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Le chronographe de tous les superlatifs. Boîtier de 50 mm en Breitlight . Calibre manufacture ®

exclusif B12 avec affichage militaire sur 24 heures. Officiellement certifié chronomètre.

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Le chronographe de tous les superlatifs. Boîtier de 50 mm en Breitlight . Calibre manufacture ®

exclusif B12 avec affichage militaire sur 24 heures. Officiellement certifié chronomètre.

51 Queens Road, Nuneaton, Warwickshire, CV11 5JX, Tel: 02476 347038

Editor Sophia Hayes


Sales Director Sophia Hayes Features Editors Sarah Hatcher Matthew Hayes Sales Manager Rebecca Stafford

editor’s note Welcome to the Autumn/Winter edition of Inspirational Magazine!

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Inspirational is created and published by Champions (UK) plc, one of the UK’s leading full service brand agencies. Established in 2003 we have a unique business model, providing high quality Creative, PR, Marketing, Events and Celebrity Management services from under one roof.

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I joined my father and my four siblings at Champions five years ago and every edition it gives me great pleasure to see new businesses gracing the magazine’s glossy pages. Everyone at Champions (UK) plc has pulled together and worked tirelessly to create a publication full of stylish design and engaging content about some of today’s most relevant stars, high profile sporting events, fashion trends, lifestyle features and winter holiday destinations.

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This edition is brimming with a range of wonderful editorial features and showcases a selection of the brightest West Midlands’ businesses. This season our cover feature pays homage to one of Hollywood’s most iconic actresses, Marilyn Monroe, and explores her life and career before tragedy struck in 1962.

Photography Kristian Goodeve Antonia Doyle Matthew Shaw

After a summer of phenomenal sporting success we have put together an Olympic round-up piece which features the valuable opinions of former Olympians Gail Emms, Derek Redmond and Audley Harrison. But as winter quickly approaches we also turn our attentions to the upcoming sporting calendar which comprises the Six Nations Championship and The Masters Golf Tournament.

Web Development Amad Tababa Alex Gunningham

Sticking with the golfing theme we also hear an emotional tribute from Tony Jacklin CBE in which he recounts his friendship with the legendary Arnold Palmer who sadly passed away in September this year.

Contributors Libby Johnson Chris Papachristoforou Robert Johnson Captain Tony Spacey Jane Riley Katie Niland Richard Vickery Lucy Talbot Janine Edwards Simon Barrs Tara Robinson Richard Wallace Gail Webb For mailing list and subscription enquiries please visit For advertising enquiries please contact: Sophia Hayes on 08453 31 30 31 or email:

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2016 also marks two centenary events starting with 100 years since the birth of our nation’s favourite storyteller, Roald Dahl. His novels remain to this day a much-loved asset to children’s bookshelves and so we take a look at the beloved author and discover how his novels have transitioned into the 21st century. On December 9th American actor, producer, director and author Kirk Douglas celebrates his 100th birthday, so we look over the films which forged his unrivalled reputation in the film industry. The magazine comes to an end with the social pages which showcase the high profile events Champions (UK) plc host, organise and attend around the region and beyond. Among other things Champions are the official event organisers for sports and business awards in the region and this year we were brought on board for two new awards – The Birmingham Business Awards and the Coventry Business Awards. Handling everything from the beginning to the end, the awards were a huge triumph. We have included a round-up of the these events as well as publishing a selection of picture-perfect moments from both evenings. So sit back, relax and enjoy every feature and make sure you make the very most of the winter season ahead. Have a great Christmas and New Year!

Sophia Hayes Editor

Champions (UK) plc Barrington House, Leake Road, Costock, Loughborough, Leicestershire LE12 6XA Tel: 08453 31 30 31 Fax: 08453 31 30 32 Please note: Inspirational magazine is fully protected by copyright; no part of this magazine may be reproduced or reprinted without the complete and expressed permission of the publisher. The greatest care has been taken to ensure accuracy, however there can be no liability accepted by the publisher for errors or omissions. Inspirational Magazine can under no circumstances be held responsible for any materials, matter or photographical copy submitted for publication or not within the magazine. We cannot be held liable or responsible for any breaches of copyright from adverts, materials, photography or any other matter supplied by third parties. The views and opinions expressed within this magazine are not necessarily those of the publisher or indeed Inspirational Magazine or any featured parties.


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Sophia pictured with the Hayes family (from l-r): Matthew Hayes (Managing Director), Jack Hayes (ADS Manager), Donna Hayes (Director), John Hayes (CEO), Roxanna Hayes (Operations Director), Sophia (Sales Director) and Louisa Hayes (Project Manager).

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Marilyn Monroe.....................................10

Nigel Mansell CBE.................................68

How Disney Movies Just Keep On Giving......................................92

Sam Bailey..............................................18

One of a Kind.........................................70

Remembering the incredible icon in her prime

A look at the X Factor superstar’s new album and tour

New Season Style at the Mailbox........24 Shop in style, eat or catch a film in the heart of Birmingham

La Dolce Vita at Harvey Nichols..........26 Take your inspiration from some of the greatest names in fashion

Mythe Barn.............................................46 Acres of possibilities for your next corporate event

Kirk Douglas Turns 100........................58 Celebrating a centenary for the American actor

Still a winner on the golf course

Tony Jacklin CBE pays tribute to the late, great Arnold Palmer

Remaking the magic

Cookers of Distinction...........................96 Where the cooks go…

The Masters............................................72 Where the world’s best golfers compete for that famous green jacket

‘The Best Yet’..........................................74 Reviewing the Farmfoods British Par 3 Championship 2016

Nailcote Hall...........................................78 A venue for all reasons

RBS Six Nations.....................................80 Keeping Up With The Joneses

Great Britain’s Golden Olympics.........84 What a year 2016 turned out to be for Team GB

100 Years of Roald Dahl.......................88 Celebrating the genius story teller




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70 91






Marco Pierre White............................ 101

Broadway Casino................................ 108

Farmfoods British Par 3 Championship

Gregg Wallace looks at the best places to eat............................... 102

Make Way For Richard Hadfield....... 110

Cielo ..................................................... 104 Edmunds.............................................. 105 Mailbox Dining.................................... 106

Raising the entertainment stakes

The former lead in vocal group Collabro steps out on his own

St James’s Place.................................. 115 Experts in wealth management

Cast ‘n’ Blast........................................ 118

Sam Bailey Album Launch Tony Jacklin CBE Charity Invitational at The Belfry Aspirational Club Country Pursuits Day Birmingham Post Sports Awards Coventry Sports Awards

Offering once-in-a-lifetime corporate experiences

Coventry Business Awards

Going Digital the Champions Way.................................. 122

The Jive Aces at the Broadway Casino

Successful e-commerce strategies can level the playing field


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A silver screen siren and an icon of popular culture to this day, Marilyn Monroe was the original blonde bombshell. Inspirational explores the life and times of one of Hollywood’s greatest ever stars. Marilyn Monroe, born Norma Jeane Mortenson at the Los Angeles County Hospital, California on 1st June 1926, went on to become one of the world’s most iconic women and left a legacy that extends well beyond her all-too-brief life. A difficult, troubled childhood befell Monroe as she spent much of her early life in and out of foster care and orphanages. She never knew her father and, after developing psychiatric problems, her mother, Gladys Baker, was placed into a mental institution. In an interview in 1962, Monroe confessed that it was during these challenging early years that she realised her love of acting:

10 |

“When I was five I think, that’s when I started wanting to be an actress. I loved to play. I didn’t like the world around me because it was kind of grim, but I loved to play house. It was like you could make your own boundaries. “When I heard that this was acting, I said that’s what I want to be. Some of my foster families used to send me to the movies to get me out of the house and there I’d sit all day and way into the night. Up in front, there with the screen so big, a little kid all alone, and I loved it.” After a number of years of moving between foster homes and orphanages, family friend Grace Goddard filed to become her legal guardian. It wasn’t until a year later that Monroe moved out of the orphanage and into Goddard’s family home, but it was only to be a short stay. After being molested by Goddard’s husband Erwin, she once again moved around, this time between family friends and relatives, before moving in with Grace’s aunt, Ana Atchinson Lower. However, after Erwin’s work required him to relocate, and with Grace still as her legal guardian, Monroe faced the threat of returning to the orphanage as Californian Law prevented her from leaving the state.


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As a solution to this, Monroe married 21-year-old James ‘Jim’ Dougherty in 1942, just days after her 16th birthday. She dropped out of school to become a housewife before Dougherty enlisted in the Merchant Marines. He was stationed in the South Pacific during the war and Monroe worked in a munitions factory, which is where her path to stardom began. After meeting a photographer, she signed up to a modelling agency and dyed her natural, brunette hair blonde as she deemed it would make her more employable. It was a wise decision as, by 1946, she had become an established pin-up for men’s magazines and advertisements. As her career began to take off and she signed her first acting contract, her marriage was heading in the opposite direction. She was divorced late in 1946 and also changed her name to the stage moniker we all recognise today, Marilyn Monroe.

12 |

It was the 1950s before people really began to take note of the emerging talent that was Marilyn Monroe. Her small part in The Asphalt Jungle (1950) impressed audiences and led to her getting a role in the critically acclaimed All About Eve which went on to receive 14 Academy Award nominations. Monroe went on to star in Niagara (1953) before being paired with another bombshell of the time, Jane Russell, in the comedy Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (1953). Further success on the silver screen followed in the likes of How to Marry a Millionaire (1953) with Lauren Bacall, There’s No Business Like Show Business (1954) and The Seven Year Itch (1955). Her starring role in The Seven Year Itch resulted in one of the most iconic scenes in cinematic history as she stood over a subway grate with the air blowing up the skirt of her white dress. The very dress Monroe wore in the film later sold for a record-breaking $5.6m, making it the most valuable movie costume of all time.


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By the mid 1950s Monroe had established herself as a Hollywood star and a worldwide sex symbol. She had married baseball player Jo DiMaggio in 1954 and appeared nude in the debut edition of Playboy magazine. Despite her success, she struggled with anxiety and was disillusioned with the world of acting, stating that “dreaming about being an actress is more exciting than being one.” Her marriage to DiMaggio failed after just nine months, with claims that the worldwide publicity received by the image of Monroe standing at the subway grate was the final nail in the coffin. A self assured woman who knew her own mind, faults and insecurities, at the time Monroe was quick to sum up her situation: “I’m selfish, impatient and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I’m out of control and at times hard to handle. But if you can’t handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don’t deserve me at my best.” Following the divorce, work began to slow as the decade went on, however she did receive critical acclaim for her performance in Bus Stop (1956), where she played the role of a saloon singer who dreamt of the big time but was held back by the love interest of a cowboy. After working with the now hugely successful and adored screen siren on the film, director Joshua Logan described Monroe as “near genius as any actress I ever knew”.


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02/11/2016 11:15


“GIVE A GIRL THE RIGHT SHOES, AND SHE CAN CONQUER THE WORLD.” In her private life, Monroe had a string of relationships before marrying her third husband playwright Arthur Miller in 1956. The marriage lasted for four years, however during this time she began to fall prey to alcohol and pills. Despite a number of smaller roles and a brief hiatus, it was 1959 before Monroe took centre stage again in the now iconic Some Like It Hot, a performance which saw her rewarded with the Golden Globe for Best Actress. Some Like It Hot turned out to be Monroe’s last cinematic success though as The Misfits, written by her ex-husband Miller and released in 1961, turned out to be her last completed film and was poorly received. Despite winning the World Film Favourite award at the 1962 Golden Globes, Monroe’s drug addiction was beginning to take its toll, culminating in her being sacked from Something’s Got to Give just a few weeks later for her excessive time away from the set. Her final moment in the limelight came in May 1962 with her now legendary performance of ‘Happy Birthday Mr President’ at Madison Square Gardens during the birthday celebrations of President John F. Kennedy. Following her mantra of “the body is meant to be seen, not covered up”, Monroe caused a stir with her beige, skin-tight dress adorned with rhinestones, which was designed to give the illusion of her being nude. After the performance, Monroe went into seclusion before being found dead at her home on 5th August 1962 at the age of just 36. The death was recorded as suicide from an overdose of sleeping pills, however there still remains a number of conspiracy theories surrounding the iconic star’s passing. Named amongst the ‘Greatest Female Screen Legends in American Film History’ by The American Film Institute, Marilyn Monroe has a legacy and popularity that lives on to this day. A complicated individual, Monroe overcame the difficulties in her childhood and her unstable private lifestyle to become a sex symbol, a beauty icon and one of the greatest ever actresses to grace the silver screen.

14 |


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Experience the ultimate London stay at Jumeirah Carlton Tower, Knightsbridge. Indulge yourself at The Peak Health Club & Spa with our range of new beauty treatments. Relax in the luxurious rooms and suites with stunning views over London and dine in style at the award-winning Rib Room Bar & Restaurant.

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OUT If someone had told former prison officer Sam Bailey that three years after she stepped into the audition room on the X Factor she would have welcomed in 2016 with a trip to America to work with one of the most renowned music producers in the world and had a second album under her belt, we are sure she would ask them to pinch her again. But with her new album Sing My Heart Out now gracing the shelves of stores around the UK and her tour just around the corner it is very much a reality. Inspirational takes a look at the new music and the future of the Leicestershire woman with bags of talent and vocals that could shatter glass. First let’s step back three years to a 35 year old timid Sam Bailey who stood in front of Sharon, Gary, Nicole and Louis thinking she was too old for the industry. Urged on by her loving husband Craig, she gave her first ever audition everything she had. Raising goosebumps and causing a standing ovation Sam’s career truly took off from that point forward.

18 |


Sam Bailey x4 Pages V3.indd 18

02/11/2016 16:49

Under the mentorship of Sharon Osbourne – who is also a god mother to Sam’s youngest daughter Miley – she was the favourite to win from the very beginning of the show right up to the moment that Dermot O’Leary officially announced her as the new winner. The moment she stepped off the stage she was cast into the limelight and her life changed forever. She went on to release her debut single Skyscraper which reached Christmas number 1 and was quickly followed up with her first album The Power of Love. The album shot through the charts with dedicated fans backing the singer on her new found career. Those very fans also filled seats at venues around the UK as she embarked on her national sell-out tour in 2015. Remaining a prominent figure in the music industry she has performed at countless festivals around the world, appeared on popular television shows and in 2016 followed her passion for theatre and was cast as Mama Morton in National Theatre show CHICAGO which she performed in until July 2016. Sam first hinted at new music at the end of 2015 when she announced on her fan club that there was some “exciting times ahead” and that fans should “watch this space”. She then confirmed it when she revealed that in January 2016 she had travelled across the pond with her new management agency Champions (UK) plc to make music with Steve Dorff. She could barely contain her excitement as she stepped into the recording studio with a man who has worked with some of the industry’s most illustrious icons such as Kenny Rogers, Barbra Streisand, Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, George Strait and Vanessa Williams. In the nine months that followed Sam spent endless hours in the studio with former A1 member and songwriter Ben Adams who has written and produced a number of songs for the Sing My Heart Out Album. Back to the present day the finished album is out in the world and takes pride of place on shelves in Tesco, ASDA and HMV as well as storming the online world via Amazon, iTunes and Spotify. The album name Sing My Heart Out pinpoints exactly what Sam had to do in that audition room to secure the future she wanted, and the music that features on it is a true reflection of Sam’s journey to stardom with many of the songs inspired by real life events. Inspirational Magazine were keen to find out first hand from Sam more about the album and the inspiration behind it. How do you feel about finally releasing the album? I can’t quite put it into words. The album has been a long time in the making and I have had to keep a lot of it under wraps for so long that it still hasn’t quite hit home that it is actually out there in the hands of my audience! As with any music artist it’s always scary releasing new music, I have completely put myself out there. When Sing My Heart Out was officially released on the 16th September I was a bag of nerves, but I am so humbled by the reception it has received since and I have to double take when I am in ASDA doing my food shop and I walk past hundreds of copies of my face on the shelf. How would you describe the music on the album? From the beginning I knew I wanted variety on the album. It was one thing I was adamant about because for me, there’s nothing worse than an album where every song is the same, and revolves around the same subject. Sing My Heart Out is such an eclectic mix of genres, there are slow songs, ballads, dance tracks and pop - I actually call it, Sam Bailey’s Mixed Bag.


Sam Bailey x4 Pages V3.indd 19

| 19

02/11/2016 16:49


The album marks a change in direction for your voice. What were the reasons for this? I have an undying love for ballads. I believe they suit my voice and the delivery of ballads are always really powerful, but I no longer wanted to be solely associated with them. I am a true 21st century woman and I wanted to prove that my voice is versatile and can keep up with the regular changes of the industry. I believe Take It Out on The Dancefloor is a prime example of this and seems to be a fan favourite. What is your favourite song on the album? I always struggle to choose one because the songs have been a big part of my life for the past year I have grown to love them all! No Tomorrow is the answer when people ask me this. It is my movie song, it is the song that I picture being played during the rolling credits of a film. The song is also my daughter Brooke’s favourite, she sings it in the car (and she never sings) and knows every single word. What was the biggest challenge you faced with this album? Time! The new music came at a time when I was just beginning rehearsals for CHICAGO so I was spending all day on the stage and then racing to the studio to work with Ben and sometimes I was there until the early hours of the morning. Juggling all of it whilst maintaining family life was a struggle, but I am very lucky that my family have had my back from the very beginning. As everyone else is starting to bid their farewells to 2016, Sam Bailey has had her attentions turned to 2017 for quite some time as her busy schedule continues! The Sing My Heart Out tour will give Sam the opportunity to showcase the new music, but there is also another reason behind the tour. Earlier this year Sam announced that she would be giving budding artists from each of the venues’ surrounding locations the chance to join her on stage for an evening. Sam has also recently confirmed the fantastic up and coming singer, Nikki Loy as her main support act for the tour. Despite her thriving career, Sam has always managed to remain grounded determined not to get caught up in everything that comes with fame. Sam empathises with so many of the struggling artists out there that are looking for their big break and believes the opportunity will help to support them on their journey to success.

For more information on the upcoming tour, album, media information, imagery or interview requests with Sam, please contact Victoria Marconetto-Tyson, at, or +44 (0) 1509 85 29 27.

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H A N D S H A K E LT D I N A S S O C I AT I O N W I T H C H A M P I O N S ( U K ) P L C P R E S E N T S

SAM BAILEY S i n g M y H e a r t O u t To u r 2 0 1 7

Thursday 2nd March | Derngate | NORTHAMPTON | 01604 624811

Tuesday 4th April | His Majesty’s Theatre. | ABERDEEN | 01224 641122

Friday 3rd March | Royal Concert Hall | NOTTINGHAM | 0115 989 5555

Wednesday 5th April | Caird Hall. | DUNDEE | 01382 434 940

Saturday 4th March | New Theatre | OXFORD | 0844 871 3020*

Thursday 6th April | Royal Concert Hall. | GLASGOW | 0141 353 8000

Sunday 5th March | Theatre Royal | BRIGHTON | 0844 871 7650*

Friday 7th April | Alhambra. | DUNFERMLINE | 01383 740384

Wednesday 8th March | Grand Theatre. | SWANSEA | 01792 475715

Thursday 27th April | Octagon | YEOVIL |01935 422884

Thursday 9th March | Lighthouse. | POOLE | 01202 280000

Friday 28th April | Beck Theatre | HAYES | 020 8561 8371

Saturday 11th March | Theatres. | MALVERN | 01684 892277

Saturday 29th April | Corn Exchange. | CAMBRIDGE | 01223 357 851

Thursday 16th March | Baths Hall. | SCUNTHORPE | 0844 8542776*

Thursday 4th May | Princes. | ALDERSHOT | 01252 329155

Saturday 18th March | De Montfort Hall. | LEICESTER | 0116 233 3111

Friday 5th May | Pavilion | WEYMOUTH |01305 783225

Wednesday 22nd March | Venue Cymru. | LLANDUDNO | 01492 872000

Saturday 6th May | Princess Theatre | TORQUAY | 0844 871 3023*

Thursday 23rd March | Empire. | LIVERPOOL | 0844 871 3017*

Friday 12th May | Corn Exchange. | KINGS LYNN | 01553 779 102

Friday 24th March | City Hall. | SHEFFIELD | 0114 2789 789

Saturday 13th May | Embassy Theatre. | SKEGNESS | 01507 613100

Saturday 25th March | Barbican | YORK | 0844 854 2757*

Sunday 14th May | Marina Theatre. | LOWESTOFT | 01502 533200

Thursday 30th March | Cresset. | PETERBOROUGH | 01733 265705

Wednesday 17th May | Hippodrome. | BRISTOL | 0844 871 3012

Friday 31st March | Orchard Theatre | DARTFORD | 01322 220000

Thursday 18th May | St David’s Hall. | CARDIFF | 029 2087 8444*

Saturday 1st April | Orchard Theatre. | DARTFORD | 01322 220000

Saturday 20th May | Cliffs Pavilion. | SOUTHEND | 01702 351135

W W W. S A M - B A I L E Y. C O M S E E T I C K E T S . C O M | T I C K E T L I N E . C O. U K B o o k i n g a n d t r a n s a c t i o n f e e s m a y a p p l y. * C a l l s t o 0 8 4 n u m b e r s c o s t u p t o 7 p p e r m i n u t e p l u s y o u r c o m p a n y ’ s a c c e s s c h a r g e AUTUMN/WINTER 2016 ISSUE 10

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STRETCH collection

51 Queens Road Nuneaton - Tel.: 024 76347038

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NEW SEASON STYLE AT THE MAILBOX Saying goodbye to summer is not all bad; as we swap al fresco summer evenings for wrapping up warm indoors, and start packing away our summer wardrobes in favour of layers and knitwear, the new season brings a host of new experiences at Birmingham’s Mailbox. With a specially curated programme of entertainment and events, plus highly anticipated openings, explore everything The Mailbox has to offer this autumn.

