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Take a look at how our acrylic chandeliers are being used in a variety of fun, colorful ways.

Praise from “Chandelier By NK is everything you could ask for in a chandelier. It’s bold and will make a huge impact in your room through color. Best of all — its affordable!”


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“a little bit of color never hurt anyone.� Gilda the Good Witch

Winter Tea PArty WHite Fancy Chandelier and Lindsay Kate

Ruby girl praise “The hallmark of my wintertaining ‘bience is this beautiful white chandelier. Its clean lines and the chic acrylic texture make it the perfect modern twist on a traditional piece. Honestly the great thing about these chandeliers is that they are super versatile. Keep them up all year round as a lower-priced alternative to a crystal chandelier. Or put them up for parties and entertaining all year round. They come in a lot of colors too: hot pink, turquoise, and mirrored. They’re a super fun statement piece and run only about $70. It was really easy to put up, too! Such a great find. If you like to throw parties, one of these chandeliers at a party is a total must-have!” I’ve had the honor of working with the extremely talented designer, mother, and business maven all-in-one, Nicole Ketchum of Chandelier by NK to put together this feature. Talk about someone who can do it all. Show this darling some love and keep in the loop on her amazing business by following along on her stunningly gorgeous Instagram page, Pinterest, & Facebook. Girl and her killer chandeliers are going places!!”

teepees + chandeliers Chandeliers and teepees just make magic together. Add a unicorn, and some tea, with just the cutest kid anywhere — ­ a little girl’s dream. I worked with Francie + Co. to pair our two products together (we met on IG) for a dream photoshoot.

WHimisical OCTOPUS “When it comes to our kid’s rooms we love unique finds and always love a little pop of color! When we first saw Nicole Ketchum’s chic + innovative chandelier designs we knew they would be the perfect fit! The best part about these too cute decor pieces is that they are made of acrylic and are collapsible. They are very light-weight and so easy to hang­— which makes them perfect for decorating little peanut’s rooms or nurseries. You can hang them directly from the ceiling over a reading nook, over a bed or crib, or even in a playroom. These chandeliers would be perfect for hanging at a party!” — Little Peanut Magazine

party style “If you don’t want to spend a fortune on a decor item that will make an impact then this cute Chandelier is for you! Made of two pieces of acrylic, this playful chandelier is lightweight and acts like a mirror reflecting off light and surfaces. It is easy to hang anywhere so you can use it to brighten up any kid’s room or play room or even use it outdoors. Add some personality in any space with the most intelligent Cephalopod in fun bright colors!” — My Wonder List

Entertaining in Style “These chandeliers effortlessly blur the lines between modern and glamorous. Chandelier By NK is everything you could ask for in a chandelier. It’s bold and will make a huge impact in your room through color. Best of all — its affordable! Or use one of these gorgeous chandeliers as the centerpiece of her room. They are the perfect balance of being bold and bright with being feminine and girly, which will help keep it in her room for her entire childhood. “ — Little Crown Interiors

wedding collection “Stunning use of neon colors for a bold, happy wedding. The bright pop of hot pink from the acrylic chandelier was the definitive highlight of the styled shoot. It set the tone for the dress, jewelry, flowers and cake. By using it in simple ways, over a table and adding bits of other color, the pink of the chandelier was able to transform a white studio space into a colorful wedding venue.” — The Knot

Start designing your wedding with our one-of-a-kind acrylic chandeliers. Easy to hang and set up, they can readily set the tone for a garden party, indoor studio space or more.

kids bedroom spaces “You often think of chandeliers as lavish decor with crystals in a stately living or dining room, but these bright and colorful ones ones from Chandelier by NK, designed by Nicole Ketchum, are kidfriendly and make a vibrant statement in any playroom or nursery. Offered in fun colors like hot pink, turquoise and yellow these aren’t your typical heavy chandeliers. They’re made of lightweight acrylic and weigh just 3 lbs each, with a simple prism in the center that reflects light from every direction. These modern decor pieces are affordable and chic stylish pieces that will delight both kids and children.” — Hello, Wonderful

summer soiree “This octopus summer soiree party is perfect for the little ones. It would also be perfect for an evening party as the sun goes down…string up that octopus from the patio eaves or a lower hanging tree branch. I mean seriously that octopus chandelier by CHANDELIER NK completed this party! Bright colors, cool snacks, have a day inside with the babe and keep them entertained with this fun colorful party! You can reuse that DARLING CHANDELIER for the kiddos room or playroom when you’re done!” — Moms Best Network

party decor “These fun chandeliers from Nicole of Chandelier by NK are totally putting smiles on our faces this morning. We love all of the bright colors and think it could easily dress up a party space. The chandeliers come in fun, bright colors. The Fancy line above is versatile enough for weddings, parties, or home decor. The octopus chandelier below would be so cute in a baby’s room or a kid’s party. Hello Princess Parties here we come!” — Amy Atlas

“This is our darling daughter and partial inspiration for our chandeliers. She was a lightning bolt into our lives, and the perfect model for our fun playroom decor.” — Chandelier By NK

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Chandelier By NK Look book 2017  

This look book showcases a variety of ways you can use and implement our acrylic chandeliers into your everyday life and activities.

Chandelier By NK Look book 2017  

This look book showcases a variety of ways you can use and implement our acrylic chandeliers into your everyday life and activities.