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Review of Super Bowl XLVI! Summer Olympics 2012 in London, England! Best NFL QB Tebow, Rodgers, Brady, or Brees?

Target Audience: Our magazine would mostly be targeted toward men, ages 14-20 but could also reach women. Income and education would not be very important factors because neither of them have a strong impact on an interest in sports. Mostly be targeted toward people living in America, but could be interesting to those outside of the U.S. This magazine would reach a wide variety of viewers and would include articles for all kinds of fans.

Mission Statement: Our mission is to provide readers with all the news, scores and upcoming events of the sports world.

Editorial Calendar 1. Final for the Copa Del Rey, who could it be? 2. Super Bowl XLVI, Indianapolis, Indiana! NY Giants vs NE Pats! 3. 2012 Summer Olympics in London, just six months away! 4. Lebron James Vs Kobe Bryant 5. Mayweather or Marquez, who is the next opponent for Pacquiao? 6. Best NFL QB Tebow, Rodgers, Brady, or Brees? 7. AFC defeats the NFC in 2012 Pro Bowl, 59-41! 8. Mexico vs Brazil, Cowboys Stadium, June 3rd!

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