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Also, the seams guard such narrative gaps 1. a l s o , t h e i n n a r d s b e c o m e u s e f u l w i l d

o f p e n s w i l l b e r r y c o r e r s .

2. the seams of old jackets split only when cold fronts push down from Canada. 3. most prison guards are better considered variable components in an insecurity brokerage. 4. such tongue exercises will slowly diminish lisping, but render mastication temporarily painful. 5. the clicks of the clock can be filled in with the inarticulation of narrative. 6. the generation gap is the cumulative expression of the information-delivery efficacy gradient. 7. satiety as the cure for the disease of desire versus desire as a capacity diminished by the deadening effects of satisfaction. 8. every moment of the negative’s development is not “the becoming ” of an eventual-butimpossible perfect picture, but is better understood as the progenic sequence of discrete pictures, the generational distinctions of which require a fixative agent we might call death.

Also, the seams guard such narrative gaps  

Constructed exercise fourteen.

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