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Chamos improves the wellbeing of children in Venezuela by supporting education and healthcare projects. By investing in these two interconnected areas that are so key to children’s development, and that have been severely affected by the ongoing humanitarian crisis, we aim to provide dignity, hope and opportunities to children across the country.



MARIANA SIBLESZ DE ALVAREZ CHAIR When Chamos was first founded in 2007, it was a small organisation of volunteers, united in their commitment to improve the wellbeing and opportunities of children in Venezuela.

committed team, who work passionately every day – many of them donating their time pro-bono – for our cause. And of course, the biggest thanks goes to our loyal supporters, who have helped us take these steps – steps towards creating a Venezuela where every child is healthy, happy, and educated. Thank you to every single person who has joined us on our journey so far.

In the 13 years since, we have grown into a global organisation, reaching over 40,000 children and sustainably building the capacity of our network of 22 local partners.

In gratitude,

The past year in particular has been truly transformational. We have set up a delegation in Spain; expanded our team, including contracting a Logistics Coordinator in Venezuela; accessed grant funding and corporate partnerships for the first time; and carried out our WASH programme – our biggest and most wide-reaching project to date.

Mariana Siblesz de Alvarez Chair, Chamos UK

None of this would have been possible without our incredibly 6


ANDREINA PALMA PRESIDENT, SPANISH DELEGATION One of the things we are proudest of at Chamos is our growing community of supporters – an amazing network of dedicated individuals, groups and organisations that spans the globe.

it also meant that our help was needed more than ever. This prompted us to launch our WASH programme, which provides water, sanitation and hygiene resources and infrastructure across the country. We work hand-in-hand with the UK team, jointly managing projects and driving our growth strategy. The WASH programme has not only enabled us to tangibly support and build the capacity of our partners and the communities they work in, but also provided us with invaluable opportunities to learn and grow as an organisation.

With the strong presence of the Venezuelan diaspora and the close links that many Spaniards share with our country, it was natural for us to expand our charity to Spain. In early 2019 we began working on setting up a Spanish delegation and received a warm welcome. This step has enabled us to connect with a growing base of supporters, as well as access a whole new pool of support – unlocking opportunities to raise funds and awareness and engage generous volunteers whose skills add incredible value to our work.

I couldn’t be more grateful to everyone that has made this such a landmark year for Chamos. In gratitude,

This year was our first full year of being registered in Spain – and while the pandemic brought significant challenges and uncertainty,

Andreina Palma President, Chamos Spain 7


7 million

Venezuelans are in need of

humanitarian aid

97% 30%


of houses have

food insecurity of children suffer from

chronic malnourishment

40% do not attend


of children enrolled in school 2

of the population

82% lack continuous access to water



of the population

lives in poverty

United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, September 2020 Encuesta Nacional de Condiciones de Vida (ENCOVI), 2019-2020 3 Reporte Nacional Emergencia Humanitaria Compleja en Venezuela: Derecho al Agua, 2018 1 2



We have reached

We have invested over

We have distributed more than

in projects with

worth of donations

40,000 children


16 states

22 partners



£170,000 in kind





We support local

We understand Venezuela

Poverty relief is only sustainable when it is locally led. We support well-established local organisations with a strong community focus.

Our team and board of trustees are made up almost entirely of Venezuelan nationals, and we have over 13 years of experience working in Venezuela.

We are global

We champion awareness

Our registration in the UK and Spain gives us a global platform to direct aid to Venezuela. Our structure means that we are able to offer tax benefits to donors in the UK, Spain, and the USA.1

As well as raising and distributing funds, we also run events and campaigns to raise awareness, increase understanding and promote solidarity.

We are connected

We go further

We have close links with organisations, logistics coordinators and suppliers in Venezuela - meaning we can deliver aid efficiently and effectively.

We work in 16 of the 23 states, in both rural and urban environments - including in places where larger aid programmes do not reach.

We have low admin costs

We partner for progress

The majority of our team work pro-bono, meaning we have low administration costs – so more of our funds go directly to our projects.

Our network of local partners are experts in their field - and are best placed to identify and support those in need. We build their capacity to help them to do what they do best.

