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Transforming Promising Ideas Into Commercial Reality 1

inVentiv Health To succeed in today’s fiercely competitive and rapidly changing marketplace, companies in the healthcare industry must think differently. Harnessing the necessary forces to consistently achieve business goals requires a deep understanding of current market and regulatory dynamics, as well as the factors that drive decision-making among patients, providers and payers. A strong partner – one who can help healthcare companies enhance flexibility, improve that efficiency and move quickly to capture new opportunities – can be critical to accelerating performance. inVentiv Health offers best-in-class Clinical, Commercial and Consulting solutions to pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device and diagnostic companies worldwide, partnering with them to rapidly transform promising ideas into commercial reality. With more than 13,000 employees across 40 countries – including clinicians, researchers, educators, strategists, sales professionals, scientists, web developers, marketers and more – we help develop and commercialize new products to address the world’s most challenging diseases. We’re passionate about healthcare, dedicated to our customers and the patients they serve, and ready for the challenges of a rapidly evolving environment. From development to market and everywhere in between, we consistently enhance success for our clients at every opportunity, in every major market around the world.


For those working in the healthcare field today, there has never been a more exciting or challenging time. Around the world, burgeoning middle classes and growing prosperity in emerging countries are generating a host of promising new healthcare markets. At the same time, an aging population in the U.S. is driving an increased focus on improved healthcare outcomes and effective disease management at all stages of life. And yet, despite these growing opportunities, the business landscape has never been more complex for developers and providers of healthcare products. Regulatory, economic and social issues have created an environment in which only a fraction of all products in development ever make it to market – and of those, even fewer achieve commercial success. inVentiv Health is intimately familiar with the issues facing the healthcare industry because we support clients across every part of a product’s lifecycle, from the inception of an idea through the development, launch, commercialization and maturity of a medical therapy or device. When customers need a partner to help them develop a new compound, create a winning business strategy or successfully market a product anywhere in the world, we are there getting it done – wherever in the world “there” is. We constantly strive to help our clients achieve their goals, offering best-in-class services that accelerate business performance and enhance patient lives. What sets inVentiv apart from other healthcare service providers is our ability to bring together the top experts and resources from our best-in-class businesses. Working collectively, we develop better, more innovative solutions for clients that meet specific business needs. With the broadest range of outsourced services in the industry, we are uniquely able to solve problems that other companies cannot. Whether combining our clinical development experience and marketing acumen to create patient recruitment programs for clinical trials around the world or bringing together our expertise in reimbursement support services, managed markets consulting and Phase IV research to develop comprehensive market access solutions, inVentiv’s ability to rally the right resources around any challenge is truly unmatched. From global to local initiatives and startups to established brands, customers look to inVentiv Health to enhance quality, speed of execution, flexibility and cost efficiency. For more than 550 clients, we tailor our best-in-class Clinical, Commercial and Consulting services to meet business needs in a way that delivers enhanced value and extraordinary outcomes. Let us know where you want to go, and we will deliver a solution to help you accelerate success. WE KNOW THE WAY IN HEALTHCARE. Sincerely,

Paul Meister CEO


We have the ability to blend the vast resources and knowledge available across our Clinical, Commercial and Consulting business segments to meet our clients’ specific needs.

The inVentiv Difference All of inVentiv’s services are customizable, and we have the ability to blend the vast resources and knowledge available across our Clinical, Commercial and Consulting business segments to meet clients’ specific needs. This flexibility to combine our best-in-class offerings in a variety of ways that help healthcare companies solve complex challenges is what sets inVentiv apart from other service providers. Working together, our leading industry experts can help clients overcome clinical and regulatory challenges, anticipate commercialization issues and make the most of promising business opportunities.


Accelerating performance, improving outcomes, making lives better. Our Capabilities We’re proud to count among our clients more than 550 pharmaceutical, biotech and life science organizations worldwide, and our growing workforce now includes more than 13,000 people in more than 40 countries. At inVentiv Health, we have the capability and agility to meet any healthcare challenge – anytime, anywhere in the world.

In today’s rapidly changing environment, our aim remains the same: to rapidly transform promising ideas into commercial reality. We offer a diverse set of services and have the ability to combine them to create broad, customized solutions that meet our clients’ individual needs.

With a special combination of ingenuity, intellect and dedication, we accelerate performance for our customers. inVentiv’s accomplishments move science forward, enhance commercial value and improve lives.




We manage and support every aspect of the clinical trial process in any therapeutic area.

From early compounds to patented blockbusters, we support all phases of the product development life cycle.

Whether supporting an established global corporation or a biotech start-up, we offer a full range of business consulting services.

