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Your guide to helping your community through volunteering including details of useful local organisations and groups

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29/10/2010 4:40PM

:LOO\RXKHOSPH" Claire House Children’s Hospice desperately needs volunteers in your area. Without the support of our volunteers our task of raising £2.5 million every year would be simply impossible.

Can you spare a few hours to help our fundraising team? All we ask for is enthusiasm and a love for meeting new people!! For more details please contact Yvonne Cave, Senior Area Fundraiser – Sefton and West Lancs Registered Charity No. 1004058 0151 227 4941 or 7KDQN\RX[[


“I love going to Claire House. I have friends there and the nurses always make me smile and laugh. My parents tell me I go there because I am special. I sometimes feel poorly sick but when I go to Claire House they always make me feel happy so I feel better. You should come and visit, Claire House is a very beautiful and colourful place…”

The Adhouse Ltd, Design . Advertising . Marketing, would like to show its support for Claire House Tel: 0151 707 0800 email: 2

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29/10/2010 4:41PM

Liverpool and Sefton Volunteers make a difference Make a change Make a start on a new career Make a phone call now

0800 002 9006 Make it happen

Age Concern Liverpool and Sefton Sir Thomas House, 5 Sir Thomas Street, Liverpool L1 6BW 93 Tulketh Street, Southport PR8 1AW 1093226 Join Ellie, Martin and Ann in our team of volunteers


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29/10/2010 4:41PM

The Netherton Feelgood factory is a community led healthy living centre in South Sefton. We use a community development approach to enable people to improve their health, well being and quality of life. The Feelgood Factory provides services for the whole community from childhood to old age in order to promote health and well being. Our programme of activities is delivered both in the centre and through outreach work. We also include volunteers in everything we do so if you would be interested in volunteering as well as accessing any services please get in touch. Our services include: Your Health Project (16-25yr olds). This is a young person’s volunteering project which enables young people to work with their peers to improve their health and well being. We also run a 12 week course for people aged 13-18 which covers every aspect of a healthy lifestyle. Advice and Information. We are a one stop shop for local people enquiring about relevant agencies and sources of help and advice.

Breast Start (breastfeeding support project). We provide information and support to mums who are breastfeeding or want to breastfeed. Healthy Lifestyles. We offer a range of activities to improve health and well being including exercise sessions, weight management groups and Peer Mentors to help people to give up smoking and a community allotment. Mens Health Project. This aims to improve health and well being of men in South Sefton. Through exercise sessions (at various levels), cookery classes and weight management. Skills For Living. Works with people affected by mental health issues and helps them maintain positive well being. Through classes such as positive thinking, anger and stress management and bereavement. We also have drop in sessions offering information and advice. Older and Vulnerable Persons Project. Offers a variety of services including a shopping squad, Mow and Grow service to maintain the gardens of people who want to stay in their own homes, chair based exercises, handyman service and a history group.

If you would be interested in getting involved at Netherton Feelgood Factory or for some more information please do not hesitate to contact us:

0151 291 8010

Netherton Feelgood factory, Glover’s Lane, Netherton, L30 5QW. 4

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29/10/2010 4:42PM

Volunteering changes lives forever. Here are some great quotes to encourage you … “The best way to find yourself, is to lose yourself in the service of others.” — Ghandi

If this guide helps you make a decision to help others, please tell the organisation you have chosen to work with. Thank you.

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‘No joy can equal the joy serving others.’ — Sai Baba “When you open your heart to giving, angels fly to your door.” — Unknown

Contents Why be a volunteer? .. .. .. .. 6 North Sefton Social Inclusion Project . 10

A wise lady once told me that when you find your ideal job, you will do it for less than they pay you and when you find your calling you will do it for free.” — Martin Tichenor

The Samaritans . 14

There is only one thing worse than training your volunteers and having them leave – and that’s not training them, and having them stay. — Unknown

Promoting Sefton .. .. .. .. .. . 23

“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted” — Aesop “Volunteers are paid in six figures ... S-M-I-L-E-S” — Gayla LeMaire “Great opportunities to help others seldom come, but small ones surround us every day.” — Sally Koch “Life’s most persistent and urgent question is ‘What are you doing for others?’” — Rev. Martin Luther King

vinvolved Sefton . 17

InnoV8 .. .. .. .. .. . 28 Volunteer Centre West Lancs .. .. . 33 A day in the life of a magistrate .. .. .. . 36 Age Concern. .. . 38 5

