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YOU’VE FOUND THE BEST... Thank you for your interest in the Champion Cheer Athletics All-Star program. Since we opened in May of 2004, our athletes, coaches and families have made a positive and outstanding impact in all-star cheer throughout Oregon and beyond. We look forward to the new season as we take our teams to the next level athletically, and continue to represent the sport with integrity, sportsmanship and excellence. Our program currently serves the beginning through elite level athletes. We pride ourselves on being able to create successful teams at ALL levels. Champion Cheer Athletics and its athletes have won more than 70 National Championships in just seven years! We are confident in our ability to teach our athletes how to better their skills and help them reach their athletic potential. More than that, we believe our program serves a greater purpose. Our goal it to teach our athletes the skills they will need to be “champions for life” – through teamwork, standards of excellence, perseverance and leadership. Many all-star programs come & go, but Champion has a long-lasting & proven track record. You can count on us to be an organized program that provides an incredible experience for your child. As you read through this information, please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions! We look forward to serving you, and welcoming you into our Champion family!





At Champion Cheer Athletics, we strive to make the placement process fun! Though space on teams is limited, we do our very best to place every interested athlete on a team. Once we have evaluated everyone, we begin to assemble rosters and teams. Many factors go into each athlete’s placement, and we strive to create balanced teams within each level, with a variety of well-rounded individuals & skills. Please remember NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY for our LEVEL 1 & 2 teams!! Try-outs will be closed to all spectators.

Saturday, May 14th

Ages 4—8: 10—11 am Ages 9—11: 12:00 –1:30 pm

Sunday, May 15th Ages 12—18

(*Level 1 & 2 tumblers) 1:30—2:30 pm Ages 12—18

(*Level 3, 4 & 5 tumblers) 3:30—5:00 pm

Please attend the team placement session for the age you will be on August 31, 2011. Clinic Attire: Please wear cheer shorts (elastic banded shorts) & t-shirt and cheer shoes if you have them. Hair up & off face. *Level 1 & 2: Beginner & those with a solid round-off *Level 3, 4 & 5: Minimum of a backhandspring—standing or running.

CHECK LIST FOR PLACEMENT CLINICS _____ Copy of Birth Certificate (new to Champion) _____ Medical Release Form (located in packet) _____ Questionnaire (new & returning members) (located in packet) _____ Try-Out Fee ($25) All returning athletes’ accounts must be current to try-out for the 2011-12 season. All forms must be completed and returned along with your Placement Clinic fee and copy of birth certificate. All athletes will be evaluated on individual skills as well as their basing/flying ability. Results from placement clinics will be posted on our website at by 10 am, Monday, May 16th. REGISTRATION Registration will take place May 17th, 18th & 19th during regular gym hours. Athletes selected for teams will be required to take tumbling during May. Regular team practices will begin in June 8th & 9th, 2011.



The United States All-Star Federation (USASF) provides for the following age divisions. To avoid an athlete’s eligibility changing during the year, there is a “cut-off” date. How old you are on August 31, 2011 will determine your “competition age” for that entire season.

Tinys Minis Youth Junior Senior

5 and under 8 and under 11 and under 14 and under 12—18 years old


There are currently 6 competition levels. The “level” refers to the type and difficulty of stunts, pyramids, tosses, and tumbling that a team is allowed to perform in their competition routine. They are numbered from 1 to 6, in increasing difficulty. (Level 6 is rarely used and is exclusive to college-aged athletes.) The level is determined solely by the coaching staff. There has been a steady upward trend within the levels over the past few years. The best teams at every level are MUCH stronger now than they used to be. A team that would have easily won a Level 4 division a couple of years ago could be below average at that level now. To achieve high scores, the vast majority of the athletes on a team must be able to do all the hardest skills allowed at their level with great technique. This essentially means that the standards for determining when an athlete will move “up” are much higher than they have been in the past.

Size of Team

Teams are also divided, at some age levels & divisions, by the number of athletes on the team. 20 or fewer athletes is a “small” team and 21—32 is a “large” team. At some competitions, depending on the number of teams competing at the event, small and large teams may be combined together.

