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EdTech @ETHS Volume 1, Issue 4

January 2011

Exam Week Workshops

Getting Ready for Second Semester

If you have a free exam period or need a break from grading, I encourage you to join me for some tech training next week. We’ll focus on a variety of tools including the following. Sign up here today.

Once final exams have come and gone, it’s time for a fresh start either with a new semester or with an entirely new set of students. Here are some tech ideas to possibly explore as you plan your second semester curriculum.

Smart Notebook Training: Intended for teachers with SmartBoards, this workshop will focus on how to perform basic functions and use or modify existing lessons in Smart Notebook. Teacher Website Refresh: For teachers with websites or those looking to create one for second semester, we’ll discuss best practices for maintaining a site. Document Cameras (2 levels): For either teachers with doc cams or for those interested in using one for the second semester, learn how to setup and integrate the transformative tool into your curriculum. Google Apps: Learn how to get students to best use the collaboration tools found in the suite of applications and discover how it can aid your curriculum.

Goodbye Transparencies? Hello Document Cameras. Approximately 30 document cameras have been deployed during the first semester, and the response has been overwhelmingly positive. Document cameras can be used to replace transparencies, as virtually anything (including objects) can be placed under the device and then displayed on screen. This includes student work, 3D objects, and textbook materials. Learn more at a doc cam workshop next week or contact David for availability and training options. Integrate Google Apps Including Forms


Exam Week Workshops


Getting Ready for Second Semester

Starting a new class? Why not collect student information using an online form that automatically fills a spreadsheet? This is just one of a plethora of ideas for using Google Apps in your curriculum. Allowing students to collaborate anytime and anywhere on documents, presentations, and websites is a great way to incorporate cloud computing into your classroom. Learn more at the Google Apps workshop next week or schedule a small group training at your convenience.


LiveScribe SmartPens (Pilot)

Teacher Websites


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Ed-Tech Conference Opportunities


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Looking for a great way to share homework solutions, course materials, or student projects? When planned in advance, building a class website can be both simple and beneficial to teachers and students. Learn more


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LIVESCRIBE SMARTPENS (PILOT) Looking for an easy way to post class notes on your teacher website? How about a webcast showing how to write an essay complete with audio? These are just two of the hundreds of ideas that teachers can use with LiveScribe Smartpens. The pens write on specially designed paper and record all audio associated with the writing. Playback occurs simply by touching the paper, and you can create “pencasts” which allow you to relive the writing process on the computer. We have a limited number of SmartPens available for pilot testing. Please let me know if you are interested in discussing integrating one in your classroom. For more information on LiveScribe, click here.





USING LIVEBINDERS There are a lot of great resources out there for educational technology. How can you possibly keep track of it all? With LiveBinders, you can collect links, videos, PDF files, just about everything and organize your items into tabs just like a regular binder. Read more about how we are collecting documents for electronic portfolios, and see if LiveBinders could help you organize your digital life. IPAD



Web 2.0 Tools Inspire your students to be creative by having them develop animations, short movies, or other digital media projects. Using tools such as Animoto, xtraNormal, and VoiceThread, assignments that traditionally featured a slideshow presentation can be livened up using tech tools that will engage and further motivate your students to research and learn. Contact me to discuss ideas, view sample projects, plan lessons and collaborate on rollout for any of these tools.

Ed-Tech Conference Opportunities On January 29, the Northern Illinois Computer Educators will be holdng a mini-conference at Stevenson High School from 8:00-1:30pm. Please find a schedule here. In addition, David Chan and Dave Allen will be presenting on Senior Studies and Google Sites. Registration is only $5.

Ever get the sense that your smartphone just doesn’t run as fast as it used to? Find out three ways to remedy the situation, and get a better sense of what’s going on under the hood of that iPhone or Android device. Read more here.


about what works, what doesn’t, and what to do when building your own homepage at a workshop next week or by appointment.


Just get a shiny new iPad for the holidays? Curious about which apps made a huge splash in 2010? Discover my top 10 of 2010 for both free and paid apps.

Upcoming Conferences: Northern Illinois Computer Educators Conference: Saturday, 1/29, 8-1pm – Stevenson High School, $5. Web 2.0 Conference: Saturday, 4/9 – Niles West High School – Call for Presenters Open If you are interested in attending NICE or presenting at Web20, please let me know.

Next Issue: We’ll discuss ongoing professional development opportunities for technology at ETHS, including a new place to learn, share, collaborate, work, communicate, and discover. Right here in the building! Stay tuned… For additional newsletter requests, tech support, comments, or just to say “hello”, please email or call at ext.7366. Thanks for reading.

The Best Free iPad Apps of 2010 The Best Paid iPad Apps of 2010

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