29/10/2010 4:43PM

This is an often asked question as many of us do not realise the benefits to be had from volunteering. Volunteering is not just helping others but often, it is also about yourself and what it can do for you as a person. Rewards in life are not always monetary, and often volunteering benefits far outweigh financial remuneration. So let us explore some of the reasons why you could enjoy be a volunteer.. Self Esteem Volunteering is about working with and for others and challenges are numerous. You will explore your own self in a way you probably never have had to and this in turn will increase your own self confidence and belief in yourself. Volunteering is all about your own personal journey. Helping everybody Everyone can be a volunteer. You may have some time on your hands, or get fed up of going round shops on your days off. Giving help to someone will revolutionize the way you think about others and will fulfil you like no other activity can. There is no age limit to be a volunteer. Everyone of us can do something worthwhile. 6

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29/10/2010 4:43PM

Why be a volunteer?

Friendships When you are a volunteer, one of the best rewards is meeting like minded people in a common setting and with similar goals. Because there is no remuneration involved, volunteering is a straight playing field, where everyone has the same value. Bonds of friendship develop easily and in general, are long lasting too. Friendship is definitely one of the best rewards life can offer and volunteering offers this opportunity again and again. Opening new doors Because you spend a great deal of time liasing with organisations and individuals, volunteering offers amazing opportunities to meet people who, in turn, may be key for you to start a new job or a new career. Value of volunteering Volunteering for a while can add value to your list of achievements for a prospective employer. Never forget that volunteering will add a huge skill base to your abilities and that many employers will welcome a candidate who can network, speak to people at every level and organise teams naturally. Something that a lot of volunteering activities will have taught you! MY VOLUNTEERING GUIDE

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29/10/2010 4:43PM

Why be a volunteer?

Personal Satisfaction Receiving is always better than giving, and this is certainly true of volunteering. Helping someone out of a dilemma and feeling that you are the key to the solution can never be matched by remuneration alone. By getting to know a problem and being actively involved in solving it, you will also be able to help those making decisions when they consult you. And you’ll be fitter! Physically and psychologically, volunteering has a lot of extra benefits. You will increase your self esteem for starters and automatically, will begin to feel better. Many volunterring activities are also out and about and give you extra exercise that your body will enjoy. Sign me up‌ This guide that you are about to read will give you all the necessary contacts for you to start making a real difference to your community. You will be able to choose from a variety of organisations and we are sure you will find something perfect for you. Being a volunteer is much much more than spending a few hours each week working on a project. It is about you and unleashing the power of changing things that all of us possess but few of us choose to apply. 8

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29/10/2010 4:44PM

A man is guilty of driving with three times the permitted level of alcohol in his bloodstream. He admits to being a life-long heavy drinker. BANNED FROM DRIVING AND PRISON?

The man is in his late 60's and has health problems which require medication. He also looks after his disabled wife who is housebound and requires round-the-clock care. BANNED FROM DRIVING AND A COMMUNITY SENTENCE?

You don't need legal experience or qualifications to serve as a magistrate.

To find out more call 01772 272834 or 01772 272840 or go to


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You do need to be able to sit in court for a minimum of 26 half-days each year. Magistrates aren't paid, but many employers allow time off with pay, or you can claim a loss of earnings allowance.


29/10/2010 4:44PM

The aim of the project is to support and encourage social inclusion for older people. The project is divided into two main areas, Ageing Well Clubs and the Southport and Formby shopping services. The Clubs are for residents of North Sefton who are aged over 50 years and are socially isolated due to physical disability, bereavement, sensory disability, long term illness or low self-esteem. The aim of the club is to provide a safe place for socially isolated people to meet other individuals and participate in a range of activities. We want to provide a place where members can get together and share their experiences and stories with each other. The Social Inclusion project takes referrals from all sources whether it be self referral, family/friends, Health professionals or Voluntary, Community and Faith Sector professionals. The service is supported with a group of dedicated volunteers who help with group activity, prepare healthy refreshments and encourage club members to interact in a warm friendly atmosphere. The clubs are held every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 1.30pm til 3.30pm. Southport and Formby shopping is a service for older people who are unable to shop for themselves. Priority is given to older people who have no family or friends near by to support them. The service is coordinated by the project worker and supported with a group of volunteers. 10