Capabilities include:

Capabilities include:

Capabilities include:

Phase I – IIa

Corporate, Product and Portfolio Strategies

Phase II – III

Medical and Scientific Communications

Phase IV

Advertising and Branding

Corporate and Business Development

Strategic Resourcing

Public Relations

Launch Planning and Support

Sales Teams and Sales Support

Bioanalytical Services

Pricing and Market Access

Patient Outcomes Services

Market Research and Analytics


With robust global resources and expertise in virtually all major therapeutic areas, inVentiv has the capacity to support virtually any clinical outsourcing need.

inVentiv Health Clinical is one of the top clinical research organizations (CRO) in the world. We partner with companies throughout a product’s development to deliver comprehensive Phase I–III clinical trials and bioanalysis, regulatory submissions and Phase IV post-approval programs. With robust global resources and expertise in all major therapeutic areas, inVentiv has the capacity to support any clinical outsourcing need. Our experts work with clients to execute everything from small, regional studies and single staffing assignments to large, multicountry clinical trials and complex strategic partnerships. Every step of the way, we’re dedicated to sound science, patient safety and integrity – core values for each inVentiv Health Clinical employee around the world.

Fostering innovation with quality data and customized solutions inVentiv Health Clinical


Therapeutic expertise and global perspectives Increasing costs, growing complexities and compressed timelines are among the most daunting clinical research challenges that healthcare companies encounter today. In addition, companies face various regulatory requirements associated with risk management, study protocols and patient safety. That’s where inVentiv Health Clinical comes in. While maintaining the highest ethical, scientific and quality standards, we help healthcare organizations navigate the clinical development landscape with speed and cost efficiency. At inVentiv, we continuously push ourselves to develop new strategies and methods that deliver sound science, quality data and timely, in-depth clinical analysis.

A range of CRO services inVentiv Health Clinical has the scale, geographic reach and therapeutic expertise to serve pharmaceutical, biotechnology, generic drug and medical device companies of all sizes worldwide. Our vast CRO resources – which allow for rapid feasibility, analysis, patient population identification, patient recruitment and study startup – are in place to expedite your trial regardless of its size, complexity or location. With our dedicated clinical facility and advanced technology, inVentiv Health Clinical can provide real-time data for early phase trials. Our strategic hospital partnerships and extensive centralized database give us access to significant and specialized populations of potential study participants to meet the specific requirements of your trial.

For Phase II–IV trials, we leverage our global footprint to recruit sites, patients and investigators in countries around the world and tailor specific clinical services to your study. Throughout each trial, inVentiv’s project managers ensure quality and efficiency, and monitor critical milestones. Our scientists, researchers and medical professionals are recognized and respected across the healthcare industry. With their demonstrated skill and depth of experience in specific therapeutic areas – which include oncology, neuroscience and pain, rheumatology, infectious disease, cardiovascular health, endocrinology and metabolic disease – inVentiv can help chart the smartest possible course for the clinical development of your product.

Customized strategic resources inVentiv Health recognizes that not every client is seeking full-service clinical trial outsourcing, which is why we also offer one of the industry’s most robust strategic resourcing capabilities with a complete range of functional service provider (FSP) and clinical staffing services. With more than 30 years of experience and a broad portfolio of clients worldwide, inVentiv delivers strategic resourcing tailored specifically to our clients’ goals. Through our partnerships with many of the industry’s leading healthcare companies, we have established a proven track record for optimizing business operations and driving cost savings. Our FSP capabilities include site management and monitoring, clinical project and program management, clinical programming and data management, biostatistical analysis, pharmacovigilance and regulatory affairs.

inVentiv can provide scalable and flexible staffing solutions ranging from full-clinical teams to individual research professionals in any area, at any level. Our seasoned team is committed to meeting the highest level of professional and ethical behavior, ensuring continuous excellence and quality, and delivering timely results to clients.

Bridging the gap from development to commercialization Whether a client is seeking to demonstrate the safety of its product post-approval or is working to prove its efficacy in the real world, inVentiv’s Phase IV experts can help. Serving as the bridge between clinical development and commercialization activities, our Phase IV team focuses on a customer’s goal using a balanced and cost-efficient approach. With a unique understanding of the post-approval landscape, inVentiv provides expertise in observational research and patient registries, interventional Phase IIIb/IV studies and endpoint programs, health economics and outcomes research, risk management and epidemiology. By leveraging our global resources and leading industry experts across inVentiv, we can also address issues related to pricing and market access, patient access and reimbursement, product commercialization and brand deployment, adherence programs, product optimization and regulatory affairs. In everything we do, we strive to help our clients achieve both scientific and commercial success.


Together, our experts define, create and execute commercial development strategies that help our customers reach their goals faster, more efficiently and with the greatest chance for long-term success.