SHOP IN ST YLE Starting the new season in style, The Mailbox has recently welcomed another big name in fashion, with the opening of Paul Smith Birmingham. Home to collections for men and women, alongside an expertly curated selection of shoes, accessories, artwork and curiosities, the brand new store sits within the luxurious Urban Room space. Featuring flashes of colour throughout the store to echo its confident use across all Paul Smith collections, the new store joins some of the biggest names in luxury retail at The Mailbox. From new stores to new collections, the collaboration between Tommy Hilfiger and Gigi Hadid is one of the biggest fashion stories this year. Combining nautical and military inspiration, with its own supermodel edge, the TommyXGigi range is fresh from its debut at New York Fashion Week. Available to shop in-store at The Mailbox now, the collection features some of the most stylish autumn essentials, including wool coats, capes, sweaters and accessories.

24 |


The Mailbox AW2016.indd 24

26/10/2016 11:33

TIME FOR CHANGE Complement your new-season wardrobe with a brand new cut or colour, by paying a visit to Toni & Guy Essensuals. Repair and restore your hair following the summer sun with a trim and a treatment, or dare to brave one of the new season trends that is sure to turn heads. From getting inspiration from the 80s, to a flattering pixie crop, the expert stylists are on hand to recommend styles to suit you and recreate your favourite looks. Add the finishing touches to your new look with a visit to the beauty department at Harvey Nichols. Put your best face forward with a luxurious skincare treatment, or let your hands do the talking with a manicure or pedicure in the latest autumnal colours. You can also shop from some of the most sought-after make-up brands, pick up a sultry new lip shade or catwalk colour palette. Choose your new season scent from the perfumery department. With experts on hand to help complete your top-to-toe transformation, your new look is in safe hands at The Mailbox.



It’s not just fashion and beauty that enjoy a seasonal shift, with restaurants launching their tempting autumn and winter menus. Light and colourful dishes suited to al fresco dining make way for all your heart-warming favourites, providing the perfect pick me up. With cuisines including British, Italian, Spanish and more, you’ll be spoilt for choice at The Mailbox.

As the colder weather and darker nights draw in, there’s no better time to catch a film at Everyman Cinema. Take your date night indoors and cosy up on the luxurious sofas, whilst enjoying a mix of the latest releases, old favourites and special events in a cinema setting like no other. Devour a classic Spielburger, or ask about the monthly special, making sure you save room for a host of gourmet cinema snacks including retro candy and chilli bites. Teamed with a choice of wines, beers, cocktails and soft drinks, there’s even a menu of hot drinks to beat the cold weather blues.

This winter will also see the opening of Tom’s Kitchen at The Mailbox. Founded by one of the UK’s most acclaimed and inspirational award-winning chefs, Tom Aikens. Tom’s Kitchen Birmingham will open as a restaurant, bar and deli at The Mailbox by the end of the year. As the first UK Tom’s Kitchen venture outside of London, Tom’s Kitchen Birmingham will offer all-day dining, seven days a week, and will serve British favourites and comfort food classics in a relaxed and informal setting. Plus, with The Mailbox being the first city centre car park to introduce a contactless payment system, including Apple Pay, there’s never been a better time to shop at The Mailbox.

To keep up with the latest Mailbox news, offers and events, sign up to The Mailbox newsletter at

or join the conversation on social media... @mailboxlife




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Gucci jacquard floral jacket, ÂŁ1,630

LA DOLCE VITA This festive season take your inspiration from some of the greatest names in fashion and opt for a look that oozes Italian chic. Fall in love with high style at its best, from beautifully embroidered separates and sculptured shoes to delicate chiffon, silk and tulle in raspberry and blush. HARVEY NICHOLS BIRMINGHAM reveals the must-haves from Italy guaranteed to create a wow at any Christmas party.

All products are available from Harvey Nichols either in store, via Style Concierge or online at

26 |


HN Womens Trends.indd 26

26/10/2016 11:35

Aquazzura embroidered pumps, £530

Dolce & Gabbana embellished laced bag, £2,600

Dolce & Gabbana ruched tulle dress, £2,150

Dolce & Gabbana silk dress, £1,550

Gianvito Rossi velvet sandals, £495

Gucci embroidered pumps, £585

Gucci shoulder bag, £1,180

MFP Maria Francesca Pepe kiss cuff, £110

Valentino embroidered shoulder bag, £2,115

Valentino silk chiffon dress, £3,040

Valentino tulle midi skirt, £1,840

Valentino wool and silk dress, £1,960


HN Womens Trends.indd 27

| 27

26/10/2016 11:35


Whether she’s been naughty or nice, spoil her with a gift to remember from HARVEY NICHOLS BIRMINGHAM this Christmas. From treasure-forever fashion and accessories to indulgent beauty products and delectable hampers, ensure her festive season sparkles in style.


All products are available from Harvey Nichols either in store, via Style Concierge or online at

28 |


HN Womens Gifts.indd 28

26/10/2016 11:38

Alexander McQueen silk chiffon scarf, £245

Atelier Cologne Ambre Nue gift set, £65

Charlotte Simone fuzzy shearling jacket, £495

Compartes dark chocolate and cookie bar, £6.95

Harvey Nichols La Dolce Eater hamper, £150

Stella McCartney faux suede Falabella bag, £595

Vivienne Westwood watch, £235

Sophia Webster metallic butterfly sandals, £595

Stella McCartney embellished iPhone 6 case, £95

Kenzo keyring, £55

Minna Parikka floral satin sneakers, £210

Loewe coin purse, £250


HN Womens Gifts.indd 29

| 29

26/10/2016 11:38


13/10/16 15:07

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Call: 0121 705 8070 Visit: Richard Wallace Hair, Shelly Farm Shopping Centre, 5 Farmhouse Way, Monkspath, Solihull, West Midlands B90 4EH


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e v a h t s u m MANICURE

As the days get shorter and the weather turns inclement, it can be tempting to want to hibernate for the season, venturing out only when absolutely necessary! This winter however, you can beat the winter blues by showcasing your nails with the vibrant, rich seasonal range of colours from Semilac. Renowned for its on-trend colours and high performance formula, Semilac is a hybrid nail polish which combines gel, UV and nail polish for a look that is unrivalled. Just as the bright colours of your summer wardrobe make way for richer, deeper tones, your nails can complement your winter wardrobe with the on-trend colours available in the Semilac New Season range. The range includes a stunning blend of contemporary colours with shades to suit all skin tones. Choose from rich russets, vibrant reds, moody greens as well as berry colours and rich chocolate shades for a look that is effortlessly stylish. And perfect for the party season is the gorgeous range of glitter polishes that add all the sparkle you’ll need to party all night! Semilac is available via salons, where it can be applied during a luxury manicure and for those who struggle to grow their nails, the Semilac hybrid extension range is available, extending nail length by 5mm for natural looking nails. Of course, not everyone can make it to the salon which is why Semilac is available to order and is easy to apply and won’t chip or smudge – making achieving professional looking nails easy. Also available is a range of Semilac ancillary products including LED lamps, brushes, files, towels and tissues. Semilac brand ambassador Amy Childs, who shot to fame in the BAFTA winning The Only Way is Essex, is a fully qualified beauty therapist and is passionate about helping women look their very best.

1st Floor Quintet House | 681 War wick Road | Solihull | B91 3DA


Inspi Semilac DPS.indd 32


0121 709 3784


26/10/2016 11:41



Always immaculately presented, Amy knows that well-manicured nails help to complete her look, leaving her feeling confident to face whatever life has to throw at her. As a fully qualified beauty therapist, she shares her tips with Inspirational Magazine for beautiful nails… •

Healthy nails come from within so take a nail supplement each day to keep nails looking strong and healthy.

Treat yourself to a professional manicure

• Avoid the washing up! Detergents can be very drying to hands and nails so when the dirty dishes call, be sure to wear washing up gloves. •

When painting your nails at home don’t be tempted to cut corners, in applying a base coat before polish you can help protect your nails from staining. Adding a coat of clear gloss will finish the job, adding shine and protection.

As with everything you get what you pay for and nail products are no different. Investing in quality products that help to nourish nails will help the overall look and quality of the nail. Semilac gel polish for example, which is highly pigmented, lasts up to three weeks, meaning less upkeep and long lasting results. Inspi Semilac DPS.indd 33

26/10/2016 11:41


Located in one of London’s most exclusive neighbourhoods, Jumeirah Lowndes Hotel offers a warm welcome with a choice of stylish guest rooms and suites. Enjoy all-day dining in Lowndes Bar & Kitchen, discover London with a self guided tour on our complimentary Belgravia Bikes and relax in the indoor swimming pool or jacuzzi at the nearby Peak Health Club & Spa.

For more information, visit or call +44 (0)20 7823 1234

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01509 85 29 27 member of

EA SB INSPI AW2016 230x285mm M&E.indd 1

European Association of Speakers Bureaux

26/10/2016 17:33


F I V E - S T A R

The Highfield Dental Clinic is known for delivering five-star dentistry. At the forefront of modern dentistry you can feel assured the Highfield Dental Clinic team will listen to your needs, delivering you first class dentistry with a warm smile. Being a patient at Highfield Dental Clinic will put you in good company. Our patients select the clinic for its style, quality, dedication, care and ultimate aesthetics.


• Cosmetic and Aesthetic Dentistry

• General Dentistry

• Gum Disease and Health

• Orthodontics

• Endodontics

For Dr Fash Assadi, who has a special interest in cosmetic dentistry, a rewarding factor is being the creator of a new smile, being a part of his patient’s journey and watching their self esteem grow. Advanced cosmetic treatments available include, lumineers, advance restorative dentistry, specialist orthodontics, implantology, tooth whitening and crowns. Whether it is a simple or a complete makeover, Dr Assadi will tailor a treatment plan to suit each individual’s need. The expert team dedicate themselves to devoting time and care to educate their patients in the importance of preventative dentistry.

40 |


The patient lounge has been designed to be a relaxing and calm environment with a choice of magazines or plasma television to keep you entertained. We also have a selection of hot and cold drinks available. You can see, from testimonials from existing patients, that the Highfield Dental Clinic is dedicated to providing the highest quality of general dental and specialist care, ranging from routine dental treatment to complex reconstructions.

• Anxiety and Phobic Care

• Dental Implants

• Facial Aesthetics

• Advanced Restorative Dentistry

• Emergency • Facial Pain

• Children’s Dentistry

Orthodontics Orthodontic treatments have undergone something of a revolution of late and have enjoyed a remarkable surge in popularity. Dr Naz ShojaAssadi serves as Highfield Dental Clinic’s specialist orthodontist and can offer the latest specialist therapies in order to harmonise teeth and jaws, including radiance fixed braces and invisible braces. The clinic offers a range of specialist treatments and has facilities dedicated to other areas of medicine including, acupuncture, dermatology, physiotherapy, cyroliposuction. Educational teaching suites are available too.


Highfield Dental DPS.indd 40

26/10/2016 11:44

“Best surgery around I wouldn’t recommend anywhere else. They don’t treat you like just a patient, you get cared and treated as though you were family. The work speaks for itself, I had a set of dental veneers and as you can see from my picture, they are amazing, I can’t stop smiling!” CARL CAROLAN

“Myself and my husband have both been treated by Dr Fash Asaadi and the hygienist Stuart. I cannot thank them enough for the high level of treatment and will continue to use the practice and would recommend without hesitation. Superb. The receptionist was also a great credit to the team, welcoming and friendly.” FELICITY GEOGHEGAN COOLSCULPT Highfield have recently acquired the CoolSculpting® machine. CoolSculpting® is the world’s number one non surgical fat reduction treatment with no needles, no anaesthetic, no invasive techniques and most importantly, no downtime. It is the only FDA-cleared, nonsurgical fat reduction treatment that uses controlled cooling to eliminate stubborn fat that resists all efforts through diet and exercise. It is the new safe and revolutionary way to take control of your body. CoolSculpting® and the non surgical fat reduction methods have been widely acclaimed, featuring in GQ, Woman’s Health magazine, Elle, Vogue, Men’s Fitness, Good Housekeeping, Marie Claire and Brides magazines as one of the best innovations in recent times. THE SCIENCE The concept for CoolSculpting® came following an investigation in Harvard University in which it was observed that some children who ate popsicles got dimples in their cheeks. The scientists Dieter Manstein,

MD, and R. Rox Anderson, MD realised that the popsicles were freezing and eliminating small pockets of fat cells and these fat cells were then broken down and eliminated from the body. The idea that cold can target fat cells without damaging the skin or surrounding tissue was the insight behind Cryolipolysis®, the proven science on which the CoolSculpting® procedure is based. The CoolSculpting® procedure safely delivers precisely controlled cooling to gently and effectively target the fat cells underneath the skin. Treated fat cells are crystalized (frozen), then die. Over time, the body naturally processes the fat and eliminates these dead cells, leaving a more sculpted physique. The result can be seen in these before and after pictures. For more information regarding the science of CoolSculpting® and results can be found at

“It is the best dental clinic I have ever been to. They did my teeth with no rush. Highfield Dental Clinic building is like the doctor’s home. It is a quality dental clinic. Highfield Dental Clinic is not about money, it’s about passion and true teamwork.” ABDULAZIZ ALMASS


Highfield Dental DPS.indd 41

| 41

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Waterside Aesthetics was established in 2006, offering carefully researched non-surgical aesthetic treatments backed by medical evidence. This unique venture is the brainchild of Helen Hannigan who was adamant that she wanted to create a specialised, professional service. Helen’s background as a Clinical Leader, A&E Nurse, District Nurse and Rapid Response Nurse within the NHS has spanned over 30 years. Helen believes that the trust and rapport built between her and her patients is a product of 30 years of nursing experience and is integral to her success in aesthetic procedures. Helen is an Independent Nurse Prescriber and a member of, the Royal College of Nursing (RCN), British Association of Cosmetic Nurses (BACN) and also Save Face Accredited. Working alongside Helen is Clinic Manager Julie, Clinic Coordinator Jo, Medical Aesthetician Anita, ACP & Electrolysis specialist Lucy and SemiPermanent Makeup Consultant Zoe. Waterside Aesthetics’ natural subtle treatments are chosen for each individual client. Treatments range from anti-wrinkle injections, facial fillers/volumisers, lip fillers, skin tightening, skin rejuvenation, skin peels and facials including Hydrafacial and Fire & Ice Facial. For the body, fat freezing, body contouring and cellulite reduction treatments. Wide ranges of cosmeceutical skincare products are also available. Waterside Aesthetics is committed to the highest standard of care utilising evidence-based practice in all treatments carried out by qualified, experienced healthcare professionals. All staff at Waterside Aesthetics are committed to continually improving and refining latest advances in aesthetic procedures by attending annual aesthetic conferences and ongoing training courses. The clinic’s primary goal is to ensure that accurate and clear information is provided enabling informed decisions to be made. Care, safety, satisfaction and ‘thinking time’ prior to treatments are paramount in meeting the needs of patients. Waterside Aesthetics has an exceptional approach to customer service and satisfaction. Each patient is an individual and the team strives to make everyone feel welcome and comfortable. The level of personal attention reassures patients, who at times come to the clinic with low self-esteem, and often don’t know which treatment is suitable. It is the ability to communicate with a range of people that make Waterside Aesthetics such a strong team. There is a friendly, relaxed atmosphere, but the relaxed environment is not evident at the cost of professionalism. Registered by the Care Quality Commission, the clinic’s procedures, treatments and skin care regimes are all prescribed, administered and supervised by Helen, who has extensive training within the field of aesthetic medicine. Whilst the clinic has expanded rapidly, its founding principles of high quality, professionalism and strict governance has led to high client satisfaction and a solid customer base. The clinic has received numerous awards over the years including Clinic of the Year, twice Highly Commended Nurse Practitioner of the Year and Nurse Practitioner of the Year Finalist. Waterside Aesthetics offer free consultations, allowing clients to receive highly professional advice on the perfect non-surgical aesthetic treatments based around their requirements. Visit Waterside Aesthetics to experience first hand the level of team service that has made the clinic synonymous with satisfaction, skill and specialised care over the years.

T: 0121 733 6195 E: 30A Main Street • Dickens Heath • Solihull • B90 1UA 42 |


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Premium in Luxury & Style • Rolls Royce Cornice • Rolls Royce Silver Shadow • Jaguar XJ8

• Mini 40 • Mercedes Mini Bus • Jaguar Convertible

• Bands & Individuals • Musicians for all occasions • Classic Self Drive Service • Wedding Cars • Party Planning • Regis Suite available for Weddings and Conferences, B64 5JJ For all enquires please contact Tony Billingham on

0121 550 1535



Lapal House, Lapal Lane South, Halesowen, B62 0ES

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Bodypower DPS V4.indd 1

| 45

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Acres of possibilities

Host your next corporate event at Mythe Barn Whether the event is a team building day, a product launch, award evening or corporate conference, Mythe Barn in the heart of the Warwickshire countryside is the perfect venue to meet your needs. Offering exclusive hire, the barn, which is located just 30 minutes from Birmingham, Leicester and Coventry, is easily accessible, boasting fantastic transport links, making it perfect for visitors from across the region and the wider UK. With its striking features, which includes a unique oak frame, full height windows and rustic yet contemporary interiors, Mythe Barn is a versatile space that can accommodate parties of up to 150 guests for banqueting and 200 people theatre style, as well as offering additional space for breakout sessions and catering.

Amy Tait from Zizzi Restaurants who recently used the barn and surrounding event fields for the annual Zizzi gathering said:

Organising an event can present challenges which is why at Mythe Barn a dedicated event manager is on hand to ensure everything runs smoothly, from ensuring the necessary AV equipment is available to organising accommodation at the barn’s stunning ensuite rooms as well as seeing to all catering requirements. As you would expect from a venue of Mythe Barn’s calibre, the catering is of outstanding quality. Provided by on-site catering team Galloping Gourmet, at Mythe Barn visitors are served only the finest freshly prepared, locally sourced food. Select from a wide choice of tempting menus or a bespoke option can be designed to suit the event.

The event execution leading up to and on the day was brilliant. Mythe Barn was great for every aspect of the event. The event exceeded both my own and the delegates’ expectations, everyone was blown away by how amazing every aspect of the event was.

To learn more about Mythe Barn and Garlands Corporate and how our team can help yours, please visit or or call us on 01827 722123 46 |


Mythe Barn DPS V5.indd 46

26/10/2016 11:46

The complete solution Adjacent to Mythe Barn is Garlands Corporate, an associated events company, offering exciting activities that aim to inspire team work, reward high performance and increase team performance in the workplace. Garlands Corporate specialises in providing team development programmes, team activity days and reward days with both ‘off the shelf’ packages and bespoke team building programmes tailored to helping organisations achieve specific business or organisational outcomes. With extensive experience in team development, Garlands can design and deliver a programme that’s perfectly aligned with business objectives, keeps people engaged and inspired, and gives teams the tools they need to succeed in a constantly shifting business landscape. Set within 150 acres of stunning countryside, a wide range of fun and interactive outdoor events are available which are perfect for employee reward programmes and teambuilding away days. Exciting activities include quad biking, soap box racing and bridge building along with a wide range of other activities customised to your requirements. Garlands Corporate also boasts four indoor spaces for training, meetings and under cover activities. This includes a recently refurbished warehouse space, adding further versatility for showcasing large products and vehicles alongside Mythe Barn. To learn more about Mythe Barn events and Garlands Corporate and how our team can help yours, please visit or or give us a call on 01827 722 123. AUTUMN/WINTER 2016 ISSUE 10

Mythe Barn DPS V5.indd 47

| 47

26/10/2016 11:46

Christmas just wouldn’t be Christmas without a few indulgent luxuries. From delectable duos of port or Champagne to decadent treats, the Harvey Nichols hamper collection certainly ticks all our festive boxes. Whether you’re looking for a present for the hard-to-please or stocking up the cupboards with gastronomic feasts, you’ll be spoilt for choice this season at Birmingham’s luxury Mailbox store.

An Italian Afternoon hamper, £55

Beauty Bites hamper, £50

Bring Your Own Bar hamper, £1,000

Champagne Hat Box, £45

Christmas A Deux hamper, £65

Festive Fizz, £75

The Crowd Pleaser hamper, £300

The Great Brit Box hamper, £130

Discover everything you need to celebrate the most fashionable festive season at the Harvey Nichols Christmas Shop, Foodmarket and Wine Shop. Discover an impressive range of hampers, seasonal food, drink and decorations.

Harvey Nichols Hamper.indd 49

26/10/2016 11:47


WA R W I C K S H I R E Situated in a 600 acre estate in Warwickshire, Dallas Burston is one of the most prestigious polo clubs in the UK and plays host to a wide range of high profile events. Since Dr Dallas Burston purchased the estate from the Chamberlain family in the 1990s it has undergone extensive refurbishment to transform it into the fine establishment it is today. The estate now boasts a Polo school, a helicopter pad, the Golden Jubilee QEII pavilion, the Polo SuperArena and the IXL Events Centre. There is hope that the Polo Club will expand further in the upcoming years with plans in place to build 5* and 4* accommodation along with a luxury camping area so guests can turn a visit into a mini-break. The IXL Events Centre at Dallas Burston is a unique venue that holds up to 3,000 guests and hosts many of the club’s events.