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29/10/2010 4:46PM

Be a volunteer for

The North Sefton Social Inclusion Project


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29/10/2010 4:47PM


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29/10/2010 4:47PM

Be a volunteer for The North Sefton Social Inclusion Project

Southport shopping service takes place every Friday when the volunteers and the coordinator meet at 9.30am to complete the shopping. The delivery and transport is arranged by the project, and on a rota basis two volunteers complete the deliveries which can take two to three hours. Formby shopping service takes place on a Wednesday and again is supported by the coordinator and the volunteers. Delivery is currently done by the volunteers in their own transport. We need your help Do you feel you can make a difference and offer a warm and friendly approach to our clients? We need your support to make the project a success and maximize our purpose. If you feel you could support us and have a few hours to spare then please come and join us at Ageing well clubs or as a shopping volunteer. If you would like to become a volunteer or want to any further information please contact: Cathy Sutton on 01704 501024 ext 203, North Sefton Social Inclusion Project Coordinator MY VOLUNTEERING GUIDE

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29/10/2010 4:48PM

Samaritans launched a hard-hitting campaign to combat suicide amongst men. Around 6,000 people in the UK take their own lives every year and threequarters of them are men. Of these, the men most likely to die by suicide are those aged 25-55 The advertising campaign, Men On The Ropes, aims to reduce the 4,000 plus, male suicides that happen each year by persuading men in distress to talk about their problems and consider calling Samaritans. With its boxing theme, the campaign specifically targets men in their 30s, 40s and 50s, who are the most likely of all to die by suicide. Network Rail is backing the campaign as part of its five-year partnership with Samaritans to reduce railway suicides by 20 per cent. Samaritans aim is to get all men talking about their feelings. They want men to consider calling Samaritans’ 24/7 confidential helpline to talk about how they are feeling before those feelings build up to a point where life doesn’t seem worth living. Welsh International rugby union referee Nigel Owens, who attempted to take his own life, said: “Men from my town would just get on with things, you weren’t even aware men had problems. My depression started because I didn’t like who I was and I was too ashamed to talk to anyone. “I let these feelings build up and up and before I knew it I couldn’t see a reason to live anymore. 14

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29/10/2010 4:48PM

Be a volunteer for The Samaritans

“Looking back there were people I could have and should have turned to. I think that if I had been able to talk to someone that day, I might not have attempted suicide. “Today, I can’t even find the words to explain how thankful I am that I am still here. “That’s why this campaign is so important; because it has the power to make men aware help is available and that they should use it.” Jayne, a volunteer from Southport Samaritans said: “We believe that many men don’t feel able to talk about their feelings and instead either bottle them up or let them spiral out of control, sometimes with tragic consequences. The main aim of the campaign is to make calling Samaritans’ 24/7 confidential helpline an option for them. Southport Samaritans are open to anyone who wants to call in and talk at 32 Union Street – look out for the new green door! Also look out for the new posters at stations around the north west. The Samaritans can also be contacted by telephone at anytime of the day or night on 01704 538038 or 08457 90 90 90 or by email: MY VOLUNTEERING GUIDE

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29/10/2010 5:01PM

Sefton advocacy a voice for people in need


Help vulnerable people in Sefton Volunteers work with people in Sefton to help • People air their concerns about the service they receive • To secure their rights • To address problems in their lives

CALL: 01704 500 500


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Voice their views, secure their rights, address problems in their lives


29/10/2010 5:02PM

Be a volunteer for vinvolved Sefton

vinvolved Sefton is part of the National Youth Volunteering Programme, a network of teams across England that have been established to develop volunteering for 16-25 year olds. We are funded by national youth volunteering charity V. We work across the borough to promote the benefits of volunteering to young people through presentations at schools and colleges, youth clubs and drop-in sessions at venues across Sefton. vinvolved staff then spend time with potential volunteers to help them find suitable volunteering placements that can complement their studies, career aspirations or interests. Since vinvolved Sefton was established in April 2008 we have supported over 1300 young people to find the sort of volunteer placements they want to get involved with. If a volunteer wants to use particular skills but a suitable volunteer opportunity doesn’t exist then we will work with them to create something especially for them. For example we have been able to create website design and translation roles for individuals who approached us with specialist skills or interests. MY VOLUNTEERING GUIDE

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29/10/2010 5:02PM

vinvolved Sefton also works with voluntary, community and faith organisations to encourage and support them to work with younger volunteers. If organisations need volunteers, whether for full-time, part-time or one-off roles, we can promote them to young people who may be able to help. To help us manage our project we have recruited a Youth Action Team (YAT), a group of young people who are passionate about volunteering and want to help their peers reap the benefits of getting involved! The YAT advise vinvolved Sefton on key aspects of our work and also get directly involved in how we deliver our service. They have promoted volunteering to their peers, worked with organisations to develop new opportunities and developed celebration events to reward young volunteers for their hard work. Most recently they have developed a short film to promote the benefits of young volunteers to community organisations: plotting it, writing it and starring in it. Volunteering is really flexible and you choose how much time you can give, what sort of volunteering you want to do and where you do it. It gives you the chance to develop new skills that could help you get a job or get into university. It’s a chance to meet new people, try new things, have fun and make a big difference to your community! 18

