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Rich in Art & History… …a haven of lakes & mountains PRESS RELEASE 2018 www.chambery-tourisme.com

« Redefining » Chambéry This press release is all about RE-DISCOVERING Chambéry and highlights the region’s tourist attractions in two new areas: • ‘Lifestyle’ : the idea is to show why Chambéry is the perfect city break destination, filled with art galleries, boutiques by young designers, concept stores, ‘slow shopping’ and new stylish hotels. Chambéry is still a hidden gem, making it a trendy destination for complete escapism away from the crowds. • ‘Lakes and mountains’ : since the creation of the ‘Greater Chambéry’ tourist office, the region now offers a range of longer stays in a ‘Town of Art and History’, surrounded by lakes and mountains. This region is unique in its ability to link together its attractions, making them even more fun and attractive, such as through innovative digital apps (EsKapade) and exciting events, such as La Vélo Dingo, which is an incredible mix of sport and culture (a bike ride in the vineyards interspersed with shows).

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hambéry is a designated ‘Town of Art and History’, known for its secret alleyways (‘traboules’), surprising ‘trompe-l’œil’ art and colourful historic centre, making it a great place to explore ! You’ll love the pedestrianised streets, gourmet restaurants and range of unusual and lively shops, along with a wealth of sculptural features, decorative ironwork and, of course, the Medieval château, which once belonged to the Dukes of Savoy. Chambéry invites its visitors to explore or enjoy a quiet stroll. The town’s history is intimately linked to that of neighbouring Italy, since for six centuries, Chambéry and Savoie were united with Turin and the Piedmont region under the rule of the House of Savoy dynasty. Indeed, this town has an Italian feel, and a surprisingly relaxed approach to living that is instantly appreciated. Surrounded by lakes and mountains, Chambéry is tucked away in delightful countryside! The peaks of the Bauges and La Chartreuse mountains watch over the town. If you climb the surrounding hills or cycle in any direction from the town, vineyards and lakes will start to emerge, such as Lake Bourget (the biggest natural lake in France), Lake Saint-André or even Lake Aiguebelette... Every season provides a moving and rich tapestry that nature lovers will adore. If you love sport and getting an adrenaline rush, you’ll love the range of land, water and air-borne activities in Chambéry. Others may prefer the relaxing atmosphere of Challes-les-Eaux - a spa resort with the most sulphur-rich waters in Europe! Chambéry’s excellent hotels make the town even more endearing, bringing a little extra something to make your stay even better. This excellence strengthens Chambéry’s credentials as a tourist destination. There are so many ways to discover and fall in love with Chambéry, from the city to sport to culture, from relaxation to romance! Chambéry is rich in Art and History, surrounded by lakes and mountains...



Chambéry is the perfect holiday destination away from the crowds, thanks to its great location, rich past, wealth of cultural, natural and architectural heritage, thriving economy and variety of events. Not to mention its proximity to mountains and lakes, stunning views, cultural centre and endless outdoor playground ...


1/ At the crossroads Chambéry is less than 3 hours from Paris, 1 hour from Lyon, Geneva or Italy. The town boasts excellent transport links, including TGV (high-speed rail), motorways and 3 airports (Chambéry, Lyon and Geneva). Chambéry is the ideal location for both city breaks and longer holidays.

2/ A designated ‘Town of Art and History’, visitors to Chambéry can experience 1000 years of history Chambéry has an extremely rich history. Walk down the narrow streets in the pedestrianised centre to discover a place that’s full of history. Chambéry, the Savoy, Turin and the Piedmont region are connected by 1000 years of history, as they were all governed by the House of Savoy. Chambéry only became part of France in 1860 and the Savoie was one of the last regions to join France. The town is a treasure trove, with unmissable monuments, (such as the Château of the Dukes of Savoy or the Cathedral of Saint François de Sales), as well as hidden gems, including narrow streets, small squares, religious buildings and mansions.

3/ The good life “If there is a city in the world where you can experience the good life in a pleasant, friendly place, it’s Chambéry.’ - Jean-Jacques Rousseau Chambéry’s Italian influence encourages the ‘good life’, with colourful and picturesque alleys and ‘trompe l’oeil’-style façades. Behind the colourful traditional façades in the centre of town is a whole network of ‘traboules’ - an incredible network of passageways that is perfect to wander around! The ‘traboules’ are the heart of Chambéry, acting like corridors that allow short-cuts between buildings . The ‘traboules’ are great to visit - you could even have fun creating a secret route! You’ll pass through tiny squares and inner courtyards, finding many boutiques owned by local designers, bookshops and other independent shops, as well as several terraces, along the way! There’s plenty of opportunities to wander, enjoy and take in your surroundings !


