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Register in – Hotmail Login Sign up For those readers who wish to register in Hotmail, then explain how we can do it and so we see that it is much easier than you initially thought. To register for Hotmail login, the first step is to access the official website of Microsoft through which we have access both to our account as the form necessary to carry out the registration. So we can click on these links: or If do not want accessed directly from this page, all you have to do is type the address in the search bar of your favorite browser. Once we 're inside, at the bottom we find a link that you need to press and handles take the form we were discussing earlier. For those wishing to register with login 2014, in the form you will find two main sections are what will detail below. If we look at the main image of this article we will see the boxes be filled with the aim of creating our own Microsoft. As we can see, the first thing we have to do is enter our name, but it is also very important to choose a name for ourselves. In " User Name" will have to choose the name you want and when you tell us if it is free or we have to choose a different one. It also offers the ability to select a. Another important point of this section is to create a password. It is imperative to note that the password is the password to our account, so we care to make it as safe as possible. The next step will indicate our origin, through which Microsoft will set ourselves to suit our needs. Then we are left to enter our date of birth and sex. Now we will see another section like the image above. Here we have to introduce our phone number and email address alternative through which we can recover our account without any problem. Now we have only to write the codes that appear on the image we show that we are real people and not robots, and finally select or deselect the box that Microsoft will send your promotional offers. If later on and we do not want to continue to receive these offers we can easily configure it. When we filled out everything we needed to check in, all that we will be pressing slope on the blue button at the bottom and has the name " Create Account". As we can see, registering in Hotmail is easy to get and you just need to complete this form and accept the conditions of the new e-mail account to start using immediately.

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You can leave and die but you deserve the best service login, and for this you have to use hotmail. His replacement is the new O...

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