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29/10/2010 5:02PM

Be a volunteer for vinvolved Sefton

Whether you want to volunteer regularly or just try it as a one-off there are opportunities out there for you, and once you are registered with vinvolved Sefton you will be kept informed of new ways of volunteer roles as and when they are developed. If you are aged 16-25 and interested in finding out more about volunteering then contact Alicia St. Hilaire, Youth Volunteer Advisor, on 0151 920 0726 ext 207 or If you are an organisation who wants to recruit more volunteers or needs support in engaging volunteers for the first time then contact Mike Howlett, Youth Volunteer Development Manager, on 0151 920 0726 ext 321 or MY VOLUNTEERING GUIDE

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29/10/2010 5:03PM

ENGAGE in VOLUNTEERIING Moving On Lancashire In partnership with WLCVS Volunteer Centre ENGAGE in Volunteering is a project run in partnership with Moving On Lancashire and West Lancs Council for Voluntary Services Volunteer Centre. The project aims to support people who have had or still have: • Low confidence/self esteem • Feeling of isolation from society and friends • Low mood • Been unemployed for a long time • Feelings of vulnerability • Periods of anxiety

ENGAGE in Volunteering offers • Advice • Guidance • Training • Support • Mentoring • One to one support

For more information contact Eileen T. Snow at: West Lancs Council for Voluntary Services Volunteer Centre The Ecumenical Centre Northway, Skelmersdale WN8 6LU 01695 733737 • 07903 312315 Email: Website:


Registered Charity No: 1039563 Registered Company No: 2940823


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29/10/2010 5:04PM


The CVS offers a range of services to help you set up, organise and run your group.

Volunteer Centre

The Volunteer Centre can help you become a volunteer, and help organisations recruit volunteers.

West Lancashire Council for Voluntary Service is a charity, set up in 1973, and is the key umbrella group for voluntary and community groups in West Lancashire.


Our main activities are: • Providing information and support to voluntary organisations • Helping local people to set up and develop voluntary and community groups, and network with other organisations • Representing voluntary and community groups to statutory and other organisations, and partnerships

We are democratically accountable to the voluntary sector through a membership of over 300 groups. To find out more about your group becoming a member of the CVS, please contact us on 01695 733 737 or visit our website

For Information on volunteering please call

01695 733 737

or visit our website Our registered charity number is 1039563. We are also a company limited by guarantee - registration no: 2940823. MY VOLUNTEERING GUIDE

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29/10/2010 5:04PM

West Lancs MS Society local branch meetings Ormskirk Cottage Lane Mission, Ormskirk

The Community Foundations for Merseyside and Lancashire are strategic grant-making organisations, encouraging philanthropy to build stronger communities.

Every Tuesday YOGA 11-12, Church House, Ormskirk

Mere Brow Mere Brow, Village Hall, Marshes Lane, Tarleton

If you are interested helping local communities and enhancing your own skills through events, marketing, grantmaking and office admin please visit our websites for more information.

2nd Monday of each month, 10am - 12am

Skelmersdale B.D.S Training, 31 Greenhay Place, Gillibrands 1093230


To support your local hospice.

If you have a few hours to spare and would like to know more about our current volunteer vacancies

3rd Saturday of each month 2.00pm - 4.00pm Contact Steve Mason 07766143046 Call in for a chat, coffee, and MS West Lancs sample alternative therapies

Informative, Relevant, Focused

and Local ‘My Series’ Publications

of specialist guides and planners from Champion Media Group Advertising Sales 01704 392 392 MY

Your guide to making the finest festive season for your family

Your guide to local services for your outdoor living space

including details of useful local companies and services

including a special month-by-month guide of things to do

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or visit our website 22


Christmas Garden

Please contact us on

01704 544645


1st Saturday of each month, 2.00pm - 4.00pm Contact Martin 01695 575340 or Ann 01695 576980 email

09/08/2010 15:29


29/10/2010 5:04PM

Be a volunteer for Promoting Sefton

Promoting Sefton is an Events Volunteering project which offers many opportunities with Sefton’s extensive programme of Tourism Events throughout the year. These include the Southport Food & Drink Festival, Summer Classics, Southport Air Show, British Musical Fireworks Championships and various other Sefton community events. Whatever you’re interested in there really is something for everyone – from marketing and publicity, customer service and hospitality, stewarding and crowd safety, leafleting and market research to providing opportunities tailored to your specific needs. MY VOLUNTEERING GUIDE