4/ Surrounded by lakes and mountains A ‘Town of Art and History’ surrounded by lakes and mountains, Chambéry is even better for its proximity to nature! The mountains watch over and look after the town, whilst the surrounding lakes reflect its charm. If you love outdoor activities and beautiful countryside, Chambéry has plenty to offer !

people - is where concerts, shows and commercial or sporting events are held (especially handball, with the resident Chambéry Savoie Mont Blanc Handball club). There are also many cultural events on offer! Chambéry is home to the ‘Espace Malraux - Scène Nationale’, a fine arts museum (Musée des Beaux Arts) and several art galleries. Moreover, the Savoy Museum (Musée Savoisien), closed for refurbishment since December 2014, will re-open in 2019 and will have plenty to offer. Festival-goers will be impressed by the talent that arrives in Chambéry for the numerous festivals held in the town: the Comic Book Festival (Festival de la BD), the International Festival of World Cultures (Festival International des Cultures du Monde), the Debut Novel Festival (Festival du Premier Roman) or even the International Festival of Mountain Trades (Festival International des Métiers de la Montagne).

6/ New, stylish hotels in Chambéry

5/ Fun and food in Chambéry Chambéry’s pedestrianised historic centre has plenty of gourmet restaurants and is perfect for drinks with friends. Many bars and restaurants have concerts and themed evenings throughout the year. Furthermore, Le Phare - a large function hall that can hold 4500


Chambéry’s hotels are just like its historic centre: a wonderful mix of privacy and elegance, creating a peaceful and magical atmosphere. The charm and authenticity of these hotels means that guests are sure to have a unique experience. With something for all tastes and budgets, Chambéry’s hotels know how to bring a touch of comfort and enjoyment to your holiday !

7/ Chambéry, bike friendly  !

10 / The heart of Savoyard wine

In 2018, Chambéry won 2nd place for bike-friendly medium-sized towns by the Cyclists’ Federation (Fédération des Usagers de la Bicyclette). Chambéry is a starting point for an endless array of cycle paths and routes. The unspoiled and varied countryside are breath-taking, with some of the most beautiful landscapes that you’ll see on your holiday ! You can cycle both ways along the V63 - either towards Lake Bourget or towards Mont Granier, the Belledonnes mountain range and the vineyards around Lake Saint-André. Wind along a labyrinth of charming little roads with gentle slopes that are perfect for family rides !

In 2012, the ‘Cœur de Savoie’ region between Chambéry and Albertville brings together 19 French regions with ‘Vignobles et Découvertes’ accreditation. This certification singles out places with thriving tourist and wine-making industries, and that offer a variety of tourist facilities (accommodation, food, visits to wine cellars, wine tasting, museums and events). AOC vineyards with one grape variety, Mondeuse, Jacquère and Altesse, are planted on the hillsides of the Bauges and Chartreuse mountains, offering visitors lush green countryside. The ‘Coeur de Savoie’ area has significant natural resources and heritage, and has a range of activities and attractions focusing on wine production: 22 wine cellars, 15 restaurants, 25 accommodation options and 4 heritage sites. There are 6 activity providers and 4 tourist venues so you can organise a unique holiday !

8/ The most sulphur-rich springs in Europe in Challes-lesEaux Challes-les-Eaux is a neighbouring village to Chambéry. The thermal spring was discovered in 1841 by Doctor Domenget, who also demonstrated its therapeutic properties. These thermal springs are the most sulphur-rich in Europe; the water is buried 100m underground but reaches the surface in Challes-les-Eaux. The water’s high sulphur content endows it with antibacterial, decongestant, wound-healing and analgesic properties. As well as the spa, there are around 50 health facilities in

Challes-les-Eaux. The town is now a renowned hub for ‘health and well-being’.

9/ A destination for ‘slow-shopping’ If you like to buy a souvenir to remember your holiday, Chambéry can satisfy your desire for authentic and original items with its incredible range of independent shops. The historic centre has many art galleries and designer boutiques to suit all tastes.




