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Permanent Hair Reduction Is this you? Every day, waging battle with stray hairs, ingrown hairs, overgrown hairs? Tweezing, shaving, isnt necessary. When you add up all the hours spent on this, does it start to make you think that it is time to consider alternatives? If you know that you don't want hair to grow in certain aeas, why continue to repeat hair removal with nonpermanent methods?

Know more about permanent hair removal

Permanent hair removal is defined as long-term, stable removal of hair after a regime of treatment. Every area of the face and body has different needs when it comes to hair removal. Find out more about this by reading 'Know Your Follicle'. Underarms - The area most often treated for permanent laser hair removal is the underarm area. The appearance of hair or hair stubble here is not considered attractive, and many women appreciate being able to eliminate this personal maintenance task from their schedule. Pelvic/Bikini Area - There are a lot of options for hair removal in this area, ranging from clean-up of stray hairs to removing all hair. Some people choose to have a 'french cut' or to be able to wear a particular style of swimsuit or lingerie without concern of hair showing; other people ask to have a design created, such as a 'heart' shape. The choice for no hair is also popular. We are happy to accommodate your personal preference. Facial Hair - Hair problems on the face can be somewhat traumatic; face-to-face contact is important to communication, and when we look our best it helps strengthen confidence. Over-long, dark or coarse hairs on the upper lip, cheeks, chin, brow can result from genetic heritage or hormonal change/imbalance. Beard - The beard is an area that is of particular concern for men. For people with beards that are very dense or coarse, we can perform a small number of treatments that will result in the hair becoming finer and therefore easier to maintain. In this case only a percentage of hair overall will not be permanently removed (less density). Remaining hair will be finer and easier to groom. In most cases this will eliminate shaving rashes, because another problem common with beard growth is ingrown hairs, which can be very uncomfortable. Neck - The front of the neck is a frequently requested area of concern for men, particularly because of problems with ingrown hairs. Please see 'beard' above.

Ingrown Hair - Ingrown hair occurs when hairs attempt to grow but do not break through the exterior of your skin, growing sideways along or under your skin. It is also caused when curly hairs rotate and grow back into the skin. Only laser treatment or electrolysis can permanently eliminate this problem. FIND OUT MORE Legs - Women spend a great deal of time shaving or waxing their legs in search of ideally smooth skin. But 1-2 days after this effort is applied, the hair is already re-growing and the skin is no long perfectly smooth. Arms - Some women consider the hair on their arms to be undesirably long or dark. This is particularly common for women of Mediterranean or Indian ancestry. Laser treatments can reduce hair growth on the arms so it is finer but not eliminated, or can remove all hair permanently. Torso and Back - Although women sometimes have concerns about hair growth on the torso, particularly breast areas, usually it is men that have the most concerns with hair growth on torso and back. Laser treatments can reduce hair growth on the arms so it is finer but not eliminated, or can remove all hair permanently. We are committed to the highest level of service and friendly atmosphere at Champion Laser & Electrolysis, and proud to welcome women, men and people in gender transition (GBLTfriendly). For more details contact: Suite 222, 1632 - 14th Avenue N.W. North Hill Shopping Centre Calgary, AB T2N 1 M7

Champion laser permanent hair removal  

If you want to know about permanent hair reduction or painless permanent hair removal, We are committed to the highest level of service and...

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