Dallas Burston Polo Club, Stoneythorpe Estate, Southam, Warwickshire CV47 2DL 50 |


Dallas Burston DPS A/W 2016.indd 50

02/11/2016 16:26




dallas bursto n polo club



dallas bursto n polo club




Oh What a N


The UK lead ’s ing Frankie Va ical lli and mus ute to the Fourtrib Seasons


MBER 2016

(£700 per

7PM - 1AM



Dress Cirque De Noel A5

Call no

Dallas Bu Stoney rston Polo thorpe Club Warw ickshire Estate, So utham CV47 2DL

w to b

ook yo

flyer v2.indd 1

ow to


enquirieTel: 01926 811 11 s@ixl www. 1 ixleven m


De Noe

l A5 flye

r v2.indd

DOORS OPEN Ti7.45 ck


The Mo-Sound Sisters

et Price



Dallas Burston Polo Club Stoneythorpe Estat e, Southam Warwickshire CV47 2DL Oh what a night -


ur ti cket



MBER d terrific entertainment!

PM BRON ZE ST seat in the ma ALL SE in hall. ATS SHOW STAR u will als TSYoAT £24 pe 8.30 o ve through haPM ea FOLLOWEPR r head DEM out the sy access BYIULIVE BAND to the URB A comf M ANeveINTR ning. O bars an B ON ortable TAKINpe GrfoYOU d danc ZETILL lea THRORUGH e floor STAL rmance ther tub ch 12:3 0AM L SE air , easy AT access in our main S - £2 ha to the 8 per he bars an ll. These se SILVER Access ats d danc ad to a pri e floor have a prime BALC vate ba thr vie ou w ghout ONY SE lcony the eve of the with an ATS ning. amazing £35 pe a privat view of the r head e ba ma6in ha Tel: 0192 r all eve Perfect ll. Yo111 ning. 811 G u wil for a co Email OLD: enqu iries@ixleve theme TABLE nts.coml also have acce d main rporate or larg and de ss to e fam £4 www ssert foo .ixlev ily ou 50 peents. d platte ting. A tab r tabl com the A stall


boo k yo



tabl e)


Dalla s Bu rsto Ston n Po eyth lo Cl orpe ub Warw Estat icksh e, So ire CV utha m 47 2D L

ur ticke Email:

The UK’s leading mu sical ute to Frankie Va lli and the Fourtrib Seasons




Dress code: Smart

Oh What a Night!

Join us fo r th Ch friendristmas e third an Gal nual s or coll a! Perfec Dal at celebrthe IXL Ev eagues fo t for ge las Burs ton ttin ents ation, r Ch Po g Ce ente ri rtainm complet ntre of stmas, thtogether lo Club fe e with is fa ent, bulo incl with decors a full udin us ration y them g aw ed fe night ardand stiv live w band inning show-sto e firew . pp orks ing and

A gre corpo at night o rate ut fo familyChristmas r your pa get-to gethe rty or r!


Dallas UR ND The Hits Burston pro AN INTB of Motow udly pre RO sent n. The The sho y have the Number been sto One trib Sherr w includes ute to rming y, all you the sta Franki followed Big Girls r fav e Valli ge sin by a non Don’t Cry ourite hits & ce The 2011, from the , Walk -stop and are Four Seaso Like A blockb you dan action pac ns and now con Ma ust er n, ked cing all music Let’s Ha tinue to show Oh Wh al night. do so. at Both sho filled with the ng On, Oh ‘The Jersey summe a Night com s Boys’ Wh gre ws are r of 20 pleted inc guaran atest hits of at A Night 16, as a and ma luding teed to Motow well as 3rd tour of ny mo n leave Cypru once aga re you wa that promis s in 20 Hotels es to kee This is nting mo 15 and , Racec in perform ing are hea a night re! ourses p din , Corpo throughout full of the UK g there onc rate Eve great mu e again in Holida nts and sic, pu for y Resor many re nosta more. ts, Ca the sinos, lgia an

: enqu

Tel: 01926 iries@ 811 111 ixlev ents www. .com ixlev ents .com

frankie valli A5 flyer

v3.indd 1

opportu le e rs nity to and three bo for up to 10 pre-or der dri ttles of hous guests. The Access PLATIN nks at tab to an addit e wine. Gues le will inc UM B lud and off one of our ts will ion al cost. 15/08/20 eight rais er an inc OOTH also ha e 16 11:37 upon ve ed red VIP ible arrival £540 pe booth view of an s r boot Guests d themed ma the perform for the eve nin h will als an o have in and desse ce. The tick g. The booth the op rt food ets als s hold portunity o inc pla up to pre tters to be se ludes a gla to 12 gues Oh wha -order ts t a nigh drinks rved during ss of bubbly t - fran at an ad kie vall the i A5 flye ditional evening. r v3.indd cost. 2



16 15:4 8

16 11:3 7

Christmas Party Night

Christmas Gala

Oh What a Night!

Le Petit Cirque de Noel starts Christmas festivities at Dallas Burston Polo Club with a festive party night on Friday 9th December aimed at corporate clients. This fabulous circus themed night offers guests a welcome drink, three course dinner, live entertainment, Christmas novelties and a disco and DJ taking you through to 1am, all in for £55 per person!

Join us for the third annual Dallas Burston Polo Club Christmas Gala! Perfect for getting together with friends or colleagues for Christmas, this fabulous night at the IXL Events Centre offers a fully themed festive celebration, complete with decoration and show-stopping entertainment, including award-winning fireworks and live band.

Dallas Burston proudly presents the Number One tribute to Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons and The Hits of Motown. They have been storming the stage since 2011, and continue to do so.

If you fancy taking your Christmas celebration up a notch, the DBPC Christmas Gala on Saturday 10th December adds the wow factor with sensational fireworks, full entertainment and live band.

Starting at 6.45pm guests enjoy a welcome drink, delicious three course dinner, Christmas novelties, live circus themed entertainment, firework display, sing-a-long carols, live band and disco until 1am. Tickets £75 per person or £700 for a table of ten.

Friday 9th December

Saturday 10th December

Friday 16th December

The show includes all your favourite hits from the blockbuster musical ‘The Jerseys Boys’ including Sherry, Big Girls Don’t Cry, Walk Like A Man, Let’s Hang On, Oh What A Night and many more followed by a non-stop action packed show filled with the greatest hits of Motown that promises to keep you dancing all night. Doors open 7.45pm. Show starts at 8.30pm. Followed by live band Urban Intro taking you through till 12.30am. Also featuring the Mo-Sound Sisters.

For more information or to book tickets please contact Sophia on 01926 811 111 or email at AUTUMN/WINTER 2016 ISSUE 10

Dallas Burston DPS A/W 2016.indd 51

| 51

02/11/2016 16:27


Each hotel in the collection has been selected for the unique qualities it offers; the beautiful architecture, outstanding food, peaceful surroundings and the sense of total escape and relaxation we offer each and every guest who step into our hotels. Whilst each property in the collection has its own unique character and personality, all uphold the impeccable standards of service, quality and attention to detail for which the Eden Hotel Collection is renowned. Our guests return time and time again to stay with us and experience their own unique version of what Eden has to offer. Mallory Court is the matriarch of the hotels and has a pedigree and history that has long been associated with great hotel keeping. Guests to Mallory inevitably fall in love with this 31 bedroom country house hotel in the heart of Warwickshire. Buckland-Tout-Saints is a stunning William and Mary manor house only a short drive from the coast and the international sailing centre of Salcombe. The 16 bedroom hotel is the jewel in the crown of this breath-taking corner of Devon.

Eden Hotel SS 2016 V2.indd 52

The Kings Hotel is an idyllic town house combining traditional character with contemporary style to create a relaxed and welcoming home away from home in the beautiful village of Chipping Campden, Cotswolds. The Arden Hotel is an elegant and sophisticated 45 bedroom boutique hotel in the birthplace of William Shakespeare. The Arden’s sophisticated and contemporary take on a boutique hotel has won her admirers from across the globe. With the RSC for a neighbour, what theatre goer could ask for more? Brockencote Hall is a newly refurbished Victorian country manor house hotel is set in 70 acres of beautiful parkland, complete with a scenic lake, tennis court and restored dovecote. The awardwinning dining experience is enhanced by panoramic rural views across the estate and a superb wine cellar. The Greenway Hotel and Spa is a 16th century luxury Elizabethan manor house hotel and spa. The 21 bedroom hotel, with its warm Cotswold stone exterior is the picture of English country charm and lies in eight acres of stunning grounds with views over the rolling Cotswold Hills.

The Mount Somerset Hotel and Spa is a stunning 19 bedroom Regency country house hotel, set in four acres of beautiful grounds. With its high ceilings, sweeping spiral staircase, opulent decor and a feeling of gentle elegance and luxury, The Mount Somerset has all the characteristics of a quintessential English Regency mansion. Bovey Castle is a country estate situated on Dartmoor National Park. The luxury resort boasts private country lodges, a host of outdoor pursuits including shooting and falconry, an 18 hole championship golf course and a newly refurbished spa.

Mallory Court Hotel - Leamington Spa, Warwickshire Buckland-Tout-Saints - Kingsbridge, Devon The Kings Hotel - Chipping Campden, Cotswolds The Arden Hotel - Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire Brockencote Hall Hotel - Worcestershire The Greenway Hotel and Spa - Cheltenham, Gloucestershire The Mount Somerset Hotel and Spa - Somerset Bovey Castle – Dartmoor National Park, Devon

26/10/2016 11:52

New Elan Spa for Mallory Court Hotel 7 restful treatment rooms • Rasul mud room • Salt sauna • Aroma essence steam • Feature experience shower • Boutique 10m indoor feature hydro pool • Outdoor vitality pool • Outdoor sauna • Fitness suite and studio • Outdoor studio area for classes

5 Stars for Bovey Castle The Eden Hotel Collection is delighted to announce that Bovey Castle, in Dartmoor National Park in Devon, has been awarded five stars by the AA.

Fewer than six months after acquiring the country house estate in 2014, the privately-owned Eden Hotel Collection embarked on an extensive £3.5 million refurbishment of Bovey Castle, encompassing restoration work and a complete refurbishment of the spa, brasserie, restaurant, public areas and bedrooms. Significant investment has also been made in innovative new staff training programmes. This year has seen the first phase of the bedroom refurbishment, with 22 bedrooms completed and the remainder set for completion in the coming months. In order to achieve the prestigious five-star AA rating, the hotel has had to pass stringent inspections covering cleanliness, service, food, bedrooms, bathrooms and hospitality. Says Garry Baldwin MIH, Senior Hotel & Restaurant Inspector, AA, “Bovey Castle has been brought back to life and transformed into an excellent example of true hotel keeping. The highquality refurbishment throughout the public areas, excellent dining options and top-notch bedrooms and bathrooms make Bovey Castle a really firstclass south west destination.” The estate, with its 60 bedrooms and 22 luxury lodges, is well known for outdoor pursuits - it boasts an 18-hole championship golf course and a busy programme of activities including falconry, tennis, archery, cider and sloe gin-making. The recently refurbished Elan Spa has introduced a dedicated area for men’s treatments called the Gentlemen’s Quarter and three bespoke massages using Bovey Castle’s own PRO V1 golf balls have recently been added to the innovative range of treatments. To book a 5 star break, please call our reservations team on 01647 445007 or visit

Eden Hotel SS 2016 V2.indd 53

An education in luxury and complete indulgence, Elan Spa at Mallory Court is the ultimate spa experience. Tucked amongst the trees in Mallory’s glorious grounds, the spa is a peaceful retreat where you can de-stress in sublime, state of the art facilities whilst gazing over quintessential English gardens. Unwind in the thermal retreat, bathe in the indoor hydro pool or relax amongst nature in our outdoor vitality pool and sauna with a view! Indulge in spa rituals that will rebalance mind, body and spirit, taking you on an unforgettable voyage of the senses then sit back, glass of chilled Champagne in hand and soak up the sense of wellbeing.

Off Road Experience at Bovey Castle

Come and try the ‘Off Road Experience at Bovey Castle’, set within the 275 acre Bovey Castle estate on Dartmoor National Park.

This exciting adrenaline experience gives thrill seekers the opportunity to view the estate from seldom seen viewpoints and will get your heart pumping as you handle these incredible vehicles in a rare opportunity to challenge your driving skills. Take the opportunity to drive one of the fleet of Land Rovers around the newly-created timber extraction tracks in the outer-estates woodlands. Travel up to the Moor Field for an edge-of-yourseat challenge, with the off road track providing views over the golf course, across the valley and beyond to the untamed Dartmoor countryside. One of Bovey’s experienced instructors will talk you through the Land Rover Defender 110’s capabilities and engineering then, once you are

outside the doors of the castle, your instructor will take you to the off road track where they will give a short demonstration drive on how to safely handle the car off road before you get behind the wheel. Alternatively get your tyres muddy and drive your own four-wheel drive around the track or hire the whole track for a half or full day of exclusive use. Experiences include corporate packages, along with a ‘stay and drive’, ‘shoot and drive’ and ‘archery and drive’. Call the resort team on 01647 445022 for more information.

Reader Offer at Bovey Castle Enjoy a two night break with an opportunity to dine in our two brand new restaurants!

Break includes three course dinner, bed and breakfast, with dinner in the Great Western one night and Smith’s Brasserie on the other night. Call Bovey Castle to book on 01647 445 000 quoting ‘Inspirational Magazine’


per person for

two nights at Bovey Castle Terms and Conditions apply. Valid Sunday – Thursday only. Priced based on two people sharing a classic room. Supplements will apply for Friday and Saturday nights. Subject to availability, valid until 31st March 2017. Excludes selected dates and bank holidays at the General Manager’s discretion.

Brockencote Hall The Arden

Mallory Court The Kings Hotel

The Greenway Hotel & Spa

The Mount Somerset Hotel & Spa Bovey Castle Buckland Tout-Saints Gift vouchers available to buy online!

26/10/2016 11:52


Best Western Plus Manor Hotel Main Road, Meriden, Solihull, West Midlands, CV7 7NH Tel: 01676 522735 Fax: 01676 522186







Cadmore Lodge offers luxurious surroundings with as much, or as little, first class, quality care to suit residents or guests’ personal requirements. With short breaks, respite care and soon to be enhanced with nursing and palliative availability. Set in the peace and quiet of this idyllic and tranquil retreat, residents and guests are able to create an independent lifestyle if they so wish, with the reassurance of highly trained care staff being close at hand for when care is required, either short term or on a more permanent basis. It truly is the place to be for something different. Set in the beautiful surroundings of this breathtaking forty acres of Worcestershire countryside, lakeside scenery, wooded glades and glistening water, transform the landscape to a whole new level. Cleobury Mortimer lies five miles north east and the historic towns of Ludlow, Leominster and Bewdley are all less than 12 miles away, the cathedral cities of Worchester and Hereford are within a 40 minute drive. Take time out from your busy schedule, try a short holiday break or weekend retreat. Come and experience the luxury of our surroundings and enjoy the fabulous facilities, fine food and atmosphere available here at Cadmore Lodge. A beautifully appointed spacious entrance hall invites you into the luxurious, open plan lounge with country and lakeside views from every window. Superbly appointed and with the ultimate in decor, there are spacious, modern bedrooms which have exceptional countryside views, some with lakeside terrace and all equipped with a fabulous en-suite. The finest of cuisine is on offer, with delicious homemade and mouthwatering food, freshly prepared by our resident Chef and his team in our own kitchens, using locally sourced fresh produce. Enjoy our own private golf course with the opportunity of golf tuition from PGA professional, Joanne Lee. Take advantage of the full-sized, heated indoor swimming pool with relaxing lounge area. The Ephraims Care Group is a family run business and enjoys extending this ethos into our homes. Our strong commitment to providing the highest levels of quality care has been the key to our success in running well managed and efficient care homes for over 30 years. The ultimate experience in luxurious surroundings with the highest quality of care. 56 |


Cadmore Lodge v2.indd 56

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over Cadmore Lodge

The Ultimate Experience in Luxury Retirement Living with Care First Class Quality Care - Respite Care - Short Breaks - Independent Lifestyle

Excellent Cuisine - Golf Course - Indoor Swimming Pool - Revitalise & Relax - Woodland Walks

Cadmore Lodge, St. Michaels, Tenbury Wells, Worcestershire, WR15 8TQ T: 01584 810 044 E:


Cadmore Lodge v2.indd 57

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58 |


Kirk Douglas 2pp inspy.indd 58

02/11/2016 16:31

Kirk Douglas the slave Spartacus, ready to fight in a scene from the 1960 film, ‘Spartacus’

This December (9th) sees acting legend Kirk Douglas reach his 100th birthday! To celebrate, Inspirational Magazine takes a look over the extraordinary career and life of one of Hollywood’s most enduring stars. With his cleft chin, chiselled jaw and movie star good looks it could be easy to think that our favourite centenarian was always destined to be a star. In fact Kirk, born Issur Danielovitch in 1916 to Russian-born immigrant parents, was born in to poverty, with his parents trying to make ends meet on his father’s meagre earnings as a ragman working the streets of New York. From this less than auspicious start, Kirk was determined to make a life for himself and as he grew up, his natural talents began to shine. Despite being a talented wrestler, following a taste of acting in High School plays, Kirk had caught the acting bug.

Keen to make the most of his talents and break free from a life on the breadline, Kirk gained a scholarship to the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, which counts Robert Redford, Anne Hathaway and Lauren Bacall as alumni. His early career was interrupted when he signed up to the US Navy during World War II. Serving from 1941 to 1945, Kirk was now a bona fide hero. It was when Kirk hit 30 that his big break came when in 1946, he was cast as District Attorney, Walter O’Neil in the drama, The Strange Love of Martha Ivers. Receiving critical acclaim Kirk was on his way to stardom. With over 90 movies to his name, it is arguably Douglas’ defining onscreen performance in the historical epic, Spartacus, that he is most remembered for.

Famed for the ‘I am Spartacus’ scene, the film also marked Kirk’s challenge of the Hollywood Blacklist. The list, which went largely unchecked, denied those working within the entertainment industry, such as actors, writers and directors, employment due to alleged communist ties. The Blacklist was responsible for ruining many careers, with those appearing on the list unable to get work, in some cases, for many years. Challenging the process, Kirk insisted that screenwriter, Dalton Trumbo, a firm critic of the communist investigations, was credited with writing the screenplay for Spartacus, marking the beginning of the end of the blacklisting process. During his sixty-five year career, Kirk has received much critical acclaim, including several Academy Award nominations for his on-screen skills as well as, in 1996, an honorary Academy Award for “fifty years as a creative and moral force in the motion picture community.”

As well as a long and established career within the movie industry, Kirk has worked as a producer and director and written 10 books. Kirk has also devoted much of his life to his philanthropic works including the ‘Anne & Kirk Douglas Playground Award’, which has distributed millions of dollars to building and refurbishing neglected school playgrounds for the children of Los Angeles. Father to four sons, including fellow Hollywood legend, Michael Douglas, Kirk’s last on-screen performance came in the 2009 documentary – Before I Forget, in which he shares stories about his life and work.

Happy Birthday Kirk! AUTUMN/WINTER 2016 ISSUE 10

Kirk Douglas 2pp inspy.indd 59

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02/11/2016 16:31

A Christmas to remember

Christmas is the perfect time to draw loved ones near and make memories that last a lifetime and what better place to do so than at the award-winning Belfry Hotel & Resort. Set in 500 acres of glorious North Warwickshire countryside, The Belfry offers outstanding facilities, including a luxury leisure club and spa, top quality golf and wonderful food and drink. A range of Christmas packages are available, ensuring that no matter how busy the season is, you can find time to relax and indulge with friends and family. Festive breaks at The Belfry include the two-night Christmas break which is filled with treats to ensure your Christmas feels truly magical and the one-night Christmas break which is packed with indulgent traditional Christmas surprises.

Available from 18th December up until 6th January is the relaxing Christmas Interlude break which includes an overnight stay, delicious breakfast and the choice of a round of golf or the restorative Fire & Ice experience at The Belfry’s luxury spa. A choice of party nights are also available including Christmas Party Nights which include a glass of bubbly on arrival and three course set menu along with dancing at the Bel Air Nightclub. The Bel Air Tribute Nights are also available and are the perfect way to brings friends and colleagues together for festive fun and includes fizz on arrival, delicious buffet and a choice of a Spice Girls or Take That tribute act.

To make a reservation visit, email or call 01675 238 600.

The Belfry Spa & Christmas A/W 2016 V2.indd 60

26/10/2016 11:56

Treatment for you and your bump at The Belfry Hotel Club & Spa

Back in February the editor of Inspirational Magazine, Sophia Hayes, announced that in nine months’ time she would be welcoming a new member of the team. Those nine months are now up, and, by the time of this magazine’s publication, the little one will have been welcomed into the world. Having finished work for maternity leave and on the countdown to her due date, Sophia was treated to a luxurious mother-to-be nurture experience at The Belfry Hotel and Resort’s lavish spa, here’s what happened... “At 37 weeks pregnant I am sure you can understand that I am a little uncomfortable and craving a much needed pamper session. However, complete relaxation is quite rare when you are quickly approaching your due date! I had heard great things about special mother-to-be treatments and was thrilled when I was treated to one at The Belfry Hotel and Resort. Situated close to Sutton Coldfield, The Belfry is surrounded by 550 acres of North Warwickshire countryside and houses fabulous restaurants, bars, a leisure club and of course, a spa. I have had countless treatments before, but being pregnant my needs were completely different. As soon as I walked into the spa I was greeted by the charming beautician and given a fluffy robe which fitted perfectly (it’s quite a novelty to find one to fit round a bump!), from that moment on I felt at ease.

