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EdTech @ETHS Volume 1, Issue 2

November 2010

Introducing VoiceThread @ETHS

Technology Demonstration Classrooms (TDC)

In the next few weeks, you’ll be hearing about the true story of 10 teachers, picked to work in a school, and find out what happens when technology gets successfully integrated, and things start getting real. No, it’s not the Real World – ETHS, but rather Technology Demonstration Classrooms 2010. This past summer, 10 teachers met to discuss technology tools to integrate in their classrooms, and committed to opening their doors for observation on specific days each month. Here’s your chance to not only learn about tech tools such as Clickers, Doc Cams, or SMART Boards, but to actually see them in use for classroom instruction. TDC teachers will also post periodically about their experiences, and all available times will be made public on the TDC webpage. The program goes fully live in less than 2 weeks. If you are interested in becoming a TDC teacher, please contact me.

VoiceThread is a great tool to share media (documents, images, videos, and more) and encourage student collaboration and communication regarding the shared media. Each student can comment on the presentation using text, voice, or video. And starting this year, ETHS has its own secure domain for all things VoiceThread. The best way to learn more about VT is to see the application in action. Enter our custom domain here and click on the video to watch a short introduction. More uses for educators along with examples can be found here. Every teacher and student at ETHS has an account already created. For teachers, it’s the same as your Discovery Education Streaming credentials: Email: full email address ( Password: gradebookID and lastname (e.g. 305chan) For students, username IDnumberETHS (111999eths) Password: IDnumber (111999) If you’re interested in using VoiceThread in your classroom in the next few weeks, please contact me. I’ll be sharing more info and ETHS examples early in the second semester.


Technology Demonstration Classrooms


Introducing VoiceThread @ETHS

Using Netbooks to Improve Literacy


Using Netbooks to Improve Literacy


Google Apps for Education PD Webinar Series


Online Referrals/Featured Posts from


BCC Update


Next Issue

On November 19, Tamie Holmes and Paula Frohman will present “Using Netbooks to Improve Literacy in the Classroom” at the Illinois Education & Technology Conference in Springfield, IL. You can view their session (as a working draft) here. If you have an interest in collaborating on a presentation for upcoming edtech conferences, please let me know.

EdTech @ETHS 1

BCC Update:

Google Apps for Education PD Webinar Series


Learn how to use Google Apps in the classroom with a new bi-weekly webinar series lead by Google Apps for Education Certified Trainers (including yours truly in the future). Webinars will be held biweekly on Tuesdays, 6:30PM CST and will also be recorded and archived.

The BCC staff is delighted to introduce our NEW ONLINE CANCELLATION FORM. You are free to use this document to request we promptly remove any confirmed reservation. We only ask that you do not use it to request lab time. This form is posted on our SharePoint Page with our other online documents.

NEXT UP: Tuesday, 11/9 - 6:30PM CST


Google Sites for Educators Skill level: Beginner Lead by Andy Crozier, Google Apps for Education Certified Trainer and Google Certified Teacher.

Please remind your students about our lab rules, especially the following:

Registration required: click here to sign up.

Classroom Issues and Conduct Referrals Support Coming Soon


Keeping the noise level down

We’ve noticed a surge in teachers submitting “JUSTIN-CASE” reservations (reserving multiple periods, just in case they are needed). This makes it very difficult to accommodate others who need space, only to find a full schedule. We are appealing to your sensitivity by asking you to request only what you are sure you need. Planning ahead is fine; just-in-case requests only clog the schedule with phantom reservations that are often cancelled later.

Next Issue:


I’ve eased up a bit on the blogging, but here are a few posts that might be of interest.


Remaining in their assigned lab space until the bell rings


Need follow-up support figuring out the new online discipline system? Next week, you’ll receive an email with detailed instructions, along with a video tutorial. Until then, please contact Peter (x7121) or Janet (x7127) with any questions or concerns.



The age old question finally answered. Well, sort of. Read more about how to determine whether you’re destined to purchase a Mac or PC in the future.

DISCOVERY EDUCATION STREAMING (DES) I’ve written quite a bit on all of the features contained in DES. Aside from streaming video content, you can also build assignments, quizzes, and writing prompts, all within the application. More to come in a case study with members of the PE/Health department. Until then, check out some of the most useful items here.

Next month, around this time, I’ll likely be changing diapers instead of computers for a few weeks. Still, I won’t let that stop the EdTech train from continuing here at ETHS. In next month’s issue, we’ll feature an update on how to use Clickers for formative assessments. We’ll discuss Document Cameras, and how teachers use the device to show student work, take snapshots for archiving, and capture time-lapse sequences for demonstrations. Lastly, you’ll get a sneak peak at Live Scribe pens, and how notes can be taken on a whole new level. For additional newsletter requests, tech support, comments, or just to say “hello”, please email or call at ext.7366. Thanks for reading. David Chan Technology Integration Specialist

EdTech @ETHS 2

EdTech ETHS Vol 1, Issue 2  
EdTech ETHS Vol 1, Issue 2  

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