In the USA, Chamos is registered with Global Giving and Benevity


Needs assessment


We carry out surveys with our partners and follow up with verbal interviews to identify where and what type of intervention is needed

Distribution to partners We distribute these resources to our partners, using our local logistics networks

WATER, SANITATION & HYGIENE In 2019, we identified that a lack of access to clean water, sanitation and hygiene had become one of the most wide-reaching and severe problems in the areas we work. It was affecting not only children and their families, but also the ability of our partners to carry out their projects.


We decided to take action, and launched our WASH programme, which expanded rapidly in 2020 and has now become one of our flagship programmes.

We use international fundraising and partnerships with suppliers to secure WASH infrastructure



Community provision Our partners also distribute WASH resources among families and beneficiaries in the communities they serve

We are proud that our programme makes progress towards 5 of the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals - a set of interlinked global goals designed to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all. Providing clean, safe water and sanitation to families, organisations and communities

Improving food security by facilitating the safe continuation of nutritional programmes and soup kitchens Improving health by reducing malnutrition and transmissible and gastrointestinal diseases

Improved partner operations

Impact measurement

Our partners use the infrastructure to do what they do best - more safely, efficiently and effectively

We gather feedback and metrics to improve project design and secure funds to replicate the project

Advancing educational opportunities by improving WASH infrastructure in schools

Reducing poverty and inequality by removing barriers to health, dignity, education and financial security


GRANT FOR WASH PROGRAMME We were delighted this year to secure our first ever grant from a large 501(c)(3) foundation in the USA. The funds we received enabled us to rapidly expand our WASH programme, taking it from the small-scale provision of tanks and water purification tablets, to the distribution of infrastructure and resources across the country. Thanks to this grant, combined with the money raised from a successful online fundraising campaign, in 2020 we provided 108 water tanks, 130 water filters, 15,000 water purification sachets, and over 27,000 bars of soap. Not only did this funding enable us to provide hundreds of children and their families with clean water and sanitation, but it also gave us extremely useful experience in grant management and reporting, which we hope will aid us in securing additional funding in the future.



PROCTER & GAMBLE PARTNERSHIP As a result of our successful WASH programme, we were delighted to secure a collaboration with Procter & Gamble Venezuela. We are now a partner in their Children’s Safe Drinking Water programme, through which we distribute their water purification sachets - each of which has the capacity to purify 10 litres of water in 30 minutes.

Our programme was having a limited effect, because the mothers were cleaning the bottles with dirty water, so many of the children were suffering from extended bouts of diarrhea. Since we started distributing the sachets, the children have started putting on weight for the first time.


- Dra. Mariela, who runs a nutritional recovery programme for malnourished babies in a major hospital in Caracas


EDUCATIONAL OPPORTUNITIES 40% of children enrolled in the Venezuelan education system miss school because of lack of food, water, and transport, amongst other reasons.1 Thousands of teachers have left the profession in recent years. An entire generation is at risk of being left behind, missing out on opportunities for educational and social development. We support our partners in their work to provide children and young people with these vital opportunities - both in and outside of the classroom - and help them achieve their full potential.


Encuesta Nacional de Condiciones de Vida (ENCOVI), 2019-2020


Opportunities for higher education Through the Chamos Scholarship Programme, we provide 3 young people the opportunity to attend Universidad Metropolitana, one of the most prestigious universities in the country. Nutrition at school We supported a programme that provides 460 students and teachers with daily balanced meals. The programme has been hugely successful, reducing school drop-out rates from 50% to just 3% over the course of just one year. Social development Since 2018, we have supported participatory design programmes that take children through the process of transforming public spaces in their community teaching them important practical skills as well as reinforcing the importance of sustainability, community identity, and creativity. Resources & infrastructure Since we were founded, we have been providing schools with the tools they need to ensure children get the most out of their education: from donating computers and tablets, to improving facilities like playgrounds, bathrooms and classrooms. Wellbeing and dignity for schoolchildren We provide school support scholarships that include medical checkups, daily meals, and school supplies; as well as donating basic resources such as shoes, toys and uniforms that enable children to learn with dignity. 17

If I didn’t have the Chamos scholarship, I don’t know what I’d be doing with my life. Now I can say I’m on my way to something. - Kevin, recipient of Chamos university scholarship and engineering student at Universidad Metropolitana


IMPROVING OUTCOMES IN PETARE Each carefully selected student is provided with a scholarship for school fees, and a small stipend that enables them to purchase resources, food and transport, removing barriers to attending school and teaching money management. They also attend personal development workshops twice a month, as well as volunteering every week in their community.