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29/10/2010 5:05PM

As long as you’re 16 and over, whether you’re currently in higher education, in work, out of work or retired it doesn’t matter. The great thing about Promoting Sefton is that it’s flexible – you can choose which events you would like to volunteer at and how much time you can give. You get full support from the Volunteer Co-ordinator plus a comprehensive induction and training programme prior to each event. This prepares you for your volunteering activities and also gives you the chance to meet the other volunteers. You will also receive certificates for the number of hours you volunteer which are recognised by colleges and employers. All travel and refreshment expenses are provided for each event. 24

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29/10/2010 5:05PM

Be a volunteer for Promoting Sefton

It really doesn’t matter what skills or past experience you have, or haven’t got, as long as you’re friendly and approachable. Volunteering is a great way to gain transferrable skills, build up your confidence, show potential employers that you have drive and motivation, improve your CV and develop yourself. So if you’re looking to do something positive, experience new things, make new friends and have lots of fun, then becoming a Promoting Sefton volunteer is a great way to do it! If you are interested in finding out more details about the Promoting Sefton Project or event volunteering opportunities that are available please contact Ang Lucas on 01704 501024 (ext 249) or email Some of the feedback from Promoting Sefton Volunteers includes: “I really enjoyed working with Angela and the other volunteers, we have great team spirit. I look forward to volunteering at other events in 2011.” “Volunteering with Promoting Sefton has helped me to look at myself regarding both my work and social needs and has helped me gain my confidence back in areas I needed to. Thank you.” “I think volunteering with Promoting Sefton is a good opportunity to meet new people, contribute to the community and also have a bit of fun!” “My children are happy and proud to see that their mum is volunteering in the community and I feel I am setting them a good example with regards to work ethos and motivation.” MY VOLUNTEERING GUIDE

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29/10/2010 5:06PM

Why volunteer? Volunteering can give you many benefits: • Use your free time in an enjoyable and positive way • Share your interests, knowledge and experience • Explore career options or a career change • Learn new skills and gain valuable experience for work or further education • Get involved in your community and gain a sense of achievement • Meet new people and gain references for future jobs

What can I do?

Give some thought to what you like doing or what you would like to learn. Volunteering is about choice. Our database of opportunities may help you to decide Register your details online or call us to request a form to be sent in the post.

One to One Advice Sessions

If you are still unsure and would like some support and guidance, why not take advantage of our one-to-one information sessions? We offer the opportunity for you to talk to an experienced advisor who can answer your questions. These are informal and can be arranged at a time to suit you.

0151 920 0726

or visit our website 26


To book an appointment call us on... MY VOLUNTEERING GUIDE

We are Victim Support. We help people find the strength to continue after a crime.

We are not a government agency or part of the police and you don’t have to report a crime to get our help. You can call us any time after the crime has happened, whether it was yesterday, last week or several years ago. Victim Support’s specially trained volunteers are the lifeblood of the charity, giving emotional support and practical help to victims and witnesses of crime. Our volunteers help restore a victim’s confidence so that they can find the strength to move on with their lives. Every year Victim Support helps over 1.5million people to overcome the effects of crime and it is thanks to our invaluable network of volunteers that we are able to do so. Our organisation works hard to make sure that every victim is given the help and support they need, in a way that suits them. But to do this we need more volunteers with the time and passion to help people in the aftermath of crime. As a Victim Support volunteer you will be trained in how to support someone from their initial meeting with you until they no longer need it. You’ll listen to their concerns and potentially deal with other agencies on their behalf to make sure that their needs are met. Volunteering for Victim Support is extremely rewarding. Besides the satisfaction of MY VOLUNTEERING GUIDE

supporting victims, volunteers develop essential skills through ongoing training, support and supervision. You do not need any specific skills or experience to become a volunteer, and at the moment, people can take advantage of new opportunities to volunteer in fundraising and administration support. Volunteers can also learn more about crime, criminal justice and the legal system. It’s also a great opportunity to meet new people, and Victim Support pays expenses so it doesn’t cost anything to volunteer. Lloyd, a community and fundraising volunteer in Preston says: “Volunteering at Victim Support compliments the career path I’ve chosen in health psychology and I find it incredibly rewarding to offer emotional support to people who don’t always have the social support networks they need.”.

