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Presi dent’s Letter 1761-1850

Dear Chaminade Family, On any given day you could walk through the halls of Chaminade and witness learning in action. A lot goes on each day in the classrooms and activity rooms, as well as on the courts and the fields. Some days we wonder if the students ever go home! You might also catch a glimpse of one of our four-legged canine friends – either Buster, Eli, or Joel. If you walk by my office, you probably would see Buster sitting in the doorway, watching the students walk to and fro. He knows not to leave the office without permission – even when there is a senior on the other side of the doorway trying to coax him to come out! Buster sits there and waits until he gets the “okay” and then he bounds out of the office with such energy, as if he is giving a huge “Thanks!” And isn’t there a lesson in that for all of us? As a dog-lover, I think our four-legged friends get it right more than we do sometimes. They can teach us how to play; how to be patient; the importance of naps; how to love unconditionally; and how to show thanks in an all-out, unabashed way! So, taking a lesson from Buster, I echo his boundless “thanks” when I say thank you to all of the Chaminade Family for the incredible support, encouragement, and prayers that we receive! This annual report communicates, in numbers and words, the indebtedness Chaminade High School has to so many of its supporters. And those numbers and words speak volumes! When the 2011 Torch Fund closed its books we had a record number of donors and almost broke our record for the amount raised. As the pages in this report bear witness, so many, many members of the Chaminade Family partner with us to keep Chaminade High School the least expensive private or parochial school on Long Island. This current year, thanks to all those who support the Torch Fund, each student’s tuition has been reduced by $1,275 – a 14% reduction in tuition costs for each Chaminade student. In these difficult economic times, $1,275 makes a very concrete difference in the lives of many students who attend Chaminade High School. For more than we may realize, it is the difference between attending Chaminade High School or not. Do not underestimate the substantial difference every donation gift has. No gift is too small. I am humbled by and grateful for the support, friendships, and prayers from which Chaminade High School benefits on a daily basis. I know our young men in the classroom are grateful as well. But don’t simply take my word for it. Here’s what one of our young men shared recently: I want to sincerely thank you for your generosity towards my education. I am a junior and enjoy every day at Chaminade. I am on the crew team and the yearbook staff. I am also in the band. Indeed, this school has changed my life. It has made me a better person, both spiritually and physically. Again, I want to thank you for providing me with the opportunity to attend this wonderful school. It would not have been possible without the financial assistance that the Torch Fund provides. This past year we have been celebrating the 250th anniversary of the birth of our Founder, Blessed William Joseph Chaminade. Through a number of different events commemorating the life, work, and mission of Blessed Chaminade, we have been reminded of the awesome responsibility that we have inherited from him: the evangelization of today’s youth in the spirit and faith of the Gospel, supporting the faith and strength of the family. Thanks, even the unbounded thanks that Buster would show, just doesn’t seem to cut it. And yet, I think he has it right: on behalf of all of us – THANKS! The next time you are around, drop in and say hello – that’s what families do. Buster will be waiting. May the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit be glorified in all places through the Immaculate Virgin Mary! Fortes in Unitate!

Bro. Thomas J. Cleary, S.M. ’81 President


Report on Assets Revenue & Expenses Partne ring in the mission

As of June 30, 2011, in conjunction with the building of the ActivityAthletic Center, Chaminade owed approximately $8,290,222 to the Colorado State Bank and Trust. In addition, pledges had been made by contributors totaling approximately $18,973,255. Since June, pledges have increased and the loan amount has decreased.

Development Fund Gro wth 1984 - $1,000,000 1990 - $2,000,000 1995 - $10,000,000 2000 - $20,000,000 2011 - $32,054,513


Fiscal Year Summary: July 1, 2010 to June 30, 2011 July 1, 2010 Opening Balance Net Revenues Interest and Dividend Income Realized/Unrealized Gains (Losses) on Investments Endowment Support, Student Aid, Merit Scholarships Torch, Alumni, CAPA, & Parents Club Expenses Administrative Expenses June 30, 2011 Closing Balance

$29,720,480 1,154,074 805,757 3,856,866 (2,098,470) (1,169,694) (214,500) $32,054,513

(N.B. These figures include pledges receivable. They also represent the total in the Development Fund for student endowment, student aid, merit scholarships and capital improvements.)

Letter A message from the P rinciPrincipal’s pal 1761-1850

Dear Members of the Chaminade Family, During the last week of summer, the incoming freshman class began school with the 3C Program. The three C’s stand for Community, Commitment and Confidence. Each “C” is an important part of their transition to Chaminade and the Chaminade Family. With this letter, I would like to focus on the word commitment. Chaminade High School remains committed to imparting a fully Marianist education to each of the young men who come through our doors. The continued dedication of the Marianist Community and all the lay teachers and staffs is so evident. Your commitment and contributions have had a great impact on so many students, especially given current economic conditions. Commitment is not just essential to the incoming freshmen but to every branch of the Chaminade Family. Allow me to highlight some of the expressions of the continued commitment to the education of Chaminade men. Each September, we recognize the academic achievements of the previous year at the Academic Awards Assembly. We inducted 756 sophomores, juniors and seniors into the Chaminade Honor Society for achieving honor roll status. That represents an impressive 61% of those three divisions. Additionally, 353 students were inducted into the National Honor Society, joining the 297 seniors already inducted the previous year. In the National Merit Scholarship Competition, one Semifinalist, nineteen Commended Students, and three Commended Scholars of the Class of 2012 were recognized for their academic achievements. Commitment and excellence continue to be hallmarks of the extensive athletic and activity programs offered at Chaminade. This past year over 94% of the students participated in at least one sport or activity; many were involved in two or more. Hundreds of students are involved in the spiritual and service activities of the school, such as Emmaus projects, the Parish Religious Education Program, Apostles Retreat Staff, and evenings of recollection. There are 53 Sodality groups involving over 700 students. Our student journalists continue to excel as demonstrated by the many significant awards garnered by our literary staffs. For several years now, our school newspaper, Tarmac, and our school yearbook, Crimson and Gold, have both received excellence awards on the state and national levels. In fact, the 2011 Crimson and Gold received from the Empire State School Press Association a Gold Medal, which also included honors in five areas of the book; First Place from the American Scholastic Press Association; and First Class Honors from the National Scholastic Press Association. Our Speech and Debate Team qualified forty-three of its members for the New York State Championship, fifteen for the Catholic National Tournament and four for the National Forensic League National Tournament. The Science Olympiad Team took fourth place out of sixty-seven teams in the Regional Competition and the Envirothon Team captured first place in the Nassau County competition. Finally, the 433 students in the Class of 2011 received 1,164 scholarships. Chaminade’s athletic program is marked by each athlete’s commitment to hard work and effort, resulting in many successes this past year. The Flyers captured 21 season and league championships combined. The Crew Team captured the New York Championship for the tenth year and, in addition to many significant placings in the New York State Championships, the Varsity B boat captured 1st Place at the Scholastic National Championships, and the Varsity A boat placed 8th out of 20 teams in the US Rowing Championships. We are particularly proud that our teams received ten plaques in recognition of their sportsmanship, including the IAABO Sportsmanship Award in basketball for the 22nd time in the past 24 years. Additionally, five of our coaches were recognized as Coach of the Year. It is always impressive to see the level of commitment on the part of our coaches and our student-athletes. There has been a long-standing commitment to the maintenance and improvement of the school facilities and property. This past summer was a very productive one. The Marianist Community kept the tradition of incorporating a host of student workers to complete many projects. These included: re-surfacing several staircases with Dur-a-Flex (an epoxy resin); the installation of a new, all-weather track around Ott Field; the relocation of the Computer Center to the library; the installation of over 12,000 square feet of carpet in eleven classrooms and seven offices; several masonry projects which included the replacement of the main steps to the school and the addition of two new corner pillars at the Jericho Turnpike and Saville Road entrance to the campus; and many painting projects, including the re-painting of the small gym. In every aspect of life at Chaminade this past year, all of the successes, changes, and improvements have resulted from the commitment of so many people. As we recommit ourselves to a new year of Marianist education at Chaminade High School, we are so grateful for your continued prayers, support and commitment to our mission. Sincerely,

Bro. Joseph D. Bellizzi, S.M. ’78 Principal


2010 Fiscal Year Report 7/1/09 - 6/30/10 Partne ring in the mission

Revenues Tuition





Mandated Services



Auxiliary programs






Registration fees



Student Activities



Interest Income





Endowment Support


Above (l.-r.), The 2010-2011 Board of Advisors: (Standing l.-r.) Fr. James Williams, S.M. ’87, Robert Troetti P’11, John and Deborah Stellakis CAPA, Gus and Mary Nuzzolese ’76, Fr. Phillip Eichner ’53, Bro. Thomas Cleary, S.M. ’81 (seated l.-r.) Nancy Troetti P’11, Thomas Dufek CAPA, Richard Kearns ’68 (Chairman), Robert Van der Waag ’61, Timothy Bowe CAPA, Colleen Hickey CAPA. (Not pictured: Bro. George Endres ’72, Daniel Landolphi ’82.)

Expenses Instruction



Operations & Maintenance









Capital contingency



Student Activities







TorchLetter Chairman’s Letter Torc h Chai rman’s 1761-1850

Dear Members of the Chaminade Family, In September 2010, shortly after I became Torch Fund Chairman, Dr. Jim Sheehan gave me a copy of a letter from one of our Chaminade parents. I have thought about that letter often, and I want to share it with you: Dear Father, This note is to express my most sincere and deepest thanks to you and to everyone who made it possible for my son to be a 2010 graduate of Chaminade. As a single parent it would have been impossible for me to financially afford Chaminade. However, because of the generosity of the ‘Chaminade Family’ he was able to spend four productive years at Chaminade. I am very proud of him and know Chaminade will also be proud to call him one ‘of our own’. May the Lord bless your work and the generosity of the many people who gave us this great gift.

“As a parent of a current sophomore, I see what your generosity means to the mission of Chaminade High School. I see now every day what it has done for my son and the many young men who are privileged to call Chaminade home.”

Again, many thanks. This letter is the most simple and straightforward thank you that I can offer to our Torch Fund donors. It captures the spirit, mission and essence of Torch: keeping Chaminade affordable for Catholic families. Torch had a great year. In another challenging economic year, together we made a resounding statement about our commitment to Chaminade. We collected over $2.5 million, an 8.7% increase over last year’s results. Donor participation was again the headline in 2011. During the 2010 Torch year, almost 6,247 people donated money to the fund. This year we set a new record with a total of 6,345 donors. At the beginning of the year, I thought that our success should be measured by increasing the number of donors, without regard to the aggregate contributions to the Torch Fund. I was stunned to see that we were able to increase both the number of donors and aggregate contributions this year. While our alumni have traditionally anchored our Torch Fund efforts and deserve a special thank you for their support, other Chaminade constituents play an important role in the Torch Fund. Our current and alumni parents, as well as our many “friends” of Chaminade, gave generously this year. Without this collaborative effort we would not have been able to celebrate our 2011 success. Achieving these results was a tremendous joint effort. I extend my heartfelt thanks to the alumni of the Torch Committee, who worked diligently to increase our donor participation and Torch Fund awareness and, at the same time, had a wonderful time at each of their meetings. I am equally grateful for the guidance and leadership of Bro. Thomas Cleary ’81, Fr. James Williams ’87 and Bro. Richard Hartz ’59. We will miss Dr. Jim Sheehan who recently left us to assist another worthy Catholic high school. Dr. Jim is a wonderful man with a passion for Catholic education, and we wish him success in his next endeavor. His imagination and hard work were large parts of our success this year. Dr. Jim will always be a friend of Chaminade. As a parent of a current sophomore, I see what your generosity means to the mission of Chaminade High School. I see now every day what it has done for my son and the many young men who are privileged to call Chaminade home. Thank you for your support of Torch this year. Fortes in Unitate!

Patrick L. Donnelly ’80 Torch Fund Chairman


Cha m i nade Develo pm ent Fu nd Partne ring in the mission

Torch 2011 Gift Summary Alumni Parents CAPA Friends Special* TOTAL

$1,620,229 398,629 318,603 144,224 39,866 $2,521,551

3,920 donors 757 donors 1,411 donors 257 donors 6,345 donors

*Monies from Golf & Tennis Open raffles and circle holes

2011 Torch Fund Young Flyer fans enthusiastically pack the Activity-Athletic Center for a home basketball game.

Revenues Annual Giving Program 2011 Golf & Tennis Open Total Revenues

$1,879,116 642,435 2,521,551

Expenses Development Office Alumni Office 2011 Golf & Tennis Open Chaminade News Total Expenses

$515,285 77,558 314,544 80,409 987,796

Net 2011 Revenues


Social Activities and Special Programs Joe Murdy ’12 solemnly participates in the schoolwide recitation of the Rosary.

Net Revenues Parents Club CAPA Tuition Guarantee Scholarships

$63,982 23,529 54,460

Total Net Revenues 2010-2011 School Year $1,675,726 Note: Direct comparison of these revenue figures with the fiscal year summary information reported on page 4 is not possible, since some money generated by a specific event may not have been received by June 30th, the end of the fiscal year. Connor Keefe ’12 is a willing and able donor to the annual blood drive.


The Campa i gn fo r Cham inade 1761-1850

Thanks to the following donors who either increased their commitments or made new commitments to the Capital Campaign for Chaminade’s Activity-Athletic Center during the 2010-2011 academic year. Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Aab ’50 Mr. & Mrs. William J. Abbott ’80 Dr. & Dr. Richard Barakat P’11 Mr. & Mrs. Ernest T. Bartol ’63 Mr. & Mrs. John T. Bertrand Jr. ’89 Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth V. Breglio CAPA Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Calamari P’11 Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Chapey P’12 Mr. & Mrs. Douglas W. Cornell ’81 Mr. Paul Cramer & Ms. Mary Gard ’78 Mr. & Mrs. Peter P. D’Angelo CAPA Mr. & Mrs. Donald Denihan P’15 Lt. Col. & Mrs. Andrew Eanniello ’90 Mr. & Mrs. Edward Farrell P’12 Mr. & Mrs. Albert Ferrante P’14 Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Filocoma P’12 Mr. & Mrs. Robert Fitzsimmons P’14 Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Frawley Jr. CAPA

Mr. & Mrs. Paul J. Gallagher ’87 Mr. Christian Garry ’93 Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Goldrick ’57 Mr. & Mrs. Gaston Gomez P’14 Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Habermann FR Mr. & Mrs. Michael Hayes P’14 Mr. Edward V. Heiskell, Jr. CAPA Mr. & Mrs. Brian Hotton P’13 Mr. & Mrs. Thomas F. Jessop ’84 Mr. & Mrs. Philip Kelleher P’13 Drs. Dimitri & Lisa Kessaris P’14 Mr. & Mrs. John B. Kiernan ’64 Mr. & Mrs. Sean T. Kilduff ’88 Mr. & Mrs. Richard Klimkowski CAPA Dr. & Mrs. Rudolph F. Licandro ’72 Mr. & Mrs. William P. Maloney ’55 Mr. & Mrs. Hugh P. McGrory CAPA Mr. & Mrs. Peter A. Meyers ’87

Mr. & Mrs. Peter Q. Murphy ’56 Mr. & Mrs. John O’Connell P’13 Mr. D. Barry O’Connor ’62 Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence M. Petrsoric ’87 Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Pollicino ’77 Col. & Mrs. Fred Sahl ’39 Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Schmidt P’11 Mr. & Mrs. Salvatore Scognamillo P’14 Mr. & Mrs. John Shelley P’14 Mr. & Mrs. Richard Smith P’13 Mr. & Mrs. Robert Sorge P’13 Mr. George Theodorou P’14 Mr. & Mrs. Christopher M. Tierney ’84 Mr. & Mrs. Craig Tigh ’72 Dr. & Mrs. John Vullo P’14

If you would like to learn more about how you can participate in the Capital Campaign, please call the Development Office at 516-742-5555, ext 443. 7

Special Gifts and Scholarships Partne ring in the mission

Merit Scholarships and Financial Aid

2011 Golf & Tennis Open Expenses Five Golf Courses Personnel Gratuities/Caddies/Workers Tent & Sound System Rental Supplies Postage and Shipping Signs and Printing Awards Favors Auction Prizes & Grand Prize Miscellaneous Expenses

$204,303 19,000 18,886 17,604 495 2,426 8,013 5,121 14,237 20,765 3,694



For the current school year, 101 students were awarded a total of $263,205 in scholarships and student aid. The majority of this aid was generated by the following scholarships: The Chiapparone Family Scholarship The Dolores & James Conway Scholarship The Robert DiFazio Memorial Merit Scholarship The Marjorie R . & Louis V. Gerstner, Sr. Scholarship The Hall Family Scholarship The Haverland Family Scholarship The William Randolph Hearst Foundation Scholarship The Long Family Merit Scholarship The Jim Regan Memorial Scholarship The Christopher Slattery Memorial Scholarship

Donors of Special Gi fts to Chaminade Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Conway ’76 Mr. and Mrs. Sean Hester ’90 Mr. and Mrs. William O’Reilly ’67 Mr. Denis F. Mullane ’47

North Shore University Hospital Medical Staff Society, Inc. Mr. John Reali ’11 Mr. and Mrs. John Varol, Jr. ’57

Alumni Office Expenses Personnel Events Thanksgiving Luncheon Thank You Dinner Postage and Shipping Yearbook Ad Chapter Events Mass Stipends Meetings Awards Credit Card Service Fees Supplies Miscellaneous Expenses

$35,960 26,877 1,134 2,374 718 600 4,567 800 365 132 3,496 261 274



Development Office Expenses Personnel Printing and Paper Postage Freshman Parent Receptions Annual Report Lester Telemarketing President’s Council Dinner Annual Audit Computers & Maintenance Chaminade Family Online Planned Giving Credit Card Service Fees Consultants Video Project Miscellaneous Expenses

$293,777 26,849 27,169 14,620 21,054 32,653 23,549 10,775 9,162 5,565 3,500 10,803 19,698 11,200 4,911




Brendan Tracey Burse Mr. & Mrs. Michael Kusterer Mr. Marc Munfa ’02 Mr. Robert Von Hagen ’02

Jim Regan ’98 Fund

Mr. & Mrs. Walter W. Buckley, Jr

Keith Cerrato ‘01 Scholarship

Sleepy Hollow Country Club Golf Professional Cherry Valley Club Dr. & Mrs. John Cerrato Mr. & Mrs. Kevin T. Fee ’67 Mr. & Mrs. Andrew L. Fisher Mr. & Mrs. William Hutnick Ms. Judy Johnson Smith Mr. & Mrs. Jack Lee Mr. & Mrs. Donald Lindsay Mr. & Mrs. John Lucchesi ’70 Mr. & Mrs. John Mauk Mr. & Mrs. Francis McDonough ’68 Mrs. Katherine Meaney Mr. & Mrs. John Polcari Dr. & Mrs. Joseph P. Ruisi Mr. Matthew Tigh ’01

Richard Treacy ’82 Burse

Ms. Janet Albercht Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Albert Mr. & Mrs. Gary Albrecht Mrs. Kathryn Bernard Jinkinson Mr. & Mrs. Robert Bresnahan Mr. & Mrs. Robert Campbell Campbell, Montagano and Graf Families Mr. Gian Cavallini Mr. & Mrs. Michael Copeck East Norwich Office of Daniel Gale Sotheby’s Real Estate Mr. Thomas Genovese & Ms. Barbara Russo

Mr. Scott Gibney Mrs. Denise Higgins Mr. Joseph Higgins ’79 Ms. Susan Krausz Ms. Karen Leeker Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Lombardi ’61 Ms. Leonora Maher McBride & Son Companies Mr. & Mrs. James Murphy Mr. Robert Olson Oyster Bay Council No. 1206 Knights of Columbus Mr. & Mrs. Michael Parente Perficient, Inc. Mrs. Varlerie Quinn Mr. Jack Riegel Mr. & Mrs. George Smith Mr. & Mrs. Bruno Struzzi Ms. Wendy Titelman Mr. & Mrs. James Treacy Mrs. Marilyn Treacy Mr. Timothy Venturella Mr. & Mrs. James F. Wagner ’75 Mr. & Mrs. Charles R. Walsh Mr. & Mrs. John Warch ’75 Mr. Patrick Werner Mr. Gregory Yeker

Ronald Winchester ’97 Burse

Mr. Joseph Guarino ’97 Mr. and Mrs. Leo Keegan Sgt. and Mrs. Kevin Kennedy ’00 Mr. Ronald Winchester

Coach Joseph Thomas Burse

Mr. & Mrs. William Basel ’58 Mr. & Mrs. James Cavanaugh ’66 Mr. Anthony Chifari ’73 Paul & Jeanette Cottone ’67 Mr. & Mrs. Roderick T. Dwyer ’62 Mr. Mrs. Lawrence Eisenhauer ’57

Mr. & Mrs. William Fowler ’70 Mr. & Mrs. Albert M. Groh ’62 Mr. & Mrs. John J. Halleron ’56 Mr. & Mrs. Sean T. Higgins ’66 Mr. Charles Kernaghan ’66 Mr. & Mrs. William J. Kerner ’60 Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. King ’55 Dr. Thomas J. Liesegang ’63 Mr. & Mrs. Patrick K. Long ’67 Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Long ’59 Mr. & Mrs. Michael A. Maffucci ’74 Mr. & Mrs. Charles Mansfield ’62 Mr. & Mrs. Patrick M. McCarthy ’66 Mr. & Mrs. Francis McDonough ’68 Mr. & Mrs. Peter J. McDougal ’61 Ms. Marie McNamara Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Milano ’58 Mr. & Mrs. Christopher O’Hara ’79 Mr. & Mrs. Michael G. Petrizzi ’65 Mr. & Mrs. Donald B. Reilly ’54 Mr. & Mrs. Thomas S. Rooney ’51 Mr. Cyril Rottkamp ’63 Mr. Christopher Sweeny ’47 Mr. & Mrs. Patrick A. Sweeny ’79 Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Walters ’62 Mr. William Warnken, Jr. ’66 Mr. John Westerman ’75

Alumni Contributo rs Class of 1935

Class of 1944

Class of 1935 Amount: $150 Members: 9 Donors: 2 Participation: 22%

Amount: $710 Members: 25 Donors: 6 Participation: 24%

The Century Club Frank Lasar Chaminade Patrons Edmund Callahan

Class of 1938 Amount: $25 Members: 6 Donors: 1 Participation: 17% Chaminade Patrons Joseph Gagne

Class of 1939 Amount: $325 Members: 12 Donors: 2 Participation: 17% Meribah Associates Harry Crook Chaminade Patrons William Johnson

Class of 1940 Amount: $250 Members: 17 Donors: 2 Participation: 12% The Century Club William Haupt Edward Tierney

Class of 1942 Amount: $900 Members: 17 Donors: 6 Participation: 35%

Meribah Associates Eugene Petracca The Century Club John Hirten Chaminade Patrons Deacon Robert Brady Eugene Kelly Lawrence Pinto Robert Spielmann

Denis Mullane The Century Club Edward Boyle Eugene Cunneely Edward Dowling William Hirschmann Donald Knowlan Robert Levesque Robert Sullivan Joseph Wilson Chaminade Patrons Robert Kamermayer Joseph Lucey Robert Moore John Jay Murphy

Class of 1945

Class of 1948

Amount: $2,730 Members: 27 Donors: 11 Participation: 41%

Amount: $2,825 Members: 50 Donors: 14 Participation: 28%

Flyer Members Donald F. Jost Meribah Associates Lawrence Dolan The Century Club Edward Krach Robert Mahn Edward Millin Frederick Mueller Charles Rampone Chaminade Patrons Thomas Beirne Richard Redmond John Strevell John Walsh

Chaminade Medallion Society Robert Dowling Meribah Associates Charles Ryan The Century Club Philip Brennan George Brogan John Connolly James Corwin Edwin Horan William Kelly Ronald Nolan John Salisbury Chaminade Patrons Joseph Golio James Hickey Everett Maxwell John Mehary

Class of 1946 Amount: $5,610 Members: 34 Donors: 19 Participation: 56%

Flyer Members George R. Monahan Gerald Sauvigne Meribah Associates Meribah Associates Leo Blatz Edwin H. Hess John Graham The Century Club The Century Club Fred McEvoy Daniel Carolin John Meegan Dean Cassell Francis Porter Eugene Degnan Chaminade Patrons George Derham Robert Ahlstrom Bruce Griffith Bartholomew Daly Robert Grimmig George Heyburn Vincent Keenan Class of 1943 Eugene Kennedy Amount: $52,200 John Kubinski Joseph Murphy Members: 25 Donors: 9 Francis Powaza Participation: 36% Charles Wolf Chaminade Patrons Bro. Louis Faerber Leaders James Kenny Bernard Kennedy Edward Marzo Meribah Associates Joseph Corcoran Class of 1947 Eugene Engeman Amount: $6,775 Albert Heinlein Members: 39 John Lenz Donors: 14 Charles Lober Participation: 36% The Century Club Fortes in Unitate Members George Garvey Christopher Sweeny William Greaser Flyer Members Bruce Morrison

Class of 1949 Amount: $5,455 Members: 59 Donors: 22 Participation: 37% Chaminade Medallion Society Joseph Collins William Goebelbecker Patrick Purcell Meribah Associates Robert Hayes James O’Keefe The Century Club William Barklage Donald Bettex Donald Brown Charles Farrell John Farrell J. Myles Hart Albert Juergens Charles Keeler Leo Lonergan James Pfohl Thomas Sculley Peter Stewart John Wolczok Chaminade Patrons James King Robert Sandhaas Douglas Tibbetts James Tomlin


Edward “Skip” Orr ’61

Managing Director, Jones Lang LaSalle “Living out of the area, I am not able to get back to Chaminade very often. I recently attended the wonderful four day program the school organized for the 50 year reunion of the Class of ’61. During this time, we had the opportunity to both witness what is going on at Chaminade today and interact with a group of very impressive seniors who spent time with us. It is evident that the moral, mental, and physical training we received and which has had such a great impact upon our lives, continues and grows at Chaminade. In addition, hearing and seeing how Torch Fund contributions are able to contribute toward the development of every Chaminade Man gave me a better awareness of the importance of the Fund. We are all very fortunate to have attended such a great institution.”

Below, Jake Kerrigan ’12 enjoys a moment during his American History class.


Alumni Co ntributo rs Partne ring in the mission

Torch Fund Participation Top ten classes with less than 200 members

1946 1945 1953 1961 1949 1950 1943 1947 1962 1942

58% 41% 40% 38% 37% 36% 36% 36% 35% 35%

Class of 1950

Class of 1952

Amount: $4,595 Members: 74 Donors: 27 Participation: 36%

Amount: $4,675 Members: 71 Donors: 22 Participation: 31%

Amount: $33,375 Members: 35 Donors: 108 Participation: 32%

Chaminade Medallion Society Frank Burkhard Fred Holzweiss Meribah Associates George Fijux Thomas Mulry The Century Club Thomas Aab Chester Allen Garrett Austin Henry Cooper Brian Derrick Ernest Franck Richard Gemmelli Victor Karl John Kelly Andrew McGowan Charles McGuckin Andrew Munch Joseph Munna George Murphy Chaminade Patrons Edward Bjorn William Breidenbach William Buckley Robert John Burke Edward Hanrahan Brian Jennings Robert Reed Alfred Walter Thomas Whearty

Flyer Members Anthony Carlesi Chaminade Medallion Society Henry Gole Meribah Associates Raymond J. Fiedler The Century Club Peter Cassidy Thomas FitzGerald Richard Harrison John Hughes Paul Kasperski Robert Kildea John Kleinschnitz John Knapp James Kramer Thaddeus Listing Eugene McDevitt Rudolph Ruppenstein Chaminade Patrons Richard Campbell Richard Malyk Philip Meynen Louis Savarie Francis Schmitt John Strassel Gregory Vavoso

Fr. Chaminade Members George Hosey Joseph Roxe Fortes in Unitate Members William Merritt Chaminade Medallion Society Robert Mahoney Meribah Associates Victor Dillon Theodore Fliller Richard Horn Joseph Kneuer Donald Reilly The Century Club Michael Aneiro John Aneser Henry Daidone John Dillon Thomas Eschmann James Kinsella L. Robert Libutti Laurence Long Richard Luzzi William Marsh C. Roger Meeker Raymond Mullman David O’Hearne Hugh Ross George Seelinger Carroll Shanahan Joseph Shea Donald Sweeney Richard Walsh Frank Yannelli Chaminade Patrons Anthony Carroll Robert Gillcrist Frederick Greene Henry Robert Holzweiss Richard Hopkins Robert Whearty

Class of 1951 Amount: $7,919 Members: 65 Donors: 19 Participation: 29%

Andrew J. Esposito ’07 Analyst, Jefferies & Company “One of my football coaches once said ‘Men, one day you are going to run into one of your teammates when you are working in the city. When you do, you are going to think to yourself, I’d do anything for that guy, because we both gave it our all while wearing the crimson and gold.’ That is how I can best describe the entire Chaminade family. A vast, generous family that has been taught to go out of its way to help those in need. Every alumnus that I met with during my job search treated me as if I were a client. Now, I await the opportunity to pay it forward to the next generation of talented, young men.”


