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FIRST PLACE: The Lone Parishioner. Cathedral of Our Lady Assumption, Port-au-Prince, Haiti. A visitor takes a moment to pray in the ruins of the main cathedral. (Photo by Samuel McGuire ‘13)

SHUTTERBUGS CHAMPLAIN INTERNATIONAL PHOTO CONTEST 2013 Every spring the Office of International Education calls upon students, faculty, and staff to share their photos from recent international travels. There are plenty of entries from the places you would expect—Montreal and Dublin—but the breadth of exotic places Champlainers visit is on display at the annual competition. Some of the top photos from 2013 are shared here, and you can see all of the images from this year and past years’ contests at

FIRST PLACE: Kenya, Africa. Licking his lips, this caracal is just finishing his lunch of a desert rodent. He is able to leap over six feet in the air to capture a bird from a standing position. (Photo by Shelley Richardson)

THIRD PLACE: Haitian Fishermen. Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Two fishermen coming to shore with their daily catch along the north coast of the Baie de Port-au-Prince. (Photo by Samuel McGuire ‘13)

SECOND PLACE: Italy in Color. Venice, Italy. This photo was taken while on a gondola ride with “PopPop” (grandpa) in Venice. (Photo by Nicole Handel ‘15)

Final fall 2013 pdf 120913  
Final fall 2013 pdf 120913  

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