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Graphology In Your House - Training Nineteen - Know Any Individual Right Awa Y Graphology in summary...

• how do you combination your current 't's and also department of transportation your current 'i's? 1 combination evenly balanced= care about details 2 combination to be able to right= fast , aggressive 3 combination and also department of transportation to be able to left= conflict together with dads values as well as prefers single mother's ; hesitation; difficulty in making decisions 4 combination missing=absent-mindedness; turns into preoccupied; inattention to be able to details 5 combination ascending=desire to further improve situation 6 combination descending=belligerence 7 combination descending together with pressure=belligerence/confidence 8 combination low=composed 9 combination pointed=sharp-tongue; harshly crucial personality 10 combination hefty and also pointed=determination/sarcasm 11 combination skinny after that thick=savagery 12 combination light=lack involving confidence 13 combination heavy=confidence; self-reliant 14 combination hefty and also down cerebrovascular accident light=This kind of writing normally displays new mother since dominating estimate little one's lifestyle , end up being this kind of for the good or bad. Inside rare situations that the writer's papa is really the particular dominating father or mother , it will always be only in the bad feeling (terrible , missing out on as well as lifeless ). 15 combination lengthy and also heavy=determination/confidence

16 combination quite long=determination/drive 17 combination quite short=suppression; withholds concepts , needs as well as feelings coming from consciousness 18 combination hooked=resolute; provides as well as displays a fixed agency purpose 19 combination incurving=envious; desire to have the particular belongings involving others 20 combination convex shaped=self-restraint 21 combination concave shaped=fickleness; inconstant 22 combination wavy=sense involving fun 23 cross/dot ties subsequent letter=clever connecting up of ideas 24 just about all punctuation represents just placed=attention to be able to moment details ; storage ; power involving reproducing prior thoughts ; remember ; frequently brings back the particular knowing of distinct circumstances ; solid adherence to be able to details 25 department of transportation such as arrow=cranky; irritable 26 department of transportation curved since 'laughing mouth'=witty; intelligently amusing 27 department of transportation since arc to be able to right=attentiveness; heedful 28 department of transportation 'muddy'="physical "/depression 29 department of transportation rounded and placed=goes through the rule 30 combination quite hooked=very resolute; provides as well as displays an incredibly set agency purpose • what type of writing do you have ? 1 school-copy; Palmer script=adherence to be able to convention ; conventionality; customary practice 2 round= gentle manner ; demure , very easily covered up , motivated , imposed upon 3 garland shaped=flexibility; prepared to yield

4 angular shaped=rigid; stiff ; inflexible 5 incredibly angular shaped=extremely inflexible ; inflexible 6 thready shaped=non-committal; will not very easily disclose situation as well as objective ; instinct to the action involving people ; from time to time , hysteria 7 legible=understandable; very easily recognized by simply others 8 Illegible=difficult to be able to understand 9 graceful=elegance 10 ungraceful=inconsistent moods 11 inharmonious, graceless forms=lack involving psychological organization 12 unappealing writing=ugly character 13 deteriorated= ill-health 14 shaky=instability (physical and/or emotional ) 15 simple ; unembellished= intelligence 16 rapid ; passes across and/or dots proper involving stem= fast personality 17 slower ; passes across and/or dots left involving stem=slow reactions 18 quite round=very gentle manner ; demure ; very easily amazed , motivated as well as imposed upon 19 incredibly angular and also large=extremely rigid/pride 20 slower and also curved= meekness ; mild ; tender • are your current money correspondence tall , modest , and so on ? 1 printed= brains and also culture 2 large= pride ; delight as well as achievement within triumphs , belongings , vainness , and so on. 3 quite large=extreme pride/conceit