For many young people living in Petare, one of the biggest favelas in South America, studying and prioritising education is close to impossible. School dropout rates are high; opportunities to turn to drugs or crime are common; and very few young people progress to higher education. In 2020, we begun a partnership with a local organisation that has worked for over 30 years to reduce school attrition rates in underprivileged areas of Venezuela. We sponsor 40 students from Petare on a programme that supports them through their final years of school.



FACILITATING EDUCATION DURING LOCKDOWN As was the case in many countries, schools in Venezuela were forced to close because of the pandemic. But remote learning is close to impossible for the many that don’t have reliable internet access and experience regular power cuts. Additionally, school closures mean that many teachers don’t have access to school meals, which they often rely on for their main or only food during the week. Alongside one of our close partners, throughout 2020, we provided mobile data and teaching supplies, as well as daily meals for teachers. This ensured that 420 children were still receiving the education they deserve, in spite of difficult circumstances. 19


MEDICAL ASSISTANCE The humanitarian crisis has had a devastating effect on children’s health. Infant mortality rates have soared: 30% of children are chronically malnourished1, and previously eradicated diseases - such as diphtheria and measles - have returned. For many children, their only lifeline comes from local organisations that provide healthcare support. We provide our partners with the tools, resources and funds they need to carry out projects that have a tangible impact on the health of children, helping them to protect children’s rights to happy, healthy, dignified lives.


Encuesta Nacional de Condiciones de Vida (ENCOVI), 2019-2020


Supporting hospitals Since 2015, we have been supporting hospitals with donations of infrastructure, medicine, and equipment, giving them the tools to continue their life-saving work. Remote healthcare Since 2018, we have funded four week-long remote healthcare trips, providing free medical, dental and mental health care to rural communities. Wheelchair provision In 2018, we partnered with NGO Walkabout Foundation to provide 110 wheelchairs to children in desperate need. Nutritional recovery Since 2019, we have been supporting a nutritional recovery programme for children and pregnant and lactating women, offering nutritional meals, therapeutic feeding care, and medical check-ups. In-kind resource donations Since 2016, we have been distributing milk, baby formula, personal health products, nutritional supplements, and vitamins to our partners. Food security Since the pandemic begun, we have supported almost 200 soup kitchens and community centres with WASH infrastructure, to ensure their safe continuation and thus food security for hundreds of families. 21

I feel very grateful because the generator keeps my insulin safe, which already costs me so much to buy. With the power outages, it loses effect, but now I am able to keep it in the fridge.



- Mr Homero

In early 2020, we were approached by our partner in an isolated village in Mérida, who run a soup kitchen and medical centre, providing vital health and nutrition programmes to the community. Regular power cuts (sadly common in Venezuela) meant that they were not able to use their refrigerators, so couldn’t store the food and medicine that they had to travel long distances to secure. This put all of their operations at risk. We provided our partner with an electricity converter - which will provide a reliable supply of electricity, enabling them to continue their amazing work. But the impact of this simple but essential donation extended beyond facilitating our partners’ operations, giving the wider community access to electricity that allows for everything from schoolwork, to medicine storage, to watching the football!

I am 14 years old, and Chamos has given us the support to do research for our school work, because a lot of the time we do not have electricity, but this generator is very powerful! - Maria Victoria

Thanks to the generator donated by Chamos, I haven’t missed a single Real Madrid game! Thank you, thank you, thank you! - Adrian



PREVENTING MALNUTRITION IN CHILDREN AND MOTHERS In 2020, the pandemic caused severe food and water shortages and supply chain problems, further exacerbating food insecurity. Between February and July of 2020, acute malnutrition amongst children under 5 increased by 73%, and 60% of families reported having being forced to reduce the amount of food they consumed to cope with shortages.


This year, we once again supported our partners in a range of programmes to prevent malnutrition. We continued funding a programme through which 240 children and 40 pregnant and lactating mothers in the state of Bolivar are provided with specialised care to improve their nutritional health, as well as feeding 420 children and 20 teachers in a school in a poor area of Caracas. Additionally, we distributed Alvityl multivitamin tablets and powdered milk to hundreds of children in canteens and nutritional recovery centres, and continued to support soup kitchens across the country with funds and WASH infrastructure.



