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chancery desserts refuse all marriage proposals

dessert Chancery desserts are special. Which means they are for the times that are really worth it. Celebrating special occasions are just such a time. Ask for extra spoons and share the occasion.

If your goal is to limit your sweets but you don’t want to feel like you’re missing out, make sure your choices emphasize quality over quantity. We use only the highest quality ingredients.

Dessert is social. It is a good way to bond with others. There’s nothing better than sharing a dessert and sharing the experience with a friend or loved one or everyone at your table.

signature cream puff A Wisconsin tradition. You might think of it as the state bird for sweet tooth addicts. The puff pastry is so light and fluffy, it might take off at any second. Signature Custard, Home Made Fresh Whip Cream. And the best part, we make them in the flavors of your choosing--Strawberry, Door County Cherry, Banana. Over 250,000 of these have sold. 4

Warm Chip Cookie Skillet 4 Premium Vanilla Ice Cream, Fresh Whip Cream, Milk Warm Apple Cobbler Skillet 4 Premium Vanilla Ice Cream, Rum Caramel Sauce

Peanutbutter Cup For a picture worth a thousand, turn menu over – your price just 6 We recommend sharing

Heath Chocolate Mousse Cake 4 A throwback to an era when people swooned to the whole of the moon.

Don’t like to share, single size 4

Key Lime Pie 4 Fresh Whip Cream

S o r r y B i l l , T h i s I s T h e R e a l PC


Peanutbutter cup There are things in life that just seem to make the world run in sync. For instance, the original Peanutbutter Cup created at the Chancery. Until it appeared on the scene, it seems that most of us were bound to spend our days trying to advance the theory that candy bars were the reason people believed in world peace. We were wrong then and wrong now. World peace is the result of intense effort from all cultures and the PC.

Over 500,000 sold since they first crossed the copper top in 1972.

Premium Ice Cream. An amazing combination of frozen ice cream blended with chocolate, Reese’s Peanutbutter and topped with real whipped cream. The kicker though is the actual peanutbutter cup on top.

An energy boost so invigorating you might have to put a weight on your legs to keep yourself on the ground

Old School Goodness

build your own sundae (For The Younger Crowd, Ten And Under)

Remember the excitement and joy of going to your neighborhood ice cream shop and getting an ice cream sundae? Bring back the delight with Vanilla Bean Ice Cream , Special Toppings, Fresh Whip Cream and a cherry on top! You’re never too young to taste the fun. 3

40 years in the saddle


Heath Chocolate Mousse Cake 4 A throwback to an era when people swooned to the whole of the moon. Peanutbutter Cup For a picture worth a tho...