If you would like to find out more about our services, or the ways in which you can become involved with the work we do in all communities across Lancashire & Cumbria please contact Aanika Dhillon on 01772 201 142 or email


We are the national charity giving free and confidential help to victims and witnesses of crime across England and Wales, and their family, friends and anyone else affected. We also speak out as a national voice for victims and witnesses and campaign for change.




Be a volunteer for InnoV8

InnoV8 is a peer mentoring project for young people aged 16 – 25yrs, based in Sefton. The project makes volunteering more accessible to young people who identify themselves has having extra support needs. The extra support needs could range from a physical disability, a learning difficulty or low self-esteem / low self confidence. The project recruits and trains young mentors also aged 16-25 to enable them to support other young people (mentees) to develop their self-confidence/self-esteem, hard and soft skills. The training is BTEC level 2 accredited. Once trained and CRB checked, the mentor will be matched up with their mentee and they will work on a one-to-one basis towards personal action plans. Action plans often include goals such as; enrolling in college, building confidence to travel alone, building confidence to socialise with new people, support with writing a CV or just simply to have someone to talk to. We are at present looking for mentors and mentees to enrol on the project. If you are interested, or would like anymore information, please feel free to contact the project: Marie Morgan Project Manager 01704 501 024 ext 206 or Katie Johnson Development worker 01704 501 024 ext 212 / 07757 594 449 MY VOLUNTEERING GUIDE


A place to live a The Birchwood Centre provides supported accommodation for young, single homeless people aged 16 - 25 years of age.


from Peo etc wh

Bef go pla

We support young people: • • •

To develop independent living skills To develop personally and socially To work through the issues they face in moving to a place of their own Through providing advice on housing, welfare benefits, learning and employment options, and lots more.


info refe


The deli enc you live hap


If yo Info •A

Yo 3 Yo

Birchwood Centre is a charitable organisation (Registered as West Lancashire Crisis and Information Centre - Charity No: 1064270) and has been in operation for 30 years. It is managed by a board of trustees. myvolunteering_pages.indd 30



29/10/2010 5:10PM

e and grow Referrals Young people are referred to the Centre from a variety of agencies including Social Services, Young Peoples Services, Probation, Police, Housing Department etc. A significant number of referrals are self referrals, whereby young people present themselves at the Centre. Before coming to live at the Centre, everyone will visit and go through an admissions procedure to decide whether a place at the Centre is suitable.

Contact us If you need any further information or are interested in making a referral, please contact us at:

Birchwood Crisis Centre The Centre is supported by Big Lottery funding to deliver the Building Lives project, which actively encourages volunteering. The programme enhances young people’s chances of success in all aspects of their lives and the role of volunteers is crucial in making this happen.


If you can help the centre in any way and have skills in: Information Technology, computers • Sports and leisure • Arts and Craft • Cookery • Gardening • DIY • Drama

Birchwood Crisis Centre

and Dance • Mentoring • Fund raising Gemma a volunteer at the Centre supported young people in healthy living by looking at their lifestyles, accompanying them to the gym and helping them to make healthier choices in their every day lives. She said ‘Volunteering at the Centre was great, I got so much out of it. It was really interesting and very satisfying knowing that you were making a difference to a young person’s life. It developed my skills and experience and made me realise just how much I had to offer.’ Please contact Barbara Mooney at the Centre to arrange an informal meeting.

Birchwood Centre, 64 Heversham, Birchgreen, Skelmersdale WN8 6QQ Tel: 01695 728391 / 01695 717115 Fax: 01695 728391 / 01695 717115

Young people can live at the Centre for anything between 3 months and two years, depending on the help they need. Young people move on from the Centre into homes of their own

THE BIRCHWOOD CENTRE (Formerly West Lancs Crisis Centre)

myvolunteering_pages.indd 31

29/10/2010 5:11PM

The Volunteer Centre is a service provided by the West Lancashire Council for Voluntary Service set up to support both volunteers and organisations who use volunteers. The Volunteer Centre can help your organisation by: • recruiting volunteers for you • advertising your volunteer opportunities • uploading your opportunities onto • developing good practice in volunteering • providing ongoing support, advice and information on volunteering issues • including your volunteers in the certificate scheme and assisting with the preparation of their role descriptions • providing training Volunteers of all ages contact the Volunteer Centre. They actively recruit volunteers by promoting local volunteering opportunities and the benefits of volunteering. Volunteers are offered an informal interview then their skills and interests are matched to the voluntary opportunities available. Certificate Award Scheme Organisations can join the Certificate Award Scheme which involves volunteers doing 100/200 hours voluntary work, working to a role description prepared by the organisation. On completion of 100/200 hours, they are presented with a certificate at the Annual Volunteers Awards evening. 32

