvantage of a learning disability. The Red Door Learning Montessori holds firmly to the belief that every child has the potential of brilliance that only requires an educational and enriching environment fostered by teachers, parents, and the support of the community.

That's the real trouble with the world, too many people grow up. -WALT DISNEY

Red Door Learning Montessori 12035 DeForrest Ln. Houston, TX 77066

Telephone:832.646.0413 Email address:

Calling ALL Health Vendors!

Our Community Partners

To support our RDLM Back to School Health Fair initiative we're asking all health experts, in medicine, healthy eating, and life style achievements to come and display their talents, products, businesses, or contributions. The fair will encompass all aspects of health conscience from dental care, immunizations, nutritional education, massage therapy, and so much more. Vendor tables are priced at 65.00. With special pricing for WEA members & BNiH partners You may email for all inquiries or to submit your interest.

Health, Life & Beyond VIP Gifting Suite Steven Walton of BNiH

For opportunities for branding & product awareness, please inbox for Health Life & Beyond Gifting Suite ONLY 10.00 FOR MERCHANDISE 15.00 FOR BIZ CARDS & PROMO ITEMS.

Author, Coach, Texas Chapter President of WEA Dawnielle Winningham

If you would like to sponsor vision, dental, or well child screenings please email

RDLM 12035 Deforrest Ln. Houston, TX 77066

phone: 832.646.0413

RDLM Back to School Health Fair  

RDLM Vendor & Health, Life & Beyond gifting suite guide.