Fortes in Unitate Members Rev. Charles Ehrhart Flyer Members Henry Kirshe Meribah Associates John Scalia The Century Club Vincent Cashman Paul Corwin Thomas Cuff Fred Danner John Fahey Herman Heinlein James McCloskey James Pardy Edward Reilly Arthur Reynolds Thomas Rooney Joseph Zimmer Chaminade Patrons Lawrence Gallacher James Lucey Kenneth McBride William Smyth

Class of 1953 Amount: $9,455 Members: 55 Donors: 22 Participation: 40% Crimson & Gold Members Edward Scileppi Fortes in Unitate Members James Therrien Meribah Associates Donald Spaeth The Century Club William Carolan Sheldon Dearden Charles Grennan James Heuss Richard Kiernan Edward Lawlor Paul Lynch Lawrence Magilligan Allen Scimeca James Travers Herbert Verbesey Chaminade Patrons Richard Bason Timothy Ivers John Kane Michael Lacopo Edward Meyer Lawrence Oleksiak Charles Rooney Joseph Smith

Class of 1954

Class of 1955 Amount: $16,198 Members: 125 Donors: 38 Participation: 30% Fr. Chaminade Members Michael Bette Fortes in Unitate Members William Maloney Meribah Associates Bruce Conlin Robert King The Century Club James Carter Richard Clarkson Gerard Cunningham William DeBruin David Donohoe Martin Eberhardt Robert Ehmann Paul Hessler Denis Hurley Renzie Lamb Richard Lark Bruce McNally Michael McNicholas Edward Mezzapelle George Mitchell

Alumni Co ntributors 1761-1850

Paul Ruppert Jon Santemma Thomas Saville Michael Schrauth Rev. George Sharp Paul Sheppard Robert Smith Martin Walter Chaminade Patrons Philip Buttling Robert Engeman Thomas Fox John Madden Roy Matheis John McAuliffe Robert O’Rourk Joseph Seelinger Francis Shea John Sparnicht James Whelan

Class of 1956 Amount: $27,954 Members: 144 Donors: 38 Participation: 26% Crimson & Gold Members John J. Halleron Frank Kilgannon James Rogers Flyer Members Henry Devlin Paul Hundt Andrew Simons Chaminade Medallion Society Richard Gustafson Meribah Associates Michael Manzer Harold Muller Peter Murphy George Reis Louis Scaramelli The Century Club John Campo Edward Freher John Gannon Paul Kiefer Kevin Krist Jerome Leyendecker Vincent McDermott Ronald Mediatore John Meyers Chris O’Connell Frank Papscun Edward Rosasco Edward Sieban Paul Smith Myles Tintle James Trentalange Chaminade Patrons John Eschmann Richard Feldmann John Halk Frank Harrigan Owen Kilgannon Neil Nisita Raymond Schoen Thomas Schwender Francis Titus Herbert Welch

Class of 1957 Amount: $12,409 Members: 162 Donors: 41 Participation: 25%

Fortes In Unitate Members John E. Varol Flyer Members Paul Chiapparone Chaminade Medallion Society Lawrence Eisenhauer Peter Houser Meribah Associates Gerard Clements Vincent Kempton Eugene McGovern James Morrow Joseph Morrow Richard Ramski Roland Saam Charles Vachris Peter Vath The Century Club Ralph Ascoli George Cross Richard Davis Brian Gallagher George Gillespie William Indelicato John Kelly Kenneth Kwiat Thomas Lynch Fred Magenheimer Robert Matedero Peter McGowan John McQuade Mario Medio Kenneth Misa Edmond Mohring James O’Brien James Pistana Gregory Porges Robert Safarik Gerard Sawicki Richard Whearty Chaminade Patrons Joel DeAngelis John Dehner Sebastian Galofaro Arthur Lavis Brendon O’Hanlon Anthony Rugel

ALL-TIME REUNION CLASS RECORDS Each year the Torch Fund counts on its reunion year classes to reach its goal. The following is a list of all-time records for both amount and participation since the Torch Fund’s inception in 1987.

Highest Gift Amount Reunion Year

Class Gift Total


Fiscal year

10th 15th 20th 25th 30th 35th 40th 45th 50th

$17,545 $28,050 $53,109 $183,000 $48,590 $61,850 $47,800 $51,957 $184,215

2001 1984 1982 1978 1978 1973 1961 1959 1961

2011 1999 2002 2003 2008 2008 2001 2004 2011

Highest Percentage of Giving Reunion Year

Percentage Participation


Fiscal year

10th 15th 20th 25th 30th 35th 40th 45th 50th

23% 27.4% 43.6% 50% 39% 43.9% 42.7% 38.7% 54%

1982 1976 1972 1972 1961 1962 1962 1950 1947

1992 1991 1992 1997 1991 1996 2002 1995 1997

Class of 1958 Amount: $14,106 Members: 171 Donors: 47 Participation: 27% Fortes in Unitate Members William Beyer Flyer Members Donald Piser Chaminade Medallion Society William Basel William Nimmo John Paternoster Meribah Associates Gerard Byrne Dennis Craine William Fox Michael Gentile Anthony Lang John Monahan The Century Club Richard Beers Henry Buchholtz James Davis James DeVito P. Francis Donohoe Eugene Fusaro

Richard Henning John Hickey George Hovanec Henry Jankowski Robert Kaufmann John Lane Robert Levey John Magas James Mahoney Stephen McKenna George Mueller Raymund O’Mara Richard Roesch Francis Valentino Heribert Weinzierl Thomas Zolezzi Chaminade Patrons Robert Blohm Thomas Cousins Robert DeBell Denis DeMarino Robert Downing Edward Fitzmaurice Frank Maher Anthony Milano Robert Muhr

Ronald Nahas Robert Obach John Sargent Robert Sawyer Sean Walsh

Class of 1959 Amount: $56,443 Members: 204 Donors: 50 Participation: 25% Fr. Chaminade Members Richard Haverland Anthony Marlon Crimson & Gold Members John Bransfield Louis Gerstner Fortes in Unitate Members Anonymous William Dinger Lawrence Longua Flyer Members Robert Hutter

Chaminade Medallion Society George Allman Gerard McGuirk Joseph Sarnowski Meribah Associates Laurence Cassar George Curth Frank Fanning Thomas Long J. Michael Quinlan The Century Club Joseph Athanasio Nicholas Capece Frank Catapano John Czerniewicz Joseph DePalma Eugene Federer Thomas Geagan Frank Giordano Robert Heenan Robert Histing Kenneth Irvine John Kane Dennis Lynch Paul Mayhew Walter McGuire


Alumni Co ntributo rs Partne ring in the mission

Class of 1961 50th Reunion Committee: (l.-r.) Jack Wehrum, Ed McCoyd, Ed Finegan, Phil Plasencia, Rich Kramps, Phil Kantz, Bill Boyle, Lou England, Bob Van der Waag, Frank Scalia and Skip Orr.

Enjoying the Class of 1961 50th reunion are (l.-r.) Pete Desnoes, Howard Revans, Bill Boyle and Pete McDougal.

Peter Monteferrante Daniel Reehil Charles Reis Robert Siebert Herbert Smith Nicholas Sommese Michael Sperendi, Esq. Robert Strittmatter Chaminade Patrons Vincent Clayton Gary Cucchi Augustino D’Alonzo James Flynn Leonard Gallo Paul Kantz Francis Kehoe Stephen Lang Mario Marra Frederick Schrank Joseph Swords


Class of 1960 Amount: $36,202 Members: 200 Donors: 63 Participation: 32% Crimson & Gold Members Frank Fee Fortes in Unitate Members Peter Doran John LaBarca Walter Rossi Flyer Members Thomas Ungashick Chaminade Medallion Society Charles Bryan Anthony Cornachio LeRoy Essig Peter Inguagiato Kevin Kilduff

Richard Knipfing William Masterson Kevin McCabe Peter Riordan Meribah Associates Lee Baggett William Brown Donald Gehrig Vincent Lawrence Brian Maloney Christopher Marinis James McCullagh James McLaughlin Vincent Monaco Francis Murphy Joseph Nahas David Sackman John Seelinger Martin Siebold David Whelehan Rev. Denis Wilde

At the Class of 1961 50th reunion dinner, members of the class pose on the steps in the AAC after receiving their Golden Flyer Medals.

The Century Club Enrico Annichiarico George Baxter Joseph Conly Charles Fity Rev. Peter Garry William Geissinger Michael Hayes William Kerner Joseph Larkin R. John Mannuzza Thomas Materazo Louis Mauro John McGowan Thomas McMahon Anthony Melosci Alberto Menendez John Mulligan Joseph Papola Kenneth Starger Walter Szturma

Robert Warnock William Watkins Chaminade Patrons Anonymous Hilmar Braun Eric Burkert John Corney Robert DeLuca James Donnelly Joseph Fasano James Gallagher Arthur McDermott John Panarese Paul Richert

Class of 1961 Amount: $155,615 Members: 196 Donors: 74 Participation: 38%

Alumni Contributors Bro. Louis Faerber Leaders Philip Kantz Robert C. Wright Fr. Chaminade Members Gregory Shorten Crimson & Gold Members Charles Foskett Edward Orr Fortes in Unitate Members Edward Finegan Edward McCoyd Flyer Members Reginald M. Ballantyne Chaminade Medallion Society Gerrit Benson Steven Bowers James Kelly Richard Kramps Victor Lessard Ralph Lombardi Steven Maslak Edward McKenna John Michitsch Frank Scalia Robert Van der Waag Meribah Associates William Boyle John Cello Stephen Colucci John Crimmins Howard Crusey Peter Desnoes Daniel Duff Philip Duff y Francis Fitzgerald William Florence Victor Galgano James Gallagher George Kane Robert Kaufmann Dennis Kelly Gerard Leyden Peter Marci Richard McCormack Robert White The Century Club Harry Barr Thomas Boland Robert Bolz Donald Cook Allen Dalton Richard Deichl Robert Delfoe Michael Engel Louis England Robert Fenton Paul Gallo Terrence Gillen Joseph Greil Brian Griffin Robert Hastings Ralph Lutjen Edward Maher Michael McDonald Peter McDougal Lawrence Meyers Harold Poggioli Stephen Quinn Anthony Segesti Walter Waddington Thomas White Chaminade Patrons Kevin Crowley Arthur Geiger L. John Hartmann William Kennedy Alfred MacNeil

Dennis McCready Frank Napolitano Peter Neidhart John Wehrum Robert White Richard Whitehouse

Class of 1962 Amount: $39,568 Members: 182 Donors: 64 Participation: 35% Fr. Chaminade Members Albert Groh Crimson & Gold Members James M. Kelly Fortes in Unitate Members Charles Mansfield Brian Maxwell Flyer Members Dougal Casey Eugene Maloney Chaminade Medallion Society Fr. Robert Kline Robert Rynkar Brian Tart George Valva Raymond Zambuto Meribah Associates John Belo Timothy Fidgeon Bruce Genovese George McCabe Kevin McCullagh Vincent Testa Joseph Virdone H. Michael Zembruski The Century Club James Abrams Anthony Alfano Richard Bennert Francis Biasi Carmine Castaldo Robert Clickner Raymond Condon Richard Cucco Francis Cutney Philip DeCicco Gary DePalma Edward Eder Joseph Egan James Hegmann Robert Irvine John McCuen Thomas McGloin Robert Phillips Gerald Pisapia Daniel Roper William Ryckman George Samwell Edward Schuck William Sellerberg Thomas Smith John Stampfel Chaminade Patrons Michael Byrnes William Catherwood Henry DeAngelis Frank DiLorenzo Robert Dirkes Leo Doyer Roderick Dwyer Donald Endonino Michael Hewitt Joseph Kirby Paul Lombardi

Charles Lutjen Philip Marzullo Thomas McCarthy James Meehan Robert Seaman Francis Slater Lawrence Timmins Kevin Walters


Class of 1964 Amount: $25,545 Members: 206 Donors: 55 Participation: 27%

Fr. Chaminade Members Victor Ganzi Crimson & Gold Members Class of 1963 Edward Doherty Amount: $11,764 Chaminade Medallion Society Members: 218 Thomas Grant Donors: 52 Richard Loughlin Participation: 24% Paul Maloy Thomas O’Neil Fortes in Unitate Members Meribah Associates Dean of Latin School Boys, George Albertelli John Buechler Kellenberg Memorial High School Flyer Members Laurence Froehlich Lawrence Grassini Kevin Moore Chaminade Medallion Society James Nee “As graduates, many of us have Daniel Gill appreciated the opportunities Edward Otton James Lotze The Century Club Chaminade has afforded us. For myself, Michael Maher John Bould it was not until later in life when I fully Meribah Associates Robert Cella Colonel Brian McKenna understood the depth of the academic Richard Craig Frank Sullivan and spiritual education I received at Richard Crawford The Century Club Martin Curtin Chaminade. It is a unique and beautiful Ernest Bartol David Duff opportunity to help make the same faithMsgr. John Bennett Kevin Dwyer based education a reality to other young John Betsch Peter Groh Robert Chastonay men by contributing to the Torch Fund.” Walter Gross Daniel Comerford James Kissane Paul Corrigan Robert Lipari John Denver John Mackin Francis Doherty George Maguire James Fischer Frederick Marino Edward F. Gales Thomas McGeough Thomas Gniatkowski Richard McGuire John Hashagen Stephen Miller Peter Kerr Thomas Mulrooney Thomas Liesegang Robert O’Donovan Kevin Mahoney Thomas O’Regan John McCarthy Michael Rivera Harry Mulry Thomas Spratt John Pufahl Robert Swanson William Ressegue Benedict Ticho Robert Rollauer William VerEecke Timothy Sheehan Robert Whittington James Thompson Assistant Vice-President, Merrill Gerard Wojkowski Robert Tintle Lynch Chaminade Patrons James Vaughan Kevin Barry Edward Witman Robert Becker “One of the greatest gifts Edward Zapke Robert Craine Chaminade has to offer is its Chaminade Patrons Donald Henn far-reaching alumni community T. Stephen Childs William Karl Matthew Coffey and tradition. The academic Charles Kellermann John Croker Richard Kelly excellence and concrete moral Arthur Intemann Martin Kennedy values instilled in every student Edward Kollmer Francis Mahoney who passes through its halls allows William McGovern Martin O’Hagan Robert Mohlenbrok Chaminade alumni to command Peter Proly Mark Paradine a strong foundation among Donald Schilley Philip Pignataro John Schuettinger their peers. Whether it is career John Plumb William Sheerin networking, athletic pride or social Joseph Razzano George Thurnher gatherings, the tireless work of so Valentine Riordan John Wagner Cyril Rottkamp many has resulted in a network Kenneth Warburton Donald Schroeder that is second to none. Having Gerard Smyth Class of 1965 this rich tradition and unbending Richard Snider Amount: $17,810 support in today’s professional William Stenson Members: 206 Lawrence Sullivan arena is a rare asset that will reveal Donors: 56 C. Michael Tarone its benefits over the many years Participation: 27%

Brendan Narell ’00

Brendan G. Doherty ’03

Crimson & Gold Members Geoffrey Boisi

following graduation.”


Alumni Co ntributo rs Partne ring in the mission

Patrick Bowe ’03

Engineer ABCO Peerless Sprinkler Corporation “9/11 was probably the most profound experience of my time at Chaminade. Something that was aimed to cripple New York’s spirit did just the opposite and Chaminade was a perfect example of that resilience. Never in my life had I seen a group of people come together like the Chaminade family did to support each other and to support the community. Even though ten years have passed, the Chaminade family has continued to help rebuild and will undoubtedly be a part of that effort for many years to come.”

Patrick J. Hart ’02

Assistant Vice President Barclays Capital

“I am consistently surprised by the warm reception I receive from fellow Chaminade alumni, as well as from their friends, family, and colleagues. The strong sense of community that Chaminade cultivates is carried on by each of its graduates – the result being that those familiar with a graduate know exactly what to expect when encountering another Chaminade man. I am grateful to be part of this larger community and for the opportunity to support it through the Torch Fund.”

Fortes in Unitate Members A. Joseph Pisciotto Chaminade Medallion Society Paul Neylon Thomas Rollauer James Shaw Meribah Associates Robert Baker Alfred DiStefano A. Philip Fontanetta Arthur James Eugene Kavanagh Thomas King Gregory McGinty Edward Tronolone The Century Club John Brill Alexander Chester Ludwig Cibelli Timothy Coyle Michael Dolan James Donohue Kevin Egan Joseph Ferrall William Frank Michael Galligan Arthur Gaynor Thomas Heinz William Horan Felix Lopez Vincent Maus Thomas Montemarano Colonel Kevin O’Connor James O’Reilly Michael Petrizzi Ralph Savarese John Stillwaggon Rodger Tighe Colonel Gregory Wade Chaminade Patrons Thomas Condon Steven DeMaggio Edward DeVerna John Doyle Arthur English George Flynn Christopher Gallagher Anthony Graziano John Kelly William McGuire Gardner Nason Thomas O’Meara John Ryan Richard Schiller Richard Scholl Edward Sodaro Richard Walter John Whalen Robert Wilshere Richard Wyatt

Class of 1966 Amount: $8,360 Members: 219 Donors: 42 Participation: 19% Flyer Members Michael E. Campana Chaminade Medallion Society Terence Brown John Glynn


Meribah Associates Frank Liantonio George Rehn Paul Saxton Kevin Smith The Century Club Robert Bennett William Buckley James Cavanaugh Roy Clark Joseph D. Conway Michael Coyle Joseph DiLiberto Joseph Doe David Gittens Sean Higgins John Holland Charles Kernaghan Patrick McCarthy Richard McGee Nicholas Mondello William Newman Kevin O’Grady Kevin Rooney George Rovegno Timothy Shanley Gerard Shivers James Weiden Chaminade Patrons Roy Behrman David Burroughs Joseph Dawson Wayne Gilmartin Kevin Hume Sean O’Connor George Parker Peter Quandt Thomas Rose Michael Ryan Thomas Stroh Joseph Vitelli William Warnken

John Hogan Kenneth Hogan George Kelly John Kilgallon Lawrence Leahy William A. Mahon James Riordan John Smith Anthony Valdini Thomas Werring Chaminade Patrons Joseph Collins Richard J. Dooley Donald Fetzer Hugh Foley Bernard Kerner Robert Kissane James Mattera James McErlean Stephen Probert John Quinn George Samito Kenneth Scully Thomas Smyth Kevin Walsh Charles Withopf

Class of 1968 Amount: $36,710 Members: 215 Donors: 36 Participation: 17%

Bro. Alexander Ott Leaders Richard Kearns Fortes in Unitate Members Richard DeMatteis Meribah Members Andrew Donohue Stanley P. Jaworski Charles Kean Walter Raubicheck The Century Club Class of 1967 Dennis Coco Amount: $26,477 John Collins Members: 222 James Corrigan Donors: 47 Bruce Corsello Participation: 21% James Doyle Richard Guardino Crimson & Gold Members James Heffernan John Calhoun Gerard Hempstead Anthony Earley Edward Higgins Kevin Fee Gerard Kelly Fortes in Unitate Members Michael Lynch Patrick Long Joseph Mackey Flyer Members Francis McDonough John J. McManus Charles Mundhenk Chaminade Medallion Society Robert Perret Paul Cottone Thomas Russo Meribah Associates Stephen Ryan Philip Alfano Thomas Stock Michael B. Brady John Twomey Robert Harper Chaminade Patrons Brian Higgins Eugene Bowles James Kinnally Thomas Camilleri Paul Schimmenti Lawrence Ellis Michael Toner Jeffrey Flanagan The Century Club Francis Malley John Bishar Brian Mannion Fred Bottger Robert Schultz James Conway Francis Sperl Lawrence DeAngelis Aristide Tessitore Brian Donaldson Michael Voiland Paul Famighetti Mark Wheeler Thomas Fratello Ernest Goetz James Hickey

Alumni Contributo rs Meribah Associates Class of 1969 Robert Donovan Amount: $16,985 Gary Gardner Members: 235 Laurence Gavin Donors: 47 John Ritz Participation: 20% John Sullivan The Century Club Fortes in Unitate Members George Baker Donald Foley John Bardes Flyer Members Robert Beckmann Vincent Cullen Howard Code Christopher Gibbons Charles DeMartin Robert Weingaertner Michael Egan Chaminade Medallion Society Matthew Hart Walter Armstrong Andrew Kean Dennis Fenton William King Peter Keahon Paul Labanowski Kevin Monahan John Lucchesi Meribah Associates Thomas McGoldrick Jack Boland Richard McLean Richard Boziwick Richard Smith Anthony LaVerde Lawrence Spota Kevin Magee Paul Tuths James Minardi Paul Wigand Thomas Price Chaminade Patrons John Villios Robert Chiore Kenneth Wenzel Thomas Clinton Frederick Yosca Steven Driscoll The Century Club William Fowler Geoffrey Beauchamp Robert Krol Edward Carney Raymond Lundin William Carriero John McDonald Christopher Christiansen Russell Saporito Stephen Cramer John Vachris Mark Dawson Frederic DiSpigna Class of 1971 Michael Hatton Amount: $12,020 John Hebrank Members: 185 Joseph Loizzo Donors: 39 John McCloskey Participation: 21% Kenneth McGorry Terence S. Meehan Fortes in Unitate Members Michael H. Polcino Kevin Kelly Robert Raskopf Flyer Members Donald Wiley James DiLiberto Chaminade Patrons Chaminade Medallion Society Alexander Ariniello John Conners Gary Ariniello Edward Dolan William Baeder Theodore Krebsbach C. George Carlson Jeffrey Martin Thomas Carney Meribah Associates Peter Clagnaz Dominick Curatola William Curran James D. Lynch John Donohue Joseph Schild Robert Goldhammer The Century Club Walter Neufeld Stuart Chessman Edward Ranft John Durrant George F. Sacco Robert Foley Kenneth Swab Andrew Insardi Eugene Viviano Steven Lenz Louis Lipnickey Class of 1970 Francis Martin Amount: $13,407 Martin Mauro Members: 176 Paul McCabe Donors: 36 J. Philip Plonski Participation: 20% Paul Prostowich Louis Rolfes Fortes in Unitate Members Kevin Sessa Gregory LiCalzi Joseph Sinicropi John Repke Charles Vigliotti Flyer Members Chaminade Patrons Paul G. Burns James Anderson Chaminade Medallion John Bonacum Society Garrett Brennan Gasper Buffa Michael Cramer Thomas Curtin William Datz

Alfred Dimino William Earley John Flynn Gerard Hiller Brian Kelly John Massaro William Murphy Paul Neuschler Ronald Quaglia Raymond Urgo

Class of 1972 Amount: $15,100 Members: 165 Donors: 38 Participation: 23%


Alum ni To rch Fu nd Gi fts Top ten classes (In Dollars)

1961 1959 1981 1943 1982 1986 1962 1991 1985 1968

Fortes in Unitate Martin Waters Flyer Members Paul F. Callahan Kevin N. Kane Craig Tigh Chaminade Medallion Society Joseph Schier Meribah Associates Michael Conroy George Espinosa Michael Golden William Henson Chaminade Medallion Society John Herchenroder Edmund Hyland Joseph Hutter Meribah Associates Victor Knapp Michael Brannigan Steven J. Niemczyk Timothy Foley Joseph Shields Donald Morrison Thomas Simunek Joseph Norris The Century Club John Shea Anthony Battista Joseph Tedesco Donald Bendernagel Peter Turner Nicholas Bruno The Century Club Denis F. Cioffi James Amorosia John Gennaro Thomas Banahan Jeffrey Hall Gerard Brady Christopher Hughes John B. Daly Patrick Kane W. Michael Dennin Damien Kovary Paul Dwyer Victor LaGinestra Paul Eberle Richard Licari Richard Eicher James McLees Robert Ewald David Preble Andrew Fellows Anthony Ramienski Donald Giambalvo Kevin Regan John Kaiser Christopher Reisert Robert LaRose Garrett Verdone Robert Masters Chaminade Patrons Kevin McGowan Kenneth Adams John Meegan Michael Convery Thomas Monahan Mark Curtis Martin Moran Robert Haller Lawrence Mumm Kevin McGaley Richard Reisert Francis Mullane Victor Tutino Stephen Winsch Class of 1973 Eugene Wypyski Amount: $24,264 Christopher Zarzycki Members: 236 Chaminade Patrons Donors: 55 William Batterson Participation: 23% Ronald Baumann Stephen Butera Fr. Chaminade Members Anthony Chifari Kenneth Ferguson Joseph Clasen Fortes in Unitate Members Thomas Fetzer Michael Nawrocki Robert Gambarelli Flyer Members Angelo Ippolito Richard Pope Robert Kowalski Kevin Sampson Thomas McCormack James Miller

$ 155,615 $ 56,443 $ 53,710 $ 52,200 $ 51,928 $ 51,680 $ 39,567 $ 39,072 $ 37,135 $ 36,710 Thomas Oliva James Olivo David Peraza Michael Petersen Ronald Replogle Kevin Ryan Michael Siggins Michael Tuths

Class of 1974 Amount: $33,365 Members: 219 Donors: 52 Participation: 24% Crimson & Gold Members John Coffey Robert DiFazio Michael Leahy Michael Maffucci Fortes in Unitate Members Thomas Rosicki John Schmitt Meribah Associates William Egan Craig Gilmartin Francis Jules Thomas McAdam Patrick McHugh James Tormey William Zarakas The Century Club Vincent Ansanelli Richard Bach John Bourke Daniel Breen John Bucaria James Capozzi Robert Cole Gerard Conway Robert DeGennaro Stephen Flanagan Howard Fritz David Gibbons Paul Gilbert Henry Gillen Gerard Harms


Alumni Co ntributo rs Partne ring in the mission

Alumni Parti ci pati o n (In Dollars)

$100,000 $70,000 $60,000 $50,000 $40,000 $30,000 $20,000 $10,000 $7,500 $5,000 $2,500 $1,000 $500 ’35 ’36 ’37 ’38 ’39 ’40 ’41 ’42 ’43 ’44 ’45 ’46 ’47 ’48 ’49 ’50 ’51 ’52 ’53 ’54 ’55 ’56 ’57 ’58 ’59 ’60 ’61 ’62 ’63 ’64 ’65 ’66 ’67 ’68 ’69 ’70 ’71 ’72

$100,000 $70,000 $60,000 $50,000 $40,000 $30,000 $20,000 $10,000 $7,500 $5,000 $2,500 $1,000 $500 ’73 ’74 ’75 ’76 ’77 ’78 ’79 ’80 ’81 ’82 ’83 ’84 ’85 ’86 ’87 ’88 ’89 ’90 ’91 ’92 ’93 ’94 ’95 ’96 ’97 ’98 ’99 ’00 ’01 ’02 ’03 ’04 ’05 ’06 ’07 ’08 ’09 ’10 ’11


Alumni Contributors 1761-1850

Paul Kaplun Paul Lanzillotta Gerard Lillis Kevin McKenna H. Blaine Miller Edward Patterson Kevin Pettersen John Emmet Ryan Thomas Ryan Charles Scheld John Stewart John Sullivan James Tomlin Brian White Chaminade Patrons Philip Astuto Sean Clancy Paul DeMattina Marc Leno Kenneth Lipnickey James Noone Ronald Rueckert John Sherman James Vorbach Richard Wolfe

Class of 1975 Amount: $20,727 Members: 257 Donors: 41 Participation: 16% Crimson & Gold Members Michael Fee John Westerman Fortes in Unitate Members James Wagner Meribah Associates Thomas Erker Edward McGloine Charles Reardon Robert Rooney Dennis Shea Gary Thornhill John Warch The Century Club Lawrence Callahan Colin Carroll John J. Crimmins Alexander Domanico Peter Eichmann James Grady Edwin Havrilla Robert Humienny William Malone Edward McGinn Peter McHugh Thomas Mierswa Barry Miller Keith Pryhuber Joseph Resua James Rice John Steck Chaminade Patrons James Finn Joseph Ghossn Lawrence Jaeger Matthew Lindon R. Douglas Mangels Kevin McAleese J. Burke McCormick Joseph Nofi Eugene Charles Schmidt Steven Schneider Frederic Schuler Kenneth Schulz Joseph Strang

Robert Waters

Class of 1976 Amount: $31,920 Members: 174 Donors: 37 Participation: 21% Fr. Chaminade Members Kevin Conway Crimson & Gold Members Brian Conway Fortes in Unitate Members Robert Basel Flyer Members Thomas Costigan Gus Nuzzolese Chaminade Medallion Society Joseph Cooke Meribah Associates Daniel Azzaro Daniel Caniano John DiPietro Thomas Dredger McDara Folan Michael Heneghan William Kautz James Kessler Michael Mehary Thomas Renker John Serpe Christopher Sheehan Thomas Souther The Century Club Bruce Brown Emmanuel Chirico Joseph Crook Dominic Filardi Thomas J. Fontanetta Lester Gillen Eugene Kennedy James Mahon David Maloof Robert S. Novak Thomas Sculley James Vogel James Wilshere Chaminade Patrons Henry Berg Robert Cappiello James Owens Paul Owens Robert Vendryes

Class of 1977 Amount: $23,264 Members: 224 Donors: 46 Participation: 21% Crimson & Gold Members Brian Hull Edward Kane Flyer Members Joseph Pollicino Chaminade Medallion Society John McDonnell Meribah Associates Anonymous Michael Connors John Fucigna Thomas Hanley Edward Johnston Errol Kitt

Scott Tredwell The Century Club Robert Bauman James Christie Richard Coffey John Donohue Arthur Farrell Daniel Farrell Thomas Garfield John Gorton Robert Grange William Gray Clifford Gunthel Leo Keegan Thomas Lane Edward Lynch Scott Massoni William McCoy Christopher McGrath Matthew Nelson John O’Brien John J. O’Grady Antonio Perez William Rock Joseph Ryan Alan Schiavelli James Slattery Richard Smith Christopher Tauss Anthony Turner Chaminade Patrons Stephen Conwell Francis Keating Lawrence Kuchta John Mahoney Marc Pennisi Paul Quartararo Richard Sachse

Thomas Kiely Timothy Kleczka Kevin Lorentsen Gregory Preziosi Kenneth Regan John Wasilewski Ronald Wasson Chaminade Patrons Anonymous Timothy Bogner Michael Cianciaruso Douglas Collett Stephen Folan James Hart John Henson Robert Kerning Daniel Mahlmann Douglas Mittler Edward Serpe

Class of 1979 Amount: $31,125 Members: 231 Donors: 42 Participation: 18%

Crimson & Gold Members James Herschlein Patrick Sweeny Fortes in Unitate Members Robert Crimmins Kenneth Mahon Flyer Members Stephen Burns James Mercadante Daniel O’Connell John Vissicchio Chaminade Medallion Society Robert McCarthy Class of 1978 Meribah Associates Amount: $29,462 Mark Bartilucci Members: 236 Frank DuPont Donors: 43 John Hunter Participation: 18% Nicholas Kelly Thomas O’Brien Fr. Chaminade Members Christopher O’Hara George Hall William Schult Crimson & Gold Members Patrick Zacchea John Crean The Century Club Fortes in Unitate Members Thomas Barnett Thomas Conway Kevin Batule Flyer Members John Bermel William Scott Thomas Cea Chaminade Medallion Society Richard Ciccarello Edward O’Malley John Connolly Vincent Tria Mark Fitzpatrick Meribah Associates W. Michael Kolligs Scott Kautz Michael Lindner Christopher Keating John McGlynn John Marshall Richard Mendler Dennis Martin Daniel O’Neill James McGann Conor O’Sullivan Brian Mich Michael Paton William Molinari Richard Vartain William Mulry Chaminade Patrons James Weis Peter Brannigan The Century Club Joseph Breen Michael Angotti John Harkins William Butler Kurt Herbstritt William Camp William Hickey James Casey Gregory Maher John DeFrancisci Steven Mahlan Thomas DeGennaro Richard Martino John DeSantis Reno Mastrocola John Dudek Steven Skonberg Terence Hayes Paul Homer

Class of 1980 Amount: $26,071 Members: 216 Donors: 33 Participation: 15% Crimson & Gold Members Patrick Donnelly William McLaughlin Fortes in Unitate Members Michael F. Gaffney Hon. Thomas Suozzi Flyer Members James McCarvill Chaminade Medallion Society Christopher Hanley Daniel McNeely Meribah Associates Richard Clarkson James Connors Christopher Tully Christopher Waldorf Martin Whelan The Century Club Peter Condron Christopher DiGilio John Engeman Thomas Giella Andrew Hines Michael Levchuck John Marks A. Anthony Ripani Michael Sullivan Paul J. Sweeney Martin Walsh Kevin Zacchea Michael Zimits Chaminade Patrons James J. Begley Sean Cuddahy Joseph Giunta Eric Knettel Kevin Lynch Michael McCavera Thomas McGovern Michael Smith

Class of 1981 Amount: $53,710 Members: 251 Donors: 43 Participation: 17% Bro. Alexander Ott Leaders Daniel P. Kerning Crimson & Gold Members Gerard Cruse Fortes in Unitate Members Edward Brown Douglas Cornell Donald Earl James Velten Flyer Members David Fraser Chaminade Medallion Society Robert J. Ahlstrom Meribah Associates Richard DeGregoris Christopher Golinski Christopher Kuzler Gerald Longarzo Philip Lusardi Dean Pitz Stephen Truono Jeffrey Villani


Alumni Co ntributo rs Partne ring in the mission

Pictured above (l.-r.) are Greg York ’86, Dennis Lepore ’86, Jane Ellen and Brian Logler ’86 at the 25th reunion dinner.

