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Treatment for Addiction C.I.C


We transform men's lives from the ravages of addiction through community, connection and brotherhood!

Find out more about Kev's famous spag bol!

We work with some of the most damaged men in society as they battle their addictions. We also recognise that staying in touch and a part of the Chandos community is key to sustaining their recovery. We therefore provide continued support through our free aftercare treatment. Due to government cuts, 25% of the UK’s Rehab services have closed since 2008, reducing the availability of help for those most in need. We are the only remaining residential addiction treatment centre in Bristol. The last year has been really inspiring for several reasons. We’ve seen 51 Chandos Brothers complete treatment. We’ve received generous donations from the Tudor Trust and Reach Fund. We have also been able to provide 5 further beds for men in need. We won Boston Tea Party’s Good For Nothing event, giving us a chance to collaborate with a number of other local community organisations and individuals. We are currently raising money for men to receive treatment at Chandos House and also for the creative therapies we provide, which are an integral part of recovery. If you would like to help please get in touch. We would love to hear from you! -   James Dickinson, Director

Bert, the unofficial Head of Treatment

Our unique approach considers the impact addiction has on the whole person: body, mind and spirit. Our therapies emphasize human connection, emotional wellbeing and healthy living. Our programme also promotes basic life skills such as cooking and cleaning, which many men have either never learnt or have not practiced in many years.


Community - Day planning and check-in

9.45am Communal eating is important as we're built on family values and human connection.


Gym and swim

Breakfast followed by cleaning and house skills

Group Psychotherapy




Communal Lunch Art/Music/Yoga Therapies


Communal dinner cooked by residents Mutual aid meetings and free time


"Drug misuse can place an enormous strain on families and children, and is an important issue across the UK"* Addiction has a profound impact not only on the individual but also on the people around them. Drug related crime inflicts a major cost on local communities and the national economy. There is strong evidence that drug treatment significantly reduces drug-related crime.* We work with the individual to treat the root cause of their addiction, rather than just the addiction itself. This provides a longer term impact on the individual's life and all those around them, including wives, partners and children.

Of our current residents: Have been involved with the police or served a prison sentence.

Experienced an improved psychological, physical and emotional quality of life.

Have experienced homelessness.

Of residents over the past year completed their treatment.

Have experienced psychological/experiential trauma leading to PTSD.

Chandos Lucky escape When I was 22, I fell out of a Ferris wheel while drunk, but managed to walk away and was back in the pub the next day.

Denial I’ve always known I had a problem with addiction. My life consisted of hard work and binge drinking, but I always denied being an alcoholic.

Thankfully, I found Chandos and they helped me realise I could actually do it! There is a certain magic in sharing your experience with others at rock bottom and helping to build each other back up

New life

A habit At 38, I was hit by a car while drunk. I was treated in intensive care for severe head injuries, but as soon as I was out I went straight back to drinking.

Wake-up call It was only after a severe angina attack that I realised I had to make drastic changes to my life or I would die.

Today I am 7 years clean. I work in a charity shop, and often return to Chandos to cook my famous spaghetti Bolognese for the residents.

"I realised that I had to make drastic changes to my life or I would die." * 2017 NHS Clinical Guidelines for Drug Misuse & Dependence.

"I take solace in the fact that Chandos exists" Sue Mountstevens, Bristol police commissioner.

With your help, this year, we’ve been able to support over 50 residents as they battle their past traumas and addictions.  Over the next year we would like to continue to offer support but we need your help!

What could my donation provide?

£10 £65

Two residents' meals for the day



A therapy session Volunteer


A week's treatment for an individual

Every £1 spent on drug treatment saves £2.50 in costs to society*. *Public Health England report 2015: Alcohol and Drugs Prevention, Treatment and Recovery: why invest?

If you are able to support us with time, skills (like Outdraw have done with these amazing illustrations), financial donations, or become a "Friend of Chandos", please get in touch using the details below. Visit our Localgiving page:

Bert, the unofficial Head of Treatment

0117 924 3071

To offer your support:

Other enquiries:

Community Interest Company number: 10639419

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Chandos House Our Year  

Our year in review, 2017. This report focuses on the impact Chandos has, not only on the men who come to us but also in their families and c...