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Unique properties of shale oil and gas require resourceful solutions to extract it Champion Technologies supports you every step of the way, aligning with your business strategies to deliver genuine value

Eagle Ford Shale Specialists Since directional drilling technology and multi-stage hydraulic

Champion Technologies’ shale chemicals solutions experts

fracturing began enabling development of the Barnett shale in

are among the most experienced, capable, and resourceful

the 1990s, Champion Technologies has been helping producers.

team of shale-chemistry advisors in the oil and gas industry.

Our specialty chemical products and services unlock the

More than one hundred focused employees are based in

potential of shale and other low-permeability formations.

Champion Technologies facilities serving the Eagle Ford area, including technical personnel, operations specialists, account

By working closely with you in the Barnett, Haynesville,

representatives and managers.

Fayetteville, Marcellus, Utica, Woodford, Bakken, and Eagle Ford shales we learned first-hand what makes each shale formation

Our focus on unique chemistries for this region and on available

unique. We understand that specialty chemical products and

technical support, reflects our high level of commitment for this

treatment programs for Eagle Ford shale wells must manage

shale play.

unusually severe paraffin issues caused by the area’s crude oil characteristics and its associated challenges.

Comprehensive chemical solutions

Champion Technologies shale specialists in the Eagle Ford area draw upon one of the most extensive networks of oilfield specialty chemical labs, warehouses, and field offices in South Texas, and that infrastructure is growing to accommodate the rapid increase of Eagle Ford shale activity. In addition, we have developed entire families of high-performance specialty chemicals—including paraffin inhibitors, solvents, dispersants, scale inhibitors, H2S scavengers, and biocides—for the specific downhole conditions and formation fluids encountered in hydraulic fracturing and production operations.

These capabilities and resources—combined with our

Champion Technologies understands that Eagle Ford shale

comprehensive shale knowledge and culture of continuous

producers seek uncompromising value at each step in the

advancement—establish Champion Technologies as one of the

completion and production process, and we have the best-in-

leading shale specialty chemistry companies in North America.

class products, services, people, and experience to deliver the

Our pursuit of applicable chemistry evolves in alignment with new

needed value. We are committed to helping you unlock the full

technology developments in the Eagle Ford. Our combination

potential of the Eagle Ford shale through providing specialty

of broad shale knowledge and experience, locally developed

chemical products and treatment strategies that maximize

high-performance specialty chemical products, efficient well site

production rates and ultimate recovery, while minimizing well-

services and logistical support provided by well-trained employees,

completion and operating costs.

and infrastructure of laboratories, warehouses, blending plants,

and trucking fleet in South Texas help make us the chemical advisor of choice to support shale well completion and production operations in the Eagle Ford.

Eagle Ford support infrastructure Champion Technologies’ robust Eagle Ford shale support infrastructure is anchored by fully equipped field offices strategically located in the South Texas communities of Dilley, Hebbronville, Victoria, and Corpus Christi. This ensures a distribution point—with a dedicated warehouse, a blending plant, and a truck yard—is always nearby.

These facilities form our front line of support for your Eagle Ford shale wells, providing you with reliable supply points less than an hour’s travel time from most well sites. Each is staffed with the manpower and equipment—including delivery trucks, high-pressure and low-pressure treater trucks—necessary to dispatch specialty chemicals and well site services 24/7.

A district office in our Corpus Christi location is home to an ISO-certified district laboratory, which provides primary technical and analytical support to the Eagle Ford shale as well as additional warehousing, blending, and trucking capacity.

Analytic and Technical Resources Champion Technologies laboratories are on-call 24/7 for analytical

precise water chemistry testing equipment to measure key

and technical support.

components, such as cation and anion determination, which are required for the calculation of mineral scaling tendencies. The lab

The district lab in Corpus Christi performs many analytical

also performs qualitative analyses of deposits and uses a centrifuge

procedures, ensures quality control, and provides field problem

for solids/sludge determination in aqueous or hydrocarbon fluids.

resolution and technical assistance. District lab staff members are experts in all aspects of gas and oil production, oil and water

These labs are supported by our regional lab in Midland, Texas and

treating, water disposal, and injection management.

our Global Technology Center in Fresno, Texas.