The Belfry Spa & Christmas A/W 2016 V2.indd 61

The package included an exfoliation and body wrap in algae or marine mud combined with oils and a scalp massage for £134 per person. Obviously when you are pregnant your body is working all the time, and as a result I had been suffering with muscle and joint aches, the wrap not only removed flaky skin, but also worked wonders for my body’s fatigue. It was the beauty therapist carrying out the treatment that I must bring attention to. She was considerate of both me and my baby, tailoring the strokes of her hands against my skin depending on my preference. She regularly checked that the position I was in was comfortable and quickly helped me adjust when I wasn’t. The treatment room was an oasis, I felt my worries drift away with the soft music and the ambience the scented candles created. The treatment time was 85 minutes with the rest of the day spent immersing myself in the spa facilities including the pool, sauna and jacuzzi. As an added extra –and to curb those pregnancy cravings – I indulged in Afternoon Tea at the hotel’s Brabazon Bar. Comprising delicate sandwiches, scones and sumptuous sweet treats it finished the relaxing day off perfectly. The Belfry’s package is open to people from 20 weeks up to full term pregnancy, so I will certainly be recommending it to pregnant friends and will be returning if/when my little one’s brother or sister is due!”

call: 01675 238 600 or email:

26/10/2016 11:56




Someone once said “golf is a good walk spoiled” but for golf enthusiasts, irrespective of how you’re playing on the day, that couldn’t be further from the truth. The USA is widely regarded as the ultimate international golfing destination, and one which every golfer should experience, whether it’s to play personally or to attend one of the many major tournaments held throughout the golfing calendar year. One of its many benefits is the opportunity of challenging your game on a variety of different types of courses. The beautiful resort courses are in abundance across almost every US state, with a concentration in Arizona, California and Oregon in the west and Georgia, Alabama and the Carolinas in the east. There are also challenging links courses such as the infamous Pebble Beach Golf Links and Links at Spanish Bay, which sit on California’s pristine coastline, and The Ocean Course at Kiawah Island in South Carolina. All golfers have a ‘bucket list’ of courses they want to play and undoubtedly they include at least one, if not many, in the USA. If you needed any further persuasion, consider the ultimate bonus of playing the game you love in America – your family will not only agree to come with you but will want to! Aside from the fabulous golfing opportunities, the USA is a fun-filled holiday destination with something for everyone. Whether sun-soaked relaxation or high-intensity activities are on your priority list, North America Travel Service will create an itinerary unique to you and your travelling companions.

62 |

SOUTH WESTERN USA In Arizona you’ll find amazing desert courses in both Tucson and Scottsdale. The terrain brings with it a whole new range of challenges to test your skills, as well as incredible beauty to accompany your game. The luxurious resort properties of Ritz-Carlton, Dove Mountain in Tucson and The Phoenician in Scottsdale are not only renowned for their golf courses, but also for their incredible restaurants, upscale accommodations and exceptional spa experiences. Outside of the spectacular resorts, Arizona offers a huge range of activities from hot air balloon expeditions and desert jeep trips to private guided tours of the Canyonlands. California’s courses span from Silverado and Meadowood in the Napa wine region of the north, to the much-loved Rancho Mirage and Indian Wells courses in the south of the state. With well over one thousand golf courses and the myriad of attractions California affords, the holiday possibilities are almost endless. SOUTH EASTERN USA The south eastern states entice with options such as the prestigious nine courses at the historic resort of Pinehurst in North Carolina; Augusta National, home of The Masters in beautiful Georgia; the Players Stadium Course at TPC Sawgrass in Florida and the one of a kind, Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail featuring twenty six courses across eleven different sites in Alabama. Combine golfing in Florida with a trip to Orlando’s legendary theme parks or perhaps spend some time at the beach in Naples or Miami. Georgia is awash with courses which pair wonderfully with one of its


North American Travel inspy.indd 62

02/11/2016 16:35

great cities. Choose between the cosmopolitan Atlanta lifestyle and the historic, laid-back pace of Savannah. Alabama’s legendary courses traverse the length of the state and create a perfect fly drive route. Topped and tailed with stays in New Orleans and Memphis, it creates a one-of-a-kind itinerary sampling the sights and sounds of the Deep South.

and paired with premium wines selected exclusively by Master Sommelier, Andrea Robinson. Customers flying in Delta Comfort+ ™, benefit from up to four additional inches of legroom and 50 percent more recline than economy seats, as well as priority boarding. Whichever cabin you choose, you’ll enjoy personal ‘on-demand’ in-flight entertainment.

THE MASTERS Make the ultimate golfing pilgrimage and experience the magic of The Masters in Georgia. Departing on 6th April 2017, our sports package starts at £7590 per person and includes flights, two nights in Atlanta, two nights in Augusta, tickets for the tournament (Saturday and Sunday) and Executive Club hospitality. It’s the perfect holiday for those who have always dreamed of seeing the winner of the famous green jacket.

Virgin Atlantic’s options are just as tempting. Start your Upper Class experience with time out in the Clubhouse, enjoying a bite to eat and a glass of wine. Once onboard, stretch out in your own personal suite which is equipped with a fully flat-bed, socialise at the Upper Class Bar, stay connected with in-seat power and WiFi (selected flights only), and dine on gastronomic delights, complemented with cheese and port. Virgin Atlantic’s Premium Economy seat offers increased leg room and seat-back recline, a personal footrest and touch screen personal entertainment, all of which help to make your journey more relaxing.

TRAVEL IN STYLE The alliance of Virgin Atlantic and Delta Air Lines® ensures that wherever you’re travelling in the USA, you’ll benefit from a vast choice of schedules to over 200 spectacular destinations, as well as the convenience of flying from London, Manchester, Glasgow, Edinburgh or Belfast. Make your air journey an enjoyable part of your treasured holiday by travelling in style. Virgin Atlantic and Delta Air Lines range of cabin options offers the perfect choice for everyone’s individual preferences: Delta One ™ offers fully flat-bed, Westin Heavenly Inflight Bedding and TUMI amenity kits featuring products by MALIN + GOETZ. Choose from a range of regional dining options, produced from seasonal ingredients

With over 40 years’ experience creating tailor made holidays across the whole of the USA and Canada, with North America Travel Service your holiday couldn’t be in safer hands. 26 Wheelergate, Nottingham, NG1 2ND T: 0115 948 4869 E: W: MANCHESTER | LEEDS | NOTTINGHAM | BARNSLEY | EDINBURGH AUTUMN/WINTER 2016 ISSUE 10

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GIFTS FOR HIM They say you can’t buy happiness, but our exclusive edit of perfect presents for the man in your life comes pretty close! Whether he’s a dapper dresser, a music buff or a wine connoisseur, we’ve tracked down these great gifts from HARVEY NICHOLS BIRMINGHAM.

66 |

HN Mens Gifts.indd 66


26/10/2016 11:59

Buscemi trainers, £540

Givenchy adjustable watch, £770

Gucci monogrammed wool scarf, £200

Harvey Nichols The Man Reviver hamper, £140

KEF gold tone bluetooth speaker, £305

London Sock Company gift set, £40

Monroe of London kit bag, £79

Paul Smith embossed leather briefcase, £720

Polpo - A Venetian Cookbook, £25

Professor Cornelius Bathtub Gin (magnum), £82.50

Valentino appliqued T-shirt, £710

Viktor&Rolf Spicebomb Extreme DEP, £56 (50ml)

All products are available from Harvey Nichols either in store, via Style Concierge or online at


HN Mens Gifts.indd 67

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STILL A WINNER Inspirational Magazine talks to Nigel Mansell CBE Inspirational Magazine reports on how racing legend Nigel Mansell CBE took two titles at the 2016 Farmfoods British Par 3 Championship He’s used to beating most competitors on the racing track and British F1 icon Nigel Mansell CBE didn’t disappoint at the 2016 Farmfoods British Par 3 Championship, where he came joint first in the tournament’s opening Celeb-Am clash, sharing the ‘podium’ with TV presenter and comedian Roy Walker. Mansell won again in the team competition, where he partnered Mike Harwood in the first nine (football star Peter Odemwingie took over for the back nine). The win was all the more impressive because Mansell and his team-mates beat the professional BP3 Championship winner Mark Mouland and his partner Ian Halliwell into second place. With a passion for speed from a young age, Mansell determinedly worked his way up through the ranks. After considerable success in kart racing, he moved to the Formula Ford series, winning on his debut and becoming the 1977

68 |

British champion despite suffering a broken neck in a qualifying session. In 1978 he made the step up to Formula Three, further honing his abilities, when his driving was noticed by Colin Chapman, owner of Lotus, and he was selected to become a test driver for the Formula One team. After setting the fastest lap around Silverstone in a Lotus car at the time, he convinced Chapman to give him his F1 debut in 1980. Becoming a fully-fledged F1 driver with the Lotus team, Mansell gained his first podium finish after just five races. In 1984, he finished in the championship top 10 for the first time, and took his first career pole position. Moving to Williams in 1985, the racing icon achieved his debut victory at the European Grand Prix at Brands Hatch and followed this up with a second straight triumph at the South African Grand Prix. A year later at the final race of the season in Adelaide, the tyre of his Williams Honda exploded costing him a race finish – and


Nigel Mansell inspy.indd 68

02/11/2016 16:38

more importantly the coveted World Championship by a single point. One of his most famous victories came when he won the British Grand Prix at Silverstone in 1987 in which he came back from 28 seconds behind in 30 laps to beat team-mate Nelson Piquet, with his car running out of fuel on the slowing down lap.

Finishing his career with 31 victories, Mansell thrilled millions of fans and is without doubt one of the UK’s greatest ever sportsmen. And it’s clear from his two winning performances at the 2016 Farmfoods British Par 3 Championship that he hasn’t lost his competitive streak just yet.

Mansell became the last Ferrari driver to be personally selected by Enzo Ferrari before his death in August 1988 and he became the highest paid British sportsman at the time. Returning to the Williams team in 1991, Mansell’s focus was dedicated to winning the World Championship and 1992 would be his seminal year. Starting the season with five straight victories, the long-awaited moment came in Hungary when he stood on the podium as the 1992 Formula 1 World Champion. He won the BBC Sports Personality of the Year award for the second time that same year, one of only three people to have won the award twice.

For more information or to book Nigel Mansell CBE for your next event please contact Benoit Lawrence at or +44 (0) 1509 85 29 27


Nigel Mansell inspy.indd 69

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Tony and Arnold DPS.indd 70

26/10/2016 12:02

Ryder Cup legend Tony Jacklin CBE pays tribute to Arnold Palmer, a genuine gentleman of golf. There are people that you meet in life who are wonderful acquaintances and colleagues and there are those you meet who become life-enhancing friends and Arnold Palmer was most certainly one of the latter. It’s fair to say that my life – and the lives of literally countless others around the world – would have been so much less enjoyable and fulfilling without having Mr Palmer around. And so it was with the deepest sense of sadness that I heard of the passing away of my very dear friend in late September. Arnie – who once gave me an unforgettable ride in his Lear jet over the Royal Birkdale golf course! – wouldn’t have wanted his friends and fans to wring their hands in sorrowful remembrance of his life. So I want to take this opportunity to shout from these pages about the man, his magical personality and his immense talents on and off the golf course. People have named their children – of either gender! – after Arnold Palmer; he has been widely remembered for taking time out to connect with people, young or old, beginners or professionals; he has been acknowledged for decades as being a genuine gentleman of golf and of having the type of charisma and charm that only the most special people possess. Arnie’s daughter Amy Palmer Saunders has said she felt buoyed by “the outpouring of support and love from countless friends and admirers” of the great man. Amy added: “We are comforted knowing that he was loved by so many and so deeply. My father would be so pleased to know that he is being thought of and recognised this way.” As well as being remembered as ‘The King’ of golf, Arnie will always be associated with the Arnie’s Army Charitable Foundation (named after his legion of fans) which will carry on in his name to provide financial support to institutions and organisations that help children, youths, families, the environment and communities around the world. There is also the Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children and the Winnie Palmer Hospital for Women & Babies, which provide a worldrenowned healing environment for women and children, and the Arnold Palmer Group of Companies which are dedicated to supporting the charity.

Arnold Palmer – ‘The King’ of Golf Arnold Palmer won 95 golfing tournaments during the course of his glittering career, including 62 PGA Tour wins and a staggering seven majors, but even more important than this he is universally acknowledged as being the one player who made the sport so popular with the general public. Credited with making golf “cool”, Palmer has been described by other brilliant golfers as a legend, an icon, a pioneer in the sport, someone who transcended the game of golf, a defining figure in the game, even the first superstar of golf. His fellow countryman Jack Nicklaus said of Palmer: “He took the game to a higher level virtually by himself.” From his first amateur wins way back in 1946 to his final senior win in 1993, Palmer walked the golf courses of the world with grace, poise and professionalism that few have been able to match. His major wins include four Masters titles, two consecutive Open Championships and one US Open title. Such was his dominance of the game that in two years – 1960 and 1962 – Palmer held dual titles in top tournaments and was just two strokes and a playoff victory away from winning a hat-trick of trophies on both occasions. Even when he wasn’t winning, Palmer was finishing in the top 10 of major tournaments an incredible 38 times, including being runner-up no fewer than 10 times, four of them in the US Open and three in the PGA Championship. In terms of accolades, Palmer was inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame in 1974 and given the PGA Tour Lifetime Achievement Award in 1998. As well as his group of companies, his charitable work and two astounding hospitals, Palmer’s name will always be connected with The Arnold Palmer Invitational, which is one of only a handful of golf tournaments to be given such status by the PGA Tour. The invitational is played at a Florida golf resort that Palmer owned since 1974 and the tournament has carried his name since 2007.

I was honoured to open the Ryder Cup this year with another close friend and two-time Ryder Cup captain, legend Jack Nicklaus, and to have the opportunity to pay tribute to Arnie in a global forum. I told the sombre and respectful crowd that Arnie was “truly an inspiration to all of us” and Jack said: “We all feel his loss and dedicate these games to his honour. Never forget that the game is about camaraderie and the spirit of sportsmanship, and nobody exemplified this more than Arnold Palmer.” To sum up, there’s no better way to describe my dear friend Arnie than to use the words of the charity itself: “To golfers and non-golfers alike, Arnold Palmer stands for excellence, character and integrity.”


Tony and Arnold DPS.indd 71

| 71

26/10/2016 12:02



Masters Tony Jacklin CBE takes a look at the tournament where the world’s best golfers battle it out for that famous green jacket...

The Augusta National Golf Club in Georgia, USA, will once again welcome the greatest golfers in the world when they gather for the 2017 Masters Tournament, which will be the first of golf’s four major championships to be held in the year – the others being the US Open, the British Open and the PGA Championship. The 81st Masters Tournament – which is already sold out – will take place between 6 April and 9 April and is expected to feature a host of past champions. These include 2016’s winner, England’s Danny Willett, who got to don the famous green jacket for the first time after going around the course in 283. Currently ranking among the world’s top 10 golfers, Danny was the first English player to win the title since Nick Faldo broke Australian hearts 20 years earlier by beating Greg Norman into second place. Willett, whose victory was rewarded with prize money of $1.8m, managed his final round in 67 and pushed the 2015 winner, USA’s Jordan Spieth, into joint second place, just three strokes behind at the end of the tournament. One of the world’s top five players, Spieth was leading for much of the time but a quadruple bogey at the shortest hole

72 |

– the par 3 ‘Golden Bell’ at 155 yards – effectively put an end to his attempt to retain his title and he ended up sharing second place with England’s Lee Westwood. The longest hole at the Augusta, incidentally, is the par 5 ‘Pink Dogwood’ at a challenging 575 yards. Other past winners of the invitation-only Masters expected to grace the greens in ‘17 are Bubba Watson from the USA (he took the title in 2012 and 2014), Australia’s Adam Scott (winner in 2013), Charl Schwartzel from South Africa (2011), the USA’s Phil Mickelson (2004, 2006 and 2010), Ángel Cabrera from Argentina (2009), Trevor Immelman from South Africa (2008), the USA’s Zach Johnson (2007) and his fellow countryman the inimitable Tiger Woods (tournament winner four times in 1997, 2001, 2002 and 2005). The 2017 Masters is also expected to feature the 2003 winner, Canada’s Mike Weir, Fiji’s Vijay Singh (victor in 2000), Spain’s José María Olazábal (1994 and 1999), the USA’s Mark O’Meara (1998), Germany’s Bernhard Langer (1985 and 1993), Fred Couples and Larry Mize from the USA (winners in 1992 and 1987 respectively) and 1988’s green jacket wearer Scotland’s own Sandy Lyle.


The Masters DPS V2.indd 72

26/10/2016 12:03

Danny Willett of England celebrates with the green jacket after winning the final round of the 2016 Masters Tournament at Augusta National Golf Club on April 10, 2016 in Augusta, Georgia

The 2016 tournament saw former champions Tom Watson and Ian Woosnam bow out for the last time and other big names who are not expected to take part in 2017 include Jack Nicklaus, Gary Player, Fuzzy Zoeller, Nick Faldo, Ben Crenshaw and Tommy Aaron. The Masters tournament was created by Robert T Jones Jr and first played in 1934 with the green jacket – which the winner keeps for a year then returns – introduced 15 years later and first worn by Sam Snead (Sam went on to win the Masters twice more in 1952 and 1954). The record for the most Masters titles is held by Jack Nicklaus who has won six times – in 1963, 1965, 1966, 1972, 1975, and 1986. He is also one of only three players to retain the green jacket in consecutive years, the others being Tiger Woods and Nick Faldo. As can be seen from the list above, for the most part there tends to be a different winner of the Masters title every year – there have been 49 champions in 82 years – but two names dominated in the late 1950s and early 1960s, with Jack Nicklaus winning three times in four years and Arnold Palmer winning four times in seven years. In the early 2000s, Tiger Woods repeated Nicklaus’s achievement by winning three titles in four years and the two have the distinction of being the youngest and eldest champions respectively – Woods won when he was just 21 years old and Nicklaus when he was 46.

Among the unique features of the Masters tournament is the fact that it is the only one of the four major championships that is always played on the same course. Also, every player that wins the Masters is invited to take part in the other three tournaments, become a member of the PGA Tour for five years and appear in the Players Championship for five years. Whether Danny Willett gets to join the superstars who have defended their titles – and become only the second English player to do so – or the green jacket goes to a brand new champion, one thing is guaranteed: the Masters 2017 tournament will be packed with excitement and drama and golf fans will be talking about it around the world for a long time to come.

Champions (UK) plc has introduced a unique service that helps turn professional golfers into true golfing champions. Everything Champions of Golf does is motivated by the pursuit of ultimate success and the company’s stable of talent is recognised internationally for its golfing prowess and ability. Find out more at AUTUMN/WINTER 2016 ISSUE 10

The Masters DPS V2.indd 73

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Left to right: Phillip Price, Oliver Wilson, Barry Lane, Tommy Horton, Ian Woosnam OBE, Tony Jacklin CBE, Costantino Rocca, Edoardo Molinari, Peter Baker, Paul Broadhurst, Gordon Brand Jnr.

‘THE BEST YET’ The Farmfoods British Par 3 Championship 2016 Brought forward because of the 2016 Olympics held in Rio de Janeiro, this year’s Farmfoods British Par 3 Championship (BP3) was yet another star-studded event with many top professionals and celebrities enjoying their time swinging and putting their way around the astounding Cromwell Course at Nailcote Hall in Warwickshire.

74 |

Bp3 4pg.indd 74

minutes after Richard O’Hanlon had celebrated equalling the course record with -8).

As anyone who has been involved in the BP3 tournament knows, the incredibly challenging course was designed and brought back to glory by Nailcote Hall owner Rick Cressman and the late, great Sid Mouland.

Welshman Mark Mouland is the first double winner of the tournament – he also won it in 2008 – and this time he finished on -11, with 28 strokes out and only 25 on the back nine, scoring three Birdies in the process. Mouland finished ahead of O’Hanlon, who had shadowed him all the way and with three holes to go was just two shots behind. However, when the final ball disappeared down the 18th hole, O’Hanlon was on -5 while Mike Harwood finished close behind on -4.

So it was fitting that Sid’s son, European Senior Tour winner Mark Mouland, was the professional Championship winner and claimed the trophy plus a prize of €50,000. Mark also broke the course record going around the 18 in -10 (just

In the team competition, Mouland and his partner Ian Halliwell narrowly lost out to Harwood and his team-mates racing legend Nigel Mansell CBE, who played the first nine, and football star Peter Odemwingie, who played the back nine.


