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Mobility & Disability Aids Investing in some specialist aids to help you get about or perform everyday tasks can make a world of difference. For someone determined that their disability will not stop them enjoying their freedom, there is a gadget to help with almost every circumstance. Some basic aids may be available for loan through local healthcare providers or occupational therapist, depending on your individual circumstances, but there are many companies who specialise in all varieties of disability aids, for the home, on the move and for general use. In the kitchen, aids such as a kettlepouring frame, interchangeable ergonomic grips, bottle and jar openers and self-opening scissors can make cooking or making the tea much more manageable. For the bathroom, a raised toilet seat, shower handles, a bath or shower chair, tap-turners or bath steps can make your bathing experience much more stress-free and pain-free. An orthopaedic mattress, supportive pillows, a motorised bed, dressing aids or a bed table can provide extra comfort in the bedroom. For the living room, a riser-recliner chair, or a device that will turn a regular armchair into a riser-recliner, can make the world of difference. General helpful items include daily pill boxes, non-slip material to use around the MY CARE GUIDE

house, a reacher to avoid bending to pick things up, a seat-turner to help getting into the car and a walking frame or trolley will make daily chores a piece of cake. These are just a very small selection of the wide variety of helpful items available. Some items, for example wheelchairs or riser-recliner chairs, can be pricey but will be a worthwhile investment that you will wonder how you did without. Larger scale investments, such as a lift or stair lift, can help a person live longer in their own home. For many, an accident or long-term condition can make the stairs impossible and carrying a person up and down stairs can only ever be a short-term solution, and even then can make the person feel helpless. Stair lifts are suitable for most homes, but there are limitations depending on the design of your staircase. A simple straight stair lift is the most costeffective, but a lift for curved stairs can be designed, although it is more costly. Each lift should be made to measure. Do your homework when choosing a stair lift, as they will cost a lot and not be easy to change if you have a problem. Many varieties of lift are available, including for outdoor as well as indoor use. It is also possible to rent stair lifts by the month. î Ž 23

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