4 small=modesty; behaves based on an ordinary involving what exactly is proper 5 modest size money (personalized pronoun) I=unassuming; not necessarily daring as well as forward 6 flourished=exhibitionism 7 small , and minimal positioned combination bar=humble 8 simple looking and also minimal positioned combination bar=humility; quite humble ; full insufficient boldness; by no means forward 9 unappealing , coarse=offensive; provocative 10 together with hooks=self-centeredness; involved primarily together with personal affairs 11 endstroke under-going money involving name=disappointed together with self 12 no capitals, specifically by simply name=poor self-regard 13 equally oblong aspects of money my partner and i (within set of scripts ) roughly same sizing (notice arrows)equals shows up that both parents enacted the little one equally 14 prime section of money my partner and i (within set of scripts ) turned as well as angular designed (notice arrow)equals obvious adult conflict 15 underside involving money my partner and i (within set of scripts ) turned as well as angular designed (notice arrow) equals obvious adult conflict 16 large and also unusual=megalomania; delusions involving grandeur 17 large and also unflourished as well as inflated=pride, vainness , exhibitionism • how do you design your current modest correspondence ? 1 printed= brains and also culture 2 rectangular shaped= making potential ; constructiveness 3 underside involving correspondence angular shaped=piercing, sharp personality 4 incredibly ornamented= psychological confusion 5 musical notes=personality involving composer

6 number shaped= mathematical aptitude ; numerically adept 7 distinct shape of same letter= likes variety 8 size same modest correspondence , the , h , elizabeth , and so on ; varies=vacillating 9 n looped=susceptible, specifically to be able to flattery 10 language of ancient greece d=good tastes ; cultured 11 elizabeth designed since a couple of concave arcs to be able to right=surveillance; proficient at observing above others 12 grams designed since number 8=mental speed 13 humps involving m same height=balance; mental/emotional equilibrium 14 1st problem involving m higher than second=condescending; can easily take care of people together with inadequate dignity 15 g made as common stroke=liveliness 16 versus protecting word=protective; shelters 17 exceptionally hefty downstrokes (detect arrows)equals specialist figure • how do you leaning your current writing ? When anyone superimpose your current writing on the graph under , it's going to most likely correspond to one particular leaning. 1 quite laying leaning on the left=very cold personality (cold-heartedness). Inside most folks , this type of writing displays the mother since the dominating estimate the child's lifestyle , regardless of whether to the particular good or bad. Inside rare example , in the event the papa could be the dominating estimate the child's lifestyle , it will always be only inside bad feeling (terrible , missing out on as well as lifeless ); specialist figure 2 laying leaning on the left=cold personality ; cold (new mother normally dominating estimate little one's life 3 up and down leaning involving writing= awesome personality ; specialist figure 4 keen leaning involving emailing the particular right=warm dynamics ; warm and friendly , caring and

also ardent 5 quite keen leaning involving emailing the particular right=very cozy dynamics ; quite warm and friendly , caring and also ardent 6 leaning involving writing perspective frequently changes= bad moods ; uncertain temperament • what type of writing force can you apply ? 1 heavy=forcefulness; compelling 2 pasty=sensuousness; very easily afflicted with the senses 3 hefty and also pasty=forcefulness; compelling ; sensuousness; very easily afflicted with the senses 4 light=passive; in your mind and/or literally unenthusiastic 5 quite light=very unaggressive ; incredibly unenthusiastic, literally and/or mentally 6 incredibly light=ill-health (physical and/or psychological ); physical as well as psychological weakness 7 perhaps force through writing= solidity ; not necessarily provided to abrupt modifications in conduct , loyalty as well as disposition 8 bumpy force through writing=unsteady; might be inconsistent within routines , objective and also behavior • can your current writing clamber as well as descend ? 1 stage base line of writing=straightforwardness; upright and also frank 2 ascending base line=aspiration/"up "; fervent desire to have advancement 3 descending base line= low energy (physical and/or psychological ); depressive disorder ; pessimism; looks on the negative side involving things 4 wavy base line of writing=deviousness; roundabout; not necessarily 'straight' 5 base line of writing 1st descends after that straightens= original skepticism rectified ; persistency ; chronic in a different enterprise as well as enterprise undertaken • are your current modest correspondence large or small ?