Bro. Peter Heiskell ’86 is pictured above with his classmate, Bill Rogel at their 25th reunion.

Assitant alumni moderators Bro. John McGrory ’84 (l.) and Kevin Parente ’82 (far r.) are pictured with 25th reunion co-chairmen Chip McCabe ’86 (2nd from l.) and Paul O’Brien ’86 . The Century Club John Allario Christopher Arnone Patrick Connors Anthony DiSpirito William Doyle Richard Frey Joseph Gallo Thomas Gill James Hamerschlag Christopher McGlynn Robert Minion Kevin Moran Kevin Mulry William E. Murphy Joseph Nador Harry Nicholsen Paul Schwer Thomas P. Sollecito Christopher Spina Joseph Vitale Chaminade Patrons Philip Carman Robert Coleman James d’Alessandro Gary Limoncelli John Madigan Kenneth McInerney Michael Nashak

Class of 1982 Amount: $51,929 Members: 319 Donors: 77 Participation: 24%

This photo of the Chaminade Glee Club members was taken during the spring concert.


Crimson & Gold Members William Ellsworth Fortes in Unitate Members Paul Aiello J. Drogalis Brian Gardner Roger F. Goodwin Daniel Landolphi Flyer Members Paul Buckley Michael McCarthy Christopher McKenna Steven Servidio Michael Simons Ronald Slattery Philip Westerman Chaminade Medallion Society Paul Affrunti Joseph Carney Frank DeMartino

Brian Mahon Joseph Marsicano Francis A. Ruchalski Donald Turner Meribah Associates Barney Agugliaro John Burkart Joseph Cella Kevin Flynn John Hall Stephen Juengst Timothy Krawetz Christopher Lynch Steven Marino Richard Nessler The Century Club John Aicher Joseph Bolognino Michael Braito Eugene Capobianco Michael Chojnacki Patrick Costigan John Cusano John D’Angelo Neil DeRupo William Dowling Francis Doyle Thomas Drake Joseph DuPont Alexander Duschere Daniel Friel Kevin Heneghan Brendan Kelly Peter Keogh Scott Kiley Stephen Koller Justin Lenz Brian Maguire John Massaro Joseph O’Grady William O’Neill Kevin O’Sullivan Frederick Pacher Kevin Parente Christopher Pujols Daniel Purschke Robert Renda Kevin J. W. Sheehan Anthony Staltare Richard Sullivan William Takes Chaminade Patrons Robert Boylan Charles Brady James Cardillo F. James Claire Christopher Finegan

Michael Hegarty Robert Lawkins Richard Meehan James Mertz Michael Parrish Erik Schrynemakers Kenneth Solosky

Class of 1983 Amount: $24,243 Members: 287 Donors: 45 Participation: 16% Crimson & Gold Members Joseph Coffey Fortes in Unitate Members Timothy Ahern Flyer Members Kenneth Collins Vincent Connors Michael McAllister Patrick McHugh James New Chaminade Medallion Society Cristobal Alvarado Christopher McGrath Meribah Associates Matthew Burke Thomas Cahill John Chirico Robert Exler William Gorge Guy Irace Dominic Macedo Andrew Mahony Robert Palmeri Raymond Quartararo The Century Club John Bianco John Brennan Karl Brosky Stephen Brown Scott Butler Joseph Caruso Michael Drennan Daniel Fitzpatrick Michael Grau James Kelly Peter Klugewicz Walter Meyers Sean Nolan John Scaldaferri Kevin Shelley Ernest Stalzer

Alumni Co ntributors 1761-1850

Chaminade Patrons James Cantanno Christopher Dour Edward Feron Karl Geercken James Glenister Peter Karle Michael Musella Michael Naglieri Christopher Ruddy Thomas Vogel

Fr. Chaminade Members Christopher Concannon Fortes in Unitate Members Anthony Spera Flyer Members Matthew Hodgson Christopher Moran Chaminade Medallion Society Daniel Bosshart Peter Danna Paul Donnelly Anthony Iandoli John Lovisolo Class of 1984 William Melchionni Amount: $30,854 Meribah Associates Members: 303 Richard Aneser Donors: 43 John Berkery Participation: 14% Steven Bolmarcich Andrew Darcy Fr. Chaminade Members Sean Duff y Thomas Jessop Michael Duke Crimson & Gold Members John Grandsire Frank O’Connor G. John Kirsch Flyer Members Russell McRory Alan MacKenzie Paul Sabini Christopher Polimeni Devin Sullivan Chaminade Medallion Society Stephen Thompson Philip Landolphi William Torres John Zaso The Century Club Meribah Associates Dennis Almodovar Gerald Ambroise John Campa Laurence Cassar Brian Casey Douglas Fanning William Cleary Scott Feryo Michael Collura Edward Kless Joseph DeRose Peter Morello Robert Dowd James Newman George Dunnery Christopher Tierney Allen Egidio Arthur Zahradnik Joseph Ferrick The Century Club James Formont Lawrence Asaro Raymond Garcia Matthew Baroletti John Gillon John Callinan William Glastal John Coll Michael Gullo Anthony DeFranco Edward Largo Christopher Devane Brian Lynch Michael Devlin Colm Magner James Karle Michael McMorrow Craig Keanna Kevin Meyers John Kevill Jason Oliver Philip Laffey Timothy O’Shea Paul Loumeau Thomas Roche Christopher McManus Patrick Springer Paul Miloscia Kevin St. Pierre Michael Minerva Kevin Sullivan Richard Napolitano Keith Walsh Joseph Obermaier Chaminade Patrons Neil O’Malley Patrick Brala Nicholas Petrarca Nicholas Capece Joseph Ruchalski James Carillo Kevin Saville Joseph Cassano James Steadman Matthew Cornetta Arthur Swaine Joseph Curry Douglas Thompson Gregory Eichhorn Chaminade Patrons John LoPiccolo Anthony Bennett Michael Peano Stephen Egbert Richard Tucci Patrick Flynn Fred Grasso

Class of 1985 Amount: $37,135 Members: 345 Donors: 60 Participation: 17%

Class of 1986 Amount: $51,680 Members: 321 Donors: 90 Participation: 28%

Fr. Chaminade Members Anonymous

Fortes in Unitate Members Brian Armstrong Rene Canezin John Farrell Timothy McManus Paul O’Brien Flyer Members Brian Noonan Daniel Slattery Chaminade Medallion Society Todd Commisso Daniel Horan Brian Logler Thomas Ryan Meribah Associates Louis Brown Joseph Castrigno Brian Clancy Richard Collett James Denon Paul Ditrano Jeffrey Doss John Geitner Christopher Hill John D. Hubbell Walter Karle Eugene Kirley Philip Krajeski Joseph Lakis Sean Lapham Anthony Licata James Lombardi Dominic Marchiano James Marks Francis McCabe Leo McSherry John Murcott William O’Mahony Alfred Paradiso Kevin Powderly Steven Roukis Anthony Simeone The Century Club Richard Aitken Mark Ambrosino Vincent Asaro Nicholas Blaine David Buck Daniel J. Burke Louis M. Cappiello Kerry Cornils Thomas Corso Daniel Daly Martin Daly Manuel DeMatos David Dineen Joseph Dwyer Christopher Edele John Fetherston Thomas Foley Michael Gilmartin James Guckert Thomas Guinan Thomas Imbornoni John Janus Anthony LaMarca James Lechmanski Daniel Lehan Dennis Lepore Christopher McLoughlin Brian D. Messmer Timothy Mohan Stephen Morfeld Louis Necroto Keith O’Brien Gerard O’Hara Mark O’Sullivan James Overend

Stephen Harper ’03

Student – Washington & Lee University Law School “Chaminade is much more than an academic institution. My experiences at Chaminade have significantly impacted me personally and professionally. Indeed, the lessons I learned in the classroom and through extracurricular activities have prepared me for the various challenges I face on a daily basis. Serving as President of the Communications Club taught me an exceptional work ethic, discipline, and leadership skills that have proven invaluable as a law student. These skills will continue to help me as I transition into the legal profession. In addition, the relationships I formed at Chaminade are at the core of my professional network. I am very grateful for my experiences at Chaminade and am a proud member of the Chaminade family.”

Kevin Carney ’88 Partner Capco Consulting “Thirteen years old, eating lunch by the pool at Meribah during 3C’s orientation in August of 1984, I felt quite uncertain. I had no idea the impact Chaminade would have on my life. Over the next four years, Chaminade would not only give me a great education, but would also shape my values and help me to develop lifelong friendships. Today, those values continue to shape how I approach my work, family and friends.”


Alumni Pa rtic ipation Perec entages Partne ring in the mission

5% 10% 15% 20% 25% 30% 35% 40% 45% 50% 60%

5% 10% 15% 20% 25% 30% 35% 40% 45% 50% 60%















































































Alumni Co ntributors James Rafferty James Scanlon Thomas Smith Glenn Thornhill Brian Vonderhorst Gregory York Chaminade Patrons Nicholas Daley John Gonzalez Michael Kelly Anthony Mango Stephen Mason William Rogel James Saville Brian Stevens Patrick Sweeney Keith Wilkinson

Class of 1988

Class of 1989

Amount: $29,489 Members: 359 Donors: 64 Participation: 18%

Amount: $15,600 Members: 289 Donors: 44 Participation: 15%

Fortes in Unitate Members Sean Kilduff Edward Perks Gregg J. Winiarski Flyer Members Kevin Carney Joseph Maniscalco Matthew Minogue Thomas Mullooly Ralph Romanelli Anthony Scilletti Chaminade Medallion Society Class of 1987 David D’Urso Amount: $20,455 Michael Landolphi Members: 285 Marcello Porcelli Donors: 47 Meribah Associates Participation: 16% Eric Belfi Thomas Crimmins Fortes in Unitate Members Christopher D’Amato Matthew Fitzpatrick John Devaney Michael Rafferty Robert Fitton Flyer Members Guerino Frustaci John McDonald James Gillen Brian O’Sullivan Drew Kelly Chaminade Medallion Andrew McDevitt Society Robert Miller Stephen Fealy Patrick Naughton James Leslie Michael O’Brien Peter Meyers Matthew Spahn James Moriarty The Century Club Meribah Associates John Bennardo Paul Annunziato Michael Borut Paul Bartilucci Daniel Brennan Christopher Combs Timothy Curran James Doyle Robert DeRosa Patrick Doyle Keith Doran Kenneth Exler William Faverzani Jack Gonzalez Jose Fernandez James Koester Alfred Ford Christopher Palmer Marco Gonzalez Frederick Raman Kevin Kearns Kenneth Santelli Robert Lawler The Century Club Sean Lynch Anonymous Thomas McNicholas Robert Barry Michael Medford Eric J. Beste Edward Morvillo Michael Bjelobrk John David O’Brien Peter Bottini Nicholas Primavera Louis DeSena Karl Riesterer Christopher Eschmann Robert Rubino Daniel Franks Donald Rumignani Daniel Galiardi Steven Surian Justin Gibbons John Trendel Joseph Glynn Christopher Valeri Edward Grasso John Walsh Christopher Griffin David Zeltmann Peter McGowan Chaminade Patrons Michael Moran Andrew Busk Daniel Murphy Ralph Donofrio Michael Newman Kevin Donohoe William O’Grady Robert Driscoll Richard Roslund Charles Fisher Paul Roukis Joshua Knapp James Scaduto Michael Licurse Sean Seele Albert Marvelli Christopher Spahn James O’Shea Robert Thomas Christopher Ranieri Thomas Wallace Stephen Rupprecht Chaminade Patrons John Stile Michael Breen Michael Washbourn Matthew Dever John Grafer

Fortes in Unitate Members Sean Keely Flyer Members John Bertrand Edward Smith Chaminade Medallion Society Joseph Alduino Anthony Scott Mollica Meribah Associates Brian Cummings Gregory Dawkins Daniel Forgie James Hale Marc Lederman Christopher McDermott Brian McManus Christopher Molloy Keith Rinn Greg Schaefer Timothy Sullivan Ronald Tadross John Travaglia The Century Club Philip DeLuca Michael Donnino Michael Flatley Daniel Forrester Eric Greiner Charles Horn John Jaye Roy Johnson Robert Kaufold Michael Librizzi Jonathan Mazzocchi Patrick Moriarty Laurence Naughton Michael O’Grady James Prendergast Joseph Sellitto James Slover Michael Turschmann Chaminade Patrons Matthew Bonner Patrick Cooney Michael Johnson Francesco Lupis Keith Macias Steven Martinez John Nuzzi Michael Pumillo

Class of 1990 Amount: $19,963 Members: 277 Donors: 49 Participation: 18% Fortes in Unitate Members Christopher Allen Sean Hester Flyer Members Patrick Broderick Andrew Eanniello Chaminade Medallion Society Michael Franks Vincent Gerosa Patrick Gillespie Brian Knapp Brian Spillane Joseph Toner


Patrick Reichart ’01 Teacher, Chaminade High School

“During college at Fordham, I worked for WFUV, the university’s radio station. My travels took me to a Yankees vs. Red Sox game at Fenway Park in Boston, where I met Mike Vaccaro ‘85. Upon hearing I was a Chaminade alum, he took me under his wing, helped me land an internship and, after graduation, a sports writing job at The New York Post. After nearly three years, I left the job to teach English at Chaminade, but not without some valuable experiences and an important lesson learned - a Chaminade Flyer will always be there to help another when he is trying to take off. That’s what makes this place so special, and what I promise every day to my current students.” Meribah Associates Geoffrey Brady John Kabacinski Christopher Lally Christopher Mansfield Timothy Shaw David Thomas Thomas Walsh The Century Club William Ahmuty David Aitken Robert Brown Michael Cippoletti Brian Cotter Thomas Crowley Albert DiMeo Richard Dircks Paul Gillen Michael Grunwald Arthur Hogan John Jurgensen Kirk Patrick Kearney John Maher Glenn Oddo Anthony Perrotti Brian Peterson John Sievers Dane Walther Chaminade Patrons Robert Bachor Christopher Calabrese Brian Ducey Ernst Florvil John Iovane David Jockle Philip Marchello Brian McDonald Michael Meehan Christopher Merlo William Sammon Cesar Sanz Luca Williams

Brendan May ’13 demonstrates his considerable prowess in the pole vault.


Alumni Co ntributo rs Partne ring in the mission

Class of 1991

Sean Rober ’07 Finance Analyst JP Morgan Chase

“The values, academic rigor, and discipline instilled at Chaminade gave me a tremendous framework for success at Notre Dame and now as a working professional. The friendships I formed and the lessons I learned in my four years there will forever impact how I live my life. Comprehensive exams made college mid-terms seem manageable. Rules on attire and cell phones instilled a sense of pride and class in how one looks and carries oneself that is crucial in today’s world. The focus on ethics and integrity forced one to choose to act responsibly, to not always take the easy road. Looking at my senior yearbook now, I am filled with pride both as the editor-in-chief of that book and as a member of the great class of 2007. So much changes in life, but I will forever be a Flyer.”

The Chaminade Flyers varsity hockey team breaks out of their zone.

Fr. Garrett Long, S.M. ’62 instructs his students during his Latin class.


Amount: $39,073 Members: 311 Donors: 66 Participation: 21% Fr. Chaminade Members Thomas M. Healy Crimson & Gold Members Thomas Smykowski Fortes in Unitate Members Jonathan Acquafredda Patrick Kempton Flyer Members Andrew Nowak Anthony Sabino Chaminade Medallion Society Kieran Ahern Sean Arnold Christopher Didden Stephen Fleming Meribah Associates Michael Ambroise Dom Atteritano Joseph Carroll Jonathan Caverley Anthony Cedrone Thomas J. Healy Brian Kearns Anthony Manfredi Glenn McNamee Jeremiah O’Brien Jose Prince James Scire Robert Walter Taylor Dion Visconti The Century Club Gregory Addeo Vincent Agosta Christopher Airey Thomas Franks Anthony Furey Christopher Garcia Michael Giuffrida Dennis Hatton William Howe Gerard Keegan Daniel McGoey Christopher Murphy Paul Murray Erik Nordman Angelo Pellicone Daniel Robson John Rogan Michael Ronan Robert Shine Ryan Tansey Brian Wiese Loris Zeppieri Chaminade Patrons Kevin Andersen Salvatore Antonacci Matthew Bischoff Reno Bracchi Anthony Cecere Steven Connelly Frank Dillon Kevin Ecker Patrick Egan Joseph Genovese Brian Gilliard Paul Largo Michael Marmorale Andrew Mihalick Richard Mulcahy Brian Mullen David O’Brien

James Pisano Colin Ryan James Tedesco

Class of 1992 Amount: $17,650 Members: 292 Donors: 25 Participation: 9% Crimson & Gold Members Erik Sulzbach Fortes in Unitate Members James Fitzpatrick Michael McDevitt Chaminade Medallion Society Michael Alessi Justin DeCamp Meribah Associates Anthony Caporrino Joseph Henry Michael Morici Keith Radonis Daniel Rynkar Matthew Spero The Century Club Stephen Cuomo Kevin Dixon Richard Hoppenhauer Brian Judson Allister Lam Charles Leo Michael McDonough Eric Stampfel Chaminade Patrons Brian Carr Daniel DeBetta Bernard Furst John Furst Matthew Iandoli Robert Musso

Class of 1993 Amount: $11,345 Members: 289 Donors: 40 Participation: 14% Fortes in Unitate Members James Gavilan Chaminade Medallion Society Neil Brown Michael Chapple Sean Glynn Matthew Maguire Meribah Associates Stephen Burr Timothy Lindsay Daniel Neumann Brendan Ryan The Century Club Keith Barkaus K. Scott Botensten Keith Breglio Brian Conroy Austin T. Fagan Michael Flynn Brian Gallagher Christian Garry Peter Gillen Michael Kaspar Brendan Kenny Patrick Lane Christopher Larson Patrick Minicus Dominick Rossi

Thomas Ryan John Sandrowicz Edward Wittenberg Chaminade Patrons Michael Biancanello Jeffrey Clancy Keith D’Agostino Rev. Eric Fasano Anthony Lerro Kevin O’Brien Brian Parzer Brian Remigio Francisco Santos Christian Schuh Brendan Shevlin Scott Smith Christopher Stein

Class of 1994 Amount: $10,856 Members: 316 Donors: 35 Participation: 11% Crimson & Gold Members Christopher Wood Meribah Associates Anthony Cilmi Adam Delligatti Justin Hester Lawrence Juliano Timothy O’Connor Anthony Santulin The Century Club Alexander Balko Brendan Bella John Benazzi Frank Caporrino Kevin Cherry William Cooney Andrew Didora Andrew Donovan Mark Doolan Patrick Freaney Kevin Gillooly Charles Karazia Ryan Knowles Todd Mahoney Gavin Murphy Robert Nelson Filippo Petti Christopher Salogub Antonio Santos Chaminade Patrons John Beam Christopher Boffa Matthew Capazzi William Doherty Robert Gillon Michael McIsaac Michael Minicus Richard Mullaney Stafford Thomas

Class of 1995 Amount: $11,760 Members: 319 Donors: 49 Participation: 15% Chaminade Medallion Society Scott Brennan Michael Contino Christian Naus Thomas O’Brien

Alumni Contributo rs Kevin Schuler James Sheehan Meribah Associates Thomas Burke Daniel Campbell William Connolly Michael DiOrio Daniel Kelsh Matthew Mohan Charles O’Neill Christopher Renga Thomas Ryan James Tyler The Century Club Dennis Altman Thomas Blair Peter Christiansen Thomas Claro Stephen Conroy Frederick Coppersmith Jason Danisi Kevin Dunne Gregory Faje Thomas Hogan James Keane Chris Krimitsos Ryan Larson Michael Lobick Vincenzo Lupis Francis Macchio Thomas Marino Dennis O’Brien Kurt Sulzbach Christopher Wellenbrink Chaminade Patrons Jack Cennamo Michael D’Antona Christopher Ebe Michael Ferro Michael Gamble John Lampasona Jeffrey Landesmann Philip Lapar Patrick McCluskey Gregory Murphy Frank Palmeri Daniel Urban William Werner

The Century Club Anonymous Christopher F. Bellistri Daniel Cendan Daniel Danbusky Joseph Darcy Vincent Del-Cid James DiLiberto James Finley Philip Fontanetta Kevin Gallagher John Hlavacek Terence McGuire Joseph Minetti James Miranda Sean Misciagna Andrew Nick William Pricci Robert Rohde Brett Savio Daniel Sydor Ryan Wellner Chaminade Patrons Patrick Boland Richard Chesney Anthony Ciaccio Jason Corso William Finn Brendan Giordano Andrew Herman Stephen Krines Robert Madigan Jason Medina Joseph Mosca Thomas Osborn Jonathan Parisi Craig Schinn Gavin Wilk

Class of 1997 Amount: $10,594 Members: 308 Donors: 52 Participation: 17%

Fortes in Unitate Members Morgan O’Brien Meribah Associates Anthony Bianco Michael Coffey Class of 1996 Brian Craine Amount: $23,484 Thomas Douglas Members: 315 Matthew Faranda Donors: 52 Brendan McCormick Participation: 17% Matthew Reynolds Robert Skrzypinski Crimson & Gold Members Robert Torti Timothy Durnan The Century Club Fortes in Unitate Members Christopher Anskat Robert Reardon Stephen Behnken Flyer Members Kenneth Binick Neil Caverley Peter Breglio John Gally Michael Carney Frederick Seguritan Chaminade Medallion Society Sean Cronin Joseph Daly Christopher Gardella Stephen D’Elia Phillip Gass Matthew Didora Christopher Totman Craig Farrell Philip Tretola Colin Garry Meribah Associates Robert Granniss Michael Brescio Michael Harrison Fernando DaSilva Paul Lagonigro Michael Jansen Christian Lynch James Keefe Christopher Maidhof Joseph Leto Michael Mallick Karl Schreiber Richard McLaughlin Peter Skrzypinski Mark Molloy

Christopher Moran Andrew O’Brien Angelo Pace Brendan Quigley Ronald Santopadre James Schneider Russell Sherwood Peter Small James Tallarico Peter Troisi Chaminade Patrons Thomas Beer Michael Brewer Vincent D’Eramo Christopher Fingerhut Michael Gordon-Tennant Patrick Hanratty James Kane Gregory Kontopoulos Christopher Plasencia Alexander Rowley Vipin Varghese Curtis Young John Zembruski

Class of 1998


Above, Dominic Bellissimo ’11 and the crew team work out at Hempstead Harbor.

Amount: $10,072 Members: 325 Donors: 37 Participation: 11% Flyer Members Andrew Cherry Andrew Prisco Meribah Associates Michael Aversano Gregory Baecher Matthew Bentz Edward Cafiero Matthew Campolettano Fr. Christopher Costigan Mark Grimmelbein Michael Mancuso Brian Ronan Gabriel Rusu The Century Club Anthony Amodeo Christopher Birrer Richard Birrer Ryan Callahan John Campbell Vincent DeOrchis Thomas Desmond Joseph Filacanevo Patrick Finley Luke Kaplan Brian Keenan Kevin Kelly Brian Kusterer Brendan Lentz Frank McCaughey Brendan McShane John Neamonitis Robert Zeuner Chaminade Patrons Gerald Donaghy Brian Ellwood Anthony Genovese Gregory Lloyd Michael McWeeney Kevin Minicus Brian Schroeder

Chaminade band moderator Bro. Karl Hornberger ’77 is shown above with Joseph Connors ’11 and his classmate Andrew Minarik ’11.

Above is a group of Senior Leaders on retreat at Founder’s Hollow.