02/11/2016 16:40

Racing legend Nigel Mansell CBE

Tony Jacklin CBE with Farmfoods British Par 3 Championship winner Mark Mouland


Bp3 4pg.indd 75

| 75

02/11/2016 16:40


Len Goodman bringing his warming personality to the tournament

“The course is the best I’ve seen it, without question,” Mouland told Inspirational, adding that the greens in particular were “the best they’ve ever been”. When we spoke to European Senior Tour star Gary Wolstenholme MBE – who tied for eighth position with Tommy Fleetwood, Craig Lawrie, Santiago Luna and Miguel Ángel Martin – he also lavished praise on the course and said Cressman and his team had done “a fantastic job”. Other names worthy of note taking part in the Pro-Am tournament were Peter Baker (who came fourth), Jason Timmis, Paul Broadhurst and Phillip Goulding (all joint fifth). Also gracing the grasses at Nailcote Hall were 11 former Ryder Cup legends – including, of course, tournament host Tony Jacklin CBE – as well as Ian Woosnam OBE, Edoardo Molinari, Esteban Toledo, Lee Slattery and Michael Campbell. Among the celebrities that pitted their talents against the Cromwell Course were Brian McFadden, Jonny Bairstow, Len Goodman, Peter Shilton OBE, Neil Back MBE, Matthew Hoggard MBE, William Roache MBE, Steve Staunton, Mark Foster, Lee Hendrie, Alan McInally and world-famous Olympians Derek Redmond and Gail Emms MBE. In the opening Celeb-Am clash at the Farmfoods British Par 3 Championship, Nigel Mansell CBE came joint first with TV presenter Roy Walker while Aston Villa European Cup-winning

76 |

Bp3 4pg.indd 76

striker Peter Withe walked away with Celeb-Am title on the final day. Elsewhere, Carl Mason won the Super Seniors for the fourth year in a row while in the Norma C Herd Silver Salver competition Ricky Sturrock and Strictly Come Dancing favourite James Jordan won a Silver Salver each. In the first Celeb-Am team event Farmfoods 1 claimed their trophy on countback after finishing with a score of -12, the same as Burtons Biscuits. Third place was taken by Berkmann Wine Cellars with a score of -9. In the second Celeb-Am team competition, Team Jacklin walked away with the title with an impressive round of -14, followed closely behind by Purpose Media (UK) on -10, Bidvest Food Service on -9, and Sky TV and Farol Fore who were both on -4. Among the outstanding moments of the tournament were three glorious hole-in-ones – one from Mason, one from Oliver Wilson and one from the 1995 Open Championship runner-up Costantino Rocca, with the Italian managing the feat on the first shot of his round. Once again, the Farmfoods British Par 3 Championship was organised by Champions (UK) plc who put together a sparkling Gala Ball that was hosted by Dominic Holland with entertainment provided by the sixties music tribute band The Overtures. There was also a spectacular charity auction which included the chance to have a two-night stay at the Yas


02/11/2016 16:41

Dominic Holland talking to darts legends Eric Bristow MBE and Keith Deller

Brian McFadden and Robert Rock

Athletics legend Derek Redmond

Island Rotana Hotel, Abu Dhabi, with two rounds of golf at the stunning Yas Links golf course. All funds raised on the evening went to the Championship charity Rainbows Hospice for Children and Young People. The charity also benefited from an auction held at another evening event earlier in the tournament where winners were given their prizes by Rick Cressman and Tony Jacklin CBE. This was followed by a lavish three-course meal and entertainment courtesy of The Brothers of Soul. A third event – a special Players’ Banquet – brought professionals, amateurs and over 250 guests together to enjoy a great meal and a fascinating question-and-answer session with Jacklin, Broadhurst and Campbell. Afterwards, the tenor Hercules Smith wowed the audience – especially his duets with the classically trained singer Faith Tucker – before Derek Redmond led a charity auction that included among its prizes a golfing holiday in Las Colinas in Spain as well as luxury trips to Barbados and Florida. The evening was finished off with an uproarious performance by the veteran comedian Bobby Davro. Next year’s Farmfoods British Par 3 Championship – the 84th – will be held from 8-11 August 2017 and full details about the tournament can be found on

England cricketer Jonny Bairstow

Paul Broadhurst

For further information about the Farmfoods British Par 3 Championship 2017, call Champions (UK) plc on 08453 31 30 31 or email


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| 77

02/11/2016 16:41


NAILCOTE HALL A venue for all occasions

Nestled in the heart of England is a four-star luxury country house hotel that can only be described as ‘a venue for all reasons’. Whether these are private, personal or corporate, Nailcote Hall lends itself to a huge range of uses and whatever the customer needs this versatile country house hotel is capable of delivering. Nailcote Hall is well known in the golfing fraternity for playing host to the increasingly popular Farmfoods British Par 3 Championship which this year featured some of the biggest names from golf, football, cricket, the Olympics and many other sports as well as major TV personalities and celebrities. In its 83rd year, the tournament welcomed host Tony Jacklin CBE and such golfing legends as Ian Woosnam OBE, Michael Campbell, Edoardo Molinari, Tommy Fleetwood, Paul Broadhurst, Lee Slattery and Costantino Rocca. Among the celebrities teeing off were Nigel Mansell, Brian McFadden, Jonny Bairstow, Len Goodman, Peter Shilton OBE, Neil Back MBE, Matthew Hoggard MBE, William Roache MBE, and Olympians Derek Redmond and Gail Emms MBE. Of course, you don’t have to be professional or famous to go around the challenging Cromwell course – players of any age and level of skill are all welcome to ‘stay, pay and play’ on what is acknowledged to be Europe’s best par 3 course.

78 |

But golfing is just one of the many attractions at this incredible hotel, which this year is celebrating a quarter of a century in providing the most amazing entertainment and party nights, running hugely successful charity events, being the backdrop to hundreds and hundreds of weddings and accommodating some of the biggest names in the world of business and commerce. The conference facilities at Nailcote Hall are second to none, as are the wedding reception rooms, the luxury marquee, the leisure club, the fine dining in the Oak Room restaurant and so much more. The number of options available to visitors is virtually endless, whether they are looking for leisure and pleasure at the weekends or serious business functions from Monday to Friday. Indeed, the hotel guestbook boasts such high-profile visitors as the current Prime Minister Theresa May, former Deputy PM John Prescott, former Chancellor Denis Healey and global star of stage and screen, the inimitable Joan Collins. If cabaret is your kind of entertainment, Nailcote Hall puts on a fantastic show that has to be seen to be believed. Love party nights or want an unforgettable wedding reception? Nailcote Hall’s owner Rick Cressman has a saying: “Bring your party to our party!” and offers a choice of rooms to suit everyone’s taste. These include Rick’s Bar which is ideal for entertaining up to 120 people, the massive marquee which caters for up to


Nailcote Hall DPS v3.indd 78

26/10/2016 15:41

250 or a new upstairs clubhouse which has a superb private area for intimate groups of no more than 50 guests. Maybe you are looking to rest your weary head in the most luxurious surroundings possible after a tiring day, or to surprise your loved one with a romantic overnight break or to have your wedding guests stay over for breakfast the next day. If any of these apply, Nailcote Hall has 49 incredible bedrooms, including – of course – the bridal suite, and all are beautifully decorated in the style you would expect for a 17th century building full of old England charm. The high quality furnishings and sumptuous beds, including four-posters if that is your desire, are complemented by the most contemporary design and modern facilities such as flat-screen TVs with satellite channels. Nailcote Hall also boasts beautiful gardens and surrounding woodland for those who love to relax out in the open as well as a croquet lawn, an area for playing pétanque and a jogging track. For relaxing indoors there is a stunning Roman bath style 14-metre swimming pool, a well-equipped gymnasium, a jacuzzi and a steam room. On top of all this, one of the major attractions of staying at Nailcote Hall is its location, which makes it ideal for people who are travelling to the area for business, pleasure or family reasons.

This gorgeous hotel, golf and country club is just 10 minutes from Birmingham Airport, Birmingham International Railway Station and the National Exhibition Centre. It is also no more than half an hour from Birmingham city centre, 15 minutes from Solihull and Coventry, around 20 minutes from Warwick and Stratford-upon-Avon, and just 10 minutes away from Warwick University and Coventry University. The hotel will be even more accessible when the planned HS2 high-speed railway connects Birmingham International with London, Manchester, Sheffield and the East Midlands. Rick Cressman says: “Nailcote Hall is a home away from home for business travellers and the general public and it is just perfect for birthday parties – whether you’re 18 or 80-plus – as well as hen parties, charity events and a whole host of corporate activities. And if you don’t have time to enjoy the beautiful gardens, the leisure room, the gymnasium or the golf course you can always pop in for one of our wonderful Sunday lunches. Freshly carved roast beef with Yorkshire pudding, mouth-watering steak Diane, delightful Crêpes Suzette – whatever the customer’s taste we can cater for it.” To find out more about Nailcote Hall visit: Or call us on

024 7646 6174 AUTUMN/WINTER 2016 ISSUE 10

Nailcote Hall DPS v3.indd 79

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February 2017 sees the return of the RBS Six Nations, with Eddie Jones’ England looking to follow up on their Grand Slam victory in 2016.

the likes of Maro Itoje and George Kruis leading the pack, along with Owen Farrell and George Ford pulling the strings in the midfield, these are exciting times for English rugby fans.

Scotland and Ireland kick off proceedings at Murrayfield before England open against France at Twickenham. Wales then travel to Italy for their opening match, with interim coach Rob Hawley taking charge after Warren Gatland’s appointment as British & Irish Lions coach for the summer tour to New Zealand.

Under Joe Schmidt, Ireland are a formidable outfit and, with two Six Nations wins in a row before the last tournament, they are a team that knows what it takes to win over the course of the five matches. Much like England, Ireland benefit from a strong, young side with the likes of flanker CJ Stander, loosehead Jack McGrath and No.9 Connor Murray being players to look out for in the 2017 tournament.

England go into the tournament in fine form following their series win in Australia, where they beat the Aussies on three occasions in their own backyard. Alongside the 2016 Six Nations win and first Grand Slam title in 13 years, winning a test series in Australia for the very first time and consigning Australia to their first series whitewash since 1971 highlights how the team has advanced since the disappointment of the World Cup. Eddie Jones has established a well organised, youthful and exciting squad, marshalled by captain Dylan Hartley, that has the potential to achieve great things in the coming years. With 80 |

Scotland are another nation progressing well under the leadership of New Zealand born coach Vern Cotter. Having formed a side which plays with real intensity, they are set to test a number of the sides in the forthcoming tournament, and could be an outside bet to do well. Player of the 2016 Championship, Stuart Hogg, is a real star at fullback whilst open-side flanker John Hardie is a tough tackler who makes a nuisance of himself at the breakdown and can cause real problems for the opposition. The Welsh will have to adapt to being without the coach who


Six nations inspy DPS.indd 80

26/10/2016 12:09

“Arrogance is only bad when you lose. If you are winning and you are arrogant, that’s self-belief” - Eddie Jones

has led them to so much success over recent years. It will be interesting to see how they perform, but with players such as winger George North and kicker Dan Biggar in your side, points are always going to be scored. There were encouraging signs for the French team at the start of the 2016 Six Nations as Guy Novès, their newly appointed coach, led them to two wins against Italy and Ireland, yet they went on to lose their final three fixtures and finish second bottom of the standings. Having now had more time to work with the team, France are likely to be a stronger, more resilient outfit in 2017, particularly when playing away from the Stade de France. Having taken home the wooden spoon in 2016, Italy will be looking to move forward from a disappointing tournament where they were beaten in all five of their matches. Now under the stewardship of former Ireland international and Harlequins coach Conor O’Shea, the Azzurri are likely to be a more challenging opposition this time around, especially when playing in front of their own fans at the Stadio Olimpico. With the 2017 RBS Six Nations set to be a real spectacle,

businesses can jump on the rugby bandwagon by booking Six Nation winning players and coaches to motivate, inspire and engage audiences with anecdotes from their time in the professional arena. Champions Speakers have a multitude of rugby stars available to book for engagements, including former England international Neil Back MBE, Welsh wizard Shane Williams MBE and legendary Irish fullback Geordan Murphy to name but a few. Audiences can get a true understanding of the rivalry between the nations as well as a feel for what it is like to play in the cauldrons of noise created by fans during the Six Nations from players who experienced such occasions. As England look to achieve back-to-back Grand Slam victories, only time will tell as to who comes out on top, but one thing is for sure— it will be a rollercoaster ride for all involved, with plenty of ups and downs for players, coaches and fans before the trophy is presented and the competition concludes on March 18th. AUTUMN/WINTER 2016 ISSUE 10

Six nations inspy DPS.indd 81

| 81

26/10/2016 12:09


The Ultimate Wembley Experience Think of Wembley Stadium, and you picture some of the greatest sporting occasions in history - not least the time England won the World Cup in 1966. It is a truly iconic venue. Wembley is still the home of English Football with matches like the Emirates FA Cup Final, the Capital One Cup Final, the FA Community Shield and England Internationals taking place every season. However, the new Wembley Stadium is far more than just a football venue. This season alone, the hallowed turf will be hosting 3 NFL International Series, Beyonce, Rhianna, Coldplay, Bruce Spingsteen, Billy Joel, Capital Summertime Ball, Barbarians v Saracens, 3 Play- Off Finals and Harlequins v Saracens. A Club Wembley membership is the only way to guarantee your spot at all of the above. Members own seats on the private tier of the stadium for an average of 10 games per season, and also get first access to tickets and hospitality for all concerts and option events. With a VIP dedicated members concourse, featuring everything from fine dining to gourmet burgers and champagne bars, there’s no better way to enjoy the action off the pitch. Designed to offer something to suit everyone, from luxurious corporate entertaining to memorable employee rewards,

or simply a great day out with family and friends, Club Wembley delivers. And the experience is about to get even better. To commemorate the 10th anniversary of its launch, Club Wembley membership is undergoing a big upgrade from 2017, with a brand new 3 season membership option. Can’t wait until then? Anyone eager to enjoy the privileges now, can join for the last season of the current membership, and move seamlessly into the new programme until 2019. With flexible pricing and several membership options, this really is the time to take your place in Wembley’s history. 2017 also marks the launch of the exclusive 120 Club – offering the ultimate sports membership to a select group of just 120 members and their guests, this very special club will combine the finest hospitality, with the best seats in the house, alongside unbelievable money can’t buy benefits.

To find out more about Club Wembley and the 120 Club, please call Huw Graham on 0208 795 9527. 82 |


Club Wembely inspy.indd 82

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NOW CLUB WEMBLEY IS THE ULTIMATE WAY TO ENJOY ONE OF THE MOST ICONIC STADIUMS IN THE WORLD. Combining the very best seats at the greatest sporting events, with the added luxury of top-class hospitality, sophisticated bars and unrivalled service – it’s like nothing you’ve experienced before. Three-season Club Wembley memberships available now from £1750 ex VAT per seat. To register your interest contact Huw Graham on 020 8795 9527 or


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What a year 2016 turned out to be for Team GB. The 366 elite sports people who made up the team swam, rode, ran, cycled, threw, punched, kicked, tackled, sailed, rowed, shot, paddled and back flipped their way into the history books.

84 |


Olympic RoundUp 4pp V3.indd 84

26/10/2016 12:13

Not only did the team bring home an amazing 67 medals, including 27 Golds, 23 Silvers and 17 Bronze, the team also made the record books as the first country in Olympic history to follow a host games (London 2012) with even more medals! With Team GB finishing in second place on the medal table, Rio 2016 marked a pivotal moment for British sport that was 20 years in the making. Reaching a low point at the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta, when we won only one Gold medal, a decision was made to invest in British sport.

Now 20 years later, thanks to Lottery and Government funding, UK sport is well-funded, with millions spent each year on developing athletes from grass roots through to elite sport. With so many highlights, here at Inspirational Magazine, we asked some former Olympians to pick their stand-out moment...

Gail Emms MBE, Silver Olympic medallist, badminton mixed doubles, Athens 2004 “Of course it was great seeing Marcus Ellis and Chris Langridge win Bronze in the men’s badminton doubles, though I think seeing Charlotte DuJardin winning her third Olympic title by scooping Gold in the individual dressage was a real highlight.”

Derek Redmond, 1991 World 4x400m Relay Champion “My highlight came early in the Games, in fact it was Team GB’s first medal, when Adam Peaty swam his way to Gold in the 100m breaststroke final – not only did he get Gold but he set a world record too!”

Audley Harrison MBE, Gold Olympic medallist, super-heavyweight division, Sydney 2000 “Choosing just one stand-out moment from Rio 2016 is tough, Team GB proved themselves able to compete and win on the world stage. If I had to pick a highlight I’d say Nicola Adams winning Gold in the women’s flyweight. Not only is Nicola a great ambassador for the sport she’s now the first British boxer in 92 years to retain an Olympic title.”


Olympic RoundUp 4pp V3.indd 85

| 85

26/10/2016 12:13


Colin Jackson CBE, Silver Olympic medallist 110m hurdles, Seoul 1988 “This is a tough one. Seeing Usain Bolt winning the treble (relay, 200m and 100m), was a moment I’ll always remember. That being said, my highlight has to be watching GB’s Mo Farah CBE retain his 2012 titles by once again winning the 5000m and 10,000m.”

Dame Kelly Holmes, double Olympic Gold medallist, 800m and 1500m, Athens 2004


“What a fantastic achievement Rio 2016 was for Team GB! Every athlete deserves to feel proud of how they performed. A real highlight for me was Jade Jones MBE’s convincing win in the women’s 57kg Taekwondo final. Jade won her second Gold, at just 23 that is an amazing testament to her dedication and skill.”

UK Sport set the team a target of winning 48 medals at the Games. The target was smashed with a total 67 medals!

Brothers Alistair (MBE) and Jonathan Brownlee competed side by side in the triathlon, winning Gold and Silver medals.

Team GB has champions spread across 15 different sports.

The country had further reason to be proud as Paralympic GB also raced into the history books coming second on the medal table with 147 medals – 64 of them Gold! Inspiring and motivating, Olympians make for engaging and stimulating after-dinner speakers, perfect for a wide range of corporate and social events.

86 |

Nick Skelton OBE became Britain’s oldest ever Gold medal winner, when at the age of 58 he won the individual show jumping.

Swimmer, Adam Peaty took Team GB’s first Gold medal, winning the 100m breaststroke.

Mo Farah CBE retained his London 2012 titles, scooping Gold in the 5000m and 10,000m – achieving the double, double.

Storming into the record books, track cyclist Jason Kenny OBE added to his medal tally from Beijing and London with THREE Golds.

159 ns


To book an Olympic speaker, including many of the heroes of the 2016 Games, at your next event, please call Champions Olympic Speakers on 01509 85 29 27.


Olympic RoundUp 4pp V3.indd 86

26/10/2016 12:13


Visit to book one of our highly talented and affordable SPEAKERS for your next special event! SUMMER OLYMPIANS | WINTER OLYMPIANS | PARALYMPIANS | OLYMPIC LEGENDS | COACHES | ROWERS | SWIMMERS | CYCLISTS

01509 85 29 27 member of

INSPI Olympic AW2016 RoundUp 230x285mm 4pp V3.indd OLYMPIC.indd 87 1


European Association of Speakers Bureaux

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Long before JK Rowling brought us muggles, Quidditch and Dementors, the world’s favourite storyteller, Roald Dahl was weaving tall tales packed with gloriumptious words invented for the very unique worlds he created.

88 |


Roald Dahl 2pp insp.indd 88

26/10/2016 12:14

With an estimated 200 million book sales in 60 languages, here at Inspirational we thought we would take a look over the life and extraordinary works of Roald Dahl to mark 100 years since his birth. At the heart of many of Dahl’s stories is tragedy – James (of the giant peach fame) is orphaned and sent to live with cruel and neglectful aunts, Charlie (he of the chocolate factory) lives in extreme poverty and even The BFG gets bullied by his peers. It was his understanding of children and their love of stories that included threat, adversity and of course, heroes, that enabled Dahl to write with such poignancy and capture the hearts and minds of children for decades. Born in Llandaff in Wales on 13 September 1916, Roald Dahl’s life story reads like an action novel – boarding school adventures, a career travelling the world with Shell Oil, an RAF fighter pilot during World War II and time working for the British Embassy in America. It was while in the States in 1942 that his first story was published – A Piece of Cake which was written for adults, but it was his children’s story written around the same time that garnered the most interest – Gremlins, which later inspired the hit 1984 film of the same name. Dahl has proven a rich source of material for Hollywood and a number of his novels have been transferred to the big screen including Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, The Witches, Matilda and the latest blockbuster, The BFG, directed by Steven Spielberg. As well as the big screen, many of Dahl’s novels have also become hugely successful stage shows. Grounding his characters in a unique mix of reality and eccentricity, it is easy to imagine the characters and scenarios that Dahl created, although it was perhaps the partnership with illustrator Quentin Blake, which began in 1976, that really brought the wonderful world of Dahl to life. The partnership between author and illustrator continued with Blake illustrating almost all of Dahl’s books including The Enormous Crocodile, George’s Marvellous Medicine and The BFG. Dahl passed away aged 74 in 1990, the same year the British Book Awards named him Children’s Author of the Year, and he left behind a wonderful legacy. With books competing against gadgets and computer games for kids’ attention, it is a testament to Dahl’s skill and creativity that with each passing year, new generations discover his work and fall in to the magical world of imagination.


Dahl wrote each book by hand, using a particular type of pencil on yellow paper.


Writing from a purpose built hut in his garden, Dahl kept to a strict daily routine and no one was allowed in the hut!


A school report from 1932 describes Dahl as “consistently idle” and with “limited ideas” when it came to English Composition!


Roald wrote the screenplay to You Only Live Twice in which Sean Connery played James Bond.


The BFG was Dahl’s favourite story.


The inspiration for Sophie, the little girl The BFG befriends came from Dahl’s granddaughter, model and author Sophie Dahl.

7 8

Dahl was prolific – over his career he published 20 books for children, two novels for adults, 19 short stories, also aimed at adults and seven non-fiction books! Roald was named after a famous Norwegian explorer called Roald Amundsen.


Roald Dahl 2pp insp.indd 89

| 89

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TURNING UP THE HEAT - REVOLUTIONARY SOCK BRAND GOES GLOBAL A British born brand making it big around the world? Here at Aspirational we had to investigate, read on to find out more about Heat Holders, a brand going global... It sounds like the start to a Hollywood blockbuster – out of work man uses the last of his savings to start his own business from his garage. Yet, in the case of British entrepreneur, David Doughty, this is no Hollywood script – it is his life! Using the money received when he was made redundant from his job at a well-known Leicester sock factory in 1980, David began manufacturing socks in his garage and selling them on Leicester Market. Thanks to his experience and determination to succeed the business was soon thriving. 26 years later, after manufacturing, importing, designing and innovating socks and partnering with the Ruia Group, the owners of Sock Shop, David was standing on the touchline watching his 13 year old son playing rugby. It was a Saturday afternoon in January, it was sleeting and extremely cold and David realised that despite wearing a pair of his own imported thermal socks that his feet were freezing. David had a moment of inspiration, with the so-called thermal socks he was wearing offering little protection against the biting cold he was going to change things and make a thermal sock that really did keep your feet warm no matter how low the temperature dipped. David knew that the secret to insulation was to trap as much air as possible in the loops that form a thermal sock, therefore a device had to be invented to create the long loop that is now synonymous with Heat Holders.