Without the right commercial strategy and resources to support a successful launch, even the most promising healthcare products may fail to reach their potential. inVentiv Health Commercial can drive success with the broadest range of best-in-class capabilities in the healthcare field, including industry-leading advertising and public relations agencies, one of the largest outsourced sales organizations in the world, and a suite of complementary services to support ongoing product success and patient health for years to come. Together, our experts define, create and execute commercial development strategies that help our customers reach their goals faster, more efficiently and with the greatest chance for long-term success. Whether your company is a multinational pharmaceutical company or a promising startup, inVentiv delivers the tools, experience and experts to help you launch, nurture, protect and extend the value of your brands.

Powerful programs that drive brand and patient success inVentiv Health Commercial


Compelling communications that make a difference Successful commercialization of healthcare products often begins by answering key questions, such as: •

How do we effectively differentiate our product in a crowded therapeutic category?

How do we prepare the market for a new class of products with a different mechanism of action?

How do we create awareness of a disease state that has previously not received attention from healthcare providers?

How do we breathe new life into our mature product?

How do we change perceptions of our product now that the label has been expanded?

inVentiv Health’s portfolio of leading communications companies has proven experience in developing marketing and communication strategies to address these and other challenges. With awardwinning advertising, branding, public relations, medical communications and digital agencies around the world, inVentiv brings together healthcare experts and creative thinkers to develop insight-driven communication solutions that accelerate growth for our clients’ brands. Working together, our people imagine, shape and implement solutions that are greater than the sum of their parts.

Advertising, Branding and Marketing

Public Relations and Medical Communications

For more than three decades, healthcare clients have been coming to inVentiv’s world-class advertising and branding agencies for help in building distinctive brands that physicians and patients trust. With deep insights in all therapeutic classes, we partner with our clients’ marketing teams to define each product’s unique story and then develop dynamic communication campaigns to draw customers into an engaging brand experience. Our goal is not only to make your brand memorable, but to shape perceptions that drive behavior changes and improve outcomes.

Healthcare companies are more focused than ever before on building trust and securing the reputations of their brands, enhancing patient education and driving productive dialogues with diverse stakeholders. inVentiv’s industryleading public relations agencies have a proven track record for meeting these needs with results-driven programs that include disease awareness, issues management, media relations, crisis communications, advocacy relations, social media and public affairs.

Our healthcare experience is vast and deep. From launching billion-dollar drugs globally, to helping small biotech products find their niche in specialty markets, to creating go-to-market strategies for generics and biosimilars, no marketing company knows the health and wellness sector better than inVentiv. Because healthcare decisions are influenced by many stakeholders, we customize our marketing programs with tactics, messages and channels designed to speak directly to audiences ranging from healthcare providers to patients and caregivers, and payers to pharmacists. With our worldwide network of leading agencies in every major market, inVentiv is able to execute marketing campaigns with consistency and impact on a global scale. Digital communication is fundamental to our marketing process. As technology and social media continue to revolutionize the way patients and physicians consume healthcare information, inVentiv is leveraging the latest online, digital and mobile marketing channels to reach customers with relevant communication in personalized ways – always with a focus on driving improved outcomes.

From national public education campaigns showcased by highprofile media to local community events that bring information out of the clinical setting and into people’s homes, inVentiv delivers programs that educate patients and caregivers about diseases in ways that are meaningful and relevant. We also have extensive expertise in building coalitions with medical societies and patient advocacy groups to address critical health issues and changes in health policy. Our media relations capabilities are second to none, with a team of seasoned professionals who know the media, the issues and how to deliver content that moves people to action. Educating healthcare providers is also a critical priority. Our medical communications experts are skilled in working with healthcare companies to deliver publication planning, key opinion leader development and disease state awareness programs for a wide range of therapeutic classes. inVentiv’s proven programs are supported by a full range of tactics, including advisory boards, speaker bureau management, scientific writing and web-based education modules.


The depth and breadth of our outsourced sales experience spans three decades, continents around the globe and more than 40 therapeutic areas.

Customized sales solutions Sales remains a critical component of any healthcare commercialization strategy – and no company has more expertise in delivering personal and non-personal outsourced sales solutions than inVentiv Health. The depth and breadth of our outsourced sales experience spans three decades, continents around the globe and more than 40 therapeutic areas. Clients consistently turn to us for our ability to develop successful strategies and quickly recruit and deploy highquality sales teams that reduce the time to market and deliver flexible, cost-efficient results. Using a proprietary model, we create and implement comprehensive sales programs that are customized for each client’s product, ensuring that appropriate resources and communication channels are matched to its unique needs. An industry leader in outsourced sales and marketing, inVentiv offers healthcare companies a complete continuum of personal and virtual sales resources, including: •

The most seasoned outsourced sales organization in the healthcare industry

A sales recruiting team with more than 500,000 qualified candidates

Top outsourced clinical nurse educators and medical science liaisons

Digital sales experts with extensive experience developing e-detailing solutions, Tablet PC and iPad sales aids, and closed-loop marketing and alternative-reality tools


A global provider of sales, marketing and communications solutions

A complete range of sales support services, including telephone and virtual detailing, print and direct mail, literature fulfillment, sample management and accountability, and regulatory and compliance support

inVentiv’s expertise in healthcare sales enables us to deliver solutions in key markets around the world. In Japan, for example, inVentiv Health – staffed by employees with extensive local market experience – became the second largest CSO in the country within two years of opening an office in Tokyo. As our clients expand their businesses in Europe and Asia, our resources are continuing to grow to meet their needs.