Alumni Co ntributo rs Partne ring in the mission

TORCH Fund Participation Top ten classes with more than 200 members

2011 1986 2009 1965 1964 2008 2010 1959 1982 1963 Class of 1999 Amount: $13,770 Members: 383 Donors: 48 Participation: 13% Fortes in Unitate Members Brian Hayes Robert Sica Flyer Members Sean Conroy Joseph Pollaci Meribah Associates Nicholas Conway Michael Corbi Timothy Kelly John McKenna John O’Brien Calvin Sullivan The Century Club Michael Bonneville Rev. Lachlan Cameron Brian Campbell Peter Cisario Rev. Vincent DeRosa Kevin Didden Brian Diffendale David DiPietro Timothy Fronda Matthew Groh William Harrison Michael Hirschfield John Patrick Janowski Peter Lindner Peter Oberg Justin Pappas Daniel Parente Christopher Russo Andrew Simons Douglas Taggart Joseph Whelan James Williams Chaminade Patrons Frederick Corsentino Sean Galligan Jonathan Hicks Scott Howard Atul Kamath Timothy LaMere Joseph Mastrocovi


67% 28% 28% 27% 27% 26% 26% 25% 24% 24% Shaun McGowan Joseph McPartland Ralph Milillo Michael Napoli Richard Peters Thomas Portuese John Puswald Paul Rios Randall Sigmund

Class of 2000 Amount: $7,975 Members: 383 Donors: 53 Participation: 14% Flyer Members Joseph Giardina Chaminade Medallion Society Ryan McDonnell Meribah Associates Edward Kraus Joseph Mulhall John-Paul Munfa Brendan Narell The Century Club Charles Bartels Domenic Cervoni Daniel Conway Adrian Facini David Fisher Christopher Flatz Andrew Francis Russell Franklin Michael Ganzi John Garvey Andrew Gennawey Robert Harper Michael Hodson Justin Jaworski Benjamin Klimkowski Paul Lisi Kevin Maher Mario Matulich Mark Milone Patrick O’Hara Sean Regan Timothy Reynolds Matthew Rogers

Eric Soviero James Trani Michael Vitale Marcus Weisgerber Chaminade Patrons Justin Adams Peter Bernacki Corey Blay Stefan Borovina Christopher Boyle Domenick Ciaccio Anthony Contardo Richard Coppola Peter Corrado Brian D’Ambrosio David Delaney Donald DiBrita Michael Gallagher Daniel Golebiewski John Imperiale Patrick Magee Michael Nigro Christopher Rogers Brian Wong Joseph Zito

Class of 2001 Amount: $17,545 Members: 333 Donors: 67 Participation: 20% Flyer Members Chris Neamonitis Matthew Tigh Chaminade Medallion Society Christopher Amico Stephen Arena Dennis Barry Raffaele Bonavitacola Matthew Gidicsin Edward Goydas Jeffrey Kaczmarski Brendan McCarthy Meribah Associates Christopher Ciullo Gregory Hayes John Kirrane Sean Quigley Michael Taormina The Century Club Sean Begley James Cardo John Carey Lee Chapman Richard Colucci Stephen DeMartin James Duff y James Federlin Charles Fountaine Patrick Hoey Liam Kelly John Lapczynski Andrew Lemonda Robert McKeon Robert Meekins Gregory Morin Matthew Parmiter Joseph Plonski Daniel Rober Joseph Ryan Andrew Sampson Ryan Short Kevin Shortt Nicholas Terzulli

Thomas Treacy Jeremiah Weimer Chaminade Patrons Nicholas Billotti Jason Clark Kyle DeVoe Joseph Fontanetta Joseph Garbitelli Joseph Gillooly Douglas Guerrin Jason Harkinish Edward Kitt Michael Kuehnlenz Thomas LaPorta Ryan Lawlor Eric Massell Paul McDonald Ryan Molloy Terence Nicholas Brian Pagano Raymond Pegollo Patrick Reichart John Rutigliano John Savarese Brendan Schepis Richard Sikes Robert Thorne Robert Tomlin Daniel Yetman

Class of 2002 Amount: $8,360 Members: 368 Donors: 58 Participation: 16% Meribah Associates Peter Cavaliere Patrick Hart Brian Hehir John Koehler David Long Marc Munfa James D. O’Brien Christopher Padilla Malachy Soller William Sullivan Daniel Zenker The Century Club Stephen Alicanti Michael Balistreri William Beckenhaupt Timothy Blair Stephen Bonventre Richard Budinich Michael Coppola Christian Foschi Brian Gemino Edward Gruska Robert Howard James Kushner Kevin Kusterer Alexander Lazzaruolo Lucian Licata Christopher Martin Ryan McAdam Glenn McGowan Charles Nerko James O’Brien Lawrence Papola Peter Petraro Michael Preis Stephen Raab Garrett Raynis Donald Steinert Joseph Tinari

Robert Von Hagen John Witzenbocker Chaminade Patrons Michael Alcide Thomas Burke Craig Cooper Justin Dalia Gregory Dann Michael DiBari Robert Domingo Andrew Fingerhut Kevin Giordano Dennis Grady Louis Imbroto Terence Kemp Adam LoBelia Thomas Magaldi Christopher Sigmund Daniel Torres Christopher Virga Joseph Wasniewski

Class of 2003 Amount: $6,325 Members: 369 Donors: 39 Participation: 11% Flyer Members Adam Giardina Chaminade Medallion Society Anonymous Meribah Associates Michael Brady John Cosgrove Christopher Jonas The Century Club Austin Azzaretto Ryan Blair Patrick Bowe Brendan Doherty James Figliozzi Victor Galgano Daniel Graham Stephen Harper Robert LoCurto Daniel Markus Nicholas Russo Stephen Sameroff Joseph Spadaro William Tamparo Michael Walsh Edward Wikstrom Chaminade Patrons Kraig Binick Robert Boyce Ryan Cappiello Vincent Clarke James Colucci Nicholas Contardo David Daddario William Dong Robert Faderl James Fronda Gregory Gallagher Daniel Gross Craig Kavanagh Stephen Lippolis Ryan McCormack Gregory Preis John Schneider Thomas Scida

Alumni Co ntributors 1761-1850

Class of 2004 Amount: $4,286 Members: 387 Donors: 39 Participation: 10% Chaminade Medallion Society Kevin Mangan Meribah Associates Patrick Ryan Joseph Williams The Century Club Anthony Bagnuola Kevin Coughlin Perry Fumuso Richard Klimkowski Salvatore Korecki Thomas Matesich Charles Mathes Matthew McSherry Douglas Montegari John Newman John Reedy Thomas Salogub Kyle Squillario Daniel Taormina Chaminade Patrons Patrick Bifone Michael Brosnan Craig Calo Brian Carlsen Gerard Dimone Salvatore Farruggia Stephen Ferrante Patrick Kemp Patrick Kerner James LaPorta Joseph Lee-Schuster Gerard McCarthy Ryan McMahon Keith Morris Robert O’Keefe Thomas Paresi Matthew Pewarski Gregory Pranzo Sean Quigley Jonathan Smith John Stellakis Richard Zanoni

Class of 2005 Amount: $6,542 Members: 401 Donors: 43 Participation: 11% Flyer Members James Santelli Chaminade Medallion Society Vincent Fressle Gerald Sauvigne Meribah Associates Brian Field Garrett Taverna The Century Club Lawrence Bamberger Michael Casale Kevin Dooley Kevin Gerard Matthew Kiernan John Koch Conor McDonald Vincent O’Neill Thomas Preis

Matthew Prisco Timothy Raab Robert Renda Daniel Rizzi Richard Sgalardi James Zenker Chaminade Patrons Matthew Alcide Edward Bertellotti Adrien Borovina Matthew Cappiello Robert Cikos William Downey William Finn Andrew Gaddis Shane Granberg Gregg Izzo Brian Koralewski Jonathan Krug Michael Lauterborn Dennis Lyons Kyle Mitchell Andrew Mozer Jonathan Olivera Kieran Reynolds Robert Ryan Michael Sloan Garrett Snedeker Thomas Steinert Richard Ward

Class of 2006 Amount: $4,685 Members: 386 Donors: 60 Participation: 16% Flyer Members Colin Tuff y The Century Club Brian Allen Colin Ceriello Matthew Ciancimino Steven Dalton Robert Gerner Nicholas Giacone David Hommel Kyle Keinath Kenneth Kraska Robert Riley Daniel Roemer Austen Soller Chaminade Patrons Shane Abrams Peter Carlsen John Conway Kevin Cronauer Peter Dagher Christopher Durr Collin Eith Kevin Fitzgibbon Robert Frawley Andrew Gallagher James Garrity John Geager Garth Grillo Brian Guy Christopher Hayden David Hegermiller Daniel Howard David Hutchinson Joseph Incalcaterra Eric Jansen Benjamin Koche Vincent Lipari

Joseph Lynch Peter Mangus Matthew Markham Kevin Martin Michael McHale Joseph Meares John-Thomas Milone Robert Moerler John O’Brien Stephen O’Brien Innis O’Rourke John Papa Michael Papa Maickel Peck Brian Picciano Thomas Raynor Dominick Robertazzi Corey Sheeron Gregory Sidoti Joseph Strandberg Colin Tigh Rory Tolan Vincent Vomero Glenn Werneburg Michael Yeamans

Class of 2007 Amount: $3,740 Members: 367 Donors: 75 Participation: 20% Meribah Associates Robert Walters The Century Club Michael Fee Justin Pineo Alexander Renker Sean Rober Steven Spagnuolo Chaminade Patrons Kevin Alas Robert Anders Andrew Arning Ralph Bianculli Conor Blanco Steven Bondi Tyler Britton Daniel Bruen Michael Butler Nicholas Capogna Robert Caruso Christopher Cassata Peter Cavallaro Stephen Cavanagh Marc Cira Matthew Cunningham Vincent Davino Matthew Doherty John Dombrowski Mark Dougherty Thomas Durante Francis Emanuele Andrew Esposito Alex Ferrera Michael Fiechter Stephen Gallagher Douglas Gerowski Perry Griffith Kevin Grignoli Frank Heller Brian Horner Cory Howard Timothy Hutchinson Joseph Izzo

Nicholas Jandovitz Matthew Kaden Kristopher Kalibat Eric Kavanagh Matthew Krebs Michael Kriner James Lindsay Thomas Mansfield Joseph Mazzola Sean McGonigle Richard McIver Conner McMahon David Miller Kenneth Miller Matthew Morrisey Michael Murtha Robert O’Connell Michael Padovano James Rizzi Robert Rooney Daniel Salogub Andrew J. Santoriello Richard Semenick Matthew Serkes Conor Sheehy James Stone Vincent Stracquadanio Daniel Sweeney Kevin Taylor Anthony Trombetta Richard Vitulli Matthew Wierzel Ronald Wilcox Thomas Wilhelm Robert Zellner

Class of 2008 Amount: $2,915 Members: 398 Donors: 102 Participation: 25.6% Meribah Associates Daniel Agostinacchio The Century Club Dominick Acevedo Joseph Bellesheim Peter Gallo Richard Mole Christopher Russo Joseph Tarantino Ryan Urkiel Chaminade Patrons Kevin Allen David Alvarez Salvatore Ambrosino Mark Bader Vincent Barbieri Olivier Barthelemy Vincent Bilms Kyle Blanco Matthew Boruch John Buonocore Robert Cabo Kenneth Caccavale Michael Calceglia Conor Callahan Michael Campbell John Carlsen Michael Catapano Michael Ceriello Matthew Comer Matthiessen Condy Michael Contillo Ryan Conway

Stephen Conwell William Coughlin Wayne Cox Collin Currao Patrick Curtin Nicholas Cusumano Alexander Delgado Timothy DeLuca Patrick Donnelly Brendan Duff Ryan Feltham Peter Gaddis John Gamber Victor Garcia Patrick Gillespie Matthew Goldstein Christopher Golon David Golon Dennis Grabowski Louis Guida John Hamilton Matthew Hassett Robert Hegermiller Brian Hettrich David Holtze Robert Iaboni Bradley Johnson Matthew Johnson James Joyce Brian Kalaf Thomas Knychalski Roger Koche Alex Lambert Gerald Levano Vincent Lovaglio Stephen Magli Enrico Manetta Andrew Mantione Kendall McCaffrey John McKeever Evan McKenna Michael Mink Robert Mulligan James Murphy James Murtha Luke Nawrocki Gavin Nugent Thomas O’Hanlon Richard O’Hara Andre Oliveira Thomas Olivera Michael Osorio Charles Pensabene Andrew Proto Stephen Puntillo Thomas Quinn Brendan Reedy John Regan Michael Riley Mathias Roberts Brian Rochford Peter Sagos John Sampson Giovanni Santoro Daniel Sheehan Michael Sorenson Anthony Virey Reid Wagner Ryan Walsh Daniel White Jonathan Williams Joseph Young


Alumni Co ntributo rs Partne ring in the mission

Class of 2009 Amount: $2,815 Members: 374 Donors: 106 Participation: 28%

Richard Budinich ’02 Mechanical Engineer Power Concepts, LLC “During my time at Chaminade, I was involved in various activities from sports to music. The activities offered to each student are what separate Chaminade from other schools. With the commitment of the coaches and teachers, Chaminade students can develop into well rounded individuals prepared for their college and business careers.”

Griffin McQuilling ’11 exhibits a fine finish to his golf swing.


The Century Club Christopher Bruno James Buser Carl Joseph Caputo Kevin Kelly Michael Sutton Kyle Textor Chaminade Patrons Richard Adrian Gerard Agosta Brian Anderle Steven Arning Thomas Arning Matthew Boyle Ryan Breen Paul Cammarata Sean Cantwell Joseph Carnazza Trevor Chan Stephen Chmil Thomas Ciavarella Michael Cochran Joseph Cordi Stephen Dachert Michael D’Agostino Colin Dickinson Kevin Doherty Christopher Dooley Ryan Duff Nicolas Figliozzi Matthew Fitzsimons Thomas Frawley Michael Gamber Matthew Gentile Paul Gentile Bryan Gerard Brendan Hanley John Hannan Brendan Harrington Bryan Hehn Colin Hennessy Matthew Herschlein Ryan Higgins Luke Hollwedel John Imbornoni Michael Jandovitz Matthew Johnson Sean Johnson Michael Kaufold Vincent Kenny-Cincotta Ryan Krebs Joseph LaCorte Jeffrey Larocca Gregory Lauritano Kevin Lavallee Mario Lipari Vincent Marchetta Michael Marconi John Mayberger Connor McDermott Robert McEntee Kevin McGowan Ryan McIntyre Thomas McKeever Brian McNamara Richard Meares Michael Minasi Sean Monsees Bernard Moore

Alexandros Nicolelis John O’Connell Madison O’Connor Elias Panagiotakis Robert Pavacic Ross Pearlman Michael Perlowitz Christopher Pedraita Timothy Pond Anthony Posillico Michael Prate Michael Pucci John Ready Kellen Rice Travis Rochon Michael Romano Samuel Ross Christopher Rypl Brandon Saldana Jeffrey Sallusto Michael Salogub Peter Sarian Frank Serravalli Brian Shannon Michael Stepniewski Michael Strandberg John Sullivan Alex Taylor Joseph Teitz Daniel Textor Adam Totter Thomas Trainor Anthony Truzzolino Nicholas Valenti Michael Van Roten Joseph Vanderberg James Vessa James Wasniewski Christopher Wilhelm

Class of 2010 Amount: $4,893 Members: 402 Donors: 104 Participation: 25.8% The Century Club Gregory Gerner Daniel Halleran Chaminade Patrons Robert Abballe Cody Abbey Leodor Altidor Thomas Antorino Francis Arland Michael Bucaria Matthew Butler Thomas Byrne Francis Cahill John Camperlengo Alexander Capogna Daniel Carter John Castro Keith Conway Joseph Crapotta Robert Crimmins Andrew D’Ambrosio Robert Demmett Jonathan Derlath Gregory Dick Matthew Dunn Michael Ehrhardt Thomas Elder Thomas Engelhart Louis Fasano Gardner Fitzgerald

Robert Flood Paul Fortanasce Anthony Fradella Nicholas Franzini Kevin Gaffney Michael Galzerano Maxwell Gentile Demetrios Giakoumis Daniel Giordano Bryan Gitto Alfredo Guzman Sean Hardick Timothy Healy William Himler Brian Hoffman John Hunter Andrew James Brian Joyce Patrick Kammerer Peter Kechejian Michael Kelly Andrew Koche James Kovar Conor Kutner Michael LaGumina Justin LaMarca Matthew Landolphi Benjamin Loweree Nicholas Manetta Biagio Marino Ryan May Robert McGrane Glenn McKenna Conor Mercadante John Mohrmann Thomas Morgan James Morra Anthony Nania Andrew Napolitano Sean O’Hara David Ostermann Vincent Pagnotta Stephen Palazzolo Thomas Palumbo Edward Parisi Marino Pawlowski Matthew Picarella Forrester Pierce Daniel Pojero Matthew Poppe Robert Pulido Brendan Quinn Timothy Quinn James Robertazzi Kevin Rochford Matthew Sagan Jesse Salvo Colin Sauvigne Patrick Schmitz Timothy Schulze Francis Soler Patrick Spagnuolo Daniel Sprotte Patrick Stano James Starkie Kevin Sutcliffe Luke Suydam Francis Taylor Thomas Terrill Rocco Tomassetti Joseph Truzzolino Daniel Wallace Matthew Weber Kevin Weiss Tyler White Christian Widmer

Alumni Co ntributors 1761-1850

Class of 2011 Amount: $4,645 Members: 433 Donors: 293 Participation: 67% The Century Club Robert Wallace Chaminade Patrons Michael Adam Anthony Affrunti Matthew Alessandri Michael Ali Marc Alibrandi Jason Alves Nicholas Amster Sean Andrews Stephen Antaki Timothy Antchoutine Ryan Arning Mark Attanasio John Atwell Richard Barakat Alexander Baydar Luke Beil G. Alejandro Bejarano Matthew Bellesheim Dominic Bellissimo Christopher Bendel John Benigno Richard Berotti Michael Billotti Stephen Birbiglia David Birkdale Nicholas Blaine Christian Bleck Daniel Breen Samuel Brown Torrence Browne Ryan Brunetti Robert Buetti John Buonocore Patrick Butler Jayson Cabildo

Mr. Peter Dubon ’99 is shown below teaching a biology class.

Patrick Cahill Matthew Calamari Daniel Caligiuri Richard Callahan Sean Callahan Richard Canter John Capano Nicholas Capozzi Michael Capriotti Thomas Cassaro Ryan Cecchi Andrew Checca Joseph Cimmino Vincent Ciuffo Gaetan Civil Edward Clark Timothy Cole Christian Coletta Lucas Colombo John Connors Joseph Connors Kevin Connors Taylor Conti Matthew Conway Brandon Craig John Cronin Kevin Cruse Frederick Cucciniello Brian Cunningham Salvatore Curasi James D’Angelo Eamon DeLay Samuel DeLuca Alexander DeMarchena Michael DeRosa Brendan DeTommaso David Diaz William DiBugno Andrew DiFranco Mark Dignam Kevin Donohue Matthew Dorritie Michael Dorritie Thomas Dougherty Cole Dowling Gregory Dunn Michael Duvally Sean Dvorak Joseph Esposito Douglas Etts Michael Falco Nicholas Falco Stephen Falzone Thomas Fasano Vincent Fedorczyk Christian Feliciano Michael Ferranti Joseph Ferrara William Ferraro Nicholas Ferreiro Daniel Finnegan Richard Fischer Ryan Fitzsimons Martin Florimon Daniel Flynn Colin Fraser Michael Gallagher William Gammel Sean Garfield Henry Gemino Matthew Gentile Vincent Gentile George Georgiadis Mark Gianfalla Thomas Gil Alexander Girasole

Conor Golden Matthew Gonyon Gavin Gonzalez Terence Greene Eric Grein Nicholas Grieco Bryan Griffith Zachary Grossfeld Marco Guevara Antonio Guzman Harold Hadlock Alexander Halikias John Halloran Michael Hanley Declan Hart Daniel Haslbauer Eric Haslbauer Gilbert Hegermiller Brendan Henry Michael Hirschberger Jaghab Hishmeh Christian Holloway Ryan Hopke Joseph Horan Joseph Jablonski Kyle Johnson Michael Jones Nathaniel Joseph Christophe Juul-Nielsen Daniel Kelly William Kerr Andrew Kirk Thomas Kirschbaum Ryan Klages John Krstacic Ryan Krumholz Robert Kuehn Louis Lagalante John Lampasi Ryan Lee Thomas Leigh Giovanni LoMonaco Philip LoPresti Michael LoRusso Robert Lucey Thomas Lukacovic Andrew Mack Timothy Magalona John Magovern John Manning Francesco Marino Louis Marino Kevin Markus Michael Marolda Brian Martin William McArdle Andrew McAward Patrick McBride Donald McCabe Joseph McCabe James D. McCaffrey Connor McCormack Patrick McCormick Michael McDade Bryan McElwain Brian McGann Casey McGinley Patrick McGonigle Connor McGrath Vincent McHenry Michael McIntyre Kevin McMurtry Conor McQuade Griffin McQuilling Theodore Melittas Brendan Michaelis

Daniel Michel James Milano Daniel Miller Kevin Miller Andrew Minarik Daniel Minervini Antonio Mistron Patrick Monahan Gianni Monteleone Thomas Mozer Brendan Mulligan Connor Murphy Michael Murphy Thomas Murphy Thomas-Joseph Murphy Joseph Nardi Brian O’Connor Ian O’Connor Conor O’Donnell Zachary Ogilvie Patrick O’Hara Daniel Oill Dylan O’Shaughnessy Michael O’Sullivan Michael Paniccia Robert Pena Erik Pepe Michael Pescuma Kevin Petsky Daniel Pinto Andrew Pohalski Raphael Posadas Aloysius Posillico Spencer Powers Nicolas Previti Conor Proce Michael Quinn Keith Raad Robert Raffaele James Raphael John Reali Thomas Reynolds John Riggs Kenneth Ritchie Christopher Rizzo Michael Rizzo Griffith Rogan Bryan Rogers Kieran Rogers Michael Romano Paul Rooney Walter Rooney Nicholas Rosato Thomas Roulis John Ruhl Dylan Scarpato Matthew Scarpato Kevin Schmitz David Schneider Owen Schroeder James Schuster Dillon Schwartz Kevin Seger Kory Seibt Peter Sennert Ian Serko Kevin Sheehy John Sikula Louis Simione William Slattery Matthew Smith Thomas Smithwick Marc Solinas Thomas St. Jeanos Michael Starsia Richard Stewart

Daniel Stracquadanio Timothy Suozzi Steven Teixeira Nicolaus Thill Shane Thornton Michael Todd Matthew Tolentino Anthony Tripodoro Nicholas Troetti Eric Truss Joseph Tucciarone John Tudisco Ryan Vaneck Robert Vassallo John Vermaelen Robert Verrone Pedro Vilaca Matthew Virgilio Nicholas Walborn Eric Walpole Michael Walsh Gerald Weaver Kevin Weissheier David Werner Thomas Werring Joseph Wilcox Raymond Wrobleski Jr. Matthew Wunsch Richard Zoller


Parent Co ntributo rs Partne ring in the mission

Parents 2011 Bro. Alexander Ott Leaders Mr. & Mrs. Daniel P. Kerning Fr. Chaminade Members Mr. Phillip Cimmino & Dr. Kathleen Kohut Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Conway Crimson & Gold Members Mr. & Dr. Timothy Cole Mr. & Mrs. Gerard F. Cruse Mr. & Mrs. Donald Denihan Mr. Robert Gold Mr. & Mrs. Mark Hamer Ms. Mary Jane Richardson Mr. & Mrs. Frederick Schoenhut Mr. Christopher Suozzi Fortes in Unitate Members Mr. & Mrs. J. D. Drogalis Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Ferrara Mr. & Mrs. Michael F. Gaffney Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth P. Mahon Mr. & Mrs. Robert Michel Mr. & Mrs. Peter Reali Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Schmidt Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Thornton Mr. & Mrs. John Tripodoro Flyer Members Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Antaki Mr. & Mrs. Mark Arning Mr. & Mrs. John Bellissimo Mr. & Mrs. Michael Butler Dr. & Mrs. Paul F. Callahan Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Checca Mr. & Mrs. Salvatore Curasi Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Diehl Mr. & Mrs. Frederick Magovern Mr. & Mrs. James O’Hara Mr. & Mrs. Michael Petsky Mr. & Mrs. James M. Sheehy Chaminade Medallion Society Dr. & Dr. Paul V. Affrunti Dr. & Mrs. Daniel Caligiuri Mr. & Mrs. Michael Grossfeld Mr. & Mrs. Alexander Hadjiyane Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Joseph Mr. & Mrs. Bart Raffaele Drs. Alessandro & Anna Solinas Mr. & Mrs. William Truss Meribah Associates Mr. & Mrs. Richard Berotti Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas Billotti Mr. & Mrs. Robert Buetti Mr. & Mrs. Robert Buser Mr. & Mrs. Richard Callahan Mr. & Mrs. Rony Civil Mr. & Mrs. Richard L. Clarkson Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Daley Mr. & Mrs. Hector DeMarchena Mr. & Mrs. Kevin G. Flynn Mr. & Mrs. Robert Gaglione Mr. & Mrs. Henry Gemino Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Gianfalla Mr. & Mrs. John Halloran Mr. & Mrs. George Hishmeh Mr. & Mrs. Carl Juul-Nielsen Mr. & Mrs. Louis Lagalante Mr. & Dr. Giuseppe LoMonaco Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Markus Mr. & Mrs. Steven Marron Mr. & Mrs. Thomas McFadden Mr. & Mrs. Sean McGonigle Dr. & Mrs. Brian McKenna Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Miller


Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Ogilvie Mr. & Mrs. James Proce Mr. & Mrs. Cornelius Rogers Mr. & Mrs. Glenn Schneider Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Stallone Mr. & Mrs. Donald Woop The Century Club Mr. & Mrs. Carlo Alibrandi Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Benigno Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas A. Blaine Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Breen Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Brennan Mr. & Mrs. Scott Brown Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Browne Drs. John & Dolorita Buonocore Mr. & Mrs. John Capano Mr. & Mrs. Richard Capriotti Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Carlino Mr. & Mrs. Terence Clark Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Connors Mr. & Mrs. Peter Conroy Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Craig Mr. & Mrs. Willie Cruz Mr. & Mrs. Martin Cunningham Mr. & Mrs. Scott Cunningham Mr. & Mrs. John P. D’Angelo Dr. & Dr. Patrick DePippo Mr. & Mrs. Edward DiCanio Mr. Daniel Donohue Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Dougherty Mr. & Mrs. Michael Emerson Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Esposito Deacon & Mrs. Douglas Ferreiro Mr. & Mrs. John Ferro Mr. & Mrs. Robert Flasinski Mr. & Mrs. Brian Gallagher Mr. & Mrs. James Gallagher Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Garfield Mr. & Mrs. Paul Goldberg Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Grieco Mr. & Mrs. Mark Griffith Mr. & Mrs. Mark Hadlock Mr. Brian Hall Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Haslbauer Mr. & Mrs. David Hegermiller Mr. & Mrs. George Hirschberger Mr. & Mrs. Martin Jablonski Dr. & Mrs. Thomas Jan Mr. & Mrs. William Johannsen Dr. & Dr. Philip Katz Mr. & Mrs. Donald Kelly Jr. Mr. & Mrs. George Kirschbaum Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Krumholz Mr. & Mrs. Robert Kuehn Mr. & Mrs. Shilly Kuruvilla Mr. & Mrs. Robert Landhauser Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Leigh Mr. & Mrs. Michael LoRusso Mr. & Mrs. Robert Lucey Mr. & Mrs. Frank Marino Mr. & Mrs. Louis Marino Ms. Marianne McHenry Mr. & Mrs. Gerard Mulligan Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Murphy Mr. & Mrs. Michael Murphy Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas A. Perrotta Mr. & Mrs. Donald Previti Mr. & Mrs. Donald Raad Mr. & Mrs. Mark Rizzo Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Rosato Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Seger Mr. & Mrs. John Smith Mr. & Mrs. Robert Spina Mr. & Mrs. George Starkie Mr. & Mrs. Richard Starsia Mr. & Mrs. Michael Suydam

Mr. Frank P. Toher Mr. & Mrs. Bhavuk Varghese Mr. & Mrs. Peter Vermaelen Mr. & Mrs. Carmine Verrone Mr. & Mrs. Robert Wallace Mrs. Elaine M. Weaver Mr. & Mrs. Thomas F. Werring Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Wilcox Chaminade Patrons Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Birbiglia Mr. & Mrs. William Birkdale Mr. & Mrs. John Brunetti Jr. Mr. & Mrs. James Cahill Mr. & Mrs. Michael Cassese Mr. & Mrs. Louis Condoluci Mr. & Mrs. Charles Dowling Mr. & Mrs. George Georgiadis Mr. & Mrs. Gerard Gonyon Mr. & Mrs. James J. Hart Mr. & Mrs. Armand Hensen Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Hopke Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Kerning Mr. & Mrs. Domenick Lampasi Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Lee Mr. & Mrs. Christopher McArdle Mr. & Mrs. Michael McIntyre Mr. & Dr. Joseph Nardi Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Oill Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Powers Mr. & Mrs. Bryan Rogers Mr. & Mrs. John Spadafora Mr. & Mrs. Michael Thill Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Todd Mr. & Mrs. Robert Troetti Mr. & Mrs. William Walpole

Parents 2012 Fr. Chaminade Members Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Curtin Mr. & Mrs. Richard Podpirka Crimson & Gold Members Mr. & Mrs. William P. McLaughlin Fortes in Unitate Members Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Chapey Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Downey Mr. & Mrs. Roger F. Goodwin Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Haff Dr. & Mrs. Daniel R. Landolphi Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Mink Mr. & Mrs. Paul O’Brien Flyer Members Mr. & Mrs. Karl Anderson Mr. & Mrs. P.J. Barry Mr. & Mrs. James Bechand Dr. & Mrs. James Colasacco Mr. & Mrs. Edward Farrell Mr. & Mrs. Paul Johnke Mr. & Mrs. Thomas McCarthy Mr. & Mrs. Steven McClatchey Mr. & Mrs. Peter McNamara Mr. & Mrs. Gus Nuzzolese Mr. & Mrs. Daniel O’Connell Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Sears Mr. & Mrs. Michael A. Simons Mr. & Mrs. Charles Stiene Mr. & Mrs. Craig Tigh Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Toscano Chaminade Medallion Society Mr. & Mrs. Gerard A. Baker Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Berdel Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Chapey Mr. & Mrs. Christopher H. Hanley Mr. & Mrs. Louis Koskovolis Mr. & Mrs. Gregory Mazzeo

Mr. & Mrs. John McCormack Mrs. & Mrs. Louis Milo Mr. & Mrs. Clifford Mulry Mr. & Mrs. Francis J. Pearn Mr. & Mrs. Peter Petrillo Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Schuster Mr. & Mrs. John Sweeney Meribah Associates Mr. & Mrs. James Atkinson Mr. & Mrs. Richard F. Boziwick Mr. & Mrs. George Brandt III Mr. & Mrs. David Brooks Ms. Lita Carballeira Mr. & Mrs. Richard G. DeGregoris Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Ferencik Mr. & Mrs. Candido Fernandez Mr. & Mrs. William Fotheringham Mr. & Mrs. Robert Fox Mr. & Mrs. William Furlong Mr. & Mrs. Robert Goebel Mr. & Mrs. Alfred Grilli Mr. Nilish Gupte & Dr. Reny Gupte Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Hardiman Mr. & Mrs. John Jeffrey Mr. & Mrs. Peter Kanuika Mr. & Mrs. Elmer Krauland Mr. & Mrs. Michael Maroutsis Mr. & Mrs. Robert Masterson Mr. & Mrs. Michael G. Mehary Mr. & Mrs. David Mendes Dr. & Mrs. Peter Menger Mr. & Mrs. James P. Minardi Mr. & Mrs. Sean Mongan Mr. & Mrs. Robert Napolitano Mr. & Mrs. John Potapchuk Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Rini Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Roach Dr. & Mrs. John Romano Mr. & Mrs. Robert Schmitt Mr. & Mrs. Michael Stratford Mr. & Mrs. Christopher S. Tully Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey K. Villani Mr. & Mrs. Martin Walsh The Century Club Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Ahern Mr. & Mrs. William Allhusen Mr. & Mrs. Nickolas Amendolara Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Awad Mr. & Mrs. Michael Bailey Mr. & Mrs. John Bello. Mr. & Mrs. Robert Bonelli Mr. & Mrs. Terrance Brennan Mr. & Mrs. Richard Brower Mr. & Mrs. John Bucaria Mr. & Mrs. Edward Byrne Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Caciola Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Callahan Mr. & Mrs. Eugene A. Capobianco Mr. & Mrs. Bart Coppola Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Cordi Mr. & Mrs. Frank Dean Mr. & Mrs. Frank DeLeo Mr. & Mrs. Pasquale DeSimone Ms. Maria Diglio Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Doherty Mr. & Mrs. Denis Donovan Mr. & Mrs. Richard Duff y Mr. & Mrs. Peter Fallon Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Faria Mr. & Mrs. Richard Ferris Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Fox Mr. & Mrs. Daniel B. Friel Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Fusco Mr. & Mrs. Nick Giakoumis Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Healy Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Henderson