Team Selection

Rosters for our teams are designed, as best we can, to give each team a roughly equal chance for success within their division. Much like other sports, a variety of skills, abilities, and even body types are necessary to give the teams the best opportunity to place highly at competitions. Every athlete is on a team for a reason...some will be stronger tumblers than others, some will help us out with stunts more than others. The most common confusion or misconception from parents and athletes relates to tumbling ability. Proper technique is crucial, as well as the ability to perform a trick consistently, on a spring floor, under pressure, in nearly any scenario. A parent’s version of “my child has a layout” can often be dramatically different from the coaching staff’s and this can lead to confusion about team placement. The second most common confusion comes from dramatically overestimating the importance of tumbling compared to other factors. As mentioned already, there are many factors that go into determining the best spot for an athlete, not just how well they can tumble. We consider all areas including maturi3 ty, prior attendance & responsibility, stunting, pyramids, jumps, dance, age and attitude.

Team Selection continued Please note that no athlete has a guarantee of a spot on a particular team. Just because an athlete was on a particular team or level one year, does not mean that will be the case for the new year. Also note that no athlete has a right to any particular role or location in the routine. Coaches change stunt groups & formations for a variety of reasons, many of which have nothing to do with the relative ability of the athletes in question. For returning athletes: CCA will consider prior attendance records, attitude, teamwork and commitment in making decisions regarding team placement. Being a returning member does not guarantee a spot on a team, nor guarantee placement on the same team/level from year to year. For new athletes: CCA reserves the right to change an athlete’s placement or remove the athlete from the program if attendance, attitude, teamwork and commitment are not acceptable or hindering the team goals.

PLEASE NOTE THAT BEING ON A TEAM IS…. A FULL SEASON COMMITMENT: June—April Please understand that by trying out for a team, you are committing to that team for a full season. Unlike other sports who have back-up players or a “bench”, all-star cheer does not. Every team member is vital & integral to the success of the team. Leaving the team mid-season causes great hardship for the team & coaches, as often the entire routine needs to be re-worked. If you leave a team mid-season you forfeit any refund on any fees & are responsible for tuition for the remainder of the year. When you make a team, you are being given a spot that we are counting on for an entire season.

“The nice thing about TEAMWORK is that you always have others on your side.” 4

All-Star cheerleading is a great place to learn teamwork & discipline, while working toward goals and creating life-long friendships.

Schedules & Important Dates

Champion Cheer Athletics is an organized program. Athletes are expected to attend ALL practices and competitions as a team. We realize many children and young adults are involved in a variety of activities; however, we cannot make exceptions for schedule conflicts. All teams will have a set practice schedule that will be announced with the team rosters. We do not vary from that schedule, and we expect top priority and 100% commitment. Many other programs allow students to miss practices without accountability or regard for the ones that are faithful and show up. We are able to keep practices to a minimum because our practices are mandatory and productive. We rarely schedule extra or unexpected can count on our schedule! Important Dates to Remember: May 14th & 15th Try-Outs May 17th, 18th & 19th Registration May 30th—June 3rd Memorial Day Weekend June 8th & 9th Team practices begin July 4th—8th Fourth of July Holiday—Gym Closed July 21—31 Team Choreography August 29—Sept. 5th Vacations/Labor Day—Gym Closed November 12th Competition Kick-Off Event November 23—27th Thanksgiving Break December 19-Dec. 30th Christmas Break

This is an incomplete listing of our dates. Dates for competitions, summer camps, etc. will be added as we receive them. Please note: You are allowed up to 3 absences for summer vacations during the months of June— August. If you anticipate a longer absence, please speak to a Champion Director, as this may affect your team placement. Attendance at Choreography Camp is mandatory. We will finalize the dates of choreography once we make team selections.

We are holding the week of July 21—31 for all of our team choreography. PLEASE DO NOT SCHEDULE ANY VACATIONS DURING THIS TIME.


Program Costs Competitive cheerleading, while not as costly as some youth activities, does have required fees & expenses. However, we feel the benefits that your child will receive are well worth a families’ effort to provide this experience for their child. The kids in our program tend to excel in school, be active in their churches and communities, and develop active & healthy lifestyles. Many of our athletes also compete for and earn college scholarship money through their participation in all-star cheer. At Champion Cheer Athletics, our all-star teams are on a 10 month program. We will begin practicing as a team in June 2011 and continue through the end of March or early April of 2012. We continually strive to make our program as affordable as possible, present all costs up-front, and provide different payment options to help families budget. Our Fundraising Team also offers voluntary fundraising opportunities for you to off-set your cheer expenses.

