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Tradition and culture is at the heart and soul

of the Hernandez Artesania brand. The Hernandez Family is a multi-generational unit led by Rosa Hernandez, the Matriarch of the family. Rosa was taught traditional weaving techniques by her grandmother and now teaches her daughter Cristina the same traditional techniques that have existed in their family for generations.

LOGO DESIGN_ First Round I knew how important it was to incorporate the Hernandez family into the overall brand. I found some of the most used symbols in the embroideries which adorn the family’s textile designs, and narrowed it down to three visuals.

LOGO DESIGN_ First Round

LOGO DESIGN_ Second Round The second round of the logo design was focused on translating the tactile components of the embroidery techniques. The look and feel are an important part of the work process by the Hernandez family.

LOGO DESIGN_ Second Round

LOGO DESIGN_ Third Round The third and final round of the logo design combined both research methods(visuals and tactile).



LOGO DESIGN_ Third Round




I felt the final logo should be indicative of the Hernandez Artesania brand. It communicates the tactile component of their work, as well as the traditional weaving practices which are done by hand. From the cleaning (and spinning) of the wool, to the back-strap loom weaving technique, and the natural dyes used to color their textiles.

PROMOTIONAL STRATEGY The promotional strategy consists of rolling out a simple brand identity using the newly designed logo for Hernandez Artesania. A rubber stamp application allows an easy and simple way of solidifying the Hernandez brand. It can be used for packaging a shipping order and/ or tagging articles for sale with a handwritten note about the garment.

Packaging • • • •

Stamp Ink Roll of butcher paper Raffia or any type of natural string

1 2


PROMOTIONAL STRATEGY Tags/ Labels • • • • •

Stamp Ink Heavy paper stock Scissors/ exacto knife Raffia or any type of natural string


5 2

3 4