Leading patients to better outcomes Successfully launching your healthcare product may be the most critical milestone in the life of your brand. But once your product is on the market, the barriers to commercial success – and more importantly, to the success of patients taking your therapy – can still be significant. Some patients do not get the full benefit of the therapy for reasons that include a lack of understanding of the disease, inability to access the product and failure to adhere to the entire treatment regimen. inVentiv has designed a patient outcomes unit to specifically address these challenges and to drive improved health results for patients.

By bundling services that encourage patients to start well and stay well on medical therapies, inVentiv is able to partner with pharmaceutical companies, healthcare providers, pharmacists and payers to help patients achieve optimum health.

Our services include: •

Reimbursement case management services that help patients and providers navigate the complex reimbursement and payment system

Customized patient assistance programs for patients who do not have the necessary health coverage

Retail pharmacy-based adherence programs that support continued therapy with prescription refill reminders to patients from their pharmacy via letter, email or text message

Behaviorally based interventions to help patients better understand their disease and therapy, and to optimize their ability and willingness to stay on treatment

Risk management programs designed to support the appropriate use of medicine and reduce associated risks

Disease management and accountable care solutions that use evidence-based standards to evaluate and enhance the delivery of medical care to patients

By bundling services that encourage patients to start well and stay well on medical therapies, inVentiv is able to partner with pharmaceutical companies, healthcare providers, pharmacists and payers to help patients achieve optimum health.


Whether entering new markets, solving complex challenges or developing innovative strategies to accelerate success, our Consulting segment is purpose-built to help industry leaders achieve results that enhance business performance.

inVentiv Health Consulting is Campbell Alliance, a leading management consulting firm for biopharmaceutical and medical technology companies. Whether entering new markets, solving complex challenges or developing innovative strategies to accelerate success, our Consulting segment is purpose-built to help industry leaders achieve results that enhance business performance. The ability of our Consulting segment to deliver winning results rests on a unique combination of three key factors: the powerful solutions developed by our strategic thinkers; our practical, real-world mindset, which ensures successful implementation of these solutions; and our global reach that stretches across North America, Europe, Japan and the world.

Designing winning strategies that enhance business performance inVentiv Health Consulting


Expertise in complex markets inVentiv Health Consulting offers clients the deep therapeutic and functional expertise of a niche firm combined with the robust consulting capabilities and the proven, efficient methods and tools of larger generalist firms. Each of our consultants has years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry or in providing consulting services to industry clients. Members of our team also have extensive biotech expertise, as well as in-depth knowledge of small-molecule products. In addition to our understanding of primary care, clients have come to rely on our capability in complex specialty markets, including oncology, neurology, immunology and other key therapeutic areas. We provide the strategic counsel that our clients need, whether helping them to develop corporate and franchise strategies, engage in new-product planning or manage the many facets of a new product launch. Our Consulting division has two specialized subsidiaries – one providing industry-specific educational programs for the pharmaceutical and biotech sector, and another offering focused expertise in market research with a range of qualitative, quantitative and syndicated research services. Both of these offerings support our ability to tackle our clients’ most difficult and specialized challenges, and develop strategic, operational plans that deliver value and efficiency. From market analysis and strategy development to sales, pricing and market access to medical affairs and many other areas, our expertise proves invaluable to our customers – key decision makers tackling complex, cross-functional challenges – and helps them accelerate success for their companies.

Each of our consultants has years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry or in providing consulting services to industry clients.

Committed to client satisfaction Our commitment to client satisfaction is ingrained in our culture. At the conclusion of every project, we measure customer satisfaction with detailed surveys, which are thoroughly reviewed by employees at all levels of the company – from project team members to the CEO. Over the past five years, with a survey response rate of more than 80 percent, we have maintained an approximate score of 9.5 out of a possible 10 points. At inVentiv Health Consulting, our greatest source of pride is that more than 90 percent of our work comes from companies we have partnered with previously.


inVentiv Health is a dynamic company that offers all of the services healthcare companies need to accelerate performance anywhere in the world. Grow with us as we continue to rapidly transform today’s new ideas into tomorrow’s commercial realities.

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