Yellow jersey ! Chambéry wins 2nd place for cycling towns Greater Chambéry wins second place for medium-sized towns (50,000 - 100,000 residents) ! In 2017, the Cyclists’ Federation (FUB) and its partners launched 6

its first investigation into cycling towns : ‘Parlons Vélo’ (Let’s talk Bikes) The investigation included a 40-question survey aiming to gauge the opinions of cyclists on cycling conditions in their town. With over 113,000 responses across France, this investigation is the largest ever survey of French cyclists, and the second-biggest survey of its kind in Europe. The responses were used to create a ranking of ‘bike-friendly’ towns. In the category of towns with 50,000 - 100,000 residents, Chambéry came second, after La Rochelle, but beating Versailles.

NEW La Vélo Dingo Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd June 2018 Did you say off the chain ? La Vélo Dingo is a crazy fancy-dress bike ride combined with a series of outdoor shows! It’s a great opportunity to explore the beautiful countryside around Chambéry, with its lakes and mountains. With your family or friends, cycle with style to the next show on your route as you admire the beautiful countryside. In need of a break ? Enjoy a picnic of tasty local specialities ! Take your time, enjoy and admire the countryside... Everyone is free to go at their own pace : the Vélo Dingo is suitable for all ages and abilities.

The routes The routes wind between lakes, mountains and vineyards, interspersed with high-quality shows, to stretch both your legs and your brain cells. Cycle along beautiful, outdoor routes. The various options allow flexibility. There are various routes, difficulties and shows for a weekend that suits everyone. Departing from Chambéry and ending at Lake Bourget or Lake Saint-André, passing through beautiful countryside, there are 5 routes ranging from 15km - 60km, suitable for a half-day, full day or over 2 days. Each route has a ‘Relaxed’ and ‘Sporty’ version. The ‘Relax’ routes are suitable for families with babies and toddlers, whereas some are suitable if your child is a confident cyclist (aged

8+ only). There is also a 17km circuit for younger children called La P’tite Dingo!

Shows - Espace Malraux Scène Nationale This unique route has 8 shows ranging from 30 minutes to 1 hour 20 minutes, combining poetry, burlesque dancing, clowns, acrobatic cycling, tightrope walking, music and circus tricks - all in stunning outdoor locations !

Nature Is there anything better than celebrating the outdoors by letting your imagination run free, whilst taking part in a joyous procession along narrow streets and cycle paths around Chambéry: experience the delight of cycling with a group of merry souls, and spice up the route with crazy ideas, and spread joy and happiness in your wake ! There are prizes for the best fancy-dress costumes: relaxed, authentic, sporty and crazy whatever your style, make sure you think about decorating your bike as well as your costume ! If you’re stuck for inspiration, visit velodingo.fr

Local produce n need of a break? Enjoy delicious local produce in the fresh air... There are picnic areas where you can try the produce of small local farmers who respect and love the region. Information and registration : www.velodingo.fr


NEW Chambéry is now part of the Véloroute 63 network ! Cycling holidays: Greater Chambéry is connected to a circuit that is over 500km long The Véloroute 63 (Chanaz - Valence) is a new cycling route that is now completely finished. It is one of the 6 ‘Voies Vertes’ in Auvergne Rhône Alpes, which is also in the national scheme of Véloroutes and Voies Vertes. The Véloroute 63 forms a circuit with the ViaRhôna (connections in Chanaz and Valence) that is 510km long in total.

There’s plenty to do, see and taste with your family and friends in the lakes and mountains of the Alpine foothills As you leave the ViaRhôna at Chanaz, enjoy a boat cruise with the Compagnie des Bateaux du Lac (by reservation only) and enjoy a guided 90-minute crossing on the biggest natural lake in France! Marvel at the lake’s beauty and explore its wild shores as you pass in front of Hautecombe Abbey, built by Cistercian monks in the 12th century. Afterwards, get back on your bike and cycle along the banks of Lake Bourget along the Lacustre path. Take a break to admire the majestic countryside in front of you. Don’t forget to go for a dip before you reach Chambéry! As you continue along your route, make sure to explore Chambéry’s cosy atmosphere. It’s so good to wander in the heart of the old town, in the shadow of the Château of the Dukes of Savoy and along pedestrianised streets. A variety of shops, pleasant gardens and facilities with the ‘Accueil Vélo’ (Bikes Welcome) sign are equipped to help cyclists. The Inukshuk is a themed café-restaurant and serves as a base for lovers of cycling, travelling, nature and the outdoors. Before heading to Grenoble and Valence to reach the Via Rhôna, pass through the vineyards in the Coeur de Savoie and explore Lake Saint André, nestled amngst the Savoyard hillsides. You can get a great, and unexpected, view of Mont Blanc as you leave the Savoie region. This flat and easy route offers a new cycling experience that everyone can enjoy, (including families), bringing together physical exercise, incredible views and great f ood. There’s plenty of countryside and culture to explore, in the heart of magnificent countryside, including valleys, vi-