90 |

HH DPS INSPI.indd 90

Taking his idea from the drawing board to the marketplace wasn’t easy and took years of hard work, re-design and commitment, eventually coming up with an element that forms the long loop in a Heat Holders sock, which is now patented. David explains “Our technology has revolutionised the global thermal socks market and while many others try to imitate them, there is only one Heat Holders!” Another inspirational moment came when David’s eldest son Shane, who has worked with him in the sock business for over 20 years, suggested that Heat Holders socks should be tog tested and this would give a measure of their warmth compared to other thermal socks. This led to Heat Holders receiving a tog measurement of 2.34. David and Shane have tested many other thermal socks and have not found any that come close to Heat Holders 2.34 tog rating. This is due to the patented element that forms the long loop inside Heat Holders socks. Produced in a 3 stage manufacturing process Heat Holders aren’t just about warmth as David explains “Our priority has always been to create products that really do keep people warm, but we also understand that they need to more than that, they have to look great and feel comfortable to wear too!” Using high quality materials Heat Holders products are able to achieve a super-soft feel making them extremely comfortable to wear and with a range of colours, designs and patterns available there is a Heat Holder for everyone. “The difference” said inventor David Doughty “is when we say our products are thermal – we mean it! Our socks offer a TOG rating of 2.34 which so far has not been matched.” In fact Heat Holders not only beat thermal socks but heavy duty walking socks for warmth too making them Seven times warmer than normal socks.


02/11/2016 17:16

From the humble beginnings of a garage, David gave birth to a global brand and now Heat Holders are sold under the Sock Shop brand and distributed around the world. With sales of some 5 million pairs every year Heat Holders is a thriving business and from socks the brand has expanded into gloves, hats, neck-warmers, thermal underwear and even blankets all produced with the same high standards of manufacturing and high quality materials. “Part of the success of Heat Holders” explained David “is that our customers know that they can trust our products and our tog rating to keep them warm and snug but not restricted, important factors in everyday life.” Sold in leading High Street stores, including Debenhams, Next, Matalan and Go Outdoors, Heat Holders continue to go from strength to strength breaking into new markets and launching new products including thermal tights and leggings. “For many people,” explained David, “being cold isn’t just uncomfortable it can cause health issues too, especially in the elderly or those already dealing with illness. Of course Heat Holders aren’t just for those for whom getting cold could be problematic.

Our products are used by people from around the world, from a wide range of backgrounds, from farmers to dog walkers, skiers to brick-layers Heat Holders are trusted to keep people warm so they can worry less about the weather and get on with the task at hand.” Going from selling 1 million pairs in 2011 to now over 5 million pairs a year globally the success of the brand is the culmination of David’s life’s work and his 47 years in the textile industry. “Seeing how much people love our products and how much they can change people’s daily lives, helping them to work for longer in the cold or not feel the pain many associate with cold weather, is so rewarding and makes me very proud to be part of the Heat Holders story.”

As winter draws close keep toasty warm with the exciting range of Heat Holders products including their wide range of revolutionary thermal socks. Visit WWW.HEATHOLDERS.CO.UK to place your order.


HH DPS INSPI.indd 91

| 91

02/11/2016 17:16


REMAKING THE MAGIC – HOW DISNEY MOVIES JUST KEEP ON GIVING As one of the world’s most recognised and loved brands, Disney is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to pulling in cinema audiences. Inspirational Magazine takes a look at the history of Disney and explores the journey it has taken to the present day.

In fact, merchandising now goes hand in hand with a movie’s release and is a key part of the marketing strategy. With a whole swathe of memorabilia available, from toys, clothing and computer games to bed linen, jewellery and teapots – the Disney machine is certainly well-oiled.

Founded in 1923 when brothers Walt and Roy Disney opened a small office in Los Angeles, the Walt Disney Co. started out producing animated shorts. Quickly growing, by 1937 the company released its first feature-length film, the now classic Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs which has grossed over $780,000,000 worldwide.

When it comes to source material, Disney spreads its net far and wide, taking inspiration from everything from classic fairy tales (Frozen was loosely based on Hans Christian Andersen’s The Snow Queen) as well as novels, video games (Prince of Persia: Sands of Time, 2010) and even classic TV shows such as 1950s hit The Lone Ranger.

During its 80 year movie production history, Disney movies have raked in billions of dollars for the company, generating box office sales along with strong revenue in that all-important area; merchandising.

And while new releases such as Frozen, (the 5th highest grossing film ever), The Good Dinosaur and Zootopia have been box office successes, it seems that revisiting old classics is where Disney’s heart lies.

92 |


Disney DPS insp.indd 92

02/11/2016 16:53

Latest re-releases includes a modern re-telling of the classic 1950s Cinderella, directed by Kenneth Branagh and starring Lily James (of Downton Abbey fame), the movie grossed over $543 million at the box office. Released in 2016, and also on track to score big at the box office, is the re-working of 1977 classic, Pete’s Dragon along with Tarzan, featuring an extremely toned Alexander Skarsgård (Zoolander) and our spring/summer cover star Margot Robbie (The Wolf of Wall Street, Focus). While adept at creating a magical world for audiences to lose themselves in, Disney is, after all, a business and remakes are certainly a profitable pathway to explore. For example, Tim Burton’s masterful 2010 reimagining of Alice in Wonderland, originally a Disney cartoon released in 1951, and featuring an on-form Johnny Depp, made in excess of $1bn worldwide. Offering film makers an opportunity to take classic movies to a whole new audience, remakes also appeal to the nostalgia of parents, who are, of course, footing the bill. It is perhaps no surprise that many of today’s new releases are remakes, after all, today’s studio execs, who finance and greenlight new projects, were children in the 60s, 70s and 80s and grew up on movies such as Pete’s Dragon, Tarzan and Beauty and the Beast. Remaking these classic films provides an opportunity to wallow in a bit of childhood nostalgia. Of course, it helps that Disney has such a rich back catalogue to exploit. Since its first movie back in 1937, (Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs), Disney has produced hundreds of films, many of which have won Academy Awards. Oscar® winners include Pinocchio (Best Original Song and Score) which is set for an upcoming remake and 1991’s Beauty and the Beast (Best Original Song and Score), which is also being repackaged and features a predominately British cast including Emma Watson, Ewan McGregor, Emma Thompson and Sir Ian McKellan. It’s not the first time Beauty and the Beast has been reworked, in 2011 Alex Pettyfer and Vanessa Hudgens released Beastly, a modernday retelling of the classic tale aimed squarely at a teen audience. Other re-imaginings to look forward in 2017 and beyond is Mary Poppins Returns with Emily Blunt (Edge of Tomorrow, Sicario), carrying the famous carpet bag and 101 Dalmatians spin-off Cruella, starring Emma Stone (Birdman, The Amazing Spider-Man). And while the future for remakes looks rosy, perhaps don’t expect 1949’s The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr Toad to be hitting your cinema screen any time soon.


Disney DPS insp.indd 93

| 93

02/11/2016 16:53

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We wanted to save people from the pain and irritation of socks that are too tight at the top, so 15 years ago, we set out to create a completely new type of sock – one that would stay up without pinching. We call it Gentle Grip. We uniquely created the three elements that make Gentle Grip so special. First, a fine mesh knit that carefully moulds to the natural contours of your leg. Second, we use special soft-touch cotton to provide all-natural comfort and let your skin breathe. And finally, we got rid of elastic completely and designed Gentle Grip in dozens of beautiful patterns, including snazzy stripes, funky spots and classic argyle. Fifteen years on, and Gentle Grip socks have sold over 30 million pairs worldwide, gaining a loyal fan base in the process. Others have tried to imitate us. But they just can’t match our combination of quality, looks and unbeatable comfort.

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Where the cooks go... Whether you fancy yourself as the next MasterChef or think of cooking as more of a means to an end, getting the right appliance for your kitchen is essential in making your kitchen work for you and your family’s needs. As an independent supplier of a wide range of cooking appliances including hobs, ovens, range cookers, warming drawers and state-of-the-art outdoor cooking solutions, Cookers of Distinction are uniquely placed to guide customers on the right choice for their lifestyle and our range includes leading brands such as Godin, Falmec, ABK InnoVent, Viking, Barazza, Officine Gullo, Pitts Reginox and Alfa Pizza.

Range Cookers


Customers can access expert advice and be assured of

making the right decision. Refrigeration Hobs



Warming Drawers


For more information contact: Simon Barrs 01530 443648 07889 320678




As well as a wide choice of ovens, hobs and range cookers, BBQ’s and pizza ovens at Cookers of Distinction customers can source the complete appliance solution including extractors. What’s more, our trained installation specialists can even install your appliance for you – saving you time and expense.






Range Cookers






Warming Drawers

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Godin Range Cookers and Extractors Range cookers are a great choice for families and those keen on entertaining. At Cookers of Distinction the collection includes Range Cookers, Extractors and Stoves from the respected French brand Godin. This includes a choice of fuel options such as solid fuel, log burners and electric or gas powered. As well as a choice of fuel types, customers will find the Godin collection includes a wide selection of styles from classic designs that add traditional charm to any kitchen, to a sleeker modern style that offers contemporary appeal. With a choice of sizes and colours available it is easy to find the perfect Godin Range Cooker for your kitchen.

ABK InnoVent i-Cooking and Extraction ABK InnoVent is leading in designing, developing and marketing unique high-end stainless steel concepts. ABK InnoVent is an exclusive product brand that manufacturers Extractors, Sinks, Outdoor Products and Cooking Hobs. Updating your appliances is a great time to explore all the different options available. When it comes to choosing a new hob most of us will be familiar with a standard gas or electric hob. Have a look at ABK InnoVent design. The advantages to choosing an ABK InnoVent hob are many, not least the fact they are quick to heat up and cook food.

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Architecture, design, service, gastronomy and the perfect Birmingham location come together like interlocking pieces of a puzzle to form a consistent and coherent concept.

T: 0121 718 8000 98 |



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15 Years of Creating Beautiful Hair for the Individual It has been 15 years since Geiko first opened on Park Street in Leamington Spa. Since then, it has gone on to become one of the most fashionable and prestigious award-winning hair salons in Warwickshire, attracting clientele from all over the Midlands and beyond. Geiko is a contemporary hair salon located in the heart of Leamington Spa offering the highest standards of hairdressing professionalism and all-round service excellence. The beautiful Japanese inspired salon is an oasis of calm, providing a relaxing atmosphere for clientele. While the salon décor has a modern Japanese influence, Geiko is very much about offering the best in classic British hairdressing for both ladies and gents. This is carried out by a dedicated, highly skilled team of professionals embracing the latest techniques in cutting, styling and colouring. This, combined with the flair and experience of the talented creative team and their heritage in fashion, certainly gives Geiko that extra special edge, making it one of the most fashionable and desirable salons in Warwickshire. Geiko actually means ‘woman of art’. And the ‘woman of art’ behind the business is owner and salon director, Paula Moreton, who is herself a Colour Degree Specialist. Paula and her experienced team are passionate about ‘creating beautiful

Geiko Hair SP.indd 100

hair for the individual’, a sentiment which has become the mantra on which the Geiko business is so successfully built on. Clients trust Geiko to give best advice when it comes to style, colouring as well as the health of the hair and post-salon care. They also know, that at Geiko, they will always be listened to and their custom is never taken for granted. These are just a few of the reasons why Geiko has so many long-standing, loyal customers who travel from all over the country to reach the salon. Taking great pride in their work, the team emphatically believes that the loyalty and trust of clients is the very best accolade for Geiko. Having your hair done at Geiko really is a second-to-none experience and a real treat. The salon warmly welcomes new clients so if you would like to make an appointment, please call 01926 885859. Alternatively, visit the website for full service details. Car parking is available on Park Street and adjacent streets, or next door in the Royal Priors Car Park.

Park Street, Leamington Spa Warwickshire CV32 4QN T: 01926 885859

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Get 20% off your bill when dining in our restaurant or 10% off when dining in our lounge. For more info visit or call 0121 7188000 to make a reservation. T&C: Offer valid 30th November 2016, 20% off the main chophouse menu, 10% off the bar menu. Please show this advert to redeem the discount when asking for your bill.

Albert Street, Birmingham B5 5JT 0121 7188000 AUTUMN/WINTER 2016 ISSUE 10

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RESTAURANT GUIDE It’s that time of year again when we all want to get cosy and fill up on hearty meals that warm the cockles of the heart. From rich stews to comfort food such as pies, cheesy pastas and indulgent puds, winter is a great time to feast. With a passion for seasonal ingredients and local produce, renowned foodie and TV personality, Gregg Wallace, rounds up some of the highlights from the Inspirational Magazine fine dining guide… For plenty of choice there is Mailbox Dining, situated in the heart of Birmingham, it is home to a selection of bars and restaurants, including chains, brassieres as well as boutique restaurants serving food from around the world. Venture out to Leamington Spa and the Dining Room at Mallory Court offers an award-winning experience in opulent surroundings. With a focus on locally sourced produce, their menus are always evolving to reflect the seasons. For those looking for a taste of Italy there is Cielo, an award-winning family run restaurant in Birmingham which serves an authentic taste of the Mediterranean. And finally, there is Edmunds, a delightful restaurant that offers a choice of menu options produced from local sourced produce all within sumptuous, stylish surroundings. These are just a taste of the restaurants included within the fine dining guide, read on for more…

Chocolate Puddle Puddings

Ingredients Method 250 g (8 oz) Divine Dark 1. Put the ch ocolate in a Chocolate, bro small saucepan wi ken into th heat gently un the milk and pieces has melted. til the chocolate 300 ml (½ pin Stir in the bra t) milk if using. ndy 2 tablespoon s brandy 2. Beat togeth er the bu tter and (optional) sugar in a bo wl 50 g (2 oz) un fluffy. Gradua until pale and salted yolks, flour, lly beat in the egg butter, softe co ned chocolate mi coa powder and 150 g (5 oz) caster sugar xture. 3. Whisk the 2 eggs, sepa egg rated separate, gre whites in a 25 g (1 oz) se ase lf-raising they hold the -free bowl until ir large metal sp shape. Using a flour 25 g (1 oz) Di of the egg wh oon, fold a quarter vine Cocoa ite s into the Powder, plu chocolate mi s extra for xtu the remaining re, then fold in egg whites. dusting Whipped cre 4. Turn the mi am, to serve xtu (2½ pint) pie re into a 1.5 litre dish or 8cmx ramekins an 8cm d tin. Pour boilinplace in a roasting of 2.5cm (1 incg water to a depth Bake in a pre h) into the tin. he (350°F), Gas ated oven, 180°C Ma 35 minutes in rk 4 - for about about 20 mi a pie dish and ns a crust has for in ramekins - until med. 5. Dust gene rou powder and sly with cocoa serve hot wi th whipped cre am.

Recipe from Gr eg

g’s Favourite Puddings by Gr egg Wallace, published by Octopus Publi shing

For more information on Gregg Wallace, including booking Gregg for your next event, contact Champions Talent Management on 08453 31 30 31 or email 102 |


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Chipping Campden, Gloucestershire

Stratford-Upon-Avon, Warwickshire

The Kings Restaurant delivers modern British food with a contemporary twist. Not so much a revival of old dishes, but a re-interpretation, often with an element of fusion. Head Chef Ian and his team focus on using the freshest, seasonal produce across the Cotswolds, working with local suppliers and farmers to source new and exciting ingredients to inspire his dishes. Ian began his career at 19 and has been nurturing his passion for creating dishes to delight diners ever since. Having lived and cooked in Cornwall for several years, Ian has now moved to the Cotswolds and has been impressed by the diversity and wealth of locally grown produce and the knowledge of the Cotswold suppliers he works with.

The Waterside Brasserie offers guests a relaxed dining experience in a chic environment, complete with its own Champagne bar and beautiful interiors.

Leamington Spa, Warwickshire For those looking for a high-quality, fine dining experience, the Dining Room at Mallory Court boasts opulent surroundings, a world-class menu and a huge number of awards and accolades including an ‘AA Noteable Wine List’ award. The beautiful oak-panelled restaurant has incomparable views of the gardens and Warwickshire countryside beyond. Executive Chef Adam Brown and his team are deeply passionate about each and every dish, and it is this dedication that has earned Mallory Court’s Dining Room a coveted 3 AA Rosettes. With menus bursting with rich flavour and innovation, the dishes reflect the best seasonal produce from local suppliers and the hotel’s own well stocked kitchen gardens and are regularly refreshed to showcase the latest creations from the kitchen.

Behind the scenes the kitchen team work hard to ensure each and every customer enjoys exceptional food showcasing the best local and seasonal ingredients available. Commitment to sustainability, traceability and the environment sets The Waterside Brasserie as a champion of food excellence, introducing customers to some of the finest artisan producers in Stratford and the bountiful countryside beyond.

At Kings Restaurant you will encounter mouth-watering choices like a starter of pan fried scallops, cauliflower and macadamia praline, or main course of seared rump of beef, corned beef & marrowbone, girolles and black truffle. To finish, the dessert menu promises blissful indulgence with the likes of poached rhubarb & custard panacotta, cassis, citrus crème fraiche sorbet.

Food Served:

Food Served:

Open all day Monday to Saturday 12noon - 2.30pm (last orders) 6.30pm - 9.30pm (last orders) and for Sunday lunch 12noon - 3.30pm (last orders). It is closed on Sunday evening.

Breakfast - Weekdays 7.30 – 9.30am. Weekends 8.30-10am Bar - Lunch 12 – 3pm. Dinner 6.30 – 9.30pm Restaurant - Lunch 12 – 2.30. Dinner 6.30 – 9.30pm Afternoon Tea - 2-5pm Sundays - Restaurant and bar both open Lunch 12 – 3pm. Dinner 6.30 – 9pm

Food is served between 7.00am and 11.00pm Breakfast: 7.00am - 10.00pm Lunch: 1.30pm - 3.00pm Afternoon Tea and snacks :3.00pm - 5.00pm Dinner: 5.00pm - 9.45pm Late supper: 10.00pm - 11.00pm

The Dining Room at Mallory Court Harbury Lane, Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, CV33 9QB Tel: (01926) 330 214

The Kings Restaurant The Square, Chipping Campden, Gloucestershire, GL55 6AW Tel: (01386) 840 256

The Waterside Brasserie Waterside, Straford-upon-Avon CV37 6BA Tel: (01789) 298 682

Food Served:


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CHEF DE CUISINE Didier Philipot

“Food is our passion, Wine is our pleasure” WINNER OF 2 AA Rosettes 2016

Menu de Jour from £19.00 Christmas Menu from £29.50 Menu de Luxe (Tasting Menu) £60.00 EDMUNDS Opening Hours Tuesday – Friday 12 -2 & 5.30 – 10 | Saturday 5.30 – 10 | Sunday & Monday CLOSED 6 Brindleyplace|Birmingham | B1 2JB T: 0121 633 4944 | E: |

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Inspirational visits three restaurants at The Mailbox...




From breakfast through to dinner, Côte Brasserie offers a comprehensive menu of French classics in a contemporary bistro setting.

Having recently celebrated its first anniversary, a combination of signature social plates and expertly crafted cocktails has already made it one of the Mailbox’s most popular restaurants.

For a taste of the Mediterranean here in Birmingham, look no further than Bar Estilo at the Mailbox.

Nestled along the canal and home to a large terrace area that is perfect for al fresco dining in the summer, Côte Brasserie is one of Birmingham’s hidden gems. On the menu, you’ll find all the French favourites from Steak Frites, Moules Marinières and corn fed chicken from the heart of rural Brittany, alongside lighter dishes such as Tuna Niçoise, Calamari or Crêpes Provençale. With desserts including Crème Brûlée and Crème Caramel, plus an irresistible collection of the finest wines and Champagnes from the region, it’s bon appétit at this canalside favourite.

Built around the concepts of togetherness and sharing, on the menu you’ll find everything from British favourites and comfort classics to seasonal specials, delicious burgers and more. Come the weekend, it’s the bottomless brunch that has everyone talking. Whether you’re looking for a classic full English, a breakfast sarnie or a stack of buttermilk pancakes, you’ll find it here all washed down with specially created brunch cocktails, or even half a pint of Berocca.

Enjoy a jug of sangria whilst sampling a selection of classic tapas dishes that are perfect for sharing. From fish and seafood, including calamari, prawns and octopus, to meat specialities such as chorizo skewers, chicken quesadillas and lamb tagine, a burst of flavours awaits in every dish. Not forgetting vegetarians, you can also choose from options including manchego cheese, patatas bravas and Moroccan spiced hummus. With a menu filled with signature main courses alongside its extensive tapas range, we also can’t resist finishing with classic churros served with dulce de leche.

With a range of seasonal events and offers throughout the year too, like the recent winter Aspen Lodge, there’s no better place to put your socialising to the test in Birmingham.