Parent Contri butors Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Johnson Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Johnson Mr. & Mrs. Donald Jones Mr. & Mrs. James Joyce Mr. & Mrs. Walter Kaeck Dr. & Mrs. George Karagiannis Mr. & Mrs. John Karnati Mr. & Mrs. Adrian Kerrigan Mr. & Mrs. Robert Keys Mr. & Mrs. Scott J. Kiley Mr. & Mrs. Keith Klotsche Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Kutner Mr. & Mrs. Marshall Lapidus Mr. & Mrs. Edward Lettieri Mr. & Mrs. Robert Lindgren Mr. & Mrs. Steven LoRusso Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Mantone Mr. & Mrs. Charles Marchiselli Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Marino. Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Martin Dr. & Mrs. Kevin Marzo Dr. & Mrs. Joseph Mazza Mr. Thomas J. Mazziotti Mr. & Mrs. John McCaffery Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Morris Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Mueger Mr. & Mrs. Richard Muller Mrs. Diane Murphy Mr. & Mrs. Brian Nicholas Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth O’Connor Mr. & Mrs. Gino Pace Mr. & Mrs. Henry Padilla Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Pash Mr. & Mrs. John Pellman Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Pisani Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Portannese Mr. & Mrs. Brian Powers Mr. & Mrs. David Preputnik Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Pugliese Mr. & Mrs. Kasthuriraj Rayappa Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Regan Mr. & Mrs. William Regan Mr. & Mrs. Frank Ricciardelli Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Rizzuto Mrs. Linda Rooney Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Rooney Mr. & Mrs. Carl Russo Mr. & Mrs. Reid Sakowich Mr. & Mrs. Edmund Salecker Mr. & Mrs. Scott Schneider Mr. & Mrs. Richard Seery Mr. & Mrs. Michael Semple Mr. & Mrs. Peter Sowkey Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Staib Mr. & Mrs. Jose Stephen Mr. & Mrs. George Taggart Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Teri Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Torto Mr. & Mrs. John Troy Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Valenti Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Vasile Mr. & Mrs. John Vessa Mr. & Mrs. James Walker Mr. & Mrs. James Walsh Mr. & Mrs. Robert Weintraub Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Weldon Mr. & Mrs. Glenn Werneburg Mrs. Cathleen Williams Mr. & Mrs. J. Christopher Windisch Mr. & Mrs. Gary Winkler Chaminade Patrons Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Agolia Mr. & Mrs. Brooke Bonomi Mr. & Mrs. George Cacace Mr. & Mrs. Willis Carman Mr. & Mrs. William Casey Mr. & Mrs. John Connelly

Mr. & Mrs. John Curry Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Franzini Mr. & Mrs. Liborio Gigante Mr. & Mrs. John Hardick Mr. & Mrs. John Heneghan Mr. & Mrs. John Kanaval Mr. & Mrs. Francis Kelly Mr. & Mrs. Frank LaGumina Mr. & Mrs. John Langan Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Lyons Mr. & Mrs. Thomas McCormack Mrs. Theresa Meehan Mr. & Mrs. Edward Morrison Mr. & Mrs. William Naughton Mr. & Mrs. Laurence Parker Mr. & Mrs. Patrick D. Pilch Mrs. Susan Roethel Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Romeo Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Rula Mr. & Mrs. Michael Salvi Mr. & Mrs. John Schlapp Mr. & Mrs. Salvatore Sinatro Mr. & Mrs. Abraham Thomas Mr. & Mrs. Terence Twibell Mr. & Mrs. Valentin Urena Mr. & Mrs. Robert S. Valenza

Parents 2013 Fr. Chaminade Members Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Kelly Crimson & Gold Members Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Burke Mr. & Mrs. Michael Comerford Mr. & Mrs. Michael A. Maffucci Mr. & Mrs. Paul McHugh Mr. & Mrs. Richard Smith Mr. & Mrs. John Walsh Mr. John Westerman Fortes in Unitate Members Mr. & Mrs. Robert Arning Mr. & Mrs. Martin Bergin Mr. & Mrs. John Broderick Dr. & Mrs. Anthony Cappellino Flyer Members Mr. & Mrs. Robert Cote Mr. & Mrs. John Fives Mr. & Mrs. David Fraser Dr. Susan Gordon Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Kinsley Mr. & Mrs. John J. McManus Mr. & Mrs. James A. Mercadante Mr. & Mrs. Gennaro Sbarro Mr. & Mrs. Edward A. Smith Mr. & Mrs. Richard Trabulsi Dr. & Mrs. Mario Vezza Chaminade Medallion Society Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Gitto Dr. & Mrs. Louis Guida Dr. & Mrs. James Henry Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Kowalski Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Moscatiello Mr. & Mrs. Michael Randazzo Mr. & Mrs. George Salter Mr. & Mrs. John Sullivan Drs. Luther & Josette Tamayo Mr. & Mrs. Charles Trunz Meribah Associates Mr. & Mrs. Charles Anatra Mr. & Mrs. Vincent Bautista Dr. & Mrs. Daniel Caniano Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Clarke Mr. & Mrs. John Conway Mr. & Mrs. Gregory DeVerna Mr. & Mrs. Andrew DiGiacomo Mr. & Mrs. Paul Dunne


John and Sara Broderick P ’13, ’15 “Chaminade is much more than a physical place. It is a community of teachers, administrators, students, and families who are dedicated to the intellectual, spiritual, and moral development of young men who upon graduation will be equipped with a strong foundation of faith, a clearer understanding of their talents, a vision of their responsibility to bring Christ’s life and love to others, and the courage to face the complexities around them and to make a positive impact on the world. The community of Chaminade and the bonds that they make here will remain a constant presence throughout their lives. We are delighted to support this institution and the mission of the Torch Fund.”

Anthony and Stephanie Cappellino P ’13 “Our son Anthony is currently a junior at Chaminade. We have witnessed the benefits of a Chaminade education through his exposure to the Chaminade way. The school produces responsible, intelligent, disciplined and self-reliant young men. The education provides the building blocks and an invaluable foundation throughout high school, college and the years beyond. We are proud to say that our son attends this fine academic institution. Our intention by contributing to the Torch Fund is the hope that our donation allows other young men to experience the Chaminade education our children shall have. It is a cause we truly believe in.”


Parent Co ntributo rs Partne ring in the mission

Richard and Cathy Smith P ’13

“Chaminade has provided a well-rounded academic and religious education for our son Ryan, has taught him to be responsible for his actions, and has provided him the resources needed to continue to grow and develop. We are proud to contribute to the Torch Fund and are confident the Chaminade faculty and community will continue to instill the Chaminade values which will be part of our son’s life forever.”

Karl & Maggie Anderson P ’12

“Chaminade High School provides all its students tremendous opportunities to grow and mature. Every year we see Chaminade students develop intellectually, spiritually, emotionally, and physically under the guidance and structure provided by the Marianists. We are thankful to the Marianist community, faculty, and the staff for everything they do each day to educate our son and all the young men of Chaminade. Supporting the Torch Fund enables us to show our appreciation and to help continue the legacy of Chaminade High School.”


Mr. & Mrs. Edward Flood Mr. Keith Forrester Mr. & Mrs. Michael Gray Mr. & Mrs. Brian Hotton Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Johnson Mr. & Mrs. Edward Joyce Mr. & Mrs. Dean Lombardo Mr. & Mrs. James Mattutat Mr. & Mrs. Neil McCann Mr. & Mrs. Robert O’Callaghan Mr. & Mrs. William O’Flaherty Mr. & Mrs. Peter O’Sullivan Mr. & Mrs. Paul Patterson Mr. & Mrs. Edward Perez Mr. & Mrs. Brian Shea Mrs. Eileen Sino Mr. & Mrs. John J. Sullivan Drs. Scott & Maureen Tredwell Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Vani The Century Club Mr. & Mrs. John G. Aicher Mr. & Mrs. Napoleon Arthus Mr. & Mrs. Asgeir Asgeirsson Mr. & Mrs. Eric Bauman Mr. & Mrs. Todd Bellistri Mr. & Mrs. Gerard Brave Mr. & Mrs. Mark Brozek Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Bumbaca Mr. & Mrs. Terence Cashin Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Chiarelli Ms. Linda Cuozzo Mr. & Mrs. Keith DeMarco Mr. & Mrs. Charles DiLorenzo Mr. & Mrs. Bryan Duff y Mr. & Mrs. Martial Elie-Pierre Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Fasano Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Fazzolari Mr. & Mrs. Rocco Fazzolari Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Fitzgerald Mr. & Mrs. Kieran Fitzpatrick Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Franca Mr. & Mrs. Richard C. Frey Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Gallic Mr. & Mrs. Lester J. Gillen Mr. & Mrs. David Gordon Mr. George Harte Mr. & Mrs. Alan Hlavenka Mr. & Mrs. Robert Iaboni Mr. & Mrs. Mario Iannetta Mr. & Mrs. John Imbornoni Dr. & Mrs. Frederick James Mr. & Mrs. Adam Joesten Mr. & Mrs. Philip Kelleher Mr. & Mrs. Brendan Kelly Mr. & Mrs. W. Gregory Kerwick Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Lauritano Mr. & Mrs. David LeBlanc Mr. & Mrs. Robert Lechler Mrs. Katherine Leelum Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Lettieri Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Lynn Mr. & Dr. Ronald Manzi Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Mattiello Mr. & Mrs. Daniel McBride Mrs. April Meyer Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Mladinov Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Nelson Mr. & Mrs. Frank Nikolaidis Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas O’Connor Mr. & Mrs. John Oddo Mr. & Mrs. Michael O’Hara Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Pagano Mrs. Veronica Philippides Mr. & Mrs. Michael Plante Mr. & Mrs. John Platt

Mr. & Mrs. Charles Pohanka Mr. & Mrs. Frederick Prevete Mr. & Mrs. Mark Quinn Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth R. Regan Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Reilly Mr. & Mrs. Darrell Rogers Mr. & Mrs. David Romero Mr. & Mrs. Michael Ruppenthal Mr. & Mrs. George Samiou Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Schlameuss Mr. & Mrs. Michael Scully Mr. & Mrs. Omar Sharafeddin Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Sikorski Mr. & Mrs. James Simmons Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Skitmore Mr. & Mrs. Frank Sloan Mr. & Mrs. Robert Sorge Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Straub Mr. & Mrs. Michael Sweeney Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Tritto Mr. & Mrs. Sean Umhafer Mr. & Mrs. Thomas E. Walsh Mr. & Mrs. Eamon Ward Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Wasp Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Wren Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Zenker Mr. & Mrs. Peter Ziedalski Chaminade Patrons Mrs. Gina Amzler Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Bostrom Mr. & Mrs. F. Scott Carrigan Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Clarke Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Clines Mr. & Mrs. James Cochran Mr. & Mrs. Andrew D’Ambrosio Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Del Re Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Doran Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Drennan, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Frank Falco Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Greene Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Griffith Mr. & Mrs. Howard Hecht Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Heffernan Mr. & Mrs. Russell Kandel Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Kelleher Mr. & Mrs. John Leva Mr. & Mrs. Gregg Liguori Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Lo Re Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Mullen Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Murphy Mr. & Mrs. Kieran O’Brien Mr. & Mrs. John O’Connell Mr. & Mrs. John Papa Mr. & Mrs. James Philbin Mr. & Mrs. Manuel Reis Mr. & Mrs. Peter Rooney Mr. & Mrs. Elbis Sanchez Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Schlesier Mrs. Linda B. Thomas Mr. & Mrs. William Vincent Mr. Thomas Weiss Mr. & Mrs. Robert Wisniewski

Parents 2014 Crimson & Gold Members Dr. & Dr. Joseph Bonafede Dr. & Mrs. John M. Crean Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Donnelly Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Mahler Fortes in Unitate Members Ms. Deniz Brink Mr. & Mrs. Stephen DeSimone Mr. & Mrs. William Harney Mr. & Mrs. Michael Hayes Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Matesich Mr. & Mrs. John Stamm Mr. & Mrs. John M. Umland Mr. & Mrs. Mark Zulli Flyer Members Mrs. Colleen Cahill Mr. & Mrs. John Catalano Mr. & Mrs. Vincent J. Connors Mr. & Mrs. Robert Fitzsimmons Drs. Dimitri & Lisa Kessaris Mr. & Mrs. Robert Speranza Chaminade Medallion Society Mr. & Mrs. Richard Catalano Mr. & Mrs. Francesco Clara Mr. & Mrs. Michael Desautels Mr. & Mrs. John Donachie Mr. Kenneth Drummond Mr. & Mrs. Peter Figliozzi Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Garry Mrs. Kathleen Goldin Mr. & Mrs. William Hennessy Mr. & Mrs. Anthony J. Iandoli Mr. & Mrs. Brian Kilmeade Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. McCarthy Mr. & Mrs. Michael Moriarty Mr. & Mrs. Frank Narciso Mr. & Mrs. Slavko Negulic Mr. & Mrs. John Uehlinger Meribah Associates Mr. & Mrs. John Barkaus Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Borrelli Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Busweiler Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Cahill Mr. & Mrs. Robert Chory Mr. & Mrs. John Curylo Mr. & Mrs. James Doyle, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Dredger Mr. & Mrs. John Fazio Mr. & Mrs. Gaston Gomez Mr. & Mrs. Roger Grothmann Mr. & Mrs. George Halvatzis Sr. Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Harrington Mr. & Mrs. John C. Hunter Mr. & Mrs. Salvatore Isola Mr. & Mrs. Edward Johnston Mr. & Mrs. Francis Kasprzak, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Edwin Lozada Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Lynch Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan Niles Mr. & Mrs. James Page Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Peck Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Porrazzo Mr. & Mrs. John Reilly Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Roberts Mr. & Mrs. John Swenson Mr. & Mrs. Michael Van Praag Dr. & Mrs. John Vullo The Century Club Anonymous Mr. & Mrs. David Alonso Mr. & Mrs. Angelo Balbo Mr. & Mrs. Leon Berishaj Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Black

Parent Contri butors 1761-1850

Mark and Kathy Arning P ’11, CAPA

“As the parents of three Chaminade graduates, we have experienced firsthand the mission of Chaminade to ‘educate the whole man’. We have watched our sons grow physically, spiritually and academically in an environment rich with challenge, morality, and friendship. They have all concurred that Chaminade prepared them well for the challenges of college and life. We believe in the Torch Fund and its mission to help make this unique educational experience available to all who seek it.” Mr. & Mrs. Augustus Bourke Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Bradley Mr. & Mrs. Peter Brandt Mr. Richard Briglio Mr. & Mrs. Donald Buckley Mr. & Mrs. Louis Cappiello Mr. & Mrs. Salvatore Cataldo Mr. & Mrs. Michael Cavallaro Mr. & Mrs. Peter Cerrone Mr. & Mrs. Mark Charbonneau Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Christman Mr. & Mrs. Roger Colle Mr. & Mrs. Salvatore Coppola Mrs. Stephanie Corvino Mr. & Mrs. Gil Cosenza Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Curcie Mr. & Mrs. Mark Curcio Mr. & Mrs. Martin D’Amico Mr. & Mrs. Mark David Mr. & Mrs. Steven Deng Mr. & Mrs. Robert DeStefano Mr. & Mrs. William DiConza Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Dunn Mr. & Mrs. James J. Dutton Mr. & Mrs. David Ekstrom Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Ellsworth Mr. & Mrs. Jerome Fitzpatrick Dr. & Mrs. David Forlano Dr. & Mrs. Anthony Frasca Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Fulco Mr. & Mrs. Peter Gentile Mr. & Mrs. Glenn Gering Mr. & Mrs. Ali Ghahremani Mr. & Mrs. John Glynn Mr. & Mrs. Richard Golle Mr. & Mrs. John Gorton Mr. & Mrs. Francis X. Gribbon Mr. & Mrs. Donald Harris Mr. & Mrs. Richard Hartmann Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Hirsch Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Holland

Mr. & Mrs. Brian Joesten Mr. & Mrs. John Kerge Dr. & Mrs. John Labiak Mr. & Mrs. Richard Laga Dr. & Mrs. Victor N. LaGinestra Mr. & Mrs. Brian Lynn Mr. & Mrs. George Manolarakis Mr. & Mrs. James Marchetta Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Neville Mr. & Mrs. R. George O’Krepkie Mr. & Mrs. Neil G. O’Malley Mr. & Mrs. Fred Ondris Mr. & Mrs. Edmond Palmer Mr. & Mrs. Robert Pavacic Mr. & Mrs. Martin Picone Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Preziosi Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Prochner Mr. & Mrs. David B. Reuter Mr. & Mrs. Jeremy Reyes Mr. & Mrs. George Richardson Mr. & Mrs. Mathias Roberts Mr. & Mrs. Stephen P. Rochford Mr. & Mrs. Howard Rodriguez Mr. & Mrs. Charles Rogers Mr. & Mrs. Frank Rosin Mr. & Mrs. Paul Sari Mr. & Mrs. Alan Schraibman Mr. & Mrs. Salvatore Scognamillo Mr. & Mrs. Herman Serrano Mr. & Mrs. John Shelley Mr. & Mrs. Alfred Simoncini Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Sirna Mr. & Mrs. Michael Sloan Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Sokol Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Spagnuolo Mr. & Mrs. Richard Spinelli Mr. & Mrs. Kevin J. St. Pierre Mr. & Mrs. David Stack Mr. & Mrs. George A. Stamboulidis Mr. & Mrs. Demos Stefanou Mr. & Mrs. James Toron

Mr. & Mrs. Alfred Tricarico Mr. & Mrs. Isaac Tubbs Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Waldron Mr. & Mrs. John Wein Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Widmer Mr. & Mrs. Mark Wiegand Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Wimbiscus Chaminade Patrons Mr. & Mrs. Robert Bartels Mr. & Mrs. Edward Belotte Mr. & Mrs. Robert Bento Mr. & Mrs. Manuel Carballude Mr. & Mrs. Steven Carlucci Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Casillo Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Cecora Mr. & Mrs. Francesco Cipollone Mr. & Mrs. Brian Conroy Mr. & Mrs. Michael Delio Mr. & Mrs. Fred Esposito Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Fucci Mr. & Mrs. David Graffagnino Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. Hamilton Ms. Janet Heinsohn Mrs. Anne-Marie Hennessy Mr. & Mrs. William Hueber Mr. & Mrs. John Lively, III Mrs. Liana Ljubicich Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Malichek Mr. & Mrs. Raymund Mangibin Mr. & Mrs. Brendan McCabe Mr. & Mrs. Glenn McCready Mr. & Mrs. Peter Mikulus Mr. & Mrs. John O’Sullivan Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Pederson Mr. & Mrs. John Slicklein Mr. & Mrs. John Sweeney Mr. & Mrs. Mark Westfield Mr. & Mrs. Robert White

Doug and Barbara Chapey P ’12 “We are so fortunate that our son Alex was able to attend a high school where personal character is equally as important as high academic standards. The values taught at home are exemplified at Chaminade and will shape the way our young men live their lives. We contribute to the Torch Fund in the hope that future Flyers will be able to benefit from the fine tradition that Chaminade offers its students and that we have been so blessed to be a part of.”

Kevin Donohue ’11 demonstrates how place-kicking on the gridiron is done. Parents Patty Klotshe and Karen Fallon greet students at the School Store.


Grandpa rent Co ntri butors Partne ring in the mission


Joseph and Mary Bonafede P ’14

“Chaminade is a place high on expectations. It is committed to helping students reach their potential academically, physically, morally and socially. The atmosphere at Chaminade is one of kindness and discipline. Spiritual and moral values are nurtured within each student. These values are constantly reinforced not only in religious classes but in all classes, on the playing fields, and in each extracurricular activity.”

Michael Nicholas ’12 assesses his opponent in Chaminade’s wrestling room.


Flyer Members Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Fitzsimmons Chaminade Medallion Society Mr. & Mrs. James Burke Meribah Associates Mr. E. Davies Allan Mr. & Mrs. John Brunetti Dr. & Mrs. Robert Fischer Century Club Mr. & Mrs. Herbert Arning Mrs. Joan Bagnasco Mrs. Susan Bennett Mr. & Mrs. John Berube Mr. & Mrs. Vincent Brunhard Mrs. Patricia Byrnes Mr. & Mrs. William Fay Mrs. Jeanne Fell Mr. & Mrs. Angelo Fratianni Mr. John French Mr. Robert Greco Mr. & Mrs. Edward Ichart Mr. & Mrs. Donald Kelly Mr. & Mrs. C. Lake Ms. Thomasina Marchetta Mrs. Loretta McKay Mr. & Mrs. John A. Merola Mrs. Jeanne Morrison Mrs. Patricia Murphy Mr. & Mrs. John A. Needham Mrs. Maureen Petrie Mrs. Ann Pirrone Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Saladino Mr. & Mrs. William Seibt Mr. & Mrs. Edward Sweeney Mr. & Mrs. Paul Zwilling Chaminade Patrons Mrs. Sharon Ahrens Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Auci Mrs. Estelle Barnes Mr. & Mrs. Rudolph Bechand Mrs. Viola Billotti Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Brady Mr. & Mrs. Robert Britton Mrs. Joan Brown Mrs. Elsie Buckley Mrs. Marie Buetti Mrs. Carmella Burke Mr. & Mrs. Michael Buscemi Mr. & Mrs. William Capoziello Mrs. Menna Capuzzi Mr. & Mrs. George Carmella Mrs. Mary Cohen Mr. & Mrs. Robert Connell Hon. & Mrs. John Copertino Mr. & Mrs. Edward Crowley

Mrs. Serafina Curtin Mr. & Mrs. Wesley Dammes Mr. Joseph Dehler Mr. & Mrs. William M. Dennehy Mr. & Mrs. Michael DeRosa Mr. & Mrs. Lou Dunninger Mrs. Eileen Ernst Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Faderl Mrs. Nell Hallisey Mrs. Lillian Hammond Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Healy Mr. & Mrs. Robert P. Higgins Mr. & Mrs. Henry Hurtle Mrs. Josephine Jansen Mr. & Mrs. Francis Johnson Mr. & Mrs. Donald Kiley Mr. & Mrs. Royden K. Kleinert Mr. & Mrs. Raymond LaCasse Mr. & Mrs. John Lampasi Mrs. Charlphine Lanigan Mr. & Mrs. Francis Looney Mr. & Mrs. James Lynch Mrs. Doris Marmora Mr. & Mrs. Martinez Mr. & Mrs. Angelo Masso Mrs. Margaret Mazziotti Mrs. Mary McCaffery Mrs. Mary McCarthy Mrs. Marie McDermott Mrs. Mary J. McIntyre Mrs. Katherine McNoble Mrs. Katherine Meaney Mr. & Mrs. Philip Meringolo Mr. & Mrs. Robert Murphy Mr. & Mrs. John Nagy Mr. & Mrs. William Ost Mrs. Anne Pisano Mrs. Irene Plen Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Rainone Mrs. Margarita Santos Mr. & Mrs. Vincent Sauchelli Mrs. Adele Scott Mrs. Marilyn Spitz Mr. & Mrs. George Thomas Mr. & Mrs. Tomaszewski Mr. & Mrs. Frank Vecchione Mr. & Mrs. Frank Vella Mrs. Dorothy Walker Mrs. Judith Walker Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Ward Mr. & Mrs. John Wengenosky

CAPA Co ntributo rs 1761-1850

CAPA Fr. Chaminade Members Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Bregartner Mr. & Mrs. Charles F. Dolan Mr. & Mrs. James M. Harrison Crimson & Gold Members Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Bowe Mr. & Mrs. John Cashwell Mr. & Mrs. Robert Ciullo Mr. & Mrs. Richard L. O’Hara Fortes in Unitate Members Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Amodeo Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Carberry Mr. & Mrs. William R. Hazelton Mrs. Elizabeth Hicks Mr. & Mrs. James Newman Mr. & Mrs. Edward J. Ronan Mr. & Mrs. Richard J. Sullivan Flyer Members Mr. & Mrs. J. Christopher Ahrens Mr. & Mrs. Manny Alas Mr. & Mrs. Frank J. Argenziano Dr. Robert Atkins Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Brady Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth V. Breglio Mr. & Mrs. Nunzio Cardone Mr. & Mrs. Herman R. Charbonneau Drs. John & Patricia Cosgrove Mr. & Mrs. Peter P. D’Angelo Mr. & Mrs. Anthony DellaCroce Mr. & Mrs. Thomas N. Dufek Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Fanning Mr. & Mrs. Thomas A. Flood Mr. & Mrs. Melvin Gray Mr. & Mrs. John Gruska Mr. Edward V. Heiskell, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. David G. Herold Mr. & Mrs. Donald Hickey Drs. Franklin & Adela Johnson Mr. & Mrs. William G. Karl Mr. & Mrs. Richard Klimkowski Dr. & Mrs. Raymond Manganelli Mr. Stephen Melley Mr. & Mrs. Charles P. Menges Mr. & Mrs. Michael Merlo Mr. & Mrs. Michael A. Moran Mr. & Mrs. Michael Ryan Dr. & Mrs. James Santelli, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Charles T. Williams Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Zuppello Chaminade Medallion Society Mr. Timothy Ahern Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Bayreuther Mr. Joseph G. Brown Mr. & Mrs. Paul Cunningham Mr. & Mrs. Gary Dawes Mr. & Mrs. Bernard F. Dowd Mr. & Mrs. Dominick A. Foresto Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Foschi Mr. & Mrs. Robert Gartland Mr. & Mrs. James C. Garvey Dr. Lucille Giardina Mrs. Norma Goodwin Mr. & Mrs. Walter Hornberger Dr. & Mrs. D. M. Kamath Mr. & Mrs. Donald F. Landolphi Mr. & Mrs. Richard LaPolla Mr. & Mrs. George R. Lehan Mr. & Mrs. Charles Mahoney, III Mr. & Mrs. Richard C. Manfredi Mr. & Mrs. John McKay Mr. & Mrs. John Miller Mr. & Mrs. James P. Regan

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Rizzi Mr. & Mrs. Francis Ruddy Mr. & Mrs. Albert L. Salvatico Mr. & Mrs. Mitchell Sameroff Mr. & Mrs. Frank Serravalli Mr. & Mrs. John Siegel, Jr. Mrs. Catherine Van der Waag Meribah Associates Dr. & Mrs. Cristobal Alvarado Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Anselmo Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Becker Dr. & Mrs. Richard Boneville Mrs. Anne Byrne Mr. & Mrs. John Cameron Drs. Ernest & Ines Chisena Mr. & Mrs. Donald V. Christiansen Mr. & Mrs. James W. Christmas Mrs. Mary Cifarelli Mr. & Mrs. Cummin Clancy Mr. & Mrs. Joseph K. Collins Mr. & Mrs. Frederick L. Combs Mrs. Dolores Conway Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Cooke Mrs. Mary Creel Mr. & Mrs. Pasquale P. Cuomo Mr. & Mrs. Robert P. Curran Mr. & Mrs. Angelo Delligatti Mr. Vincent DeOrchis Mr. & Mrs. Robert DiFazio Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Douglas Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Dowling Mr. & Mrs. James J. Exler Mr. & Mrs. Ante Facini Mr. & Mrs. Peter Fekula Mr. & Mrs. William Field Mr. & Mrs. Gerald J. Finnerty Mrs. Anne Fitzgibbon Deacon & Mrs. John E. Ford Mr. & Mrs. John S. Foy Mr. & Mrs. Salvatore Fradella Mr. & Mrs. James F. Furey Mrs. Gloria Galante Dr. & Mrs. Victor Gallo Mr. & Mrs. Vincent Gallo Mr. & Mrs. Francis G. GaNun Mr. & Mrs. Robert Gerner Mr. & Mrs. James A. Glenister Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Golon Mr. & Mrs. James Graham Mr. & Mrs. Mario Graziano Dr. & Mrs. Edward W. Habert Mr. & Mrs. Edgar H. Haug Mr. & Mrs. Edward W. Healy Mr. & Mrs. George Herger Mr. & Mrs. Frederick S. Hess Mrs. Maryanne Iandoli

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Kelty Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Kenney Mr. & Mrs. Gary Koche Mrs. Catherine Komarnicki Mr. & Mrs. Michael Kusterer Mr. & Mrs. Joseph LaCorte Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Lambert Mr. & Mrs. Edward Larkin Mr. & Mrs. Bruce A. Leslie Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Levano Mr. & Mrs. Mario Lipari Mr. & Mrs. Edward Maelia Mr. & Mrs. James J. Maloney Mr. & Mrs. John F. Mango Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Marra Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Martinelli Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth D. McCann Mr. & Mrs. Hugh P. McGrory Mr. & Mrs. Brian E. McKeever Mr. & Mrs. Raymond McRory Mr. & Mrs. Robert Meekins Mr. & Mrs. Steven Memoli Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Milone Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Minion Dr. & Mrs. Robert Munfa Mr. & Mrs. Kevin J. Munnelly Mr. & Mrs. William J. O’Connor Mr. & Mrs. Philip T. O’Donnell Mr. & Mrs. William F. O’Neill Mr. & Mrs. Brian P. O’Reilly Mr. & Mrs. Thomas A. Osborn Mr. & Mrs. Frank G. Palmieri Mrs. Elizabeth Pessala Mr. & Mrs. Forrester W. Pierce, III Mr. & Mrs. Roger E. Podesta Mr. & Mrs. Thomas V. Powderly Mrs. Jeanmarie Quinn Mr. & Mrs. John J. Reardon Dr. & Mrs. Peter Reiser Mr. & Mrs. Daniel M. Rogan Mr. & Mrs. Michael Salogub Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Saporita Mr. & Mrs. Thomas E. Schreck Mr. & Mrs. Kent Schreiber Mr. & Mrs. James F. Slattery Mr. & Mrs. Steven Sloane Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas Sotell Mr. & Mrs. John F. Stewart Mr. & Mrs. John Strandberg Mr. & Mrs. John Suydam Mrs. Maureen Sweeney Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Tarantino Dr. & Mrs. Thomas G. Todaro Dr. & Mrs. James B. Tormey Mrs. Marilyn Treacy Mr. & Mrs. Salvatore Trentacoste

Patricia and Steve Zuppello CAPA “A Chaminade education provided our son Paul with a solid foundation for life. As parents, we support the Torch Fund through annual and planned giving to ensure that future generations will have the same opportunity that Paul had. Support for the Torch Fund helps keep the cost of attending Chaminade affordable for many families and we encourage parents, alumni and friends to participate at whatever level they can. Every gift, no matter what the amount, makes a difference.”


