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ESSAY Supporting Tolerance: For me the tolerance can be one of the most important values because with this value we can have peace and harmony. Without this value people can have conflicts between other ones, most of people can be intolerant because they don’t accept others as how they are and what they think, just because they want to do whatever they want.

First we need to make ourselves this question: What does tolerance mean? Tolerance is to respect the other individual freedom, to respect their ways of thinking and principally they war they are. We need to focus more on the good parts of things, by seeing the society in which we live most of people focuses on the bad parts and by doing that, the intolerance is introduced to our lives. Intolerance is not a good way to act, because this can cause conflicts or problems between others as war, divisions of classes, etc. This term “Intolerance” means when we doesn’t accept the others opinion, way they are, freedoms, etc. Tolerant people can be perceived as an open minded person. This refers that a tolerant person can be more social, can interact more with others, have an ethical life and the most important is that he or she can have a better life.

We can know that tolerance is one of the most important and necessary value in the life of each individual, we can implement this value by showing it to the kids on their childhood by the school, or their parents. This value will show them more than they learned from it.



ORIGINAL POEM As imperceptibly as Grief The Summer lapsed away Too imperceptible at last To seem like Perfidy A Quietness distilled As Twilight long begun Or Nature spending with herself Sequestered Afternoon— The Dusk drew earlier in The Morning foreign shone A courteous, yet harrowing Grace As Guest, that would be gone And thus, without a Wing Or service of a Keel Our Summer made her light escape Into the Beautiful.





POEM BY A FAMOUS AUTHOR Why do I love You, Sir? Because— The Wind does not require the Grass To answer—Wherefore when He pass She cannot keep Her place. Because He knows—and Do not You— And We know not— Enough for Us The Wisdom it be so— The Lightning—never asked an Eye Wherefore it shut—when He was by— Because He knows it cannot speak— And reasons not contained— —Of Talk— There be—preferred by Daintier Folk— The Sunrise—Sire—compelleth Me— Because He's Sunrise—and I see— Therefore—Then— I love Thee—




SHORT STORY Once upon a time there was a little kid called Gnar, he was the happiest person in the school that he was, he also was the best student on it (The school in which he was it wasn’t a very good school because any kind of people could enter to it for example people with different illness, different ages, etc.). One day at English class he had to make a project and his team was made of 4 kids: Gnar, Yasuo, Ivern and Ekko. The team make a deal with the project this was that Yasuo and Gnar had to make the project and the others had to pay them, While they both were making the project Ekko and Ivern were having so much fun. The project had to be delivered on 2 weeks, so they did a lot of funny thinks; first they were enjoying their “vacations” by going to the gotcha and playing videogames, they spended almost all their time by playing videogames. When they delivered the final project they get the only 10 in the school. So they got 10 at final grade, all of them graduated from the junior high school. In vacations they didn’t saw each other very often. When they entered to their new high school only Gnar was with Ekko at the same school, so they became best friends in those times, they wanted to make all the works together and they always obtained good grades. One day the family of Ekko died in a car accident and he was suffering a lot. He had to stay with his uncles and cousins just for a while until he could have a job and a house for his own.



Gnar noted him strange and he talked to him, he told Gnar what had happened with his family, he told him that they died in a car accident, and all the details. Ekko left Gnar with no words, Gnar tried to animate him by getting ice-cream and making funny activities, but he couldn’t make a lot. Finally he surrendered and he decided to wait until he was normal again. So Ekko was desesperated and he asked for help to Ivern, Ivern helped him a lot, he tooked him almost daily to a psychologist to see if his self-stem got higher, but it didn’t. Ivern was not going to give up so easy, he tried for many time going to places where there was kids with no family and they were living normal and not thinking about that. He understood that everything that happens it happens for some reason and he now was trying to find the reason, but he couldn’t and he became sad again. Ivern kept trying to help him, he wasn’t surrendering, he tried and tried over 2 years when they finished the high school and he finally did it by making a discussion with him and Gnar. Yasuo was making new friends by cursing the high school and he met his true love, she was called Ashe. They lasted 3 years and they broked up, but 2 months later they returned again. At the college Yasuo and Gnar they saw again each other’s in the carrier of Macro companies, and to their surprise Ivern also came in at the same college but in a different carrier: Graphic design. They hear about Ekko that was studding programming next to their college.



Ivern found a girl that was studying the same as he and he found her attractive, one day he finally got brave and he talk to her (Vi), by the pass of the time they felt in love and in their last year of their carrier they had a son called Jax. When they finished their studies Vi founded a job of graphic design in the best company on that carrier, Ivern didn’t had the necessity to work. Yasuo and Gnar get a certificate of the best grades on their generation. And they started working on a company called EA, on the company Gnar got in love with some girl that also worked there. Yasuo and Gnar got tired of their work and they wanted to start a new company of videogames called RIOT, they hired Ekko and their company got better in all aspects by getting a programmer. One day Gnar, Yasuo and Ekko went to a supermarket to see videogames to have a new idea of a game, but the only thing that they found was Ivern, so they talked him of their company, so they hired Ivern but the first days he couldn’t assist to the meetings that they were organizing because he was getting divorced from Vi, he had 2 more kids called Tresh and Kalista. Ivern had to take charge of his 3 sons: Tresh, Kalista and Jax. Tresh and Kalista where twins but with the time they started to became different on their faces and jax was completely different in all aspects from his twins sisters and from his parents. Yasuo had the same girlfriend: Ashe, they got married 1 year later and had 1 child called Ezreal. Their son was very relaxed and he never cries in a public area or when he is with some other persons, but he does when he is just with Yasuo and Ashe.


Gnar was trying to get married to the girl that she met at EA company, they spended more than 7 years as girlfriends when they finally got married, having 2 childs: Sona and Fizz. By hiring Ivern the company´s sales increased dramatically, because they didn’t had any Graphic designer, now all the games that they make were high definition without any exception. One day their company needed to make a really nice game to get some money because they were running out of money so they went to a huge market of videogames to get ideas for their new game, so suddenly Gnar proposed an excellent idea: He proposed the idea of a new videogame called League of Myths about two teams made of 5 persons each team that have to fight each other to destroy the others team nexus by using special abilities and support small neutral monsters of both teams. By making this awesome game the company got saturated of sales and they had to upload every system that they´ve had, so in the process happened something really strange. The game League of Myths started getting strange, it was acting rare, like if someone was trying to hack it. It was putting images on the game, the screens of the gamers turned black. So Gnar tried to fix it with the help of Ekko (the programmer).



Days after the game was relaunched in a smaller price and for the ones that already had it it was free with the condition to exchange the old game for the new one. The new game was looking pretty cool again, when suddenly something strange happened again. It started looking the same as the previous problem, but this one was insane. The game League of Myths came to life and the world became the game but you have two paths: kill or be killed.




An active person Loyal and nice mood Educated and nice Joined to family and friends Academically intelligent Naturally elegant Dynamically way of thinking Real person Occasionally true



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