neyards, orchards, towns and villages. The water and mountains are never far away! A circuit for family holidays (an extension of the Lake Saint André circuit) and a ‘sporty circuit’ (via the Col du Granier) are also connected to the main V63 route.

Opening times All year round: marked paths, open daily.

Circuit duration (Chanaz Lake Saint André section) Average circuit duration : • Chambéry / Aix-les-Bains = 90 minutes • Chambéry / Lake Saint André = 1 hour For the Savoyard section of the V63, allow 90 minutes for the crossing between Chanaz and Aix-les-Bains, then 90 minutes by bike between Aix-les-Bains and Chambéry.

Allow roughly 1 hour to reach Lake Saint André from Chambéry, at an average speed of 14km/hr. 7% of the route is on cycle paths and 25% is on quiet roads.

Getting here From Chanaz via the ViaRhôna. By train: from Culoz, Aix-les-Bains and Chambéry train stations

Good to know The northern section between Chanaz and Aix-les-Bains is on public transport, either by train from Culoz or by boat from Chanaz port. Make sure to book your crossing with a bike at La Compagnie des Bateaux du Lac : Tel. 04 79 63 45 00 / bateauxdulacdubourget.fr Download the route on the Eskapades app (available on the App Store and Google Play) and use the GPS tracking feature.


‘I want to ride my bicycle’ I want to ride my bike...’

Mountain bike lovers will find a brilliant bike park with 12 routes in the Savoie Grand Revard area. In summer, the 150km of crosscountry skiing tracks become a fabulous bike park that can be reached from the resort’s 3 villages (La Féclaz, Le Revard and Saint-François-de-Sales). Most of the tracks are sheltered by trees to keep you cool throughout your ride. The downhill, endurance and electric mountain bike slopes are also accessible at Aillons-Margeriaz 1000. Closer to Chambéry, remarkable scenic views are offered by the Crêtes du Peney and the Vineyard Trail departing from Saint-AlbanLeysse, or on your tour of Puygros, Thoiry and Saint-Jean-d’Arvey.

La Vélostation For over 20 years, the network of cycle paths has been extended and expanded to over 80km of interconnected paths linked with 2 green avenues which connect the city of Aix-Les-Bains and Lake Bourget in the North with Combe de Savoie in the South. Initial facilities have been built, such as pedestrian zones, contraflow for cyclists and 20 and 30km/ hr zones in the centre. The Tour of the Regional Nature Park of the Massif des Bauges, is a 160km route that can be done in 3 or 4 stages. A 99km-circuit with a 1000 metres of elevation though vineyards, lakes and mountains lets you cross the Bauges. A 74km-circuit also leads to the Pont de l’Abîme via the Pass of Plainpalais. The Tour of the Colombier d’Aillon-le-Jeune is more challenging, with a rather steep climb through the Pass of Prés. A magnificent ride awaits cyclists in the heart of the Massif des Bauges Geopark.

There are 620 “vélo bleu” city bikes and 30 electric bikes available for rent. With 550 Vélostation bike spaces throughout the agglomeration, this is the place to come for bike rides around Chambéry. Since August 2016, the Vélostation has been developing the ‘Vélobulle’ project, a passenger transportation service using electric tricycles, in order to improve accessibility in the city-centre of Chambéry, especially for disabled people. www.velostation-chambery.fr

Certification from Accueil Vélo Sponsored by France Vélo Tourisme, this National Label for tourist services (tourism offices, accommodation, restaurants, bike repair and rental services…) guarantees a warm welcome and high-quality services for cyclists all along bike routes. Supported by Greater Chambéry Alpine Tourism, this approach follows the pioneering and pro-active policy of the Department of Savoie to equip and organise facilities for cyclists (cycle lanes, demarcation of passes and inclines, marked out bike trails…). In Chambéry, many establishments (including the tourist office) have ‘Accueil Vélo’ (Bikes Welcome) certification, including PetitHôtelConfidentiel, Actuel Chambéry Centre station, Inukshuk Café, le Savoy Campsite, Gîte le Farou and Gîte le Moulin. www.francevelotourisme.com or www.savoie-mont-blanc.com

