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EdTech @ETHS Volume 1, Issue 9

Summer 2011

Summer Webinars & Things to Try

Summer may be winding down, but it’s not too late to pick up some new tips and tricks in technology. Throughout the year, training webinars are held on a lot of the technology that we use at ETHS. Although live sessions are useful, webinar archives are great in fitting into everyone’s schedule for some training on demand. Here are a few places to search for new ideas: Discovery Education Channel – Discovery is now putting all of their informative webinars online via YouTube. Some recent highlights include. iPads in Education, Web Resources, Magic of Digital Media. Google Apps for Education – Google also has a growing list of archived webinars, now covering most of the most commonly requested topics. Check out the list or archived and upcoming sessions here.


Summer Technology Professional Development “Tech-11” – June Review and Announcing August Session Dates/Times

The end of school technology workshops were a hit again as we saw over 60 teachers during the week long set of sessions. Teachers gained integration insights on topics including SMARTBoards, Document Cameras, Clickers, Google Apps, and more. For those looking to add on to their training or for those unable to attend in June, we are proud to announce the schedule of technology training workshops for later this month. There will be new and updated workshops throughout the week, so I invite you to take advantage and sign up today. The list of workshop topics includes: 


Document Cameras

Google Apps

More Media in the Classroom


Summer Webinars

Student Response Systems (Clickers)


Back to School Technology Professional Development

Teacher Websites


ISTE in Review

Web 2.0 Tools


Featured Posts from


Quick Tech Tip/Ed-Tech Conference Update


Next Issue

For full descriptions, dates/times and registration, please find the online form here.

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Quick Links:


Paula and I attended the ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education) Conference in June, and we picked up a bunch of new ideas, projects, and inspiration. I live blogged all of my sessions (see links below), and we’re excited to share all of the tips, tools, and knowledge acquired during the conference which was attended by 20,000+ ed tech professionals from

Interested in recording a quick sound bite or how about giving a student some audio feedback on a paper instead of in writing? With AudioBoo, you can quickly and easily record and upload audio and share with anyone in the world. Try it out here: bibme Looking to help students build and/or check their bibliography formatting? Try bibme - simply type in the book’s title, author, or ISBN, choose a format (MLA, APA, Chicago, or Turabian) and download your bibliography into a Word document. Try it out here:

around the world.




ISTE WRAPUP As mentioned above, I live blogged each and every session I attended at the ISTE conference. To do this, I used a tool called CoverItLive which is free and very easy to learn. Some educational uses could include: live blogging a field trip, a mock trial or UN conference, or a local sporting event. For more info on CoverItLive, visit the site here:, and for all of my ISTE live blog events, visit this label:

LOST/STOLEN SMARTPHONE For a brief period of time, I thought I lost my beloved (and expensive) mobile phone. So, I went through the motions to do what I could to prevent any potential thief to access my information stored. There are a few actions one can take should you lose your phone in the future. Read more here.

FREE STREAMING PODCAST APP Last summer, I discovered a free application that allowed me to listen to all of my favorite radio stations on my phone. This summer, I’m streaming podcasts directly to my mobile, even over a cellular signal. Find out how here.

Ed-Tech Conference Update

Upcoming Meetings and Conferences: IETC (November 15-16, 2011): This is an edtech conference n Springfield, IL. I’ll be delivering a workshop on Creating Teacher Websites Using Google Sites. Let me know if you’re interested in attending the conference. NCTE (November 17-22, 2011): I’ve been invited to present on Teaching with a Tablet PC at the NCTE conference in November. I’ll be reaching out to English teachers in the next few months and will be running a sample session prior to the conference as well. ICE (Feburary 28-March 2, 2012): Workshop proposals are due on August 26. If you’re interested in leading and/or co-leading a workshop, let me know. There is a small stipend available for workshop presenters.

Next Issue: We’ll officially be back to school, so we’ll kickoff the new year with some fresh ideas for projects, programs, and tech adventures. Stay tuned! For additional newsletter requests, tech support, comments, or just to say “hello”, please email or call at ext.7366. Thanks for reading. David Chan Technology Integration Specialist

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EdTech @ ETHS V1I9  

EdTech @ ETHS V1I9

EdTech @ ETHS V1I9  

EdTech @ ETHS V1I9

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