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Our work philosophy We strive to foster innovative thinking, world class knowledge and technical capabilities in the neurosurgical and oncology field to improve the quality of life of our end users, the patients we treat. We are committed to delivering the most advanced, cutting edge treatment tools and operating models to create customized and efficient solutions that deliver flawless outcomes.

Our core values: To have a comprehensive understanding of neurosurgeons and radiation oncologists as our clients, patients as our end users, and the needs and demands of their communities as our setting. We work tirelessly to provide tailor made solutions to create and enhance value within the facilities from which our technologies operate. Timely support and straightforward answers to daily clinical, logistical, and operational challenges.

Introducing INFINI:

Intracranial Stereotactic Radiosurgery System Infini’s award winning design is composed of six separate beam segments. Each beam segment is a row of 5 cobalt sources focused to the isocenter. Its singular independent beam switch allows for closure and aperture of radiation segments every 5 degrees, enabling it to operate with any combination of beam segments or all of them at once (all 30 cobalt sources).

Infini provides: •Expanded treatment volume that increases intracranial reach. •Automated patient positioning that optimizes the overall tratment process. •Unmatched dose sculpturing via patented Rotary Focusing technology and Independent Beam Switch Control. •Automatic and rapid collimator change-outs. •The ability to open or close radiation therapy beams at any degree of arc to protect organs at risk. •Comprehensive treatment planning using state-of-the-art InfiniPlan software.

Moving forward. We believe that patients deserve to have the best treatments. Our commitment to the world is not only to create, but to make our technology accessible to every patient and their community.

“It is a treatment that is not caused me pain at all” “Es un tratamiento que no me causó dolor en lo absoluto” March 2014


First patient treated with Infini in Latin America


An unprecedented revolution in intracranial radiosurgery. Due to its award winning design and its continued rotation around the target, Infini provides the same precision and efficacy as other Gamma Ray delivery systems, but in a far more efficient manner, as it reduces the need of cobalt sources by more than six fold. Alluding to the infinite, Infini provides unlimited dose sculpting capability to deliver the best dosimetrical coverage yet available in gamma units to even the most irregularly shaped lesions.

Less is more. Our patented rotating system design holds scarcely 30 Cobalt 60 sources in a continuous manner, focusing on the target from 360 degrees. This translates to lower installation a nd reloading costs, as well as faster patient treating times.

Fully automated control system. Infini allows a seamless workflow through a fully automated system that displaces the treatment bed as to focus and place the target perfectly at the isocenter.This feature is an unequivocal standard of time effectiveness, as it allows for the treatment of several distinct lesions or one single lesion with diverse isocenters at once. Infini, cost effective technology for the utter most complex treatment plans, designed for critical, meticulous and conscientious users. Automated features include but are not limited to the following: •Shielding door operation. •3-D treatment bed positioning.

•Collimator selection. •Independent Beam Switch Control.

The entire treatment process is executed from start to finish with the simply push of a button.

3-D treatment bed positioning.

Collimator selection.

Comprehensive Treatment Planning System InfiniPlan. Our Superplan is a robust, intuitive, easy to operate software for treatment planning that fits the busiest schedules, allowing a quick process of image registration, target and region of interest (ROI) definition, and the optimization of shots required to deliver the prefect plan.

This enables remote supervision and adjustment of plans from any part of the world, a truly convenient feature to fit any physicians’ lifestyle.

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