CAPA Co ntributo rs Partne ring in the mission

Dick and Dolores O’Hara CAPA

“Dolores and I are both products of a Catholic education and were naturally attracted to Chaminade High School when our sons Chris and Gerard graduated from Catholic grammar school and were applying for admission to high schools. Their first choice and ours was Chaminade. Both boys received a fine education grounded in sound scholastic and religious principles preparing them for higher education and beyond. In subsequent years, four of our grandsons, Matt & Ryan Krebs, and Richard & Sean O’Hara followed in their footsteps. Chaminade was constant throughout in educating them on the same Catholic and educational principles. They too graduated as fine Catholic gentlemen and went on to fine Catholic colleges. It is this educational achievement in the Catholic tradition that impelled Dolores and me from the outset to contribute to the Torch Fund and all the other Chaminade endeavors with genuine enthusiasm. I look forward to my remaining four eligible grandsons enjoying the same fine, formative Chaminade education.” Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Vallely, III Mr. & Mrs. Robert Von Hagen Mr. & Mrs. Robert Walters Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Warga Mr. Thomas M. Whelan Mr. & Mrs. Peter Wishart Mrs. Dolores Zarzycki Dr. & Mrs. David Zimmon The Century Club Mr. & Mrs. Frank Acevedo Mr. & Mrs. L. Robert Adams Mrs. Barbara Adelhardt Mr. & Mrs. James Agosta Mr. & Mrs. Jorge Agosti Mr. & Mrs. William R. Ahmuty Mr. & Mrs. Carmine Aiello Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Akers Mr. & Mrs. Gabriel Alarcon Mr. & Mrs. Adolfo G. Alayon Mr. & Mrs. Erhard Albers Mr. & Mrs. John Alfano Mr. & Mrs. James Allen Mr. & Mrs. Edwin Anderson Mr. & Mrs. Louis Andre Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Anes Dr. & Mrs. Jean B. Antoine Mr. & Mrs. Michael Archbold Mr. & Mrs. Theodore Arena Mr. & Mrs. Francis Arland Mr. & Mrs. Robert Backofen Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Baker Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Bamberger Mr. & Mrs. James P. Baranello Mr. & Mrs. Angelo Barbaruolo Mr. & Mrs. Paul Barnett Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Baroletti Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas Bartilucci Mr. & Mrs. Martin Bartow Mr. & Mrs. William A. Baumert Mr. & Mrs. William A. Bautz Mrs. Patricia Bednar Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Beers Mr. Bernard Beglane Mr. & Mrs. James J. Begley Mr. & Mrs. Lester Bellafiore Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Bellone Mr. & Mrs. Brian Bender Mrs. Joan Berg Mrs. Nancie Beste Mr. & Mrs. Dominic Bianco Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Bifone Dr. & Mrs. John Bihn Dr. & Mrs. Richard Birrer Mr. & Mrs. Thomas G. Blair Mr. & Mrs. George A. Blednick Mr. & Mrs. James Boisi


Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Boix Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Boland Mr. & Mrs. Carl Bolognino Mr. & Mrs. Peter Bondi Mr. & Mrs. William Bonneville Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Bonventre Mr. & Mrs. Anton Borovina Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Brady Mr. & Mrs. Albert J. Brancaccio Dr. Richard Briglio, Ph.D. Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Broyles Mr. & Mrs. John V. Brull Mr. & Mrs. Frederick Brussell Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Bucaria Mr. & Mrs. John F. Buckley Mr. & Mrs. Alexander J. Burke Mr. & Mrs. Benedetto Butera Mr. & Mrs. John Caccavale Mr. & Mrs. John J. Callaghan Mr. Nicandro Calleo Mr. & Mrs. John Calo Mr. & Mrs. Anne Calvo Mr. & Mrs. Ronald J. Campbell Mr. & Mrs. Nugent Cantileno Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Cantwell Mr. & Mrs. Carl Caputo Mrs. Ellen Caracci Dr. & Mrs. Vito Cardo Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Carfora Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Carman Mrs. Edward Carney Mr. & Mrs. Richard Carter Mr. & Mrs. John Casale Mr. & Mrs. Edwin Casey Mr. & Mrs. James Casil Mr. & Mrs. Mauro Cassano Mrs. Dolores Castellano Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Ceriello Mr. & Mrs. Peter K. Cherry Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Chiariello Mr. & Mrs. Michael Chicvak Mr. & Mrs. Kyung Sik Choi Mrs. Robert Chojnacki Mr. & Mrs. Thomas E. Christman Dr. & Mrs. Anthony Ciancimino Mr. & Mrs. Servando Cid Mr. & Mrs. John P. Cifichiello Mr. & Mrs. Dominick A. Cilmi Mr. & Mrs. Philip Cincotta Mr. & Mrs. Antonio Cinelli Mr. & Mrs. Peter Ciorciari Mr. John C. Clappin Mr. & Mrs. William Cleary Mr. & Mrs. J. Peter Coll Mr. & Mrs. Charles A. Conley Mr. & Mrs. William Connolly

Mr. Michael Connor Mrs. Marion Conrade Mr. & Mrs. Stephen L. Conroy Mr. & Mrs. John R. Conway Mr. & Mrs. William J. Conway Mr. & Mrs. Henry M. Cooney Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Corcoran Mr. & Mrs. Desmond Costello Mr. & Mrs. Salvatore Cotilletta Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Covelli Mr. & Mrs. John Cox Mrs. Eileen Crean Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Crimmins Mr. John J. Cronin Mr. & Mrs. Donald Cullinane Mr. & Mrs. Glenn Cummins Dr. & Mrs. John M. Cusano Mr. & Mrs. Glenn D’Agnes Mr. & Mrs. Michael D’Agostino Mr. & Mrs. Henry Dalpiaz Mr. & Mrs. Martin Daly Mr. & Mrs. Joseph V. Danbusky Mr. & Mrs. Walter J. Dauksher Mr. & Mrs. Daniel M. DeBetta Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Delgado Mr. & Mrs. Arthur DellaValle Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. DeLuca Mr. & Mrs. Frank DeMartino Mr. & Mrs. Robert Demmett Mr. & Mrs. Anthony DePasquale Mr. & Mrs. Americo DeRocchis Mrs. Elizabeth Dick Mr. & Mrs. Franklin Dickinson Mr. & Mrs. Francis Dillon Mrs. Kathleen D’Introno Mr. & Mrs. Joseph DiPrisco Mr. & Mrs. Louis DiStefano Mr. & Mrs. Joseph DiTizio Mr. & Mrs. James Doherty Mr. & Mrs. Robert Dombrowski Mr. & Mrs. Gerald A. Donohue Mr. & Mrs. Peter Dooley Mrs. Patricia Doran Mr. & Mrs. Hermann L. Doss Mrs. Anne Dour Mr. & Mrs. Timothy M. Dowd Mr. & Mrs. Edward Downey, Jr. Mrs. Ann Driscoll Mr. & Mrs. John T. Driscoll Mr. & Mrs. John Dudek Mr. & Mrs. William R. Dunlop Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Dunn Mr. & Mrs. Charles Durr Mr. & Mrs. Mario D’Urso Mr. & Mrs. George F. Edwards Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Eith

Mr. & Mrs. John R. Elarde Dr. & Mrs. Richard J. Ellwood Mr. & Mrs. Allan E. Englehart Mr. & Mrs. Harry Entenmann Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Ernst Mr. & Mrs. Neil V. Esposito Mr. & Mrs. Leslie A. Eyma Mr. & Mrs. James Fagan Mr. & Mrs. Dennis P. Falvey Mr. Joseph P. Ferrick Mr. & Mrs. Michael Fiechter Mrs. James Finley Mr. & Mrs. Patrick J. Finley Mr. & Mrs. Brian Finn Mrs. Joan Flanagan Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Foley Mr. & Mrs. Robert Forte Mr. & Mrs. Robert Frawley, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. James A. Friel Mr. & Mrs. Allan Fronda Mr. & Mrs. William Fuessler Mr. & Mrs. William Fugelsang Dr. & Mrs. Russell Fumuso Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Furlong Mrs. Margaret Furlong Mrs. Elizabeth Gaffney Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Gallagher Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Gallagher Mr. & Mrs. John Gally Mr. & Mrs. Mark Gamber Mr. & Mrs. Christopher J. Gannon Mr. & Mrs. Glenn Garcia Mr. & Mrs. William H. Gargan Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Garry Mrs. Catherine Gaulrapp Mr. & Mrs. Caesar A. Gavilan Mr. & Mrs. Phillip Gennawey Mr. & Mrs. James R. Gergel Mr. & Mrs. Karsten Giesecke Mr. & Mrs. Michael O. Gildea Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Gillespie Mr. & Mrs. John C. Gillon Mrs. Patricia Giordano Mrs. Robert Golden Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Goodwin Mr. & Mrs. Wally Gordon-Tennant Mrs. Kathleen Grana Mr. & Mrs. John J. Grandsire Mr. & Mrs. E. James Greiner Dr. & Mrs. Armando Guarin Mrs. Patricia Guckert Mrs. Marjorie Haberman Mr. & Mrs. Joseph E. Haffey Mrs. Pat Hajny Mr. & Mrs. John Halleran Mr. & Mrs. Charles Hamilton

CAPA Co ntributors Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Hanley Mr. and Mrs. Peter Hardecker Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Harrison Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Hartley Mrs. Kathryn Havrilla Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Hayden Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Hayes Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hearon Mr. and Mrs. William R. Hebel Mr. and Mrs. David Hehn Mr. and Mrs. Alan H. Hein Mr. and Mrs. Frank Heller Mr. and Mrs. Bernard T. Hennelly Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Herman Mr. and Mrs. Peter Hickey Mr. and Mrs. Peter B. Himler Mr. and Mrs. Michael Hinchcliffe Mrs. Eileen S. Hodgson Mr. and Mrs. James A. Hoenig Mrs. Suzanne Hoffman Mr. and Mrs. Michael Holland Mr. and Mrs. Michael H. Holohan Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Holton Mr. Charles Hughes Mr. and Mrs. Salvatore Iannuzzi Mr. and Mrs. John V. Igoe Mrs. Kathleen Imbornoni Mr. and Mrs. Louis Imbriano Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Ingersoll Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Insardi Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Jaeger Mr. and Mrs. John Janowski Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Jaworski Mr. and Mrs. James Johnson Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Donald Jones Mrs. Louise Judge Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Jung Mr. and Mrs. John F. Kaley Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Kalibat Mr. and Mrs. Charles P. Karazia Mr. and Mrs. Walter Karle Dr. and Dr. Peter A. Kechejian Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Keinath Mrs. Kathleen Kelly Dr. and Mrs. Victor Keyloun Mr. and Mrs. John Kirrane Mr. and Mrs. John Koch Mr. and Mrs. Vasilios Kontopoulos Mr. and Mrs. Michael Kozlow Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Kraska Mr. Paul Kraus Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Krebs Mr. and Mrs. John Kriner Mr. and Mrs. Ronald J. Krisch Mr. and Mrs. George J. Kurtz Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Kushner

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Kutner Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Labella Mr. and Mrs. Gerard J. Lagasse Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Lapczynski Mr. and Mrs. Thomas LaPorta Mrs. Bepty Laurencon Mr. and Mrs. Frank V. Lauro Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Lawless Mr. and Mrs. David Lawson Mrs. Linda Leisen Dr. and Mrs. Salvatore A. Leo Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Levchuck Mrs. Margaret Licandro Mrs. Patrick A. Licata Mr. and Mrs. William Livingston Mr. and Mrs. Michael Llewellyn Mr. and Mrs. James F. Locke Mr. and Mrs. George R. Lohmuller Mr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Lombardi Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. LoPiccolo Mr. and Mrs. William A. Lorusso Mrs. Isabelle Love Mr. and Mrs. Fernando R. Lucas Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lupfer Mr. and Mrs. Frank V. Macchio Mr. and Mrs. John P. Macejka Mr. and Mrs. John MacEwen Mrs. Marie Mackay Mrs. Adele Mackel Mr. and Mrs. John Magli Mr. and Mrs. John B. Maguire Mr. and Mrs. Martin J. Maguire Mr. Charles Mahlan Mr. and Mrs. Walter E. Malloy Mr. and Mrs. Michael Manasia Mrs. Grace Manning Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Mansfield Mr. and Mrs. Steven K. Mantione Mr. and Mrs. Frank Manzella Mr. and Mrs. Michael Mariani Mr. and Mrs. Edward Martin Mr. and Mrs. Antonio Martins Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence J. Martone Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Martorella Mr. and Mrs. Anthony P. Marvelli Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Matuozzi Mr. and Mrs. Thomas McAdam Mr. and Mrs. Richard McAllister Mr. and Mrs. Patrick McAward Hon. and Mrs. Edward McCabe Mr. and Mrs. Henry J. McCabe Mr. and Mrs. Kevin McCaffrey Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. McCarthy Mr. and Mrs. Michael McDermott Mr. and Mrs. Andrew McDonald Mr. and Mrs. John J. McDonald Mr. and Mrs. Terence P. McGoldrick

Mr. Patrick McHugh Mr. and Mrs. Edward McIntyre Mr. and Mrs. Richard McIver Mr. and Mrs. Stephen McKenna Mr. and Mrs. Francis McLoughlin Mr. and Mrs. John P. McMorrow Mr. and Mrs. Brian McNamara Mr. and Mrs. Francis E. McShane Mr. and Mrs. Leo J. McSherry Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Mealiffe Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Meares Mr. and Mrs. John B. Meere Ms. Mary Messmer Mrs. Mary Miller Mr. and Mrs. Richard Miller Mr. and Mrs. Joseph G. Minetti Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Miraval Mr. and Mrs. Zee Mok Mr. and Mrs. David Montegari Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Moriarty Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Morici Mr. and Mrs. George W. Morton Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Mullaney Mr. and Mrs. Edwin J. Muller Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Mulligan Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Mulligan Mr. and Mrs. Edward Munz Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Murphy Mr. and Mrs. Dermot Murphy Mr. Frank Musella Mr. and Mrs. Mark Nardone Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Nick Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Nugent Mr. and Mrs. David O’Brien Mr. and Mrs. Kevin O’Connor Mr. and Mrs. Kevin O’Keefe Mr. and Mrs. John Olivera Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. O’Neill Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Orlich Mrs. Lucelida Osorio Mr. and Mrs. Edward O’Sullivan Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Otten Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Otton Mr. and Mrs. Nunzio Pace Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Pagnotta Mr. and Mrs. Tony V. Palmieri Mr. and Mrs. William J. Patten Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Paul Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Pennacchio Mr. and Mrs. Richard R. Pergolis Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth N. Petrillo Mrs. Nancy Piasio Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Pipala Mr. and Mrs. James Poppe Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Portmore Mr. and Mrs. Michael Prate Mr. and Mrs. James G. Pratt


Dr. and Mrs. Christopher Proto Mr. and Mrs. Vito Pucci Mr. and Mrs. Peter Pujols Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Puntillo Mr. and Mrs. John Quigg Drs. Jose and Salud Reblando Mr. and Mrs. John Reda Mr. and Mrs. John Reedy Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Reichart Mr. and Mrs. Brenden Reilly Mr. and Mrs. Martin Reilly Mrs. Maryanne Reilly Mr. and Mrs. Domingos Reis Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Ries Mr. and Mrs. Michael Roemer Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Rogers Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Roleke, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Brian A. Roller Mr. and Mrs. Richard T. Ronan Mr. and Mrs. Albert P. Rosanes Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Ross Mrs. Eleanor Ruchalski Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ruescher Mrs. Patricia Ruhle Mr. and Mrs. John Russo Mrs. Nita M. Russo Mr. and Mrs. Dominick Rutigliano Mr. and Mrs. Francis J. Ryan Mr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Sabino Mr. and Mrs. John J. Sadlier Mr. and Mrs. John F. Saladino Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Saldana Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Sama Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Sammon Mrs. Mary P. Sarsfield Mr. and Mrs. John A. Sasso Mr. and Mrs. John Scanlon Mr. and Mrs. Otto K. Schaefer Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Schmitz Mr. and Mrs. Robert Schneider Mr. and Mrs. Paul Schott Mr. and Mrs. John Schroeder Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. Schuh Mr. and Mrs. Joseph L. Schweitzer Mr. and Mrs. Michael Seele Mr. and Mrs. Michael Selover Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Semenick Mr. and Mrs. Colin Serkes Mr. and Mrs. William B. Serynek Mr. and Mrs. John Shannon Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Shannon Mr. and Mrs. Francis Sheerin Mr. and Mrs. William Sheeron Mr. Gerald J. Shelley Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Shine Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence J. Shivers Mr. and Mrs. John Shortt


CAPA Co ntributo rs Partne ring in the mission

Patrick and Mary Ellen Curtin P ’12 and CAPA “It has been a blessing to have both of our sons attend Chaminade. Central to the Chaminade mission is a passion and commitment to educate the entire young man: mind, body and spirit. The faculty and staff join in partnership with parents to help in the transformation of our sons from boys into young men ready to enter the world and contribute meaningfully to its future. Most importantly, each young man is encouraged to discover the leader within him and to carry that leadership in all they do after Chaminade.”

Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Sidoti Mr. & Mrs. Randall W. Sigmund Mr. & Mrs. Anthony C. Silecchia Mr. & Mrs. Joseph E. Slattery Mr. & Mrs. Jeremiah Sluker Mrs. Maureen Smith Mr. & Mrs. Carl Soller Dr. & Mrs. Anthony Spadaro Mr. & Mrs. George C. Spahn Mr. & Mrs. Kurt Sprotte Mr. & Mrs. James Stanis Mrs. Estelle Steck Mr. & Mrs. Peter A. Steidle Mr. & Mrs. John Stellakis Mr. & Mrs. Todd Stepniewski Mr. & Mrs. William Stris Mr. & Mrs. Dennis M. Sullivan Mr. & Mrs. Michael Sullivan Mr. & Mrs. Stephen C. Sullivan Mrs. T. Robert Sullivan Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Sullivan Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Sulzbach Mr. & Mrs. Bradley Suss Mr. & Mrs. Charles Symington, Sr. Mr. & Mrs. Stephen J. Szachacz Mr. & Mrs. Robert Szarek Mr. & Mrs. Don B. Taggart Mr. & Mrs. William Teitz Mr. & Mrs. John A. Thomas Mr. & Mrs. Richard C. Thomas Mr. & Mrs. Richard Tinari Mr. & Mrs. Peter Tobias Mr. & Mrs. Charles R. Torsiello Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Tota Mr. & Mrs. Theodore Trembinski Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Troisi Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Trudden Mr. & Mrs. John M. Tulley Dr. & Mrs. Bernard Turchiano Mr. & Mrs. John Turnbaugh Mr. & Mrs. Leo Ursini Mr. & Mrs. David Vaiana Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Valenti Mrs. Patricia Van Dusen Mr. & Mrs. James Van Dyke Mrs. Nancy Van Nostrand Mr. & Mrs. Gerard Vanderberg Mr. & Mrs. Philip Veltre Mr. & Mrs. John Vilardi Mr. & Mrs. John A. Viteritti Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas Vlachos Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Wakefield Mr. & Mrs. Edmund Wallace Mr. & Mrs. Charles R. Walsh Mr. Patrick Walsh Mrs. Barbara Waters Mrs. Mary K Waters Mr. & Mrs. Frederick Weiss, Jr.


Mr. & Mrs. William Welthy Mr. & Mrs. Gerard Whalen Mrs. Frances Widmann Mr. & Mrs. Edward Wierzel Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Williams Mrs. Vivian Wilshere Mr. & Mrs. Donald A. Winters Mr. & Mrs. John Wisell Mr. & Mrs. James Worth Mrs. Patricia Wren Mr. & Mrs. Richard Wysocki Dr. & Mrs. Ruben Yatco Mrs. Catherine Zayatz Mr. & Mrs. Robert Zellner Chaminade Patrons Mr. and Mrs. Roberto Abballe Mr. and Mrs. John Abdale Mr. and Mrs. Richard Adrian Mr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Affrunti Mrs. Marie Agosta Mrs. Mary Agres Mr. and Mrs. Pat Agugliaro Mr. and Mrs. John R. Alban Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Albanese Mrs. Margaret Albert Mr. and Mrs. William Alcide Mr. and Mrs. Joseph V. Alessi Mr. and Mrs. Paul Alicanti Mr. and Mrs. Ruben Almodovar Mrs. Karen Altman Mr. and Mrs. Erasmus Ambrosino Mr. and Mrs. Alfonso Amorizzo Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Anderle Mr. and Mrs. Robert Anders Mr. and Mrs. Frank A. Annunziato Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Antonucci Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Ares Mr. and Mrs. Hugh A. Armstrong Mrs. Therese Artus Mrs. Maria Arxer Mr. and Mrs. Thomas D. Atkinson Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Baginski Mr. and Mrs. Stephen R. Baker Mr. and Mrs. Reginald M. Ballantyne Mr. and Mrs. George Bantleon Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Barbieri Mr. and Mrs. Andrew E. Bardolf Mr. and Mrs. John P. Barkaus Mr. and Mrs. Robert Barnett Mr. and Mrs. Richard Barrett Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Bartolotta Mrs. Joyce Basel Mr. and Mrs. Fred Bauer Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Bauman Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Beam Mrs. Jessica Behrman Mr. and Mrs. Don Belger Mrs. Carole Bennett

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Bennett Mr. and Mrs. Steven C. Benvegna Mr. and Mrs. Paul Benvenuto Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Bergskaug Mrs. Doris Berndt Mrs. Alice Berny Mr. and Mrs. Gary E. Besmer Mr. and Mrs. Tony Bianco Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Binick Mr. and Mrs. William F. Blaber Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Boehmcke Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Boruch Dr. and Mrs. John Boyle Mr. and Mrs. William Boyle Mr. and Mrs. Peter F. Brala Mrs. Eileen Breen Mr. and Mrs. John J. Breen Mr. and Mrs. Richard Brereton Mr. and Mrs. Albert Brewer Mr. and Mrs. James Brown Mrs. Joan Bruen Mr. and Mrs. Gaetano Bruno Dr. and Dr. Pierre A. Brutus Mr. and Mrs. Robert Burkavage Mrs. Joan Burke Mr. and Mrs. John Byrne Mr. and Mrs. John P. Byrne Mr. and Mrs. Robert Cabo Mrs. Marilyn Cafasso Mr. and Mrs. James E. Cahill Hon. and Mrs. Joseph C. Calabrese Mr. and Mrs. Steven Calceglia Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Calderone Mr. and Mrs. Sam Caligiure Mr. and Mrs. Bruno Calleo Mr. and Mrs. Pietro Calleo Mr. and Mrs. Francis P. Caminiti Ms. Donna Campanella Mr. and Mrs. Giacomo A. Campanile Mr. and Mrs. John D. Campbell Mr. and Mrs. Laurence Campbell Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Candela Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Caniano Mrs. Catherine Cannon Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Capobianco Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Caporrino Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Carillo Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Carlsen Mrs. Patricia Carman Mr. and Mrs. Michael Carney Mr. and Mrs. William J. Carney Mr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Cascardi Mrs. Joan Cassandra Mr. and Mrs. Carmine Castellano Mr. and Mrs. Ramon Castro Mr. and Mrs. Charles Cavaleri Mr. and Mrs. Andrew V. Caverley Mr. and Mrs. John Christiansen

Mr. and Mrs. Anton Chroscielewski Mr. and Mrs. Rodman W. Chrysler Mr. and Mrs. Salvatore Ciaccio Mr. and Mrs. Ben A. Ciampa Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Ciavarella Mrs. Angelina Cinnella Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Cippoletti Mr. and Mrs. Mark S. Cisek Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Clancy Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Clark Mr. and Mrs. Mark Clark Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Clarke Mr. and Mrs. Howard Cleva Mr. and Mrs. Robert Colucci Mr. and Mrs. Richard Comuniello Mrs. Joseph Concannon Mrs. Linda Connelly Mr. and Mrs. James F. Connolly Mr. and Mrs. David W. Connors Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Conroy Mr. and Mrs. Edward Consey Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Contardo Mrs. Loretta Conway Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Cooney Mrs. Anne Marie Copertino Mr. and Mrs. Frank Cornetta Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Corrado Mr. and Mrs. Robert Corrado Mr. and Mrs. Antonio R. Corso Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Corso Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Cossu Mr. and Mrs. William P. Costello Mrs. Agnes Costigan Mr. and Mrs. Michael Cotton Mrs. Maureen Coyle Mr. and Mrs. Michael Coyne Mr. and Mrs. Robert Coyne Mrs. Eileen Cronin Mr. and Mrs. John Cruse Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Cucciniello Mr. and Mrs. Roger J. Cudahy Mrs. Helen Culleeny Mr. and Mrs. James M. Cullen Mr. T. Cunnane and Ms. P. Deegan Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Cunningham Mr. and Mrs. John F. Curran Mr. Paul S. Cusato Mr. and Mrs. William E. Cushman Mr. and Mrs. Peter Cusumano Mr. and Mrs. William Cutrone Mr. and Mrs. Robert Dachert Mr. and Mrs. David Daddario Mr. and Mrs. Joseph D’Ambra Mr. and Mrs. John Danks Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. D’Antona Mr. and Mrs. Walter S. Davidson Mr. and Mrs. George J. Dean Ms. Maureen Dean

CAPA Co ntributo rs 1761-1850

Mr. and Mrs. Kazimierz Decowski Mr. and Mrs. James A. DeFranco Mr. and Mrs. David P. Delaney Mr. and Mrs. Paul V. DeLuca Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. DeMarco Mr. and Mrs. Thomas DeMicco Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Dent Mrs. Joan Derdak Mr. and Mrs. Anthony DeRiggi Mr. and Mrs. Vincent J. DeRosa Mr. and Mrs. Frank F. DeSanto Mr. and Mrs. Louis DeSena Mr. and Mrs. John P. Devane Mrs. Carol DeVita Mr. and Mrs. Frank DeVito Mr. and Mrs. John F. Didden Mr. and Mrs. Harold Dietrich Mr. and Mrs. George Dimitriades Mr. and Mrs. Gerard Dimone Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Diorio Mr. and Mrs. Frank A. DiPino Mr. and Mr. Remo L. DiTieri Mrs. Elizabeth Dluzneski Mrs. Helen Doherty Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Domanico Dr. and Mrs. Robert Domingo Mrs. Mary M. Donahue Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Donnelly Mr. and Mrs. William C. Donnino Mr. and Mrs. Francis X. Donovan Mr. and Mrs. William J. Doyle Mrs. Dorothy Droogan Mrs. Patricia Duelfer Mr. and Mrs. John Duff Mr. and Mrs. John J. Duff y Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Duggan Mr. and Mrs. Gregory J. Duke Mr. and Mrs. Daniel W. Dummeyer Mr. and Mrs. Brendan Dunbar Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth M. Dunn Mr. and Mrs. James Dunphy Mrs. Anne Dupuy Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Dwyer Mr. and Mrs. Irvin Eannaccone Mr. and Mrs. Eugene J. Edwards Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Egan Mr. and Mrs. Walter M. Egbert, Jr. Mrs. Louise Egidio Mr. and Mrs. Harold Ehrhardt Ms. Rosemarie Elder Mr. and Mrs. Fred Elsayad Mrs. Joyce Enderle Mr. and Mrs. George A. Erichsen Mr. and Mrs. Eduardo Etayo Ms. JoAnne Faderl Mr. and Mrs. Brian P. Faherty Mr. and Mrs. Richard Falck Mr. and Mrs. John J. Fanning Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Fasano Mr. and Mrs. Narciso Fellin Mr. and Mrs. Edward Feltham Mr. and Mrs. James Ferrante Mr. and Mrs. Mario Ferrer Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Ferri Mr. and Mrs. Carmine Festa Mr. and Mrs. Michael Fifield Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Fingerhut Mr. John J. Finnin Mr. and Mrs. Andrew L. Fisher Mr. and Mrs. Walter Fitzgerald Mr. and Mrs. William F. Fitzpatrick Mr. and Mrs. Edward Flaherty Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Flatz Mr. and Mrs. F. Xavier Fleming Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Flood Mr. and Mrs. Ernst Florvil Mr. and Mrs. Culum Flynn

Mrs. Florence Flynn Ms. Patricia Folan Mrs. Peggy Folan Mr. and Mrs. James P. Foley Mr. and Mrs. Frederick J. Foran Mrs. Deborah Foti-Lovaglio Mrs. Eleanor Fox Mr. and Mrs. Paul Franciotti Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Francis Mr. and Mrs. Edward Freel Mr. and Mrs. Richard Friend Mr. and Mrs. German Fruchtnis Mr. and Mrs. Frank Frustaci Mr. and Mrs. Albert W. Furst Mr. and Mrs. Dominic Galantich Hon. and Mrs. John M. Galasso Mrs. Dorothy Galgano Ms. Connie Gallagher Mr. and Mrs. James Gallagher Mr. and Mrs. William P. Gannon Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Ganzi Dr. and Mrs. Vincent P. Garbitelli Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Garcia Mr. and Mrs. Victor Garcia Mr. and Mrs. James Garrity Mr. and Mrs. Peter Garske Mr. and Mrs. John Garvey Mr. and Mrs. John J. Garvey Mr. and Mrs. James F. Gavigan Mr. and Mrs. Anthony L. Gentile Mr. and Mrs. Philip Geraldi Mr. and Mrs. Vincent C. Gerosa Mrs. Theresa Gerzack Mrs. Mary Giella Mr. and Mrs. George F. Gilmartin Mr. and Mrs. Kevin F. Gilmartin Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Girardi Mr. and Mrs. Robert Glockenmeier Mr. and Mrs. Frank Golinowski Mr. and Mrs. Paul Gorman Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gorman Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Gorry Mr. and Mrs. James Grant Mr. and Mrs. John F. Greaney Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Greco Mr. and Mrs. George G. Greene Mr. and Mrs. William Greene Mrs. Dolores Grieco Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Grignoli Mrs. Madeline Guerzon-Uebel Mrs. Carol Guinan Mrs. Rosemary Hagemann Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Hanes Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Harding Mr. and Mrs. Paul Hargrove Mr. and Mrs. William G. Hassett Mr. and Mrs. Harold A. Havekotte Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Havern Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hayes Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Hayes Mrs. William Hayes Mr. and Mrs. Charles G. Healy Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Hegarty Mrs. JoAnn Hegermiller Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Heinimann Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Helmus Mr. and Mrs. Walter E. Henry Mr. John Henson Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Henson Mrs. Frances Herman Mr. and Mrs. Raymond P. Heron Mr. and Mrs. William Hessle Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Hesterberg Mr. and Mrs. John Hickey Mr. and Mrs. Francis J. Higgins Mrs. Nancy Hill Mr. and Mrs. Gerard R. Hillenbrand

Mr. and Mrs. John J. Hines Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Hlatky Mr. and Mrs. Gerard V. Holmes Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Horan Mrs. Gaudenzia Hroncich Mr. and Mrs. William J. Hundt Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Hurley Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hutchinson Mr. and Mrs. Peter F. Ignall Mrs. Joan Impellizzeri Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Incalcaterra Dr. and Mrs. Robert Iovino Mr. and Mrs. Gregg Izzo Mr. and Mrs. Michael Jacobellis Mr. and Mrs. Albert Jaegers Dr. and Mrs. Peter M. Jannuzzi Mrs. Rosemary Janus Mr. and Mrs. John Jarosak Mr. and Mrs. Thaddeus Jarzynka Mr. and Mrs. William D. Jockle Mr. and Mrs. James P. Johns Mrs. Frances Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Donald Josling Mr. and Mrs. Gerard J. Kabacinski Mr. and Mrs. Steven A. Kaden, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Kalaf Mr. and Mrs. John Kapp, Jr. Mrs. Mary Karol Mr. and Mrs. Edward M. Kasny Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Kaspar Mr. and Mrs. John Kavanagh Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Keenan Mr. and Mrs. James Kelly Mr. and Mrs. John C. Kelsh Mr. and Mrs. Brian Kemp Mr. Frank Kempski Mr. and Mrs. E. T. Kenneally Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Kennedy Mr. and Mrs. Andrew M. Kenny Mrs. Patricia Kenny Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Kenny Mr. and Mrs. Bartholomew Kerner Mrs. Donald Kiaer Mr. and Mrs. Patrick E. Kilduff Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Kirby Mr. and Mrs. Gerard C. Klingler Ms. Linda Klosowski Mr. and Mrs. Leon Kokoszka Mr. and Mrs. David Kollender Mrs. Michelle Koutrakos Mr. Walter Krolman Mr. and Mrs. George Krug Mrs. Anne Marie Kruk Mr. and Mrs. William A. Kuhle Mr. and Mrs. Paul Kyrillidis Mr. and Mrs. Paul Labriola Mr. and Mrs. James Lagonigro Mrs. Kim Lahey Mr. and Mrs. John LaMarca Dr. and Mrs. Anthony M. LaMastro Mr. and Mrs. Alfred E. Largo Mrs. Lois LaRosa Mr. and Mrs. Michael Lauterborn Mrs. Fran LaVerde Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Lawler Mr. and Mrs. David M. Leboff Mr. and Mrs. Philip W. Lee Mr. and Mrs. Louis R. Leno Mr. and Mrs. Paul Leone Mr. and Mrs. Rene LeRolland Mr. and Mrs. Gregory D. Liegey Mrs. Elaine Lilli Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Lilly Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Lindon Mr. and Mrs. Pierre R. Lintault Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. LiVecchi Mrs. Andrea Llewellyn

Bro. Patrick Sarsfield, S.M. ’86, Emmaus Assistant Moderator, is shown below in the group’s office.