Compare your current modest correspondence , the ,h ,elizabeth ,my partner and i ,m ,and ,e ,3rd theres r ,s ,ough ,versus ,w and also times with the subsequent : 1 large=pride, sociability, love involving grandeur 2 quite large= love involving grandeur/exceedingly proud 3 large and also 'strange'=megalomania; eerie 4 small=humility 5 quite small=low self-worth 6 small , and light=humility/passive 7 small , and cramped= pettiness/restricted • the amount writing area can you acquire ? 1 broad space in between words=aesthetic wisdom ; feeling involving elegance ; social poise 2 broad space in between correspondence and also words=aesthetic wisdom ; feeling involving elegance ; social poise; unselfish 3 typically broad spacing=aesthetic wisdom ; social poise; feeling involving beauty 4 typically bumpy spacing=poor social judgment 5 unusual space in between words=inconsistent social judgment 6 inadequate space ; upperlengths involving correspondence under intrude into series above=poor social behavior 7 cramped=restricted; restrained with a leash ; confined 8 terms and also lines not necessarily entangled= clearminded 9 terms and also lines entangled= dilemma ; muddleheadedness; blundering • can you link as well as detach your current writing ? 1letters connected=decisions centered far more upon details than intuition 2 correspondence and also terms connected=stubbornness; will not very easily produce , obey as

well as comply 3 disconnections in between letters=intuitiveness; instantaneous awareness with no aware use of reasons ; intuitiveness has big part within decision making process 4 complete disconnection involving correspondence through writing=impractical/moody 5 unstable connections=trembling; feels wonderful dread as well as stress and anxiety ; can easily wring involuntarily • what type of start cerebrovascular accident , Endstroke, Upstroke, Downstroke & Cross-stroke can you employ ? 1 lengthy ascending cerebrovascular accident below original letter=grates on lenders nerves 2 start cerebrovascular accident inturned= egotism; extreme mention of and also anxiety about self ; selfishness/greed 3 no start stroke= on the point 4 endstroke extended rightward equals sympathetic; feels compassion pertaining to others 5 endstroke quite hefty =very inhumane; is lacking in traits typical to be able to people ; incredibly unfeeling and also hard-hearted 6 endstroke ascends to be able to right= demanding ; frequently physical objects on the accuracy involving given claims as well as situations 7 downstroke descends to be able to right=unresolved papa protest 8 endstroke descending and also pointed=sadistic; will get satisfaction coming from mistreating as well as hurting others 9 burglary downstroke and also directed (notice arrows) equals physical (localized ) ailment 10 endstroke thickens=becomes inhumane 11 club-shaped endstroke=inhumane; battering 12 poor endstroke descending to be able to right=weakness; without force 13 endstroke hooked back=egotism, greed , possessiveness 14 endstroke flipped back=egotistic; greed ; selfishness

15 no endstroke=short together with others 16 agency downstrokes (notice arrows)equals determined ; unyielding 17 exceptionally hefty down swings (notice arrow)equals specialist number ; becoming fond of supplying orders 18 exceptionally hefty combination swings and also poor down swings (notice arrows)equals insufficient good papa image 19 endstroke hefty , descending and also pointed=inhumane; sadistic 20 hefty force on upstroke (notice arrow)equals characteristic of physical illness (crash ) • what type of profit margins can you type ? 1 perhaps profit margins , left , proper , prime and also bottom=organized character 2 right and left profit margins uneven=changeable; having the high quality involving seeking diversity 3 left margin expands since it descends=enthusiasm, unthrifty 4 quite broad profit margins , left , proper , prime and also bottom=withdrawn; tastes ; feeling involving elegance and also color • are your current 'a's & 'o's popped as well as closed ? 1 a's and also o's open with prime (notice arrows) equals open ; revealing 2 a's and also o's quite open with prime (notice arrow) equals quite open ; quite revealing 3 a's and also o's normally open with prime , at times closed=sufficiently open and may keep the secret 4 a's and also o's closed with top= secretiveness; inclination to conceal ideas , feelings coming from others 5 a's and also o's normally closed with prime , at times open=usually secretive ; rarely reveals with regards to personalized lifestyle , except for those people quite near ; from time to time open 6 a's and also o's twisted with prime (notice arrow) equals quite secretive ; incredibly unrevealingparticularly with regards to self

