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Case History: Flexoil速 FM-231

Second generation paraffin crystal modifier / pour point depressant eliminates flowline plugging

Background The Eagle Ford shale has offered new unique challenges for producers, specifically with paraffin wax deposition. Champion Technologies has identified multiple crude oil types throughout the geographical area of the Eagle Ford shale play that offer their own unique challenges. Many believe there are not any analogous crude oils to the Eagle Ford anywhere else in the United States and possibly the world.

The Problem Crude oil in certain geographical areas of the Eagle Ford are exceptionally problematic. As a result, producers were experiencing severe paraffin deposition both down hole and in surface equipment. Wells were requiring mechanical removal of paraffin and leases were being shut-in due to flow restrictions and plugging off of equipment. Laboratory and field testing, along with monitoring, quickly indicated that offthe-shelf products were not effective at mitigating paraffin wax deposition. The following are product development challenges that had to be overcome:

Paraffin deposition in production tubing

C  ompatibility of the product with comingled fluid

Flexoil® FM-231 also contains:

M  inimize emulsions or significant water carry-over in oil

 demulsifier package to prevent stabilized emulsions and A enhance oil / water separation

A wax dispersion package

tanks •

P  roduct deliverability

- Safe for injection via capillary string

Flexoil® FM-231 can be applied via

- Product stability in gas lift applications

Capillary string

- Product stability in annular treatments utilizing a side

Gas lift

Annular treatments with side-stream flush

stream flush •

E  mulsion prevention and paraffin dispersion properties in addition to wax inhibition


Champion Technologies developed Flexoil® FM-231, a

After implementing Flexoil® FM-231, all downstream issues subsided. Where this product was being injected down hole above the wax appearance temperature

second generation paraffin wax crystal modifier / pour point

 echanical removal of wax from the wellbore was M eliminated

F  low line restrictions and plugging issues ceased

Emulsion issues and rapid build-up of tank bottoms were

The Solution

depressant that is cost effective in treating the unique crude characteristics identified in the Eagle Ford. In addition to excellent paraffin wax inhibition properties,

Differential pressure (psi)

no longer an issue.

Blank A 500 ppm FM231 750 ppm FM231 Blank B 500 ppm standard 750 ppm standard

0.40 0.35 0.30 0.25 0.20 0.15 0.10






Time (min) Figure 3. Graph comparing the performance of FM-231 to a baseline product through changes in pressure across a flow loop. The test was performed using a dynamic wax deposition test loop.

Photo displaying the dispersion properties of FM-231 compared to an untreated sample

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