Kevin Drummond ’13 takes the baton and accelerates in a relay.

Fr. James Williams, S.M. ’87 enjoys a lighter moment with students in the cafeteria during 3C Week.


CAPA Co ntributo rs Partne ring in the mission

The Chapel at Founder’s Hollow. Mr. and Mrs. Michael LoBelia Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Lobick Mr. and Mrs. James G. Lodispoto Mr. and Mrs. Edward C. Long Mrs. Carol Loonam Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Ludemann Mr. and Mrs. Frank Luisi Mr. and Mrs. Vincenzo Lupis Mr. Frank J. Lutz Mr. and Mrs. Edward Lynch Ms. JoAnne Lynch Mrs. Nora Lynch Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Lynch Mr. and Mrs. Carmelo Macannuco Mr. and Mrs. Donald MacDonald Mr. and Mrs. Alan S. MacKenzie Mr. and Mrs. Edward Madison Mr. and Mrs. Gerard Magaldi Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Magaldi Mr. and Mrs. James A. Magee Mrs. Marie Maguire Ms. Ellen Maher Mr. and Mrs. John P. Maher Mr. and Mrs. William Maher Mr. and Mrs. George Maidhof Mr. and Mrs. Walter Maier Mr. and Mrs. Arthur M. Maisano Mr. and Mrs. Jose M. Maldonado Mr. and Mrs. James Malone Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Malone Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Manago Mr. and Mrs. Peter Mangus Mr. and Mrs. William Mansfield Mr. and Mrs. Edwin W. Manz Mr. Kenneth Marchello Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Marciano Mr. and Mrs. Frank Marciari Mr. and Mrs. Bart Marconi Mr. and Mrs. Leo Marinacci Deacon and Mrs. Salvatore A. Marino Mrs. Ellen Marlin Mr. and Mrs. Vincent E. Marmorale Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Marshall Mr. and Mrs. Dennis J. Martin Mr. and Mrs. John May Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Mayberger Mr. and Mrs. Arturo Mazzeo


Dr. and Mrs. Philip V. Mazzola Mrs. Mary McAllister Mr. and Mrs. Daniel McCarthy Mr. and Mrs. Willard McCoy Mr. and Mrs. Sean W. McDermott Mr. and Mrs. Michael G. McDonough Mrs. Lucille McDowell Mr. and Mrs. Hugh A. McElhennon Mr. and Mrs. James A. McGovern Mr. and Mrs. Cornelius K. McGowan Mr. and Mrs. Patrick A. McHugh Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. McKeon Mrs. Nancy McLoughlin Mr. and Mrs. John McMahon Mr. and Mrs. Leo K. McManus Mr. and Mrs. Timothy McNamara Mrs. Diana McNamee Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. McNicholas Mrs. Carthene McQuade Mr. and Mrs. Robert Medford Mrs. Mary Ellen Meegan Ms. Mary Lou Meehan Mr. and Mrs. Michael P. Meehan Mr. and Mrs. Peter B. Melley Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Mendillo Mr. and Mrs. David Mercado Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Mesiti Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Minett Mr. and Mrs. Louis Minutoli Mr. and Mrs. William Moerler Mr. and Mrs. William J. Molinari Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Monahan Mr. and Mrs. Steven Moncada Mr. and Mrs. Louis Mongonia Mr. and Mrs. Anthony M. Montalbano Dr. and Mrs. Frank A. Monteleone Mr. and Mrs. James Moran Mr. Paul Moreno Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Morgenstern Mrs. Kathleen Moroney Mr. and Mrs. John Morrissey Mr. and Mrs. Domenic Mottola Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Mullady Mrs. Celeste Murphy Mrs. Constance Murphy Mr. and Mrs. Dennis J. Murphy Mr. and Mrs. Francis X. Murphy

Mr. and Mrs. James J. Murphy Mrs. Patricia Murphy Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Murphy Mr. and Mrs. Vincent T. Murray Mr. and Mrs. James Murtha Mr. and Mrs. Michael Murtha Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth F. Mushorn Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Nador Mr. and Mrs. Frank Nania Mr. and Mrs. John Nason Mr. and Mrs. Jan E. Nelson Mr. and Mrs. Charles Nerko Mr. and Mrs. Raymond J. Neufeld Mr. and Mrs. Otto J. Niebler Mr. and Mrs. Malachy M. Noone Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Novack Mr. and Mrs. Dennis O’Brien Mr. and Mrs. Dennis M. O’Brien Mrs. Sarah O’Brien Mr. and Mrs. Terrence J. O’Brien Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. O’Brien Mr. and Mrs. John R. O’Connor Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Oddo Mr. and Mrs. John O’Grady, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Yaroslaw D. Oleksiw Mr. and Mrs. Jose Oliveira Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Olivera Dr. and Mrs. George C. O’Malley Mrs. Frances O’Riordan Mrs. Patricia O’Sullivan Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Ott Mr. and Mrs. Charles Otto Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Palamara Mr. and Mrs. Paul Palazzolo Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Paolino Mr. and Mrs. Robert Paradiso Mr. and Mrs. Dale Parish Mr. and Mrs. Helmut Parzer Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Patronaggio Ms. Navila Patterson Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Penkovsky Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas F. Pennacchio Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Pesci Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Peters Mr. and Mrs. Harold Petersen Mr. and Mrs. Glen Pewarski Mrs. Aline Philbin

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Pikner Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Pilsner Mr. and Mrs. Alfredo B. Pineda Mr. and Mrs. John T. Plackis Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Pojero Mr. and Mrs. Neil Polay Mr. and Mrs. Roger A. Poletti Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Pollaci Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Portela Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Portuese Mr. and Mrs. Martin Pranzo Mr. and Mrs. David Preis Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Prendergast Mr. and Mrs. Nicola Primavera Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Prisciandaro Mr. and Mrs. Michael Prokop Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Pujdak Mr. and Mrs. Frank Puswald Mr. and Dr. John Puthota Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Quaderer Mrs. Rosaria Ragusa Mr. and Mrs. Carl Ramirez Mrs. Johana Ranft Mrs. Victoria Ratkoski Mr. and Mrs. Paul Raymond Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Raynor Mr. and Mrs. James D. Redding Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Regan Mr. and Mrs. Francis J. Renga Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Resua Mr. and Mrs. Don H. Reynolds Mrs. Doris Ring Mr. and Mrs. Charles P. Riordan Mrs. Ana Rios Mr. and Mrs. Philip W. Rizzo Mrs. Linda Robinson Mr. and Mrs. Michael Romano Mr. and Mrs. Farrell C. Rooney Mr. and Mrs. James F. Rooney Mr. and Mrs. M. Robert Rosato Mr. and Mrs. Robert Rose Mr. and Mrs. Martin Rosenzweig Mr. and Mrs. Peter Rossbach Mrs. Catherine Rountry Mr. and Mrs. Carmine J. Rubino Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Russo Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Rutowicz

CAPA Co ntributo rs 1761-1850

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ryan, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Ryan Mr. and Mrs. E. Chris Saccoccia Mr. and Mrs. James Sallusto Mr. and Mrs. George Sampson Ms. Jean Saporita Mr. and Mrs. John Schieck Mr. and Mrs. Douglas C. Schmidt Mr. and Mrs. Henry W. Schmitt Mrs. Lorraine Schneider Mrs. Elizabeth Schoenig Mr. and Mrs. Charles Schulz Mr. and Mrs. Robert Schulze Mr. and Mrs. Robert Schwalb Mr. and Mrs. Walter Schwer Mr. and Mrs. James J. Scire Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Scotti Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Seccia Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Sellitto Mr. and Mrs. George S. Selock Dr. and Mrs. Salvatore J. Serpe Drs. Duane and Joan Shank Mrs. Dorothy Shannon Mr. and Mrs. William A. Shaw Mr. and Mrs. Gary Shea Mr. and Mrs. John J. Shea Mrs. Joan Sheehan Mr. and Mrs. John Sheehan Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Sheehan Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Sheehan Ms. Ethel Sherwood Mr. and Mrs. Michael Shure Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Sica Ms. Theresa Siedlick Mr. and Mrs. Carlo Silvestri Mr. and Mrs. Ted Simos Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Siracusa Dr. and Mrs. Christopher Sisinni Mr. and Mrs. John R. Siska Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Skeans Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Slover Mrs. Mary Smith Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Peter Sollecito Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Sorenson Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Spagnuolo Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Spera Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Spergl Mrs. Rosanne Spinner Mr. and Mrs. Ernst Stalzer Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Stalzer Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Stano Mr. and Mrs. Walter Stanton, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. John Starkie Mr. and Mrs. John Stevens Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Stewart Mr. and Mrs. John Stile Mr. and Mrs. John Strong Mrs. Marian Suhr Mr. and Mrs. John Sullivan Mr. and Mrs. John J. Sullivan Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Sullivan Mr. and Mrs. William Sullivan Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Summers Mr. and Mrs. Steven J. Summers Mr. and Mrs. John Surian Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Sussingham Mr. and Mrs. Edward F. Sweeney Mr. and Mrs. Robert Tansey Mrs. Vita Tauss Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Terzulli Mrs. Barbara Thomas Mr. and Mrs. Robert Thorne Mr. and Mrs. Brendan Thorpe, Sr. Dr. and Mrs. John Thyen Mr. and Mrs. George E. Tibbe Mr. and Mrs. Francis Tierney Mr. and Mrs. Allen Tillis Mr. and Mrs. John P. Tita Mr. and Mrs. John F. Tommins Mr. and Mrs. Carmelo Torres Mr. and Mrs. Richard G. Trabulsi Mr. and Mrs. Frank Tramontano Mr. and Mrs. Frank Trani Mr. and Mrs. Richard Travers Mrs. Pauline Tredwell Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph C. Trinkus Mr. and Mrs. Salvatore Trionfo Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Trojanowski Mr. and Mrs. Peter Trombetta Mr. George C. Trovato, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Truzzolino Mrs. Lillian Tucci Mr. and Mrs. James Tucker Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Tyas Mr. and Mrs. John C. Tyler Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Ungechauer Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Urban Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Urban Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Van De Water Mrs. Louisa Vanadia Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Vessio Mr. and Mrs. Frank X. Vicari Mrs. Carline Vincent Dr. and Mrs. Frank Virga Mr. and Mrs. Francis C. Voegler

Mr. and Mrs. John Volpe Mrs. Joan Vorbach Mr. and Mrs. Peter P. Walsh Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Walsh Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth H. Walther Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Ward Mr. and Mrs. Richard Ward Mrs. Kathleen Watt Mr. and Mrs. James Watters Mrs. Jacqueline S. Weber Mr. and Mrs. Edward Weinbrown Mr. Charles T. Weis Ms. Carol Weiss Mr. and Mrs. Eugene H. Weiss Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Werther Mrs. Catherine White Mr. and Mrs. Michael White Mr. and Mrs. John V. Wiese Mrs. Jean Wikstrom Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Wilk Mrs. Mary Wilkinson Dr. and Mrs. Howard Williams Mr. and Mrs. James J. Wilson Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Winiarski Mr. and Mrs. Norman J. Witt Mr. and Mrs. Howard Wortley Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Wozny Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Wrotniak Mrs. Laurie Xanthoudakis Mr. and Mrs. Frederick K. Yosca Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Young Mrs. Catherine Zabrouski Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Zacchea Dr. and Mrs. Ernest J. Zahner Mr. and Mrs. Walter A. Zarzycki Mr. and Mrs. Michael P. Zenobio Mr. and Mrs. Robert Zeuner

The Chaminade Activity-Athletic Center


Partne ring in the mission


Fri end Co ntributors 1761-1850

Friends Crimson & Gold Members Mr. James Daly Mr. Ted Shirley Fortes in Unitate Members Mr. Sam Barretta Mr. Paul Sperry Flyer Members Mr. Eric Goodale Mr. Ray O’Connor Chaminade Medallion Society Mrs. Catherine Freed Ms. Shari Gluckman Mr. Joseph Graci Dr. Robert Jarmain Mr. Don Sinkin Mr. Steve Solferino Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Solferino Mr. H. Craig Treiber Meribah Associates Anonymous Mr. Joel Brenner Mr. Steven Colavito Mr. John Delano Ms. Lynn Falcone Ms. Gina Farrell Mr. & Mrs. Brian Flaherty Mrs. Kathleen McDonnell Mr. Michael McHugh Mr. Richard Mills Mr. Vincent Palazzolo Mr. Michael Perrotta Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Ricciardi Mr. Tony Sacco Century Club Mr. Frank Comas Ms. Nora Dessi Mr. & Mrs. George Dlugolonski Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Duff y Mr. & Mrs. Joel Gantcher Mrs. Nancy Gresens

Mrs. Laura Grzan Mr. & Mrs. Edwin Hommel Mr. William D. Huber Mrs. Kimberly Iovino Ms. Andrea Javor Mr. & Mrs. Gary Katz Ms. Eileen Kavanagh Mr. Thomas Killeen Ms. Jacqui Koplik Mrs. Jacqueline Lamond Mr. Larry Leva Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Losquadro Mrs. Eileen Malone Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Mayer Mr. & Mrs. Patrick McEvily Dr. & Mrs. Robert McKane Ms. Marie McNamara Mrs. Margaret McWeeney Mr. Gary Monsees Sgt. & Mrs. Richard Mooney Mr. Richard Mullin Mr. Victor Musso Mr. Daniel G. O’Sullivan Mr. & Mrs. Tony Pasquale Mr. Ignatius Russo-Alesi Mrs. Katherine Salvato Dr. James Sheehan Mrs. Linda Solodo Mr. & Mrs. John Spellman Mr. Mark Spring Miss Anne Ventimiglia Mr. John Wade Mr. & Mrs. William Yurek Mr. Daniel Zlotnick Mr. Richard Zoller, Sr. Chaminade Patrons Anonymous Mrs. Constance M. Beatty Mrs. Jeanne Boeggeman-Turcios Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Butler

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Dale Ms. Margaret D’Emic Mr. & Mrs. Franey Donovan, Jr. Ms. Karen Dowicz Mrs. Patricia Dray Mr. Walter Eichner Ms. Lisa Eng Mr. & Mrs. Barry Goodman Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Jasinski Mrs. Erin Kelly-Park Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Kirchner Mr. & Mrs. John N. Lampasona Mr. & Mrs. David Lampel Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Lawlor Miss Marian Lofaro Mr. & Mrs. Ray Lumpp Mr. & Mrs. Steven Maas Mr. & Mrs. Paul Martens Ms. Janet Mazziotti Mrs. Eileen Miranda Mrs. Stella O’Connor Mrs. Florence Paschetto Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Perri Mr. Christopher Petrich Mr. & Mrs. Harry E. Pierson Mrs. Teresa Pollini Mr. & Mrs. Yan Rieger Mr. & Mrs. Thomas W. Ryley Dr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Schultz Mr. & Mrs. Robert Small Mrs. Pauline Stalzer Mr. William Tucker Dr. & Mrs. David Weiss Mr. Jose A. Yearwood

Assistant Principal Mr. Salvatore Trentacoste teaches a timemanagement class during 3C Week.

Chaminade’s String Orchestra in concert.

Coach Craig Marsiglia ’94 pumps up his players.


Co rpo rati o n and Fo undati on Co ntributors Partne ring in the mission

Keith Raad ’11 (r.) and James Raphael ’11consult on a Tarmac article.

Michael Todd ’11 led a six-man attack that combined for 73 kills in volleyball.


Corporations Fr. Chaminade Members Goldman, Sachs & Company The Coca Cola Bottling Company of NY Tony and Renee Marlon Charitable Foundation Crimson & Gold Members Custom Tours GE Foundation Mellon Gift Matching Program Morgan Stanley Fortes in Unitate Members First Development Corporation New York Life Foundation The Prudential Foundation UBS Matching Gift Program Verizon Flyer Members Adelhardt Construction Corp. Bank of America Foundation Barclays Educational Gift Matching Program Blendex Industrial Corp. Computer Associates Matching Gifts Program Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation Loews Hotels Chaminade Medallion Society Alliance Bernstein American International Group Durnan Group, Inc. Dvirka & Bartilucci Consulting Engineers Farrell Fritz, P.C. Federated Investors, Inc. Ferrari & Wallace LLP Honeywell Hometown Solutions ING Financial Services Corporation J. P. Morgan Chase Foundation J. P. Morgan U.S. Equity Sales Katz, Bernstein & Katz, LLP Keefe, Bruyette & Woods, Inc. Microsoft Morgan Stanley Matching Gifts Program Morgan Stanley Nomura America Foundation Stop & Shop School Rewards Tiffany & Co. Velocityshares, LLC Wells Fargo Winthrop University Hospital Meribah Associates Aetna Foundation Inc. American Express Foundation AXA Foundation BMB Consulting LLC Cameron Engineering & Associates, LLP CLK/Houlihan-Parnes, LLC Cookies & More Inc. Downing & Peck, PC Exxon/Mobil Foundation, Inc. Federal Home Loan Bank of Atlanta Giambalvo, Giammarese & Stalzer, CPAS, P.C. IBM Corporation Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies Maran Corporate Risk Associates, Inc. Marsh & McLennan Companies Mattone Group Management LLC Mitsui & Co. Venture Partners, Inc. Motorola Foundation National Grid Nucor Construction Corp. Oceanside Christopher Federal Credit Union Pfizer Foundation Radian Group, Inc. Rechler Equity Management LLC Reit Management & Research LLC Ridgewood Savings Bank T. Rowe Price Associates Foundation, Inc. The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd. Time Warner Foundation, Inc. Treasure Isle Foods

We’re Associates Inc. Wiss & Company, LLP Century Club 110 Sand Company All County Business Machines Alliance Reporting Service, Inc. Altria Employee Involvement Programs Ameriprise Financial Employee Gift Matching Program Arena Graphics Black & Decker Corporation Black Rock Matching Gift Program Capital One Bank Cedar Shopping Centers Chubb & Son, Inc. Coca-Cola Company - Matching Gifts Program Crest Hollow Country Club Woodbury, Inc. Don Angelo & Associates CPA’s Factory Mutual Insurance Company Fidelity Foundation Gold Coast Printing, Inc. Google Grace Foundation, Inc. Horizon Coach HSBC IDEO JVL Open Knight Marketing Corp Kydex, LLC LPL Financial Macy’s, Inc. Nesco Bus & Truck Sales, Inc. New York Life Insurance Office Solutions Oracle Quest Diagnostics Incorporated Rudco Plumbing & Heating Scheideler Electric, Inc. Scitor Corporation Steere Enterprises Sun Trust Takeda Matching Gift Program The Linde Group The Warburg Pincus Foundation Tiger Packaging Co., Inc. Twin-County Swimming Pool Villa Wines & Liquors Chaminade Patrons Allstate Foundation C.V. Starr & Co., Inc. Clinical Director of YMCA Family Services Colgate Palmolive Company Gannett Lexis Nexis Cares Lincoln Financial Group Foundation Liz Claiborne Foundation Mutual of America Parker Hannifin Corporation Piper Jaffray State Street Corporation Victoria Plumbing & Heating Supply Co. Inc. Visa Giving Station

Foundations Fr. Chaminade Members Fee Foundation, Inc. Fortes in Unitate Members Dominick & Rose Ciampa Foundation, Inc. Flyer Members A.C. Israel Foundation, Inc. Meribah Members Citizens Charitable Foundation Daly Foundation

Go lf & Tenni s 2011 1761-1850

The 41st Annual Golf & Tennis Open June 27, 2011


Cla ss o f 2011 Partne ring in the mission

Facts About the Class Class Size: 433 Scholarships and Grants: # of students receiving scholarships: 258 # of academic scholarships: 1,164 National Merit Scholarship Competition: Commended Students: 20 Finalists: 7 College Placement: Attending Four-Year Colleges: 418 Attending Two-Year Colleges: 4 Attending Service Academies: 7 Attending Prep Schools: 4 College Board Scores: CHS Mean: Verbal – 633 Math – 647 National Mean: Verbal – 501 Math – 516 Chaminade - C.W. Post Collegiate Program Number of Participants: 21

Members of the Class of 2011 pose for a photo during their Senior Trip to Disney World.

Colleges Attended by the Class of 2011 Adelphi University Amherst College Auburn University Babson College Bentley College Boston College Boston University Carnegie-Mellon University Catholic University of America Centre College Colby College Colgate University College of New Jersey College of Saint Rose College of the Holy Cross College of William and Mary Columbia U.: Columbia College Cooper Union Cornell University CUNY: City College of NY CUNY: John Jay College CUNY: Queens College Dartmouth College Drexel University Elon University Emory University Fairfield University Fairleigh Dickinson University Fordham University Furman University George Washington University Georgetown University Gettysburg College Hamilton College Harvard University Haverford College High Point University Hofstra University James Madison University Johns Hopkins University Johnson and Wales College Lafayette College Lehigh University LIU: C.W. Post Campus


Loyola University Maryland Manhattan College Marist College Marywood College Massachusetts College of Pharmacy Massachusetts Institute of Technology Middlebury College Molloy College Mount St. Mary’s University Nassau Community College Nazareth College of Rochester New York Institute of Technology New York University Northeastern University Northwestern University Ohio State University Pace University Pennsylvania State University Philadelphia University Princeton University Providence College Quinnipiac University Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Rochester Institute of Technology Rutgers University Sacred Heart University Salve Regina University Sewanee: The University of the South Siena College Skidmore College St. Bonaventure University St. John’s University St. Joseph’s University Stanford University Stevens Institute of Technology Stonehill College SUNY Center at Albany SUNY Center at Binghamton SUNY Center at Buffalo SUNY Center at Stony Brook SUNY College at Cortland SUNY College at Geneseo SUNY College at New Paltz SUNY College at Old Westbury

SUNY College of Oswego SUNY Maritime College The Hill School The Hotchkiss School Trinity College Tufts University United States Coast Guard Academy United States Merchant Marine Academy United States Military Academy United States Naval Academy United States Naval Academy Prep School University of Alabama University of California: Santa Barbara University of Chicago University of Colorado University of Connecticut University of Dayton University of Delaware University of Maryland: College Park University of Massachusetts: Amherst University of Miami University of Michigan University of Notre Dame University of Pennsylvania University of Rhode Island University of Richmond University of Rochester University of San Diego University of Scranton University of South Carolina University of St. Andrews: Scotland University of Texas University of Vermont University of Virginia University of Wisconsin: Madison Vanderbilt University Villanova University Virginia Polytechnic Institute Wake Forest University Washington & Lee University West Virginia University Yale University

Chami nade High Sc hool 1761-1850

School Profile Founded: Enrollment: Tuition:

Fees: Type: Curriculum: Faculty: Other Info: Registered: Accredited: Member:

1930 1,699 $9,230 Cost to Parents: $7,955 Cost supported by endowment: $1,275 None Catholic/Private Liberal Arts College Preparatory Marianists: 19 Lay: 63 Student to Faculty Ratio: 21:1 Library: 23,638 volumes University of the State of New York Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools New York State Association of Independent Schools National Catholic Education Association Ryan Brunetti ’11, Tom Cassaro ’11 and Kevin Petsky ’11 at graduation on June 5, 2011.

Administratio n President Bro. Thomas Cleary, S.M. ’81 Principal Bro. Joseph Bellizzi, S.M. ’78 Assistant Principal Mr. Salvatore Trentacoste Dean of Students Mr. John Callinan ’84 Director of Guidance Mr. Daniel Petruccio

Director of Student Services Mr. Michael Ingrassia ’94 Chaplain Fr. Garrett Long, S.M. ’62 Director of Apostolic Activities Bro. Peter Heiskell, S.M. ’86 Treasurer Mr. Oscar Generoso

Director of Development and Alumni Relations Bro. Richard Hartz, S.M. ’59 Athletic Director Mr. Donald Scarola Manager of Facilities Mr. Robert Casella Assistant Manager of Facilities Mr. John Nuzzi

The Class of 2011


Matching Gra nts Partne ring in the mission

Matching Grants were received from the following companies during the 2010-2011 Torch year. Aetna Foundation Inc. Alliance Bernstein Allstate Foundation Altria Employee Involvement Program American Express Foundation American International Group Ameriprise Financial Employee Gift Matching Program Amica Companies Foundation AXA Foundation Bank of America Foundation Barclays Educational Gift Matching Program Becton Dickinson and Company Black & Decker Corporation Black Rock Matching Gift Program C.V. Starr & Co. Inc. Capital One Bank Chubb & Son, Inc. Citizens Charitable Foundation Coca-Cola Company Matching Gifts Program Colgate Palmolive Company Computer Associates Matching Gifts Program Conoco Philips Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation Diageo North America Exxon/Mobil Foundation, Inc. Factory Mutual Insurance Company Fidelity Foundation FPL Group Foundation, Inc. Gannett GE Foundation Goldman Sachs & Company Google Grace Foundation, Inc. Hartford Insurance Group HSBC IBM Corporation ING Financial Services Corporation J. P. Morgan Chase Foundation Johnson & Johnson Family of Comp. Keefe, Bruyette & Woods, Inc. Lexis Nexis Cares Lincoln Financial Group Foundation Liz Claiborne Foundation LPL Financial Macy’s, Inc. Marsh & McLennan Companies MBIA Insurance Corporation Mellon Gift Matching Program Merck Company Foundation Microsoft Mitsui & Co. Venture Partners, Inc. MMC Matching Gifts Program Morgan Stanley Matching Gifts Motorola Foundation Mutual of America National Grid New York Life Foundation

Nomura American Foundation NYBDC Charitable Foundation Oracle Parker Hannifin Corporation Pfizer Foundation Piper Jaffray Pitney Bowes Quest Diagnostics Inc. Radian Group Scitor Corp. State Street Corporation Sun Trust T. Rowe Price Associates Foundation Takeda Matching Gift Program The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd. The Linde Group The PBG Foundation The Prudential Foundation The Warburg Pincus Foundation Tiffany & Co. Time Warner Foundation, Inc. UBS Matching Gift Program Verizon Visa Giving Station Wellington Management Company, LLP Wells Fargo

Chaminade’s Varsity Soccer Team celebrates as New York State champions.

Mr. John Callinan ’84 serves as Dean of Students and assistant crew coach.

Bro. Ryszard Decowski, S.M. ’77 cheerfully challenges one of his students.


Hono r/Memorials 1761-1850

Honor Gifts During the 2010 - 2011 Torch year, gifts were received in honor of the following members of the Chaminade family. Fr. Christopher Costigan ’98 Rev. Guerric DeBona, O.S.B. ’73 Dr. & Mrs. Vincent DeOrchis ’98 Bro. Robert Fachet, S.M. Lucille Giardina William & Theresa Hazelton Eugene & Peggy Kavanagh ’65

James Kelly ’62 Kathleen Kohut Fr. Ernest Lorfanfant, S.M. ’55 Christopher McCaffery Bro. John McGrory, S.M. ’84 Trish McDonnell Bro. George Zehnle, S.M.