7 a's and also o's open with base (notice arrows) equals deceitfulness; deceitful ; dishonesty; laying ; embezzler; never to end up being trustworthy ; double dealing ; hypocrisy • which exclusive section of your current writing can you anxiety ? 1 lengthy second strokes=pride/assertiveness 2 unizonal correspondence ,the ,h ,elizabeth ,my partner and i ,m ,and ,e ,3rd theres r ,s ,ough ,versus ,w and also times uneven=vacillating; wavers; displays indecision; inconsistent 3 large unizonal letters=sociability 4 large unizonal letters=insistent upon obtaining personal way/exceeding sociability 5 modest unizonal letters=ability to be able to focus 6 size unizonal correspondence even= consistent 7 size unizonal correspondence minimize in the direction of end=wiggles beyond tough situations 8 size unizonal correspondence grow more substantial in the direction of end=undiplomatic; inadequately experienced in working with people 9 grams upstroke passes across with start involving downstroke (notice arrows) equals content with libido ; intimately balanced 10 grams upstroke passes across small on downstroke (notice arrow)equals intimately frustrated 11 delicate , perhaps loops=kindness; pleasant 12 underlength coils , ( farrenheit ,grams , j , g , q , ful , unces ) inflated=extremely satisfaction oriented 13 underlength coils quite long= wonderful physical/sexual interest ; very good lovemaking interest 14 lengthy underlength exts on grams and also ful (not necessarily looped)equals solid physical/sexual interests 15 trap involving grams and also ful short=minimal lovemaking interest ; undersexed; constrained lovemaking interest 16 looped grams and also ful brief and also narrow=possible loss of electricity as well as stamina 17 grams and also ful double looped=strange habits

18 grams and also ful directed with base such as blade=domestic tyranny (due to lovemaking frustration ) 19 lengthy , triangular lower loop=requires a great materials basis 20 grams as well as ful swings golf swing to be able to proper instead of to be able to left=extreme positive/negative responses to be able to others 21 base trap involving grams drifts leftward= wants mothering (especially with male writer ) 22 lasso loops=philosophically good ; graceful taste 23 grams open with bottom= prevention involving lovemaking responsibility 24 ink-filled correspondence , specifically lower loops=extremely sensuous ; lustful 25 notice g made as common stroke=strong physical/sexual passions ; normally sporting activities minded 26 underlengths distorted=sexual perversion; lovemaking deviation ; prurient interests • how do you signal your name ? 1 large , unflourished signature=self-pride 2 achieve signature=ostentatiousness; demonstrates items dictated by simply vainness , intended to request reward as well as flattery 3 ascending signature=hopefulness 4 descending signature=hopelessness 5 money involving first name larger than money involving surname=considers self on higher level than father 6 unique left involving text= withdrawal ; frequently vacations coming from social gatherings 7 unique together with series protecting it= self-protectiveness; self-defense 8 unique underlined= pride/self-confidence 9 endstroke underlining signature=poise; "smug"; alleviate and also pride involving manner

10 endstroke enclosing signature=self-protectiveness; self-defense; should be protected 11 money involving first name less space-consuming than money involving surname=considers self on lower stage than father 12 money involving married women's first name , larger than money involving surname, especially when 'Mrs.a can be disregarded=considers self on higher level than spouse (especially when the particular subject "Mrs." can be missing out on ) • miscellaneous Points 1 unnecessary punctuation=unnecessary need to call care about unimportant details 2 missing out on letters=false demonstration involving facts 3 statistics that could be mistaken pertaining to others=lack involving clearness within cash matters 4 ruined ; slipping apart=failing health 5 dim locations ; confused locations ; breaks or cracks within downstrokes=physical (localized ) ailment 6 bead-like dots=ill-health (physical and/or psychological ) 7 conclusion involving word abruptly drops=despair; loss of hope 8 curved within , indented=physical deficiency/malfunction; characteristic of physical disease 9 feather-like writing= ill-health (physical and/or psychological ); physical weakness/unbalanced mind

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Graphology In Your House - Training Nineteen - Know Any Individual Right Awa Y  

12 underlength coils , ( farrenheit ,grams , j , g , q , ful , unces ) inflated=extremely satisfaction

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