La Ruche An information centre for outdoor activities La Ruche is a new concept to encourage sharing and learning - it’s a real showcase of outdoor activities in Chambéry. It is made up of various ‘zones’, some of which focus specifically on bike tourism. INUKSHUK, CYCLING AND OUTDOORS CAFÉ

A themed café-restaurant and base camp for those who love travel, nature and the great outdoors. A cosy atmosphere, organic and/or local products, themed evenings and a bike repairs workshop… +33 (0)4 58 14 07 59 www.inukshuk-cafe.fr



A shop with everything to equip and support all cyclists, whether in town or further afield: standard bikes, clever accessories, wise advice, repair and rental services. TOURIST OFFICE ‘SAVEURS ET NATURE’

Greater Chambéry Alpine Tourism has an information centre to promote this outdoor Alpine destination in the heart of the vast nature parks and the biggest natural lake in France. Cycling routes are also provided here.

256, rue de la république 73000 Chambéry +33 (0)4 79 85 71 13 www.chambery-tourisme.com

DID YOU KNOW? The 1989 World Cycling Championships were held in Chambéry and boosted cycling in the town. Two important national and international cycling bodies were established : • ChambéryCyclisme Organisation, which organises many competitions. www.chamberycyclismeformation.com

• Chambéry Cyclisme Formation, a training centre for the AG2R La Mondiale team.. Every summer, the centre welcomes 15 aspiring young cyclists for high-performance cycling training. Cycling training sessions in the Alps are also organised. www.chamberycyclismeformation.com

Cyclingevents Tour de Savoie Mont-Blanc 20th year, from 20th - 24th June 2018 Chambéry is hosting the Tour of Savoie Mont Blanc on Saturday 23rd June! The incredible race will be a real test for young cyclists before the Tour de France. With the 2017 competition being remembered for ushering in a new cycling legend - the Colombian Egan BERNAL, now a member of Team Sky - 2018 promises to be just as exciting. For the first time, 5 professional continental teams will be taking part. • FORTUNEO-SAMSIC, a stage winner for the past two years, will be coming back for the fourth time. • DIRECT ENERGIE, is coming back after two years. • This will be a grand entrance for VITAL CONCEPT, who put together a team last winter. • The Italian team ANDRONI GIOCATTOLI-SIDERMEC, who have had a brilliant year thanks to Egan BERNAL, will be returning to the steep roads of TSMB. • The ‘pink scarabs’ from Colombia, MANZANA-POSTOBON, who took part in the Vuelta a España 2017, are first-time competitors and will surely love the terrain. The 15 other teams will want to make life difficult for these 5 teams in the 2nd world division. Amongst these new arrivals are 3 from the continent : BIKE AID, DIMENSION DATA FOR QHUBEKA e il TEAM WIGGINS. There will be teams with young talent, such as the CYCLISME FORMATION from Chambéry or the Belgian team LOTTO-SOUDAL U23.


On the programme : Bonneval-sur-Arc, Modane, Bonneville, Cluses, les Belleville, Orelle, SaintMichel-de-Maurienne, Valloire, and of course, Chambéry ! www.toursavoiemontblanc.com

La Chambérienne cycletyres 3rd year 28th and 29th July 2018 This cycling event is the 6th and penultimate test of the Cyclo’Tour Rotor Challenge. www.challengecyclotour.com

This weekend, organised by Chambéry Cyclisme Organisation, will bring together cycling enthusiasts and competitors of all levels, for a grand cycling festival. Over the weekend, you can try regional produce and take part in activities in the Exhibition Village. www.lachamberiennecycletyres.com LA CHAMBÉRIENNE CHARTREUSE

28th July 2018 130km and 6 mountain passes 100km and 4 mountain passes LA CHAMBÉRIENNE BAUGES

29th July 2018 125km, an elevation gain of 2645 m, and 3 passes: Prés, Leschaux and La Clusaz. 85km, an elevation gain of 1980 m, and 2 passes: Prés and Plainpalais. https://lachamberiennecyclo.com

La Balade pour Tous 9th September 2018 ‘Rando Savoie Santé’ in the Barberaz playground, in Chambéry. This is a family event comprised of 3 cycling, mountain-biking and skating routes of 8, 16 and 30km, as well as 2 supervised hiking routes. www.labaladepourtous.fr

Cyclo-Cross de Cognin 4th November 2018 47th year, held by the Chambéry Cyclisme Organisation and the Cognin Festival Committee. The course is in Forezan Park. The challenges (steep climb, stairs, boards) will ensure an incredible show for the final victory.

