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Community Care Community care covers a broad range of care services, from companionship through to medical care, provided in a patient’s home. Aimed at people who require ongoing care for a long period, either full time or at regular intervals, community care is becoming an increasingly popular alternative to residential care. We all value our independence, and for many people the choice to be cared for in their own home can make a difference to their life and health. Different care companies often specialise in a certain type of care, so first of all you will need to decide the specific care needs you require. Some specialise in 24 - hour care, while others mainly provide regular shor t- term visits. Services vary greatly, from companionship and personal assistance, to household chores, accompaniment to hospital appointments and night-sits, in case the person is in need of help at night. Care may also be required for a patient with a specific condition, such as dementia or Alzheimer’s. MY CARE GUIDE

Some companies can also provide care abroad, with a tailored holiday package. Whichever type of care you or your loved one needs, there are certain points you need to remember. Firstly, the best type of recommendation is word of mouth. Ask around friends and family to see if they have had any experience of community care companies and ask what they think. Companies’ websites also provide a wealth of information and are a good starting point to find out if they are right for you. It is important to meet your potential future carer before taking them on. If you or your loved one do not get on with them then don’t feel uneasy about asking for someone different. Carers and the person they care for need to get on well and feel at ease in each other’s company. If not this will only make life more difficult for the patient. “Continuity of care is very important people like to see the same faces calling at the same time,” Sara Mellor of Community Care Direct says. “We always send a smiley, friendly face to our clients.”  39

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My Care Guide  

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