Fees for 2011-2012. See the chart on Page 9 for a cost list by team level. Registration & USASF Athlete Membership Uniform (Plus shoes & accessories) Music & Choreography Camp Summer Camp

Monthly Tuition Practice Wear Competition Fee Nationals Fee (traveling teams only)

2011-2012 Team Tuition Monthly tuition is based on team level: Team

Monthly Tuition

Level 1


Level 2


Level 3


Levels 4 & 5


Champion Cheer Athletics was recently named “Program of the Year” for 2010-2011 by Cheerleader & Coach Magazine & PacWest Championships!



The annual registration and insurance fee includes placement clinics, registration & account set-up, secondary medical insurance, and our end of the year awards and special programs. In addition, the USASF will now be requiring each athlete to register as an official member of the USASF in order to compete at USASF sanctioned competitions. The USASF will regulate athlete eligibility & verification, they will provide additional insurance, scholarship opportunities, a bi-monthly magazine & athlete education. The registration fee for our competitive all-star teams for one season is $100.


Champion Cheer Athletics will designate each of our teams as “traveling” and “non-traveling” teams. Our “non-traveling” teams will attend approximately 5—6 competitions that are located 1 hour or less away, and 1 competition within driving distance, but that will require an overnight stay. The competition fee for the “non-travelling” teams will be approximately $300* per athlete. Our “traveling” teams will attend 5—6 competitions that are located 1 hour or less away, 2 competitions that are driving distance but require an overnight stay, and at least 1 distance competition that will require air travel. The competition fee for the “traveling” teams will be approximately $525* per athlete. For our traveling teams, please note the National fee is included in the competition fee. If the coaches determine a team will attend a second distance competition, the Nationals fee will discussed with the parents and will be due outside of the regular competition fee. All travel costs including airfare, hotel, etc. are the responsibility of each family. *The competition fee will be finalized by registration, as many of the competition companies have not yet published their rates for next season. If you do NOT want your child considered for a traveling team, please indicate on your questionnaire or speak with the Champion staff prior to placement clinics. Indicating your willingness to participate on a “travelling” team, does not necessarily mean the team your child is selected for will travel. Typically our older & higher level teams will be the travelling teams, so as to create an excitement & motivation for our younger athletes to strive for.


Attendance at choreography camp is mandatory. Every year, our team members and coaches look forward to our exciting choreography camps. It gives team members an opportunity to improve their skills and bond as a team while learning their routine for the year. We feel it is a worthwhile investment to give our athletes the best routine possible, as this is the basis for their success in competitions all year long. No refunds or credits will be given if an athlete can no longer continue with the team. Tiny & Mini Teams - $100 per athlete Choreography & music is done during regularly scheduled practices. Youth, Junior & Senior Teams - $200 per athlete, Choreography will be held between the dates of July 21—31st. Please hold these dates on your calendar.



Our Youth, Junior & Senior teams will be attending Ropes Camp, while our Tiny & Mini teams will be engaged in a special team event designed just for their age! Truly a highlight of the year, the teams learn teamwork, trust and how to conquer their goals while working together. You can be assured your athlete will learn & grow and create life-long memories! Tiny, Minis, Youth, Junior & Senior (non-travelling): $25 Junior & Senior (travelling): $50


Practice wear is required for each athlete. The cost is $30, and sizes will be turned in at registration. Athletes will be required to wear their practice clothes & cheer shoes to every practice. Lost or damaged clothing will be replaced at your expense. Also please note there is NO JEWELRY allowed at practices and competitions. Please do not allow your athlete to get a piercing that cannot be removed completely. This is not only for appearance sake, but for the safety of all athletes. Our program is about building champions and teaching responsibility to our athletes. It is imperative that they understand and follow these rules.


Tinys & Minis: Athletes on our Tiny & Mini teams will purchase their entire uniform at a cost of $145. Youth, Juniors & Seniors: In order to keep costs to a minimum, we offer a lease program for our uniforms. For the lease fee of $125 girls will get a custom uniform top & skirt which will be returned to Champion Cheer Athletics at the end of the season. Athletes are expected to take good care of their uniforms, as they will continue to be used for 3 consecutive seasons. At the end of the third lease season, the girls are allowed to keep their uniform as a keepsake. Uniforms are also available for purchase if you prefer to keep your own uniform, rather than lease from year to year. ALL team members will need a bow, cheer shoes. Youth, JR & SR teams will also require a sports bra. The accessories package for Minis is $20, and $40 for Youth, Junior & Senior teams. Shoes are $75. Optional items such as warm -ups, sweatshirts & backpacks are also available.


