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To: Prime Minister Baburam Bhattarai, Baluwatar, Kathmandu Nepal Subject: Make the System Work, Help Deliver Justice Dear Prime Minister, When Sita Rai (name changed), age 21, arrived home after working in Saudi Arabia earlier this month she was robbed at the hands of our Immigration Officials at the Tribhuvan International Airport. A Police Constable then took authority of her, took her to a hotel, and proceeded to “rape” her that night. Dear Prime Minister, a simple question: as a father of a young woman yourself, what would you have done if your daughter had been violated the way Sita Rai was? What paths of justice would you pursue? Yes there is a political crisis in Nepal but what good is politics if it can't deliver simple justice? Or worse, what if politics actually impedes and complicates the deliberations and deliverance of justice? Dear Prime Minister, I request your office and the Home Ministry to exercise all its power to make sure this case is an example of the system working for the people of Nepal. We urge you to use the vast resources at your disposal to call on every Government and Non-Governmental bodies working on women's rights issues to find out just what happened to Sita Rai at TIA and pursue justice as required, and to the full extent of the law. Dear Prime Minister, a simple request: irrespective of the number of days you may have left in your office, please use whatever time you have to show us that you tried to make the system work for a single person, so that "we the people" can have some hope it may work for us all one day. Sita Rai deserves justice. By working to help deliver that justice, you can also help deliver hope of a better Nepal to millions of Nepali daughters. To fail Sita Rai would be to fail the nation. Regards, Signed: ______________ Name:

Dear PM  

Make the System Work, Help Deliver Justice

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