Memorials Recently deceased friends and members of the Chaminade Family are included by name in the intentions of the Prayer of the Faithful at Masses of the Marianist Community and of the Chaminade student body. During the 2010 - 2011 Torch year, gifts were received in memory of the following: Amy Barrett Joseph & Sophie Basel Rev. Joseph Basel Paul Basel ’52 Robert Basel ’49 Rita Brown Joseph Cifarelli Sandra Clark Christopher Coyle Thomas Culleeny ’38 Martin Dray ’44 Donald Gammon Joseph Grana Sr. Joseph Grana III Brian Gray ’97 Herbert Gresens ’49 David & Julia Hartz Winifred Holzweiss Peter Hodgson Douglas Hommel ’98 Richard Hughes ’75 John Iovino ’84 J. Eric Johnson

Fr. Francis Keenan, S.M. ’50 Benjamin Koche ’06 John Komarnicki ’70 Adam Lambert ’04 Frank Lasar ’35 Michael LiCalzi ’00 Fran LaVerde Theresa Ledek Matthew MacKenzie ’86 Keith Mastronardi ’98 Warren Mueller ’41 Geraldine Musella William Reinhard ’43 Paul Salvato Scott Sloane Paul Swanson Marilyn Treacy Richard Treacy Roman Wyzinski Warren Van der Waag ’68 Peter A. Van Dusen Bro. Lawrence Zarzycki, S.M. ’80

Permanent Honor Gifts and Memorials Those with a cumulative total of $5,000 or more John Assenzio Vincent Balletta Amy Barrett Robert Basel ’49 Eric Bayreuther ’96 Carl Berg Lawrence Botte William Bourke ’70 Robert & Gertrude Brown Margaret Brown Thomas Brull ’94 Louis Carbone Frances Cutolo Joseph & Gloria DiLiberto Peter Doran ’60 J. Bernard Eck Bro. Louis Faerber, S.M. Mrs. Frank Fee Thomas Flanagan Celeste Lorfanfant Gallic Walter Gammon Louis Gerstner, Sr. Louis & Marjorie Gerstner Adam Giardina ’03 Joseph Giardina ’00 Joseph Giardina Walter & Shirley Gibbons Joseph Grana III ’86 Joseph Grana Sr. Brian Gray ’97 Harold & Annette Gustafson John & Hilma Gustafson Patricia S. Gustafson David & Julia Hartz Winifred Holzweiss Walter & Bertha Hornberger Stephen Karopczyc ’61 Vincent & Betty Kearns William & Margaret Koslo Adam Douglas Lambert ’04 Michael LiCalzi ’00 Matthew MackKenzie ’86

Henry & Elizabeth McCune Ellen R. Moynihan Thomas J. Mulroy Thomas & Margaret Mulry ’50 Victor & Augusta Nessler Olivia Rogers Brian Stephen Saloy ’92 James & Mary Santelli Otto & Sally Schueler Louis Sherry Christopher Slattery ’88 Scott Sloane ’03 Michael Sottosanti Clarence & Marjorie Spindler John & Josephine Spindler Michael Sullivan ’80 Christopher Sweeny ’47 Paul Tierney ’52 Brendan Tracey Marilyn Treacy Richard Treacy ’82 Geraldine Trunz Walter & Catherine Van der Waag Michael Venezia William & Florence Walter Louise Walter Albert & Regina Walter Georgina Weber Firmin Widmer Ronald Winchester ’97 Robert Wright ’61


Ho no r/Memo ria ls Partne ring in the mission

Honor/Memorial Donors 110 Sand Company Ms. Janet Albercht Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Albert Mr. and Mrs. Gary Albrecht Anonymous Mr. and Mrs. Robert Arning Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Bayreuther Mrs. Kathryn Bernard Jinkinson Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Boehmcke Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bresnahan Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Butler Campbell, Montagano & Graf Families Mr. and Mrs. Richard Capewell Mr. Gian Cavallini Dr. and Mrs. Peter J. Clagnaz ’69 Mr. and Mrs. Cummin Clancy Clinical Director of YMCA Family Services Mr. and Mrs. Michael Copeck Mrs. Maureen Coyle Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Dale East Norwich Office of Daniel Gale Sotheby’s Int., Real Estate Ms. Karen Dowicz Mrs. Patricia Dray Fr. Garrett Long, S.M. ’62 officiates at a Rosary Prayer Service commemorating the 250th Lisa Eng Ms. Gina Farrell anniversary of the birth of Blessed William Joseph Chaminade, founder of the Society of Mary. Mr. and Mrs. Joel Gantcher Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Genovese Mr. Scott Gibney Mr. and Mrs. John McCaffery Mrs. Audrey Gillen Mrs. Mary McCaffery Mr. Robert Gold Mr. and Mrs. John P. McDonnell ’77 Mr. and Mrs. Barry Goodman Mr. and Mrs. James Murphy Mrs. Kathleen Grana Mr. Robert Olson Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Gray Oyster Bay Council No. 1206 Knights Mrs. Nancy Gresens of Columbus Mrs. Denise Higgins Mr. and Mrs. Michael Parente Mr. Joseph Higgins ’79 Perficient, Inc. Mrs. Eileen S. Hodgson Mrs. Valerie Quinn Mr. Fred Holzweiss ’50 Mr. Jack Riegel Mr. and Mrs. Walter Hornberger Mr. and Mrs. Roland J. Saam ’57 Mrs. Kimberly Iovino Mrs. Katherine Salvato Mr. and Mrs. Thaddeus Jarzynka Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Schultz Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Jasinski Mr. and Mrs. William Sheeron Ms. Andrea Javor Mr. and Mrs. Robert Small Mrs. Frances Johnson Mr. and Mrs. George Smith IDEO Mr. and Mrs. Bruno Struzzi Mr. and Mrs. Gary Katz Mr. Robert Swanson ’64 Ms. Eileen Kavanagh Ms. Wendy Titelman Mrs. Erin Kelly-Park Mr. and Mrs. James Treacy Mr. John Koehler 2002 Mrs. Marilyn Treacy Mrs. Catherine Komarnicki Mrs. Patricia Van Dusen Mr. and Mrs. Edward Kraus 2000 Mr. Timothy Venturella Ms. Susan Krausz Mr. and Mrs. James F. Wagner ’75 Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Lambert Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Walsh Mr. and Mrs. David Lampel Mr. and Mrs. John Warch ’75 Mrs. Jacqueline Lamond Mr. Patrick Werner Mrs. Fran LaVerde Mr. Gregory Yeker Ms. Karen Leeker Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Lynn Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Lombardi ’61 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Losquadro Mr. and Mrs. John Lucchesi ’70 Mr. Yovan Luyt and Family Mr. and Mrs. Steven Maas Mr. and Mrs. Alan S. MacKenzie Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Magovern Ms. Leonora Maher Mr. and Mrs. William G. Malone ’75 Mr. and Mrs. Paul Martens McBride & Son Companies



The Chaminade Th he C haminade

Legacy Circle L egacy yC irrclee

Chaminade High School would like to thank those alumni, parents of alumni, and friends who have elected to join the Chaminade Legacy Circle. Founded in the early 1990s, the Legacy Circle is an important element in Chaminade’s development program. The people listed below have expressed their willingness to consider Chaminade in their will or trust. The members of this group “keep the TORCH burning … eternally.” Mr. William Abbott, Jr. 1980 Mr. & Mrs. Richard Adamski Mr. Michael Alessi 1992 Dr. & Mrs. Frank Amico Mr. & Mrs. George E. Ayers Mr. Reginald M. Ballantyne III 1961 Dr. Daniel Barabino 1979 Mr. Robert Basel 1976 Mr. James Bella 1982 Mr. & Mrs. Brian Bender Mr. & Mrs. John J. Bianco Mr. David Boland 1961 Mr. Paul Brown 1973 Mr. John Buechler 1964 Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Buletti Mr. Anthony Calisi 1971 Mr. Anthony Carlesi 1952 Mr. & Mrs. Bruce H. Carlson Mr. Paul Chiapparone 1957 Mr. Andrew Cholakis Mr. Christopher Christiansen 1969 Mr. & Mrs. Michael Ciranni Mr. John Cleary 1935 Mr. & Mrs. Peter Clores Mr. Christopher Combs 1987 Mr. Christopher Concannon 1985 Mr. & Mrs. Michael Cotton Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Crimmins Dr. Michael Cutrone 1998 Mr. Lawrence DeAngelis 1967 Mr. Vincent Del-Cid Mr. Charles DeMartin 1970 Mr. Henry Devlin 1956 Dr. Victor Dillon 1954 Mr. Robert Donovan 1970 Mr. Peter Doran 1960 Mr. & Mrs. James B. Downing Mr. James Doyle 1943 Mr. Michael Duke 1985 Mr. Kevin Dwyer 1970 Mr. Everett Emerson Mr. & Mrs. Thomas F. Fagan Mr. Raymond J. Fiedler 1952 Mr. George Fijux 1950 Mrs. Rosemary Flynn Mr. & Mrs. Paul Franciotti Mr. & Mrs. Albert W. Furst Mr. Edward F. Gales 1963 Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Galgano Mr. John Gannon 1956 Mr. Edward Gartland, Jr. 1957

Mr. Thomas Geagan 1959 Mr. William Geissinger 1960 Mr. Louis Gerstner, Jr. 1959 Mr. Paul Giamanco 1959 Mrs. Mary Giordano Mr. William Grant 1942 Mr. Joseph Greil 1961 Mr. Richard Gustafson 1956 Mr. John J. Halleron, III 1956 Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Hartley Dr. Michael Hatton 1969 Mr. Richard Haverland 1959 Mrs. Ann Henegan Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Henson Mr. Edwin H. Hess 1942 Dr. F. Richard Hess 1974 Mr. & Mrs. Frederick S. Hess Mr. Fred Holzweiss 1950 Mr. Peter Houser 1957 Mr. Robert Hussey 1967 Mr. Orest Jowyk 1976 Mr. John Kaiser 1973 Mr. Kevin N. Kane 1972 Mr. Paul Kantz, Jr. 1959 Mr. Robert Kearns 1963 Mr. Francis Keating, III 1977 Mr. Albert Kelly 1936 Mr. Dennis Kirwin 1960 Mr. & Mrs. Richard B. Klimkowski Mr. David Kotowski 1985 Mr. Robert Krapp 1950 Mr. Thomas Kunicki 1956 Mr. Vincent L’Africain 1934 Dr. Victor LaGinestra D.V.M. 1972 Mr. & Mrs. Enzo Lippolis Mr. & Mrs. James G. Lodispoto Mr. Joseph Lucchesi 1963 Mr. & Mrs. John MacEwen Mr. Kenneth Mahon 1979 Mr. Lawrence Mahon 1978 Mr. Charles F. Mansfield, Jr. 1962 Mr. & Mrs. Michael Manzo Mr. Brian McCarthy, Sr. 1953 Mr. Terence McIntyre 1975 Mr. Thomas McNally 1978 Mr. Michael McNicholas 1955 Mr. Thomas McTiernan 1973 Mrs. Astrid Merolle Mr. Anthony Molinari 1978 Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Molloy

Mrs. Karen Moriarty-McLeod Mr. Donald Morrison 1973 Mr. Robert Mulshine 1959 Dr. & Mrs. Robert Munfa Mr. & Mrs. Michael Napoli Mr. James Narell 1973 Mrs. Kaye Nickerson Mr. William Nimmo 1958 Mr. Gus Nuzzolese Esq. 1976 Mr. Timothy O’Mara 1986 Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Paolino Ms. Mary Parrino Mr. & Mrs. John Peters Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Piacentini Mr. & Mrs. Roger A. Poletti Ms. Maria Christina Prince Mr. Ron Reid 1959 Mr. Eugene Reuther 1959 Mr. Karl Riesterer, Sr. Mr. Karl Riesterer, Jr. 1988 Mrs. Ana Rios Mr. Martin Rogers 1950 Mr. Michael Romeo Mrs. Linda Rooney Mr. Thomas Rosicki 1974 Mr. Joseph Roxe 1954 Col. Fred Sahl USAF (Ret) 1939 Mr. Kevin Sampson 1973 Mr. & Mrs. Paul Schott Mr. Timothy Smalls 1975 Mr. & Mrs. Alexander Smith Mr. Edward Smith 1989 Mr. Michael Sperendi, Esq. 1959 Donald Sullivan, Ph.D. 1958 Mr. Frank Sullivan, Jr. 1963 Mr. Christopher Sweeny 1947 Mr. Patrick Sweeny 1979 Mr. & Mrs. John Sydor Mr. Thomas Talty 1964 Mr. Richard Testa 1963 Mr. Robert Tintle 1963 Mr. Michael Tramontana 1956 Mr. Robert Vendryes 1976 Mr. David VerBouwens 1953 Mr. Ronald Voniak 1965 Mr. James Walker, Jr. Mrs. Georgena Weber Mr. John Westerman 1975 Mr. & Mrs. Donald F. Wright Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Zuppello

Consider remembering Chaminade in your will or trust. Gi planning benefits you today and Chaminade forever. For more information visit our website at

Keep the TORCH burning . . . eternally. 49

Cha minade Fa c ulty Partne ring in the mission

Mr. Peter Accardi BA, MA, English Mrs. Maria M. Agosti BA, Language Mr. Brian Anselmo ’89 BA, MA, Social Studies Bro. Stephen Balletta, S.M. ’74 BA, MA, Religion Mr. Kevin O. Beirne ’00 BA, MS Mathematics Bro. Joseph Bellizzi, S.M. ’78 BA, MA, Religion Mr. Bruce Bombara BA, MS, Social Studies Mr. Michael Bruno ’90 BA, English Mr. John Callinan ’84 BA, MS, Mathematics Mr. William Carriero ’69 BA, MA, Social Studies Mr. Kevin Carroll AS, BS, Phys. Ed. Mr. Joseph Caso BA, English Mr. Thomas Cassidy ’93 BA, MA Language & English Mr. Matthew Chicavich ’98 BS, Mathematics & Science Bro. Thomas Cleary, S.M. ’81 BA, MA, Religion Mr. Andrew Corcoran ’01 BS, MA, Mathematics & Science Mr. Louis Cosentino BA, MS, Social Studies Bro. Ryszard Decowski, S.M. ’77 BA, MA, Religion Mr. Thomas Dillon ’92 BA, MS, English Mr. George Dlugolonski AAS, BS, MA, Phys. Ed. & Health Mr. Michael Dolce ’99 BA, MS, Language & Religion Mr. Peter Dubon, ’99 BS, Science Bro. Robert Fachet, S.M. BA, MA, Language and Social Studies Mr. Daniel Feeney BS, MS Phys. Ed. & Health Mr. Terence Fitzgibbon ’00 BA, Language and Mathematics Mr. Denis Flood ’89 BS, Science Mr. Michael Foley ’99 BA, MS Religion Bro. Joseph Genovese, S.M. BA, MA, Religion Mr. P. Casey Giordano ’93 BS, MS, Science Mr. Thomas Giovannetti BA, MA, Mathematics Bro. Daniel Griffin, S.M. MTS, Pastoral Theology Bro. Richard Hartz, S.M. ’59 BA, BS in Ed, MA, Language


Bro. John McGrory S.M. ’84 speaks to new freshmen during 3C Week.

Mr. Brian R. Hayes, ’99 BA, Mathematics Mr. Robert Hazelton ’82 BA, MS, Mathematics & Religion Bro. Peter Heiskell, S.M. ’86 BA, MA, Language Mr. James Hock BS, MA, Science Mr. Patrick Hoey ’01 BA, MS, English & Social Studies Bro. Karl Hornberger, S.M. ’77 BA, MS, Mathematics & Fine Arts Mr. Michael Ingrassia ’94 BA, MS, CAS, English Mr. Matthew Kaplan, ’97 BA, MA, English Mr. Gregory Kay ’98 BA, MS, Social Studies Mrs. Viktoriya Khokhlova BA, MA, Fine Arts Bro. Benjamin Knapp, S.M. ’93 BA, MS, Science Mrs. Alanna Kump BA, MBA, Language Mr. John Laddomada BS, MS, MS, Mathematics Bro. Robert Lahey, S.M. ’65 BS, MS, English Mrs. Carol Leotta BS, MS, Mathematics Mrs. Rosanne Levane BS, MS, Science Fr. Garrett Long, S.M. ’62 BA, MS, Religion and Language Fr. Ernest Lorfanfant, S.M. ’55 BS, STB, MA, Religion

Mr. Christopher Lynch ’82 BS, MS, Science Mr. Frank Marenghi BA, MS, Fine Arts Mr. Terence McCormick ’03 BA, MA, Language Bro. John McGrory, S.M. ’84 BA, MA, Librarian, Religion & Language Mr. John Moran BS, MS, Phys. Ed. & Health Mr. Michael Moran BS, MA, MS, Phys. Ed. & Health Mr. Martin Munnelly ’87 BA, MA, Social Studies Mr. Robert Nelson ’65 BS, MA, Phys. Ed. & Health Mrs. Mary Oliva BA, MS, Language Mr. Graham Otton ’05 BA, English Mr. Kevin Parente ’82 BS, MS, Social Studies Mr. Robert Paul ’92 BA, MS, Science Mr. Daniel Petruccio BA, MA, Religion Mr. Peter Piro BA, MA, English Mr. Robert Pomponio BS, MA, Phys. Ed. & Health Mr. James Quinn ’68 BA, MA, Phys. Ed. & Health Mr. Patrick Reichart, ’01 BA, MA, English Mrs. Rita Santiago-Espinal BS, MA, Language

Mr. Gregory Saporita ’02 BA, MS, Language Bro. Patrick Sarsfield, S.M. ’86 BA, MA, Religion & Social Studies Mr. Donald Scarola BS, MS, Athletic Director Mr. Patrick Slevin BA, MA, English Mrs. Adriana Staiano BS, MBA, Language Bro. Lawrence Syriac, S.M. BA, MA, Social Studies Mr. Steven Toner BA, MS, Mathematics Mr. Salvatore Trentacoste BS, MS, Science Mr. Gregory Walsh BA, Language & Social Studies Fr. James Williams, S.M. ’87 BA, MS, M.Div, STB, Religion & Mathematics Mr. Michael Yatco ’02 BA, MS, Language Mr. Steven Zara BS, Science & Mathematics Mr. Robert Zehnder BS, Phys. Ed. & Health Bro. George Zehnle, S.M. BA, BS, MLA, English Mrs. Sally Zehnter BS, MS, Fine Arts

The C ha mi nade Fam ily as of November 2011

Alumni Board Dr. Daniel Landolphi ’82 President James Mercadante ’79 Vice-President Roger O’Donnell ’87 Vice-President Matthew Spero ’92 Vice-President John Witzenbocker ’02 Vice-President Patrick Donnelly ’80 Past President Permanent Members: Joseph Lucchesi ’63 Ernest Bartol ’63 Lawrence Mahon ’78 Christopher Byczek ’66 Charles Mansfield ’62 Michael Carey ’67 Craig Tigh ’72 Barry Champney ’70 Robert Van der Waag ’61 John Fawls ’74 John Westerman ’75 Richard P. Kearns ’68 John R. Lenz ’43 Daniel Friel ’82 Distinguished Alumnus Award Chairman William Basel ’58 Golf & Tennis Open Executive Director Jeff Martin ’71 Golf & Tennis Open Co-Chairman William Walsh ’75 Greater Delaware Valley Chapter President David Maloof ’76 Conn./Westchester Chapter President John Cullinane ’03 Boston Chapter President Thomas Russo ’68 Washington/Baltimore Chapter President Christopher Polimeni ’84 Southeast Florida Chapter President Christopher Kuzler ’81 Southwest Florida Chapter President William Barbino ’85 Chicago Chapter President Robert O’Brien ’79 Lawyers’ Association President David Gildea ’93 Wall Street Association President Joseph Selitto ’89 LI Businessmen’s Association President Erik MacEwen ’97 Law Enforcement Association President Christopher Haunss ’00 Real Estate Association President Christopher Salogub ’94 Basketball Reunion Chairman John Pennacchio ’97 Darby Players Reunion Joseph Pollaci ’99 NYC Cocktail Party Chairman Michael Lucchesi ’02 Lacrosse Reunion Chairman Scott Cole ’95 Wrestling Reunion Chairman John Aicher ’82 Baseball Reuinon Chairman Joseph Munda ’00 Soccer Reunion Chairman Christopher Hanley ’80 Kick-Off Reunion Chairman Robert Lawkins ’07 Crew Reunion Chairman Matthew Basirico ’02 Yearbook Barbecue Chairman John Muzio ’79 Track & Cross Country Reunion Lawrence Mahon ’78 and Craig Tigh ’72 Combined Reunion Chairmen Bro. Richard Hartz, S.M. ’59 Director of Development and Alumni Relations Bro. John McGrory, S.M. ’84 Assistant Director of Alumni Relations Deborah Kendric Assistant Director of Development & Alumni Relations Kevin Parente ’82 Assistant Director of Alumni Relations

Board of Advisors


Bro. Thomas Cleary, S.M. ’81 Provincial and President Mr. Richard Kearns ’68 Chairman Mr. Timothy Bowe Mr. Thomas Dufek Fr. Philip Eichner, S.M. ’53 Bro. George Endres, S.M. ’72 Mrs. Colleen Hickey Mr. Robert Van der Waag ’61 Fr. James Williams, S.M. ’87 Mr. Daniel Petruccio Mr. and Mrs. Gus Nuzzolese ’76 Parents Club Board Chairpersons Mr. and Mrs. Robert Troetti Parents Club Presidents Dr. Daniel Landolphi ’82 Alumni Association President Mr. and Mrs. John Stellakis CAPA Presidents Emeritus Members: Mr. William Bourke Founding Member Mr. Jack Lenz ’43 Founding Member Mr. James Dixon Mr. Robert Kearns ’63 Mr. Peter Ross

Mr. and Mrs. John Stellakis Presidents Mr. & Mrs. Peter Cherry Vice-Presidents, Hospitality Mr. & Mrs. Peter Ciorciari Vice Presidents, Hospitality Mr. & Mrs. Kevin O’Keefe Treasurers Mr. & Mrs. Robert Gerner Directors, CAPA Gold Club Mr. & Mrs. Gary Koche Corresponding Secretaries Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Grignoli Recording Secretaries Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Anselmo Board of Directors Mr. Stephen Melley Board of Directors Mrs. Marion Conrade Board of Directors Mr. & Mrs. Michael Salogub Board of Directors Fr. James Williams, S.M. ’87 Moderator Bro. Robert Lahey, S.M. ’65 Assistant Moderator

Development and Alumni Staff Bro. Richard Hartz, S.M. ’59 Director of Devel. and Alumni Relations Mr. William Basel ’58 Golf & Tennis Open Executive Director Mrs. Deborah Kendric Assistant Dir. of Development and Alumni Mr. Jack Lenz ’43 Assistant Director, Golf & Tennis Open Mr. Charles Mansfield ’62 Development Officer Bro. John McGrory, S.M. ’84 Assistant Director of Alumni Relations Mr. Dan Naglia I.T./Development Assistant Mr. Kevin Parente ’82 Asst. Dir. of Alumni Relations & Golf Open Mrs. Veronica Cava Alumni Secretary Ms. Maureen Collins Development Secretary Mrs. Janice Galvin Development Secretary Mrs. Theresa Morra Alumni Secretary


Parents Club Mr. and Mrs. Robert Arning Presidents Mr. & Mrs. John Walsh Vice-Presidents Mr. & Mrs. Paul Patterson Treasurer Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Zimmon Secretaries Mr. & Mrs. James Marchetta Hospitality Mr. & Mrs. Gus Nuzzolese Chairpersons, Board of Directors Mr. & Mrs. William Allhusen Board of Directors Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Fasano Board of Directors Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Schuster Board of Directors Bro. Joseph Bellizzi, S.M. ’78 Moderator Bro. Ryszard Decowski, S.M. ’77 Assistant Moderator

TORCH Committee Patrick Donnelly ’80 Chairman Paul Burns ’70 Christopher Concannon ’85 John Fawls ’74 Michael Fee ’75 Brian Hull ’77 James Leslie ’87 Lawrence Mahon ’78 Charles Mansfield ’62 Chris Neamonitis ’01 Kevin Sampson ’73 Edward Smith, ’89 Craig Tigh ’72 John Westerman ’75

Mr. Bruce Bombara (l.) and Mr. Louis Cosentino (r.) are pictured at a student body assembly in the ActivityAthletic Center.


Curri culum , Ac ti vi ties, Sports Partne ring in the mission

Four Year Liberal Arts Curriculum

Activities and Sports

Freshman Year History of Salvation I English I World Regional Studies Math 9 Language I Earth Science or Oceanography Music Physical Education Computer Education

Co-curricular Activities:

Sophomore Year History of Salvation II English II European History Math 10 Language II Biology Health Physical Education Computer Education Junior Year Christian Humanism English III American History I Math 11 Language III Chemistry Studio Art Physical Education

Senior Year -- Regular Program Christian Existence English IV American History II Math 12 (including Computer Ed.) Language IV Physics Advanced Art/Advanced Music Physical Education Senior Year -- Collegiate Program Philosophy (3 credits) Christian Existence Language (6 credits) Physics (8 credits) Calculus (8 credits) History (6 credits) English (6 credits) Physical Education Art II

Art Club Bagpipe Band Club Bands C.S. Lewis Society Economics Club Glee Club Language Clubs French, German, Latin, and Spanish Literary Club Mathematics Club/Team Music Club Science Club Science Olympiad Social Studies Club Speech and Debate Club String Orchestra

National Honor Society Newspaper - TARMAC Parish Religious Education Program Photo Service Physical Fitness Club Plastic Modeling Club Sacristans Sodality Student-Athlete Leadership Program Track Club (Spring) Woodworking Club Yearbook CRIMSON & GOLD Interscholastic Sports: Baseball Basketball Bowling Crew (Fall and Spring) Cross Country Football Golf Ice Hockey Lacrosse Riflery Soccer Swimming Tennis Track and Field (Winter and Spring) Volleyball Wrestling

Extracurricular Activities:

Total Number of College credits earned in Collegiate Program: 37 Note: Band, String Orchestra, Glee Club, or Parish Religious Education Practicum are optional for each year.

Apostles -Retreat Staff Auditorium Service Aviation Club Schoolstore Staff Catholic League Chess Club/Team Columbian Squires Communications Club Computer Technology Club Crew Club (Winter) Culinary Club Drama Club Emmaus Apostolic Program ETV Service Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion General Student Organization Gethsemane Golf Club Hiking Club Hospital Volunteers Intramural Officials Club Library Service Literary Magazine SKYLIGHT Martial Arts Club

Intramural Sports:

Daniel Haslbauer ’11 (l.) is seen here with Bro. Richard Hartz ’59 at the German Club’s evening at Meribah.


Jack McCarty ’14 awaits the pitch.

Basketball Ping Pong Soccer Specialty Games Tug-of-War Ultimate Frisbee Volleyball Water Polo Wiffle Ball Wrestling

Geographi c Di stri bution 1761-1850

Total - 1699 students Nassau: 1285

Suffolk: 337 Amityville — 13 Babylon — 13 Bayport — 2 Bayshore — 14 Blue Point — 1 Bohemia — 1 Brentwood —1 Brightwaters — 12 Brookhaven — 1 Central Islip — 2 Centerport — 5 Centereach — 1 Cold Spring Harbor — 7 Cold Spring Hills — 1 Commack — 2 Copiague — 3 Coram — 2 Cutchogue — 1 Dix Hills — 10 East Islip — 10 East Northport — 14 Fort Salonga — 9 Gilgo Beach — 1 Greenlawn — 8 Halesite — 1 Hampton Bays — 1 Hauppauge — 3 Holbrook — 2 Holtsville — 1 Huntington — 66

Huntington Station — 5 Islip — 1 Islip Terrace — 1 Kings Park — 6 Lake Grove — 2 Lake Ronkonkoma — 2 Lindenhurst — 7 Lloyd Harbor — 9 Melville — 8 Middle Island — 1 Nesconset — 4 North Babylon — 7 Northport — 16 Oakdale — 4 Port Jefferson — 1 Port Jefferson Station — 1 Ridge — 1 Ronkonkoma — 1 Sayville — 6 Setauket — 7 Shirley — 1 Shoreham — 1 Smithtown — 7 Southampton — 3 Southold — 1 St. James — 15 Stony Brook — 5 Wading River — 1 West Islip — 5

New York City: 75 Bayside — 10 Bayside Hills — 1 Beechurst — 1 Belle Harbor — 5 Bellerose — 5 Bellerose Manor — 1 Breezy Point — 3 Brooklyn — 1 Douglaston — 4 Douglas Manor — 2 Far Rockaway — 1 Floral Park (Q)— 5 Flushing — 5 Glen Oaks — 1 Glendale — 1

Jamaica Estates — 1 Kew Gardens — 2 Little Neck — 8 Manhattan— 4 Middle Village — 2 New Hyde Park (Q) —1 North Flushing — 1 Oakdale Gardens — 1 Queens Village — 4 Rego Park — 1 Rockaway — 1 Rockaway Park — 1 Rockaway Point — 1 Whitestone — 1

Albertson — 8 Atlantic Beach — 3 Baldwin — 13 Baldwin Harbor — 3 Bayville — 15 Bellerose — 1 Bellerose Village — 3 Bellmore — 8 Bethpage — 11 Brookville — 1 Carle Place — 5 Cove Neck — 1 East Atlantic Beach — 2 East Meadow — 14 East Norwich — 11 East Rockaway — 12 East Williston — 26 Elmont — 6 Farmingdale — 10 Floral Park — 41 Flower Hill — 1 Franklin Square — 18 Freeport — 10 Garden City — 166 Garden City Park — 4 Garden City South — 5 Glen Cove — 19 Glen Head — 15 Great Neck — 3 Hempstead — 8 Hicksville — 27 Island Park — 5 Lake Success — 1 Lattingtown — 1 Levittown — 14 Lido Beach — 8 Locust Valley — 10 Long Beach — 26 Lynbrook — 24 Malverne — 13 Manhasset — 59 Manhasset Hills — 2

Massapequa — 70 Massapequa Park — 39 Matinecock — 1 Merrick — 27 Mineola — 34 Muttontown — 2 New Hyde Park — 40 North Baldwin — 5 North Bellmore — 11 North Massapequa — 6 North Merrick — 6 North Woodmere — 1 Oceanside — 11 Old Bethpage — 3 Old Brookville — 10 Old Westbury — 4 Oyster Bay — 17 Oyster Bay Cove — 1 Plainview — 19 Plandome — 8 Point Lookout — 8 Port Washington — 32 Rockville Centre — 94 Roosevelt — 1 Roslyn Heights — 4 Roslyn — 2 Sands Point — 7 Sea Cliff — 6 Seaford — 30 Searingtown — 3 South Hempstead — 1 Stewart Manor — 5 Syosset — 21 Uniondale — 3 Upper Brookville — 2 Valley Stream — 16 Wantagh — 33 West Hempstead — 23 Westbury — 21 Williston Park — 21 Woodbury — 3 Woodmere — 1

Westchester County: 1 Scarsdale — 1

Morris County, New Jersey: 1 Madison — 1


Partne ring in the mission

For more information regarding the Torch Fund or the Campaign for Chaminade’s Activity-Athletic Center please contact: The Development Office Chaminade High School 340 Jackson Avenue Mineola, NY 11501-2441 (516) 742-5555 ext. 443 FAX (516) 742-1989 E-mail: In reports of this type, some errors are inevitable. If your name was omitted or improperly listed, please accept our apologies. If you have detected an error, please notify the Development Office so that we may correct our records.


2011-2012 CHS Annual Report  

2011-2012 CHS Annual Report