FEES These costs are in addition to monthly tuition.

Tiny & Mini

Youth, Junior & Senior

Junior & Senior




Placement Fee




Paid at try-outs





Paid at registration

Practice Wear




Payment plan





Payment plan





Payment plan

*Purchase on your own



Payment plan

Day Camp




Payment plan





Payment plan





Payment plan


We strive to make all-star cheer affordable and have many payment plans to work within a families’ budget. Once your fee total is determined, you can select to pay by one of three options. If you don’t see an option that works for you, please feel free to speak to us! Fee Payment Options Pay in full at registration. Pay in 3 equal installments – June, July & August Pay in 6 equal installments – Monthly from June through November Fees Payment Method #1 Fees payment will be drawn automatically from your checking/savings account. There will be no service charge for this option. Each athlete will also be required to keep a back-up credit card on file. If your automatic checking/savings returns NSF or Invalid, Champion Cheer Athletics will automatically use the credit card on file plus $25 service fee. Fees Payment Method #2 Fees payment will be charged automatically to your credit card on file. There will be a 3% service and handling fee for this option. Each athlete will also be required to keep a second credit card on file, as well. If your preferred credit card returns declined or expired, Champion Cheer Athletics will automatically use the second credit card on file and add a $25 service fee in addition to the normal service and handling fee. Family Discount Policy: The oldest child pays full tuition; each additional sibling receives a 25% discount on monthly tuition. Refund Policy: Monthly tuition is a reflection of yearly costs. Therefore, there will be no refunds if an athlete chooses not to continue to participate, or if they are removed from a Champion team. No refunds will be given for fees once they are paid.

“The achievements of an organization are the result of the combined effort of each individual.” Vince Lombardi


“Most look up and admire the stars. A CHAMPION climbs a mountain and grabs one!” GOT QUESTIONS? We realize this is a lot of information...please don’t hesitate to contact us so we can help you plan for your child’s participation in one of the most fun & rewarding sports today. We look forward to hearing from you!

CONTACT INFORMATION Champion Cheer Athletics 3540 Brooks Ave. NE #1 Salem, OR 97301

Website: Gym Phone: 503-391-7999 E-Mail:

Champion Cheer Athletics named “Program Champions” & $1000 prize winners at the ATC Regionals in Portland, OR.


CHAMPION CHEER ATHLETICS NEW & RETURNING ATHLETES—Please turn in this Questionnaire at Placement Clinics.

Athlete’s Name__________________________________ Birthdate (mm/dd/yy)____________ Best phone to reach you: ______________________________________________________ E-mail Address: ______________________________________________________________ Grade for 2011-12 _______________ School attending in the Fall:__________________________ AGE on August 31, 2011: _______________ Are you new to tumbling? _______ If not, please list any tumbling and/or gymnastics skills: ___________________________________________________________________________________ Have you cheered before? __________ Where & for how long? _______________________________ If you’ve cheered before, please list your stunting strengths: ___________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________ Clubs, teams, organizations that you plan on participating in while also participating on a Champion Cheer team: ___________________________________________________________________________________ Please list any other activities that might conflict with cheer, vacations, school clubs, etc. _____________________________________________________________________________ Teams interested in: _____ Non-Traveling Teams ____ Traveling Teams Would you be interested in cross-competing on two teams? ____________ Would you be interested in an alternate position on a team? ____________ How did you learn about Champion Cheer? _____________________________________

Champion Use ONLY:







Birth Certificate  Medical Release  Questionnaire  $25 Payment __________ 11

Participant Information & Medical Release Name:

Birthdate (mm/dd/yy):



School Attending:

Grade (2011-2012):

Email Address: Parent/Guardians Names: Mother’s (H)



Father’s (H)



If Parent’s cannot be reached, please contact:


Doctor’s Name:


Insurance Company:

Policy Number:

Have you had any medical problems or allergies that may interfere with cheerleading/tumbling? Describe the problems or limitations: Do you have medication for this, with you? If yes, please describe:

Medical Treatment Authorization and Liability Release The risk of injury to my child from the activities involved with cheerleading and all other aspects of this program are significant, including potential for permanent disability and death, and while particular rules, equipment, and personal discipline may reduce this risk, the risk of serious injury does exist. I fully understand that Champion cheer staff members are not physicians or medical practitioners of any kind. With the above in mind, I herby release the Champion Cheer Athletics staff to render temporary first aid to my child or children in the event of any injury or illness, and if deemed necessary by the Champion Cheer Athletics staff, to call our doctor and to seek medical help, including transportation by any Champion Cheer Athletics member and/or its representatives, whether paid or volunteer, to any health care facility or hospital, or the calling of an ambulance for the child should the Champion Cheer Athletics staff deem it necessary. For myself, spouse, and child I knowingly and freely assume all such risks, both known and unknown, and assume full responsibility for my child’s participation. I hereby agree to release Champion Cheer Athletics L.L.C. and hold Champion Cheer Athletics directors, staff and volunteers harmless of all liability, and hereby acknowledge that I knowingly and voluntarily assume full responsibility for all risks of physical injury arising out of active participation in cheerleading which includes stunting, tumbling and other physical activities associated with this sport, on behalf of the participant. I am aware that this is a release of liability and acknowledgment of my voluntary and knowing assumption of risk of injury. I have signed this document voluntarily and on my own free will in exchange for the privilege of participation.


Date: 12

Frequently Asked Questions Q. A.

What exactly is competitive all-star cheerleading? All-star cheer is one of the fastest growing sports today, now nationally recognized on television networks such as ESPN, Fox Sports and others. It is a team sport for kids of all ages and abili ties who come together to learn and practice skills such as tumbling, jumps, stunting and dance. These skills are then incorporated into a high-energy, acrobatic type routine that is scored by a panel of judges at local, regional and national competitions. The judging is subjective, similar to gymnastics or figure skating and incorporates elements such as difficulty, execution, choreogra phy & showmanship.

Q. A.

What kind of commitment does being part of a team require? Weekly team practices and tumbling classes are required for the individual and team to learn their skills and eventually perfect them in a routine. Cheerleading, like gymnastics, is a year round sport because of the tumbling elements that require continued training for proper & safe progression. In addition to the practices, the team competes & performs throughout the year. During the competition season, this will likely mean 6—10 Saturdays and/or Sundays between the months of November through April. We also recognize families like to travel & vacation dur ing the summer and we allow for these “excused” absences with advance notice.

Q. A.

My daughter is young, will it be too much for her? Every team is geared specifically to the age. For example, our youngest “Tiny” team only prac tices once per week and we make sure to teach in a way that is FUN and understandable for even our youngest athletes. At Champion Cheer, we pride ourselves in encouraging the kids to have fun while challenging them to succeed as individuals and as a team. The music, uniforms & choreography are all age-appropriate, wholesome and display a high level of integrity that makes the athletes and parents very proud.

Q. A.

Does my child need to tumble to get on a team? No! That is what we are here for! We strive to place every interested athlete on a team that is appropriate for their age & skill level. We look forward to teaching all athletes safe tumbling pro gressions...from the 4 year old beginner to the 18 year old elite gymnast!

Q. A.

Will I be able to afford it? Competitive cheer is definitely an investment of time and money. However, for the quality and quantity of instruction you receive from Champion Cheer, we believe you are wisely investing in your child, helping them achieve their dreams and learn many life-long lessons including team work, sportsmanship, discipline, time-management and so much more. We also offer many fundraising opportunities for you to become involved with to help off-set your expenses. Also, there are more and more opportunities for athletes to receive scholarships at the collegiate level, based on their experience with all-star cheer.

Q. A.

Is this a safe sport? Definitely. Though athletic injuries can happen like in all sports, the risks in cheerleading are minimal when proper safety and progressions are taught. The safety of our athletes is our num ber one concern at Champion Cheer. Cheer safety requires a team approach, and that team in cludes the athletes, coaches, gym directors and parents. Together, we can minimize the risk to our cheerleaders and maximize the benefits of participation in this popular athletic activity. The backbone of a safe program is made up of qualified, caring and safety-conscious coaches. At Champion, our coaches are USASF and AACCA certified which means they know & under stand how to properly teach the skills required by the sport.

Parent references are also available! If you would like to hear from others parents who have children in our program...please let us know. We are happy to provide you with contact information...just e-mail us at or give us a call! We want you to feel comfortable with our program & what we have to offer. 13

Champion Cheer Athletics  

We are a gym that offers competitive teams for all ages and skill levels as well as tumbling classes.

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