VIRTUAL EVENTS The pandemic meant the cancellation of many of our in-person events and sports challenges, but one of our highlights this year was learning how to adapt to the new fundraising landscape. Thanks to the support of our amazing network, we ran a series of successful virtual events, including our Venezuela Kinetic Challenge, where participants created and shared artwork on social media; and a Virtual Bingo, in which supporters participated from everywhere from Europe to Venezuela and the US. We were delighted to be able to bring our supporters together, from across the globe, and continue to raise funds and awareness despite difficult circumstances.


GLOBAL GIVING WASH CAMPAIGN The arrival of the pandemic in Venezuela meant that our work was more needed than ever. After securing a grant to provide our partners with water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) infrastructure, we appealed to the Chamos community to raise funds to expand the project and reach more of our partners. As a partner of Global Giving, we were able to collect donations from the US as well as Europe, as well as take advantage of their match-funding schemes. We were overwhelmed by the response from our supporters, which enabled us to raise almost £20,000 to buy water filters, tanks, and soap for our partners and their beneficiaries. 25


DANCE MARATHONS We were delighted to be able to participate in one in-person event in the UK before the pandemic began: a Dance Marathon at the London Cabaret Club! The event was a fundraiser for three Venezuelan charities, and attendees fundriased and joined us to dance the night away, raising almost £2,000 for our cause. Even with the arrival of the pandemic, there was no stopping our supporters, who came together to boogie once again - this time virtually! Our Virtual Dance Marathon in December raised almost £1,000, and we were so grateful to everyone that joined us to end a challenging year on a positive note! 2020 FUNDRAISING HIGHLIGHTS

EVENTS IN MADRID In spite of the pandemic, we were lucky enough to be able to run a number of in-person events in Madrid, enabling us to increase our presence in a fundraising environment we were still relatively new to. In early March, for a second year running, Chamos was one of the chosen charities at CocoArte at ARCO Madrid, the biggest art fair in the city. Children enjoyed gallery tours and workshops to encourage them to start appreciating art, with proceeds going to our cause. We were also grateful for a wonderful yoga class at Zentro Urban Yoga, and a Christmas wreath-making workshop, both of which were facilitated and organised by generous supporters and volunteers in Madrid. 26



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By joining our community of monthly supporters, you give us the certainty of funding to plan ahead and invest in longer-term, more sustainable projects.

Follow us on social media, share our campaigns with your friends and family, and help us spread the word about why our work really matters.

Sponsor an event, fund a project, donate a percentage of sales, or raise money within your organisation - we love to collaborate!

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Major gifts help us to take important steps forward as an organisation. Get in touch to find a philanthropic opportunity that works for you. 27

However you’d like to support Chamos, we’d love to hear from you and we’re here to help. @chamos_org




BOARD OF TRUSTEES CHAMOS ES President Andreina Palma









Financial reports for Chamos UK are independenty audited by a registered accountant Accounting for Chamos ES is managed by KPMG Impulsa



FINANCIALS 2020 Chamos UK and Chamos Spain are two separate fundraising entities, but charitable programmes are managed and carried out by both organisations in collaboration. In 2020, total monetary expenditure on charitable activities was £61,600, with additional in-kind donations totalling a value of £20,100. Totals in thousands £27.8 | 34% Water, sanitation & hygiene (WASH)


Logistics Health


£25.2 | 31% Education


£6.2 | 8% Health £2.4 | 3% Logistics £20.1 | 24% In-kind donations £81.7 Total


Expenditure on Combined Charitable Programmes are Chamos UK and Chamos ES combined financials and are based on an average GBP/EUR exchange rate of 1.12 for 2020.



£53.4k| 67% Individuals

€4.8k | 24% Individuals

£8.3k | 10% Events

€3.4k | 17% Events


£18.2k | 23% Institutional Grants £79.9k Total

€0.8k | 4% Corporates €10.8k | 54% Internal Grants €19.8k Total

£57.0k | 76% Charitable programmes

€5.2 | 78% Charitable programmes

£6.8k | 9% Fundraising & development EXPENDITURE UK

£1.0k | 1% Admin & overheads


£10.0k | 13% Internal grants

€0.3k | 5% Fundraising & development €1.1k | 17% Admin & overheads €6.6k Total

£74.8k Total

Income and expenditure for Chamos ES are from June 2020 since registration.


Chamos UK Registered charity number: 1123410 Chamos ES NIF: G88520986 No. de Registro Ministerio de Justica: 2303JUS @chamos_org