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Be a volunteer for

The Volunteer Centre West Lancashire ENGAGE in Volunteering Project ENGAGE in Volunteering is a project run in partnership with Moving On Lancashire and West Lancs Council for Voluntary Services - Volunteer Centre. The project aims to support people who have had or still have: • Low confidence/self esteem • Feeling of isolation from society and friends • Low mood • Been unemployed for a long time • Feelings of vulnerability • Periods of anxiety The project will support individuals into volunteering very gently. It will offer training and 1:1 support into appropriate volunteering opportunities to enable people to enjoy a more social active life style. ENGAGE in Volunteering offers: • Advice • Guidance • Training • Support • Mentoring • One to one support For more information please contact Eileen Snow on 01695 733737. Volunteers Celebrated On Tuesday 1st June 2010 the Volunteer Centre held its Annual Volunteer Awards Ceremony. The Mayor of West Lancashire Borough Council presented certificates to 37 volunteers who had completed 100 hours and 200 hours voluntary work. “The event celebrated the huge volunteer commitment within West Lancashire. MY VOLUNTEERING GUIDE

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“We would like to express a huge thank you to all our volunteers for their invaluable contribution they provide to the organisations throughout West Lancashire.” Jan Howard, Volunteering Development Officer, West Lancs CVS. 1st – 7th June is National Volunteers’ Week which aims to recognise and reward the valuable work that volunteers contribute to the community. It is an annual event which celebrates the fantastic contribution that millions of volunteers make across the UK. The Week plays a huge part in raising the profile of the millions of volunteers who regularly contribute to society, while inspiring others to get involved too. In 2008/09 71% of adults volunteered in some way with 47% volunteering at least once a month (2008/09 DCLG Citizenship Survey). Volunteer Market Days The Volunteer Centre regularly holds ‘Volunteer Market Days’ throughout West Lancashire. Organisations that use volunteers are invited to come along with a display to promote themselves to potential volunteers. The events are publicised far and wide to the general public who may wish to volunteer. The events are also a good opportunity to meet other organisations, share good practices and participate in information sessions on topics such as • Volunteer recruitment • Funding, legislation and training • Young volunteering – creating more appealing roles • Engaging local employers West Lancashire Volunteering Forum The West Lancashire Volunteering Forum is made of up of local volunteering infrastructure organisations in order to produce and deliver a Volunteering Development Action Plan. 34

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One of the Forum’s aims is to encourage and support increased participation in volunteering across West Lancashire. The forum also aims to • Ensure Equality, inclusion and diversity in volunteering • Improve communication • Share best practice • Minimise duplication • Co-ordinate research in West Lancashire • Promote and seek ways of maintaining its own sustainability • Promote partnership involvement within West Lancashire • Recognise the path that volunteering has through training to lead to employment. Training West Lancs CVS runs training around volunteering issues and is looking to develop a training programme from September 2010 for both volunteers, for example, First Aid and Health & Safety at Work, and for organisations, covering topics such as motivating and retaining volunteers. Please contact Greg Swift on 01695 733737. What are the opportunities? Here are a few examples on what you can be involved with…. Young People Make That Difference. The role of the volunteer is to provide an ‘extra pair of hands’ within a local pre school setting that promotes the inclusion of 0-5 year olds with additional needs. Support - Befriending & Mentoring (Social Care) Our volunteers support socially isolated adults within their local community, working with Older People, Carers, people with Learning Disabilities, Physical Disabilities, Mental Health needs, Sensory Impairment: befriending a vulnerable adult at home or supporting MY VOLUNTEERING GUIDE

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Be a volunteer for The Volunteer Centre West Lancs someone to become an active member of their community. Advice To answer telephone, train to advise clients on Direct Payments, keep and update clients records. Hours= 10 - 12, or 2 - 4 Monday to Friday. Food Preparation - Catering Assistant We need people to run a kiosk serving drinks and snacks and to provide information to the public about the centre. Ideally we are looking for somebody who will be able to deal both with the public and with taking money and who may be happy to take responsibility for running kiosk as part of a team at weekends and during holidays. Food Preparation - Cafe Assistant Assisting at local cafe; serving drinks and refreshments, clearing tables and washing up. Practical Skills – Gardener Mature flower beds need tending and pruning regularly. Practical Skills - Member Forum Event Assistant Warm and friendly? Empathetic and outgoing? Flexible and helpful? If any of the above describes you, here’s a chance to put your brilliant personal qualities into action. Help blind and partially sighted participants get the best out of our member forum events by providing a friendly, welcoming and comfortable place to meet and share experiences. Our lively team of event assistants has a space just for you! Want to find out more? If you would like to find out more about volunteering and how the Volunteer Centre can help your organisation please contact the West Lancs Volunteer Centre at West Lancs CVS on 01695 733737 or see the CVS website - ( 35