Laboratory analytical services at Corpus Christi include highly

Reliable service

Regional Tech Service Lab Midland, TX Plant Odessa, TX


Sales Office San Antonio, TX Warehouse/Storage Facility Dilley, TX

Global Research, Technology, and Manufacturing Center Fresno, TX

San Antonio

Warehouse/Storage Facility Victoria, TX

Eagle Ford Shale

District/Region Office Warehouse/Storage Facility Sales Office Corpus Christi, TX


Warehouse/Storage Facility Hebbronville, TX

Global headquarters Global Research, Technology, and Manufacturing Center



District office

Sales office


Oil Wet gas/condensate Dry gas


100+ Eagle ford

Specific employees

27 Delivery, pump,

and treater trucks

4 Chemical inventory

warehouse locations

2 Sales offices

Robust technical support Members of Champion Technologies’ technical team and district lab staff collaborate to evaluate and diagnose field problems and recommend cost-effective solutions. They help develop new and improved products and applications by blending the best of new global and Eagle Ford technology with the field requirements and conditions at your work site.

Our regional laboratory in Midland, Texas, provides a second line of support for our field experts, and helps coordinate the introduction and evaluation of new solutions for Eagle Ford producers. Supporting all operations is Champion Technologies’ Global Technology Center in Fresno, Texas, with a high level of analytical precision and world-class research and development capabilities.

The technical service equipment, installed in Champion Technologies laboratories serving the Eagle Ford shale, includes: • • • • • • • • • •

ICP-OES XRD / XRF GC/MS Confocal scanning microscope Paraffin cold finger deposition apparatus Visible spectrophotometer Titrating equipment pH/Millivolt meters Analytical balance Incubator for culturing bacteria at system temperatures

• • • • • • • • • •

Dynamic scale loop Flow loop Membrane filtration apparatus Corrosion wheel tester Dynamic liquid flow loop test equipment Corrosion monitoring equipment (ER & LPR) Pour point tester Oscillation rheometer Differential scanning calorimeter Haake rheometer

Champion Technologies— your trusted advisors for shale oil and gas challenges


Champion Technologies is a global specialty chemical company with 3,200+ employees in over 100 locations in more than 50 countries delivering innovative and engineered programs for upstream, midstream, and downstream oil and gas markets. Our integrated offering combines sustainable chemistry, technology, and service to enhance your world.

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Eagle Ford District Locations: Victoria Office and Warehouse

339 Enterprise Dr. Victoria, TX 77902 + 1-361-578-0036

Corpus Operations Office and Warehouse

Corpus Christi, Texas 350 Centaurus Corpus Christi, TX 78405 + 1-361-882-3413

Corpus Christi Admin Office

Corpus Christi, Texas 5541 Bear Lane, Suite 100 Corpus Christi, TX 78405 + 1-361-884-6013

Corporate Headquarters: 3200 Southwest Freeway Suite 2700 Houston, Texas, USA 77027 + 1 713-627-3303 Research and Technology: Global Technology Center Fresno, Texas, USA Champion Technologies, Inc. 3130 FM 521 Fresno, Texas, USA 77545 + 1-281-431-2561 Midland Regional Lab 11809 West County Road 125 Midland, TX USA 79706 + 1-432-563-0144

Hebbronville Warehouse

1811 South State Hwy. 16 Hebbronville, TX 78361 + 1-361-527-4487 Dilley Office and Warehouse

570 County Rd. 4614 Dilley, TX 78017 + 1-830-378-5691

Manufacturing: Fresno, Texas, USA Champion Technologies, Inc. 3130 FM 521 Fresno, Texas, USA 77545 + 1-281-431-2561 Odessa, Texas, USA 915 S Proctor Ave. Odessa, TX 79762 + 1-432-363-9105

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