Food Served: Sun – Thurs: 12pm to 10.30pm Fri – Sat: 12pm to 11.30pm Bar Estilo: 110-114 Wharfside Street, Mailbox, Birmingham, B1 1RL Tel: (0121) 643 3443 Food Served: Mon – Fri: 12pm to 9.30pm Sat – Sun: 10am to 9.30pm Gas Street Social 166-168 Wharfside Street, Mailbox, Birmingham B1 1RL Tel: (0121) 643 0362

Food served: Mon – Fri: 8am to 11pm Sat: 9am to 11pm Sun: 9am to 10.30pm Côte Brasserie 120-122 Wharfside Street, Mailbox, Birmingham, B1 1RL Tel: (0121) 631 1587

106 | For information please call:

0121 632 1000 Follow us on Twitter - @mailboxlife Like us on Facebook - Mailbox Life

Park at The Mailbox to visit all these restaurants and many more. Wharfside Street, The Mailbox, Birmingham, B1 1RD


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Whether you are a dedicated football fan, obsessive about F1 or simply just love all sports, The Manhattan Bar, which is located within the dynamic Broadway Casino, is the place for you.

and contemporary casino offering a wide range of gaming, which is nestled within the listed Broadway Plaza, The Manhattan Bar is the place to catch up with sporting news while relaxing with a drink and a bite to eat.

With seven screens showing sports all day, every day, including live weekend football, The Manhattan Bar is the perfect place to escape from it all and indulge in your favourite sports.

Available from 1.30pm to 4am, the exciting bar menu includes perfect pick-meups including the house burger, classic fish & chips, along with rump steak or nachos and sandwiches.

And just because the weather has turned gloomy, it doesn’t mean that the sporting outlook has to. In fact, this November and December you can indulge in the 2018 football World Cup qualifiers, Formula 1 Grand Prix in both Brazil and Abu Dhabi as well as Rugby Union Autumn Internationals.

As you would expect from a venue of The Manhattan Bar’s calibre, no sportswear is allowed with a smart-casual dress code in place, creating a stylish and welcoming environment.

With no membership required and its welcoming atmosphere and free parking, The Manhattan Bar is the perfect place to pop in to catch up on the day’s sporting action on the way home from work, or make a night of it by gathering friends together for sporting highlights, great company and a few drinks. As well as a wide choice of sporting action, The Manhattan Bar is also home to exceptional live entertainment hosting everything from top comedy nights to brilliant bands. Keep up-to-date with live entertainment at the bar by following @ManhattanSuite.

With its contemporary interiors and inviting atmosphere, The Manhattan Bar also makes the ideal venue for private parties and conferences. With an experienced events team on hand to ensure everything runs smoothly, this versatile space, which has its own private entrance, features a stage, stateof-the-art AV system and glass wall, which can be opaque or transparent for those wishing to overlook the gaming area. A range of party packages are also available, contact 0121 456 5557 or email to find out more.

B R O A D W AY P L A Z A | B I R M I N G H A M | B 1 6 8 L P

Open seven days a week, The Manhattan Bar provides an indulgent retreat amid the hustle and bustle of city life. Part of the Broadway Casino, an independent


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W W W. D R I N K A W A R E . C O . U K




W W W. G A M B L E A W A R E . C O . U K

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GO ALL IN AT While virtual casinos are big news as more and more of us enjoy the convenience of playing a range of games from our laptops, tablets and smartphones, there is still nothing that can match the thrill, glamour and excitement of a night at the casino. As Birmingham’s premier independent gaming experience, Broadway Casino offers guests an opportunity to join a range of gaming tables, including American Roulette, Three-card Poker, Touchbet Roulette, Punto Banco, Blackjack as well as slot machines. Tables are managed by professional croupiers and the casino is also home to one of the UK’s most prestigious poker rooms in which daily poker tournaments are held - perfect for those looking to up their game. While the thrill of the gaming floor can be infectious, those new to gaming can feel a little overwhelmed which is why the casino offers training tables managed by expert staff where novices can perfect their game face before hitting the main tables. It is this inclusive, friendly approach that makes Broadway Casino stand out from the crowd.

w w w. b ro a d w a y c a s i n o . c o . u k 18+

Broadway Casino & Manhattan Bar DPS Final.indd 108


W W W. D R I N K A W A R E . C O . U K


W W W. G A M B L E A W A R E . C O . U K

02/11/2016 17:02

As well as being a leading casino, Broadway Casino is also fastbecoming the ultimate live entertainment destination. With weekly live entertainment shows, including comedy nights, jazz, salsa and soul performances, all held at the stylish Manhattan Bar which is nestled within the casino, visitors can enjoy a full evening of fun and excitement. Keep up to date with the latest live events @manhattansuite. And for those looking to catch the big game, the bar offers live action sports viewing too, including football, rugby, golf, tennis and boxing in fact, visitors will find a great mix of live sporting events available to watch in the relaxed surroundings of this luxury bar. As well as being a one-stop place for thrilling gaming and live entertainment, also within Broadway Casino is the venue’s fusioninspired restaurant – The Mirage. Tastefully decorated and serving a mix of Indian, Chinese, Italian and Thai dishes, there is something for everyone at this luxury restaurant, including snacks during the day. As regular visitors to Broadway Casino will already know, the atmosphere, lavish interiors and versatile space make it the perfect place for those looking to host a party, corporate event or company conference. Able to cater for parties both large and small a range of party packages are available including the Ace Experience which includes a drink, threecourse meal, casino table training on Blackjack and Roulette along with a £10 gaming voucher. The King party experience is for a minimum of 10 guests and includes a drink, three-course meal, a £10 gaming voucher

along with blackjack and roulette table training. The Queen experience also includes casino table training as well as a £5 voucher, an included drink and a choice from the extensive bar snack menu. For those looking for something a little more bespoke the Manhattan Bar can be privately hired and with a stage area and state-of-the-art AV system it makes for a multi-purpose space. What’s more, the bar overlooks the gaming floor, offering guests a birds-eye view of the fastpaced excitement below and at the flick of the switch the windows can be made opaque, creating a private oasis amid the casino walls. However, if your next event can’t come to the casino, don’t panic, the casino can now come to you with the Broadway Fun Casino! Run by the experienced team of casino managers, the authentic casino experience offers skilled croupiers operating the gaming tables which includes a mix of Blackjack, Roulette and Poker tables. Having recently undergone a rebrand, the casino has launched a new website which reflects the style and ambience of the venue. Through the new website,, visitors can keep up-to-date with what’s happening at Broadway Casino, including the latest live entertainment at the Manhattan Bar and seasonal menus at The Mirage restaurant, alternatively, keep up-to-date at @BroadwayCasino.

B R O A D W AY C A S I N O | B R O A D W AY P L A Z A | B I R M I N G H A M | B 1 6 8 L P

0121 456 5557


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Champions UK plc are very excited to announce the signing of Richard Hadfield, previously lead vocalist of Collabro. Inspirational Magazine speaks to Richard about his upcoming solo career and his ambitions for the future. Richard counts the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge as fans and One Direction as previous label-mates. He sold 320,000 physical copies of their debut album and has toured three continents; “I do not do things by halves” he laughs. It takes guts to step away from something so established that you’ve worked so hard on. However the wickedly talented Richard Hadfield sees these milestones as just the beginning. Sharing the most electrifying news of his career, Richard has confirmed he is negotiating the terms of his first solo record deal; “I have worked so hard to reach this point, I am incredibly proud of how far I’ve come. It wasn’t long ago I was busking to be able to afford a night out with my mates and now I’m recording original swing-inspired music with fantastic writers and producers, I can’t believe it!” His third studio album in as many years, this record is widely anticipated to be Richard’s finest work yet as a newly solo artist. Having shot to stardom in 2014 as lead vocalist with the vocal harmony quintet Collabro, Richard won Britain’s Got Talent and enjoyed phenomenal success, which included a number one album in 2014 and a number two album a year later with Simon Cowell’s SYCO record label. Each album was accompanied by a sold out 31 date UK tour and

very special performances at the O2 arena, Royal Albert Hall, Wembley arena, on Broadway in New York and in Tokyo, Monaco, Hong Kong and Lisbon. Having lost touch with his love of music due to band tensions, Richard bravely walked away from the group on the two-year anniversary of their BGT victory despite another year’s worth of guaranteed work, in the hope of “finding the joy in music once again”. Looking better than ever, Richard has recently undergone a makeover, losing three stone and working hard to tone his physique. “It’s much easier to be healthy when you’re happy” he says of his incredible weight loss. This new body perfectly complements the sharp suits and crisp shirts he wears to sing his new swing/jazz/pop mash-ups that include covers of Michael Jackson and Rihanna as you’ve never heard them before. Richard is proud to create unique covers and reinvigorate the old jazz standards. This December enjoy a rare opportunity to hear the mesmerising performer in an intimate setting as Christmas classics and chart toppers from across the eras are reimagined to flaunt his sexy, soulful tones in timeless songs about love, life and snowmen. Join Richard Hadfield and his band at the Soho Pizza Express Jazz Club on December 10th to experience this exceptional live performer’s first full solo public gig since the former teenage busker shot to success. Read more and listen at

Available for personal appearances, brand endorsements and performances, to book Richard for your next event, call Amelia Neate on 01509 85 29 27 or email


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THE DAYS OF OUR LIVES Once-In-A-Lifetime Corporate Experiences with Cast ‘n’ Blast It’s not all about work in the world of business; there has to be an element of pleasure too. Whether you want to foster team harmony among your workforce or reward your clients, it’s important to take time out from the corporate environment and venture into a different, more casual sphere where people can unwind, relax, and bond. You could take your colleagues or clients for a meal or a drink, but to really show your appreciation, why not take them away into the big outdoors and give them an experience they will never forget? Cast ‘n’ Blast pride themselves on offering clients nothing but the very best when it comes to corporate entertainment. They specialise in country sports, such as archery, crossbow shooting, fly fishing, clay pigeon shooting, falconry and rifle shootings, and operate in the most picturesque country locations across the Midlands, including several stately homes. To ensure you get the most out of your day and these sports, the Cast ‘n’ Blast coaching staff are one of the most highly qualified and experienced in the country, several of whom have even represented their country in their main disciplines. A member of the Cast ‘n’ Blast team will discuss your requirements and expectations for your time with them. During this session they will make sure they know and understand your ability levels, sporting requests, and catering requirements, along with any other additional special provisions. Cast ‘n’ Blast can manage events as far afield as Iceland, Russia, the United States, Mexico and Cuba. They will even consider bespoke requests in a bid to give you exactly what you want from your high-end corporate time away from the office. With a wealth of contacts, industry experts and specialist knowledge at our disposal, Cast ‘n’ Blast can fulfil even the most specific request, from full silver service catering to trips abroad. They can even provide a champagne and cigar bar, which is one of their most popular options to end the day, along with a succulent hog roast. Whether clients are total beginners or more advanced, the Cast ‘n’ Blast coaches have the knowledge and expertise to provide coaching at whatever level is required to ensure you get the most out of your day, whilst your event coordinator ensures your experience is perfect from start to finish. Cast ‘n’ Blast is the ultimate in luxurious, high-end corporate entertainment. Don’t settle for second best – get in touch with Cast ‘n’ Blast today and give your clients or workforce the experience of a lifetime.

Some of the sporting experiences offered by Cast ‘n’ Blast Archery • Crossbow Shooting • Fly Fishing • Clay Pigeon Shooting • Rifle Shooting • Falconry

118 |


GA Cast n Blast DPS AW2016 INSP.indd 118

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Don’t settle for second best – get in touch with Cast ‘n’ Blast today and give your clients or workforce the experience of a lifetime. You can call us on 01332 331 548 Email us at Visit our website for more information at Keep up to date with us socially on Facebook and Twitter


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Discretion assured Confidential divorce and family law advice

When it’s over, it’s over and you need professional advice you can trust. Over the last 20 years national law firm, Woolley & Co, Solicitors has provided expert divorce advice to thousands of individuals. Recognised by Legal 500 as a Leading Family Law Firm our large team of partner level lawyers has over 340 years’ experience advising clients in the UK and overseas. Clients range from farmers and landowners to business people, sports personalities, MPs and celebrities, and all are assured of discretion, professional advice and a flexible approach. Let us take care of your divorce, pre-nup or separation concerns.



Call divorce & family lawyer Michelle Brammer on 01332 416 247 or visit

Head office: Warwick Enterprise Park, Wellesbourne, Warwick, CV35 9EF Also in: Barnet | Bedford | Bicester | Birmingham | Bournemouth | Bristol | Burton upon Trent | Cardiff Coventry | Derby | Great Yarmouth | Ludlow | Market Harborough | Melbourne | Northampton | St Neots Stoke on Trent | Sutton Coldfield | Thetford | Truro | Wells | Wolverhampton Woolley & Co, Solicitors is a member of the Law Society and authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority

Wooley & Co Solicitors SP.indd 120

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Going DIGITAL the Champions way Every year in the UK, it is estimated that British consumers spend a staggering £114 billion on online purchases*. For businesses this represents a fantastic opportunity and with the right strategy even small companies can grab a share of the market and successfully grow their business. “The great thing about successful e-commerce strategies,” said Champions (UK) plc’s Managing Director, Matthew Hayes, “is that they can really level the playing field, helping smaller businesses compete with bigger firms and their larger marketing budgets.” Get it right and an e-commerce strategy can help a business to drive sales as well as build brand recognition and create an open dialogue with customers through social media – giving businesses incredible insights into what their target demographic want. “With digital marketing businesses can really tailor their offer in line with their customers’ expectations,” continued Matthew. “What’s more, when compared to more traditional marketing strategies, with digital it is much quicker and often cheaper to run complete campaigns.”

Does every business need a digital marketing strategy? In short, yes, businesses of all sizes and from all sectors can benefit from an effective digital marketing strategy. While years ago an informational website which directed potential customers to a physical location would have been acceptable, these days consumers expect online ordering 24/7. Businesses have to ensure they are meeting this demand if they are to get a slice of the revenue online trading can offer. For many businesses a key goal is a first page search result, however, with an estimated one billion websites and 3.5 billion Google searches every day, competition is extremely stiff and this level of visibility requires skill and expertise to achieve.

Businesses of all types and sizes can benefit from an effective e-commerce strategy which is where Champions (UK) plc come in. Working with clients from a wide variety of sectors, the Champions approach is to devise an e-commerce strategy based on the specific needs of each client. *Source:

122 |


Champions – eCommerce 4pp AW2016 v2 insp.indd 122

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The Champions approach

The complete service

Utilising our in-house expertise, here at Champions we apply a range of SEO techniques to improve the likelihood of a first page search engine ranking.

As a full-service agency, Champions offers e-commerce and digital marketing services that fully complement our other services, which include marketing, PR and event management.

As a full-service brand agency, here at Champions we understand how many parts come together to make a business work and are able to devise a bespoke digital marketing strategy that integrates seamlessly into other marketing activity. Using a range of techniques, the Champions approach includes:

• Technical audit • Keyword analysis • Competitor analysis • Paid advertising • Content & PR • Conversion optimisation • Link development & outreach

“Wherever your business is in terms of its digital strategy,” concluded Matthew, “with a Champions digital marketing solution we can help develop your business’ online presence so you are able to attract new and repeat visitors, in turn helping to boost sales and improve search engine rankings.”

2016 2015 2014 2013

Depending on your business’ specific needs this may include link development and paid advertising as well as ensuring your site is mobile ready. With more and more internet searches now being done on mobile devices and Google prioritising mobile ready sites, this is an important factor.

£111,516 Annual average: £227,652 Annual


£378,732 Prediction: £+500k Annual




• Content marketing • Web design We offer a range of packages tailored to businesses of all kinds from small start-ups to larger e-commerce organisations which require a greater amount of dedicated hours.

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Champions – eCommerce 4pp AW2016 v2 insp.indd 124

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In profile: Semilac

While a popular choice in its home country of Poland, Semilac was looking for a way to bring its outstanding range of nail polishes to a UK market. A key part of the digital strategy was to educate customers on the benefits on this long-lasting polish, which combines gel, UV and nail polish. Targeting in-salon professionals and consumers, the Champions approach was to build the company a new website which feels aspirational and offers online purchasing. Built using an open source code format the site was fully customisable and built to the exacting needs of Semilac. The on-going strategy includes targeted social media campaigns that take new trends and the latest colours direct to potential customers and interested parties, raising the brand’s profile.

For more details on how Champions Digital can support your business’ online ambitions, contact, 08453 31 30 31 or visit AUTUMN/WINTER 2016 ISSUE 10

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Eastenders star, Nina Wadia

Champions After Dinner Speakers table with Vanessa Feltz

The evening’s host, Derek Redmond with his wife Maria Redmond

In association with

Celebrity Charity James Bond Ball 007 M2K Services table. Mr Maurice Addison and guests

The Ballroom, The Dorchester, Park Lane, London

Soprano Faith Tucker

Friday 3rd June 2016 Stars of screen, sport and song lit up The Dorchester hotel for a James Bond-themed black tie ball in honour of Rainbows Hospice for Children and Young People. As one of Park Lane’s most prestigious and exclusive venues, The Dorchester once more played host to the glittering event, organised annually by brand and celebrity management agency Champions UK (plc).

Sally Windsor and Amy Childs

The night opened with a spectacular Laurent-Perrier champagne reception in true 007 style before guests took to their seats in The Ballroom for a lavish three-course meal. The impressive guest list included William Roache MBE, Amy Childs, Vanessa Feltz, JJ Hamblett, Mark Dolan, Neil Back MBE, Johnny Nelson and Tony Christie to name but a few. MasterChef sensation Gregg Wallace joined Olympic legend Derek Redmond as hosts for the evening, whilst a charity fundraiser was conducted by renowned auctioneer Charlie Ross. Entertainment came in the form of extraordinary classical vocalist Faith Tucker, before The Overtures filled the dancefloor with a selection of hits from the swinging sixties.

Miss Becky Cooper from Farmfoods and guests

Markets move fast. How will I keep up?

Champions are proud to have supported Rainbows for over 14 years, and have succeeded in raising over £1m in funding for the organisation in total through events such as the Ball at The Dorchester. The world is more complex than ever before. Which makes it incredibly challenging to stay abreast of the latest news that could affect your investments. This is where our 900 analysts can help. Constantly monitoring the world’s markets, they provide our investment teams with the information they need to keep your portfolio on track. For some of life’s questions, you’re not alone. Together we can find an answer.

The value of investments can fall as well as rise. You may not get back the amount originally invested.

UBS Wealth Management 3 Finsbury Avenue London EC2M 2AN

UBS Wealth Management 10 Colmore Row Birmingham B3 2QD

Ashley Coombes Tel: 020 7568 4183

Phillip Wood Tel: 0121 262 3432

© UBS 2016. All rights reserved.

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Matthew Hoggard MBE and Sally Hoggard

Dorchester Rainbows Charity Ball_Aspi London Issue 2.indd 138

London Edition


ab 06.05.16 14:25

Maxi-Low table. Mr Ken Crouch and guests

02/11/2016 17:22

Alex Kowalczuk, Michelle Gardiner, Katie Niland and Gail Webb

Graham Bell, Bill Roache MBE, Neil Back MBE, Craig Phillips and Andy Abraham

Reel Cinema’s K C Suri, Faith Tucker and guests

PMGC table - Mr Shez Cheema and guests with Hercules Smith

Cherry Richardson and Dion Dublin

Nina Wadia, Sean Downs and friends

Ola Jordan and James Jordan

Charity game of ‘Heads & Tails’

Dorchester Rainbows Charity Ball_Aspi London Issue 2.indd 139

Tony & Sue Christie

Tim Charlesworth and Diane

Rainbows Children’s hospice table. Andrew Ball and guests

02/11/2016 17:22

The stage is set for an amazing night of entertainment

Raising a toast to the evening’s Official Charity, Make some Noise

Some of the evening’s winners and performers



Rob Kingsley as Elvis prepares to take the stage


Alan Warner FEAA and Executive Vice President of the Agents’ Association

ATHENA, Leicester

Wednesday 29th June 2016 Wednesday 29th June saw tribute acts gather under the roof of Athena – Leicester City’s most unique setting for events – for the 2016 National Tribute Music Awards. Patrick Monahan, comedian and the evening’s host

The awards put the spotlight on the wonderful tribute acts that entertain thousands of people up and down the country all year round.

Lifetime Achievement winners Talon with Nick Taylor of Juice Creative

This year, the awards were in the expert hands of Champions (UK) plc who made the awards the biggest and the best they have ever been by introducing new categories and providing a seamless night of celebration. Guests, sponsors and winners were treated to a gourmet three course meal before a night of entertainment from the host and stand-up comedian, Patrick Monahan, and a selection of some of the many fantastic tribute acts began.

The Chicago Blues Brothers ready to storm the Athena, Leicester

Along with the winners of the 11 awards, another 30 performers were recognised as the best tribute act of their kind, rewarded with an Official UK No.1 Award.