The Cyclo-Cross course has staged two Rhône-Alpes regional championships, including the 2015 event. The morning will be dedicated to cycling schools, from Pré-Licenciés (aged 2-6) to Minimes (aged 13-14), and in the afternoon, there will be a course for Cadets (aged 15-16) and Women, then a second race for Juniors

(aged 17-18) and Elites. Do you want to go mountain biking ? Or for a hike in the undergrowth ? Or for a cultural excursion in town ? EsKapades, the new mobile app, lets you explore the great outdoors in Greater Chambéry



CHAMBÉRY, USING TECHNOLOGY TO EXPLORE Eskapades offers a huge variety of hiking and cycling routes, for all ages and abilities. You can also be guided to the beginning of the activity (and throughout the route) thanks to real-time GPS tracking which works even when you have no signal. There are interactive activities next to key sites, including quizzes, digital viewpoint indicators and videos. Other services are also available, including rentals, restaurants, tourist offices and ‘Accueil Vélo’ (Bikes Welcome) facilities.

Available in English and Italian. Eskapades is available for free download from Google Play and the App Store.


NEW, STYLISH HOTEL IN CHAMBÉRY Chambéry’s hotels are just like its historic centre: a wonderful mix of privacy and elegance, creating a peaceful and magical atmosphere. Chambéry’s ‘new style’ is reinforced by these cosy hotels, as well as its designer boutiques, concept stores, coffee shops, terraces or arty restaurants on the streets of the capital of the Dukes of Savoy. This new focus on lifestyle attracts many visitors, including couples, families or groups of friends, who want a relaxed weekend, strolling in a bohemian and cultural atmosphere. Chambéry is now a successful tourist destination, with a harmonious blend of the historic and trendy.

“PetitHotelConfidentiel” named recognised and celebrated. Eight best hotel years ago, we wanted to create an

***** in France

For the second year running, Trivago has named, PetitHôtelConfidentiel as the best 5* hotel in France. ‘Receiving this award again is a huge honour for both us and the team. Our passion and attention to detail is being 13

unusual and cosy hotel that would redefine luxury and create a pleasant atmosphere. Our luxury is not ostentatious, but created through attention to detail, attentiveness and politeness. Eight years later, we are delighted that our story is shaped by sincerity and independence. In 2017, PetitHôtelConfidentiel opened 7 new rooms and suites with unique decoration, surrounding a garden court with an outdoor fireplace.

Tucked away on the top floor of the hotel is the incredible terrace Jacuzzi suite, promising to be the place for your happiest memories ! The Fitness studio is now open, with elegant sports equipment and Nordic spa, in a unique location overlooking the historic centre. Next, continue your break in the Extertier [Spa Suite] with its effective Alpine beauty treatments. With 18 rooms and suites, PetitHôtelConfidentiel is not resting on its laurels, with plans to develop a winter garden, a haven of greenery in the heart of the town, to welcome guests for breakfast, afternoon tea or a snack, as well as top-secret projects.’ CHARLOTTE ET JÉRÔME REYES PETITHOTELCONFIDENTIEL

The selection criteria of this hotel comparison website are largely based on client opinions from booking sites (Hotels.com, Splendia.com, Expedia, Customer Alliance, Holidaycheck…). An unforgettable welcome, delicious breakfasts and top-of-therange facilities, impressed the guests of this 5-star establishment, which took first place with a rating of 9.4/10, beating Parisian hotels, ski resorts and the French Riviera.

‘Hotels that make the region even more charming’ Far from standard bedrooms and ostentatious luxury, hotels in Chambéry promise their guests a charming, unique and authentic experience : > Relax in a spa on the rooftop terrace of PetitHotelConfidentiel ***** whilst enjoying stunning views over Chambéry’s historic heritage. > Dine on the terrace of Domaine des Saints-Pères with stunning views over Lake Bourget. 
 > In the Château of the Comtes de Challes ***, visit the twelfth-century wine cellar and learn more about the history of wines from the Savoie and many other regions right next to the Master Sommelier - 500 varieties and 20,000 bottles on display.


