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EdTech @ETHS Volume 1, Issue 3

December 2010

Getting Ready for Final Exams

Google Apps Expanded

Building on the momentum of last year’s pilot project that included 120 teachers and students, Google Apps @ETHS has grown to over 700 regular users. Teachers and students have been using Gmail, Calendar, Docs, Sites, and Groups to increase engagement, motivation, and participation in their classes. Last month, Google included over 60 additional services with the Education edition. While there may be some interest in using each of these apps, we decided to focus on the following four services for an initial pilot rollout at ETHS. Please contact me if you are interested in using any of the apps below with your classes. Blogger: Students and teachers can now create blogs that will stay within our domain. Blogs can also be used as teacher or student created websites. Books: Offer your students access to millions of books available for reading online. Synchronize your reading


Google Apps @ETHS Expanded


Getting Ready for Final Exams


Using Netbooks to Improve Literacy


Tech Gift Guide


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With finals approaching right after the winter break, many teachers use a few days to review for the big test. Here are some tech tips to help make those review days a bit more engaging and productive. Student Response Systems “Clickers” – With over 30 sets being used throughout the building, chances are you won’t be far away from a system if you’d like to use one, Clickers offer every student a voice and they provide valuable feedback to teachers interested in formative assessments or to engage students. Use Clickers to discover what needs reviewing and what can be skipped during those final days before the big exam. SMARTBoards – Whether you have a board in your classroom or are taking advantage of the common use ones available in the BCC, MRC, W214, or Math Lab, you can use the SMART Notebook software to create lessons on your computer. Then, take advantage of the touch recognition features to have students interact with content in review sessions. You don’t need to make a commitment to hardware to integrate technology into your review days. Here are a few additional ways to engage your students: Poll Everywhere – If you find yourself in a computer lab or with a laptop cart, you can try a polling application such as Poll Everywhere. Similar to Clickers, this web application allows you to obtain real time feedback on what students understand and helps make their learning visible. Game Show Templates – Turn your class into an interactive game show with templates for games such Continued on page 2

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experience on most mobile devices, including iPods, iPads, and Android phones

as Jeopardy, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, Password, and more.

Reader: Subscribe to RSS feeds to stay caught up with current events and scholarly updates. You can use Google Reader to organize all of the updates made by student bloggers as well as news websites all in one convenient interface similar to email.

Links: Stu’s Quiz Boxes (better than Jeopardy), PowerPoint Games (several links to game show templates)

Moderator: Teachers and students can use Google Moderator to create a place where users can submit questions or suggestions on a topic, and the class can vote individually on the topics. Similar to polling, except users have more opportunities to contribute idea and brainstorms.

On November 19, Tamie Holmes and Paula Frohman presented “Using Netbooks to Improve Literacy in the Classroom” at the Illinois Education & Technology Conference in Springfield, IL. You can view their final slide deck here.


Ed-Tech Conference Opportunities




Upcoming Conferences:

Recently, Google released its first version of a new operating system (Think Windows or Mac, but potentially simpler and faster). To test this new OS, they are conducting a pilot tester program in which you get a notebook with Chrome OS preinstalled. Read more here and apply to be part of the program..

Illinois Computer Educators Conference: David Chan will present on Teacher Websites on 2/24/10. Northern Illinois Computer Educators Conference: Saturday, 1/29, 8-1pm – Stevenson High School, $5. Web 2.0 Conference: Saturday, 4/9 – Niles West High School – Call for Presenters Open

EDUBLOGS AWARDS 2010 There are a lot of great resources out there for educational technology. However, just as the Academy Awards helps us find the best movies of 2010, EduBlogs helps us find the top tech sites for educators. Everything from best teacher website to best educational podcast, you’re sure to find some quality ideas in these sites. Here are my nominations for this year’s awards and all the nominees and winners (announced on 12/15/10).

HOLIDAY TECH GIFT GUIDE With the holidays just around the corner, and a little extra time to shop with the early winter break, how about a few recommendations for someone who enjoys tech gadgets? There are the usual: digital cameras, flip videos, flat screen TV’s, Blu-ray players, Wii's, PS3’s, XBoxes, and so on. You’ll find some quality suggestions from CNET (one of my go-to sites) here.

If you are interested in attending NICE or presenting at Web20, please let me know.

Next Issue: I am extremely grateful for the time I’ve had with my newborn son, but I’m also excited to get back to action at ETHS. In January, we’ll be offering several training opportunities on technologies ranging from the new Google Apps to Clickers. We’ll also begin featuring our Technology Demonstration Classroom Teachers. Until then, have a restful winter break, and happy holidays to you and your family. For additional newsletter requests, tech support, comments, or just to say “hello”, please email or call at ext.7366. Thanks for reading.

And here’s a post from yours truly on Five Not So Obvious Tech Gifts

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EdTech @ETHS Volume 1, Issue 3  

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