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Hollywood and the TLM An Interview with George Sarah By Teresa Limjoco, MD

He is a well-known film score musician, a former atheist who had a near-death experience and the head of the Una Voce chapter in Los Angeles. George Sarah recently sat down with Regina Magazine to discuss his conversion, his music and the growth of the Latin Mass in of all places, Hollywood!

What is your cultural and religious background? I was born in Seoul, South Korea and moved to the United States at the age of five. My Mother is Korean and my Father is German by heritage though he was born in Kansas. He was an attorney who practiced Law in Japan. I did not have a lot of religion growing up. My family attended a protestant church now and then about three or four times a year but I really was not interested. Before you became a Catholic at Easter 2006, what were your beliefs? I was an Atheist. In 1995 I was in a very terrible car accident. My car was completely totaled and I was blessed to be alive let alone have any injuries. I truly felt there was divine intervention at that moment and I knew there was more. After that night, I started reading spiritual books and attending different religious services. I read books about near-death experiences as well as participated in Buddhist workshops but none of it felt complete.


Regina Magazine | Christmas Special 2014

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