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The magistracy of today embraces people from all walks of life who are appointed in an open and transparent way, on the basis not of who they are, but on what they can bring to Bench. Of little or no consequences are a persons origins or occupations, what candidates have to demonstrate is a number of qualities which include among others sound judgement, the ability to weigh arguments, a genuine social awareness and the ability to work as a member of a team. 36

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A day in the life of a magistrate

Legal knowledge is not important and training very comprehensively deals with powers and procedures. So what can a candidate duly appointed, trained and sworn in expect to find on arriving at court – in short anything and everything – from someone drunk in the street or not having paid a parking fine to the most serious of offences. Murder, arson, rape all start off in the Magistrates Court but are clearly very quickly transferred to the Crown Court. Decisions taken in the course of a morning may well involve, in the Criminal Court, depriving someone of their liberty for a period of up to 6 months or in the Family Court removing a child from his or her parents. Whether to allow bail to a defendant denying an offence or to remand in custody are difficult yet frequent issues on which magistrates are called on to adjudicate. In the course of an hour and a half at Court, for example, Magistrates have dealt with a person receiving stolen property (namely a conservatory!!), a person urinating in a public place and between the two, a defendant charged with an assault on a partner who then went on to murder her. Applications for search warrants where offences are suspected have to be investigated by a magistrate before being MY VOLUNTEERING GUIDE

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granted as do warrants for arrest. What sort of people are you likely to see in the dock – again anyone and everyone - from the person with a blameless life who has made a mistake to those of this world whose life is typified by criminality, from people who deserve a second chance to those who clearly forfeited their right to liberty, all appear day in day out in the courts of the county before magistrates. Magistrates will tell you that in a perverse way they enjoy their role as a genuine expression of community service. It can be immensely satisfying in knowing that you have done right by a victim or by society’s expectations and there is also room for some humour. People should remember however that courts are public buildings and members of the public have the right to observe proceedings (with certain exceptions). There is no better way to find out how magistrates operate than to go and spend a morning, or longer, in your local Magistrates Court. Anyone who has been will tell you what a fascinating experience it is – it is your right, exercise it. Lancashire Magistrates Advisory Committee welcome applications which can be obtained online at uk/magistrates or for further information contact 01772 272834. 37

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As the largest charity working with older people across the area, Age Concern Liverpool and Sefton provides support, practical assistance and friendship to thousands of elders each year. They do this by offering expert advice and guidance, arranging active living sessions to improve health and well-being and hosting one to one classes on using the internet and escorting people on a weekly outing to a social club. Redundancy and the recession have made it hard for people to get back into the job market and volunteering can be a step in the right direction. Ann’s voluntary work with Age Concern Liverpool and Sefton led to a career change. She says: “I decided to do something with my days off from my part time job. Volunteering gave me a feeling of making a difference to the clients I dealt with. They looked forward to seeing me each week, and apart from a good chat, I was helping in a practical way. She continues, “After leaving my job for a full time position in a call centre - a job I hated - I spotted an ad in the local paper for this post. I jumped at the opportunity and applied. It was the best thing I ever did.” Young people hoping for their first job often find that volunteering provides the vital experience they need to get their foot on the ladder as Ellie, who volunteered with Age Concern Liverpool and Sefton during her summer holidays, discovered: “I had my first taste of work, discovered new skills and worked with some great people. 38

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Be a volunteer for Age Concern

“I know the experience has helped me to find a job during my gap year and has shown me that I would definitely like to work with people when I graduate.� Just a few hours a week can make a vast difference and with training and ongoing support Age Concern Liverpool and Sefton ensures that volunteers can make the most of the opportunity. Volunteers are always needed to help the charity to reach out and support many more older people as drivers, befrienders, volunteer counsellors, walk and cycle leaders. There are also administrative and fundraising roles for people with different interests and skills. To take the first step to volunteering and contact us on 0800 002 9006 MY VOLUNTEERING GUIDE

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Southport Samaritans

32 Union Street, Southport PR9 OQE

01704 538 038


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My Volunteering Guide  
My Volunteering Guide  

Your guide to helping your community through volunteering including details of local organisations and groups in Sefton and West Lancashire