Patrick Monahan with Paul Reason (as Robbie Williams) and his dancers

Amongst the list of attendees were a number of celebrities including 2005 X Factor runner-up, Andy Abraham, Kieron Collins from BBC North and producer of “Stars in their Eyes”, and legendary Comedian and TV Presenter Tom O’Connor. The night not only celebrated the nation’s brightest and best tribute artists but was also the perfect opportunity to raise valuable funds for Global’s Make Some Noise charity, an organisation that supports other brilliant charities across the UK who do fantastic work for families living with illness, disability or lack of opportunity. Bob Johnson of Mazars with Totally Tina and her award-winning dancers

NTMA 2016 DPS.indd 138

Guests party on into the early hours of the morning

26/10/2016 14:19

Category Sponsor



Olli McClellan and Scott Cole of Demand-ing with Nick Tanner, Managing Director of the Glastonbudget Festival and winner of the Music Industry Award



Alan Cutler FEAA, President of the Entertainment Agents’ Association Ltd with Totally Tina, winner of Best Female Artist




Donna Tappin of Grosvenor Casinos with Rob Kingsley (A Vision of Elvis), winner of Best Male Artist




Kelly O’Brien, the UK’s Official UK No.1 Dolly Parton tribute act


LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD TALON Jimmy Jemain, the UK’s Official No.1 Cliff Richard tribute act

NTMA 2016 DPS.indd 139

26/10/2016 14:19

Tony & Astrid Jacklin with Rick Cressman

Gordon Strachan OBE

Paul Broadhurst, Michael Campbell and Tony Jacklin CBE Q&A Session

BRITISH PAR 3 CHAMPIONSHIP Tuesday 26th July – Friday 29th July 2016 Nailcote Hall in Warwickshire was buzzing yet again with professionals and celebrities taking part in the 2016 Farmfoods British Par 3 Championship. Alan McInally

Among the familiar faces gracing the Cromwell Course and the special evening events were 11 former Ryder Cup legends, tournament host Tony Jacklin CBE, Peter Shilton OBE, Jonny Bairstow, Ian Woosnam OBE, Matthew Hoggard MBE, Edoardo Molinari and Neil Back MBE. Also appearing were Len Goodman, William Roache MBE, Esteban Toledo, Alan McInally, Derek Redmond, Brian McFadden, Gail Emms MBE, Lee Slattery, Michael Campbell and – of course – Nailcote Hall owner Rick Cressman.

Jonny Bairstow

European Senior Tour winner Mark Mouland won the professional Championship while Mike Harwood and his partners (racing legend Nigel Mansell and football star Peter Odemwingie) won the team competition. Ron Atkinson and wife Maggie

Mansell also came joint first in one Celeb-Am clash with TV presenter Roy Walker while the second Celeb-Am title was won by former Aston Villa striker Peter Withe. Carl Mason won the Super Seniors for the fourth consecutive time and Strictly Come Dancing favourite James Jordan and Ricky Sturrock shared the Norma C Herd Silver Salver title.

Bobby Davro larks around with evening guests

Various entertainment evenings were organised by Champions (UK) plc, including an incredible Gala Ball hosted by comedian Dominic Holland, a Players’ Banquet and two charity auctions that raised funds for the Rainbows Hospice for Children and Young People. Superb entertainment across the events was provided by The Overtures, The Brothers of Soul, Hercules Smith, Faith Tucker and Bobby Davro. William Roache MBE

Tony Jacklin, Costantino Rocca and Eric Herd



Matthew Hoggard MBE

BP3 DPS 2016.indd 132

Andrew Thirkill, Tommy Fleetwood, Chris Cockerell and Tina Dortmans

02/11/2016 17:35

Dominic Holland

2016 Farmfoods British Par 3 Championship winner, Mark Mouland

Olympic Athlete Derek Redmond and wife Maria

Brian McFadden

Carly Booth

Nigel Mansell CBE

Ryder Cup stars gather for a one-off group shot

Len Goodman

Dominic Holland, Eric Bristow MBE and Keith Deller

BP3 DPS 2016.indd 133

Craig Phillips

Gary Wolstenholme MBE

02/11/2016 17:36


Sam Bailey with fellow Champions Music & Entertainment signee and classical singer, Faith Tucker

Sandy Channer of Gogglebox, Vanessa Feltz and Ben Ofoedu

Sam Bailey Album Launch The Ballroom, The Dorchester, Park Lane, London Thursday 4th August 2016

In association with

Derek Redmond hosts the glamorous evening

Champions Celebrity and 2013 X Factor winner Sam Bailey celebrated the launch of her new album ‘Sing My Heart Out’ at the Dorchester Hotel in London.

Sam performing tracks from her brand new album

On the evening of Thursday 4 August Sam was joined by celebrities and press to officially launch the new music that she has been working tirelessly on since January. During an exclusive performance at the launch party Sam showcased a number of the tracks from the album. The phenomenal album is a mixture of genres, and emphasises just how versatile Sam’s vocal abilities are. She has teamed up with acclaimed music composer and icon Steve Dorff who has worked with industry legends such as Kenny Rogers, Barbra Streisand, Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, George Strait and Vanessa Williams. Steve has also been nominated for six Emmy Awards for his television compositions as well as three Grammy nominations. Seann Miley Moore and friends

Guests enjoyed a canapé and drinks reception before being seated for Sam’s special live performance. The glamorous evening was a huge success with hundreds of guests there to support the powerhouse vocalist on her new and exciting journey.

Former Funhouse presenter Pat Sharp

Celebrities that attended the evening included Vanessa Feltz, Mike Hassini, Jason Burrill, Andy West, Andy Abraham, Danyl Johnson, Sandy Channer from Gogglebox, Linda Robson, Faith Tucker, Hercules Smith, Sam Callahan, Derek and Maria Redmond, Pat Sharpe, Seann Miley Moore, Richard Hadfield from Collabro and Lizzie Cundy. Sam also had the support of her husband Craig and former A1 band member and singer/songwriter Ben Adams who has been an essential part in the writing and producing of the album. Richard Hadfield formerly of Collabro

Sam Bailey Album Launch Inspi London Issue 2 DPS.indd 138

Sam’s album Sing My Heart Out is available to buy in all HMV, Tesco and ASDA stores as well as on iTunes and Amazon.

Danyl Johnson former X Factor contestant

02/11/2016 17:36

John, Roxanna and Louisa Hayes with Sam Bailey and Faith Tucker, pictured with the Champions (UK) plc Events and PR team

Jason Burrill - Winner of 2016 Big Brother

Andy Abraham, Chris Cockerell and Donna Hayes

Sam Callahan former X Factor contestant

Ben Adams and Sam Bailey

Singer Hercules and guests

Mark Dunford and wife Linda Robson of Loose Women

The crowd take their seats pre-performance

Sam Bailey Album Launch Inspi London Issue 2 DPS.indd 139

Mike Hassini and Sandy Channer

Lizzie Cundy and fans

Nick Tanner and Murray Stewart of Glastonbudget with Alan Warner FEAA, Business Manager of Champions Music & Entertainment

02/11/2016 17:36

Phil DeFreitas and Chris Broad

Tony Jacklin CBE and The Belfry team

Tony Christie

Tony Jacklin CBE Belfry Charity Invitational Dominic Holland entertains the guests

Brabazon Course, The Belfry, West Midlands

Lamborghini Aventador

Tuesday 6th September 2016 Celebrities from the world of entertainment and sport came together for a day of golf, great food and fantastic entertainment to help raise funds and awareness for Rainbows- the East Midland’s only hospice dedicated to the care and wellbeing of children and young people with life-limited conditions.

Charlie Ross, Tyrone Hanlon and guests

Two-time Major winning golfer, Tony Jacklin, who is a patron of the hospice, which as well as caring for those children who need it also supports their families and carers, held the day on 6th September.

Champions girls with James and Oliver Phelps - best known as The Weasley Twins in Harry Potter

Those attending included England’s most capped player ever, the legendary Peter Shilton OBE, rugby hero Neil Back MBE, former international cricketer, Matthew Hoggard MBE, rugby union icon, Andy Gomarsall, Scottish golf pro Bernard Gallagher and actor and sports fan, Oliver Phelps who is best known for playing George Weasley in the Harry Potter movies.

Rebecca Cooper, Samantha Brown and friends

Peter Shilton OBE with Sky Sports

TJ Belfry Golf Day.indd 140

Following a shot gun start at 1pm, guests enjoyed a round of golf on the championship-quality course before hanging up their clubs and tees to sit down to a delicious evening dinner. Hosted by Sky Sports golf pundit, Nick Dougherty, entertainment was provided in the form of TV funny man, host and presenter Dominic Holland who kept everyone laughing, along with legendary crooner Tony Christie, who wowed guests with his vocal talents.

Q&A with Nick Dougherty and Tony Jacklin CBE

Champions girls with Alan McInally and guests

02/11/2016 17:40

Glenmorangie Whisky tasting

Guests enjoying the entertainment

Neil Back MBE

Buggies ready to go

Maurice Addison and friends

Group photo of the teams before they head out

Matthew Hoggard MBE with Sky Sports

Sean Cook, Phil DeFreitas, John Hayes and Simon Hill

TJ Belfry Golf Day.indd 141

Chris Cockerell and Peter Odemwingie

Tim Clarke and Roxanna Hayes

Tony Jacklin CBE

02/11/2016 17:40

Owl from the Falconry

Katie Niland of the Belfry

Torie Blythe-Richards, Amajit Snehi & Satnam Sagoo

Outdoor Pursuits & Networking Day Mythe Barn, Atherstone, Warwickshire Team enjoying the Archery

Richard Thompson of St James’s Place and Guests

Tuesday 13th September 2016 Nestled in the stunning Warwickshire countryside and boasting 150 acres of grounds to explore, the exceptionally beautiful event venue, Mythe Barn, played host to the Champions Club Country Pursuits Day.

Rebecca Stafford, Katie Niland, Sophia Hayes & Donna Hayes

Held on 13th September 2016, the day brought together representatives from leading Midlands’ businesses including; Absolute Works, Adrianna Papell, amplify, The Belfry, Champions (UK) plc, Charles Mitchell Wines Ltd., Edwards Insurance Brokers, Fusion Communications, Inspirational Magazine, ISAAC Intelligence Ltd., Johnsons Jewellers, Jonjo O’Neill Partnership, St. James’ Place Wealth Management and Wilmott Dixon Construction.

Champions Club Members and their Guests

Those taking part were able to try a wide range of country pursuits, including falconry and archery as well as trying their hand at air pistol, rifle and clay pigeon shooting. As well as a great social event, the day provided an informal opportunity for networking and was rounded off with a rustic hog roast and champagne supper.

Libby Johnson of Johnson Jewellers & Guest

Pally Sagoo during the Falconry

Champions Club Country Pursuits Day V2.indd 140

Guest enjoying the Archery

Guest enjoying the Clay Pigeon Shooting

Donna Hayes, Rebecca Stafford & Andrew Brammer

02/11/2016 17:36

Jenny Holt and Chameli Chowdhury

Kate Spence with guests

One-off Bentley Continental created by the famous pop artist Sir Peter Blake

Being inspired at Bentley Birmingham Steven and Sara Fullard with Peter and Sarah Marples

At Bentley Birmingham’s newly refurbished showroom

Ben Green, Jake-Nas-Wilson and Elaine Green of S.P. Green & Co Ltd

Friday 10th June 2016

Kate Spence bespoke footwear, inspired by the new Bentley

As part of their summer voyage of inspiration, Bentley Birmingham invited female guests to join them for a special one-of-a-kind exclusive evening of fashion and tailor-made luxury at their newly refurbished showroom. Sipping on Ruinart champagne, invitees had the chance to mingle with inspirational designers from some of the most luxurious and coveted names in fashion to include Alice Temperley of Temperley London and Kate Spence, founder of Spence London and former designer at Jimmy Choo. Other specially selected guests from the world of fashion and art also attended for what was deemed by all to be a very stylish and inspirational evening.

Jeff and Tania Dovey

Lynda Keeble and Julie Harvey

Lamborghini Social SINGLE V2.indd 140

Specially commissioned Bentley GT

Clements & Church bespoke tailoring

Detail of bespoke Kate Spence footwear

Guests enjoying Ruinart Champagne

26/10/2016 13:28

Highfield Dental Clinic Charity Walk Edgbaston, Birmingham

Saturday 1st October 2016 On Saturday 1st October the teams at Highfield Dental Clinic and Goldthorn Dental Practice took place in a charity walk. The walk started at 10am on the cold autumn morning and it rained the entire 14 miles! This did not stop the fantastic team’s moral though; they persevered encouraging each other to complete the walk that raised almost £5000 for the Oncology department at New Cross Hospital in Wolverhampton. This particular ward was a personal choice as it had helped fellow colleagues and family members of the team too. Excellent example of team work and for a great cause too!

Pictures supplied by Highfields Dental Clinic

Highfield Dental Social SINGLE.indd 140

26/10/2016 13:30

Sir Peter Rigby congratulates the chefs

First Place dish: Roast Sirloin by Abhijeet Dasalkar, The Arden Hotel

Sir Peter Rigby presents the first place trophy to Abhijeet Dasalkar

Battle of Eden Mallory Court Hotel, Leamington Spa Saturday 8th October 2016 Eden Hotel Collection celebrated their sixth ‘Battle of Eden’ - a dream dinner party for foodies celebrating the best of British produce from local suppliers. Goody bag selection

Over 130 guests gathered to mingle, sip Veuve Clicquot Champagne and witness a dramatic cook off where the award-winning Eden head chefs competed to win votes for their dishes. At the end of eight courses, guests voted for their favourite dish.

Josefine Blomqvist (of Arden Hotel), Miss Stock and Dean Gunston (of Brockencote Hall)

Mark Budd from Bovey Castle took third place with his creative take on fish and chips, Mark Potts from The Mount Somerset came in second with a deliciously modern coronation chicken, however the star of the show was a roast sirloin dish with watercress puree, oxtail and potato pie from Abhijeet Dasalkar of The Arden Hotel who took a well-deserved first place. The event was sponsored by Moët Hennessey, PSL, Berkmann Wine Cellars, Bablake Wines, Robert Welch and Rybrook Warwick. To explore Eden’s award-winning hotels and restaurants visit Veuve Clicquot Stand

Sir Peter Rigby, Marian Cartter, Mr and Mrs George Campion

Battle of Eden SINGLE.indd 138

Photographs courtesy of Olga Gara Photography

Guests having some fun at the selfie station with the ‘Best of British’

Guests perusing the ‘Best of British’ menu

British themed macaroons

26/10/2016 13:31

Hosts Gail Emms MBE and Gary Newbon

Lifetime Achievement Award Winner Ron Atkinson with Paul Wood from Fischer Future Heat

Marc Reeves, Editor of Birmingham Mail

Guests enjoying the three course meal

Ben and Michael Dyer and team from The Inspirational Learning Group

Edgbaston Stadium, Birmingham

Thursday 22nd September 2016

Guests enjoying the evening

This year has been a brilliant year for British sport. We’ve had the sensational Team GB performances in the Olympics and Paralympics and Andy Murray pushing for the World No.1 position after winning his second Wimbledon title and his second consecutive Olympic gold medal.

Guests playing Stand-Up Bingo

Birmingham was heavily represented at the Rio Olympics and Paralympics so it was perfect that the great and good of the region’s sports gathered to be honoured for their achievements at the Birmingham Sports Awards.

Guests enjoying Champagne Reception

Held on 22 September at the home of cricket – the famous Edgbaston Stadium – the black tie event organised by Champions (UK) plc honoured amateur sportspeople, professionals, teams, clubs and managers. Hosted by Midlands sports broadcaster Gary Newbon and badminton gold medal winner Gail Emms MBE, the event began with a champagne reception followed by a sumptuous three-course gourmet meal.

Andy Miller and team from Grosvenor Casino with Danielle Brown MBE

Then came the handing out of 13 prestigious awards, including Young Sportsperson of the Year, Professional Sportswoman of the Year, Volunteer of the Year and the coveted Lifetime Achievement Award.

Keith Bastian and team from Fischer Future Heat

BPSA 2016 DPS.indd 138

The Birmingham Sports Awards are made possible by a host of sponsors. These include headline partner Sport Birmingham as well as Decathlon, Birmingham City Council, The Inspirational Learning Group, Western Power Distribution, Birmingham City University, Fischer Future Heat, Grosvenor Casinos, Inspirational Magazine, Bodypower, No5 Barristers Chambers, Cartwright King Solicitors and Edgbaston Stadium itself.

The Banqueting Suite at Edgbaston Stadium

26/10/2016 13:34

Category Sponsor



Volunteer of the Year winner Graham Scutt


Team GB member Lily Owsley collecting her award


Kester Jones, Michael Clarke and team from Western Power Distribution


Award Winner Jonathan Leko


BPSA 2016 DPS.indd 139

26/10/2016 13:34

Guests enjoying the evening at The Ricoh Arena

Hosts Gail Emms MBE and Gary Newbon

Lifetime Achievement Award Winner Neil Back MBE

James Haskell receiving his award from Professor John Deane and Graham Bell

Finalists enjoying the Champagne Reception

Ricoh Arena, Coventry

Wednesday 5th October 2016

Guests enjoying Champagne Reception

Hosted by TV sports presenter Gary Newbon and Olympian Gail Emms MBE, the annual Coventry & Warwickshire Sports awards brought together the great and the good of the Coventry and Warwickshire sporting community. Held at the state-of-the-art Ricoh Arena, Coventry, on the 5th October 2016, the awards celebrated the best of professional and amateur sport.

Inspirational Magazine with their guests

Thirteen awards were up for grabs, including a Lifetime Achievement Award, Professional Sportswoman and Man of the Year as well as Team of the Year, Club of the Year and Volunteer of the Year. The glamourous event was attended by over 450 guests who enjoyed a champagne reception followed by a wonderful three course dinner.

Andy Gibb and team from Wasps

Organising the event was leading Midlands’ brand agency Champions (UK) plc, the event also raised much needed funds for Newlife Foundation and The Snowball Trust.

Anna Turney with Professor John Deane and guests from Birmingham City University

2016 has marked an outstanding year for British sport with the awards further highlighting the considerable sporting talent our regions have to offer.


Manager/Coach of the Year Dai Young

CWSA 2016 DPS.indd 138

Representatives from Newlife Foundation

26/10/2016 13:35

Category Sponsor



Gail Emms MBE with Western Power Distribution


Keith Perry, Editor of the Coventry Telegraph


Coventry & Warwickshire Sports Awards 2016


David Fenton and team from Jewson


CWSA 2016 DPS.indd 139

26/10/2016 13:35

Dominic Holland presenting

Emma Jesson hosting

Selim Ozturk with the prize draw winner Chris Everard

Kev Orkian entertains guests

Headline Sponor Turkish Airlines with host Emma Jesson

Ricoh Arena, Coventry

Thursday 20th October 2016 The evening of 20 October saw businesses from around Coventry and Warwickshire walk through the doors of the city’s glamorous Ricoh Arena for a night of celebration.

Guests enjoying Champagne Reception

The Coventry Telegraph Business Awards put the spotlight on businesses and organisations that have enjoyed growth and success in the past twelve months.

Headline sponsor Mazars

Midlands based brand agency Champions (UK) plc were brought on board to breathe new life into the annual awards. Champions certainly succeeded at making it bigger and better than ever. Guests, dressed in black tie and stunning dresses, were welcomed to the venue by a Champagne reception before being escorted into the main hall where they enjoyed a three course gourmet dinner and entertainment from British-Armenian musician Kev Orkian.

John Hayes from Champions (UK) plc and guests

The hosts of the evening were Emma Jesson & Dominic Holland who have worked together on numerous occasions and are the perfect hosting match.

Selim Ozturk of Turkish Airlines delivering a speech

The headline partners of the event were Turkish Airlines, Mazars and St James’s Place Wealth Management ltd. They were also accompanied by category sponsors who included: Allied Irish, Emmerson Press, Harrison Beale & Owen, IKEA, Inspirational Magazine, Jaguar Landrover, Thomas International, PMGC, Dallas Burston Polo Club, Champions Music & Entertainment and Liberty House Group. Without the sponsors the awards would not be possible and they stand as a great role model for other businesses to follow.

Guests in the champagne reception

CTBA 2016 DPS.indd 138

The evening allowed hard working business men and women to down tools and enjoy a night dedicated to celebrating their achievements – Congratulations to all of the finalists and winners.

Evening entertainment from Kev Orkian

26/10/2016 13:36

Category Sponsor


Services Award winner Band Hatton Button Solicitors with Award Sponsor Chris Darlington of Mazars


Sales and Marketing Award winner Apex Recruitment with award sponsor Louisa Hayes of Inspirational Magazine


Export Award winner PRM Newage with Sponsor Douglas Dawson from Liberty Industries


Company of the Year winner Ricoh Arena, with award sponsor Alan Edwards of Jaguar Land Rover

PRM NEWAGE CONTRIBUTION TO THE COMMUNITY AWARD MOTORVATE UK NOT-NOT-PROFIT ORGANISATION AWARD MIDLAND LANGAR SEVA SOCIETY Business Entrepreneur of the year winner Emma Heathcote-James and sponsor Selim Ozturk from Turkish Airlines

CTBA 2016 DPS.indd 139

26/10/2016 13:36

Birmingham’s Broadway Casino opens its doors to premier jive act - The Jive Aces Broadway Casino, Birmingham

Friday 30th September 2016 Broadway Casino, which offers a great range of gaming options in opulent surroundings, also plays host to weekly live entertainment in its Manhattan Bar. In September, the bar welcomed leading live swing and jazz act, The Jive Aces who entertained the audience with their infectious tunes and accomplished musicianship. The six-piece band performed an exciting mix of musical styles including fresh takes on R&B tunes as well as swing and jive classics, all reworked in The Jive Aces’ inimitable style. Up dancing, the audience flicked, kicked, twisted and turned their way through the evening as they swing danced along to the band’s tunes. Nestled within the exciting and lavish surroundings of the casino, the Manhattan Bar is a stylish and contemporary bar which offers weekly live entertainment along with cocktails and delicious bites to eat from the bar menu. Opened since 2005, Broadway Casino is the ultimate destination for a unique evening’s entertainment. From the thrill of the gaming floor to fine dining at the venue’s award-winning Mirage Restaurant, visitors can also enjoy sports screenings and first-class live entertainment. The venue can also be hired for private events. Photographs courtesy of Broadway Casino’s Facebook gallery

Broadway Jive Aces.indd 140

02/11/2016 17:39




MONROE in this edition...


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Inspirational Magazine Autumn / Winter 2016 Edition 10  

Inspirational Magazine Autumn / Winter 2016 Edition 10

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