> In the heart of magnificent 6-hectare grounds with ancient trees and rare plants, the Château de Candie **** offers a fairytale setting and mountains, as well as a pool and fine-dining restaurant A sublime experience just a few minutes from the centre of town. > Dive into the unique swimming pool in the historic centre of Chambéry and remember the platter of Savoyard cold meats served by the bar of the Le Cinq **** Hotel. > Relax in the SPA of the Le Cinq ****, enjoy a massage then retire to your ‘Chalet’ bedroom - a nod to the surrounding mountains in a subtle, modern atmosphere. > Enjoy 149 bedrooms in the Kyriad Chambéry Centre *** Hotel, which won the management prize for ‘Best franchises and partners of France’ in 2017.

‘Hotels for changing times’ In a collective push, Chambéry has reinvented and modernised its range of hotels to adapt to changing times and new ways of travelling; today, ‘Framilies’ (Friends & Families) and businesses are looking for places with a strong identity, a range of personalised services, unusual restaurants and connectivity.

Offering an ‘experience’ with added culture and sports activities The 3-star Château des Comtes de Challes now offers guests the opportunity to book a glider plane session or a cruise on the lake when they book a book. In all types of hotels, Chambéry’s hotels have received excellent feedback from clients, with ‘Good’, ‘Very Good’ and ‘Excellent’ ratings from online booking sites. 

In this context, the hotels in the town centre have invested in 3 key areas : 

Injecting style and identity to establishments through renovations

> Le Cinq **** Hotel has invested 2.5 million euros to improve its well-being facilities and build a magnificent pool (right in the historic centre !) > The Kyriad *** Hotel and the Théâtre Hôtel ** have undergone extensive refurbishments and have received high praise from guests: ‘Good’ and ‘Very Good’ ratings on Trivago. Thus, two- and three-star hotels in the town centre also excel in their category.

Improve customer welcome with personalised services and digital facilities

> The Princes *** Hotel have seen an overall increase in visitors (an average of + 35 points at weekends) by investing one million euros over the past 4 years in order to improve its well-being facilities, bedroom services (rose petals, boxes of chocolates) and creating package experiences. 


www.petithotelconfidentiel.com +33 (0)4 79 26 24 17

www.hoteldesprinces.com +33 (0)4 79 33 45 36

hotel-chambery.com +33 (0)4 79 33 51 18 KYRIAD CHAMBÉRY CENTRE 

www.kyriad-chambery-centre-curial.fr +33 (0)4 79 36 13 64 THÉÂTRE HÔTEL

theatrehotelchambery.com +33 (0)4 79 85 76 79 CHÂTEAU DE CANDIE 

www.chateaudecandie.com +33 (0)4 79 96 63 00

www.chateaudescomtesdechalles.com +33 (0)4 79 72 72 72 DOMAINE DES SAINTS-PÈRES 

www.domainedessaintsperes.com +33 (0)4 79 62 63 93


Chambéry is very connected to Italy. For six centuries, Chambéry and Savoie were united with Turin and the Piedmont region under the authority of the House of Savoy dynasty. Dive into the heart of Chambéry’s history, with the town’s illustrious past becoming increasingly clear with each square and alleyway in the historic centre. Chambéry has been certified as a ‘Town of Art and History’ since 1985, and you need to walk through the colourful and picturesque alleyways in the capital of the House of Savoy to feel this unique atmosphere.



The first settlement on the hills of Lémenc


The Château de Chambéry is built


Thomas Ist, Count of Savoy, buys the town of Chambéry


The Château of Chambéry is purchased and renovated by Count Amédée V Chambéry becomes the capital of the County of Savoie


The County of Savoie becomes a Duchy


Chambéry loses its capital status to Turin



CENTURY After the French Revolution and the Empire,

Chambéry returns to the Kingdom of Sardinia


The Count-General de Boigne improves the town’s appearance


The Savoie becomes part of France ! 16

GUARANTEED FAVOURITES ! These historical remains are evidence of Chambéry’s past and add to its charm...

THE HOUSE OF SAVOY The House of Savoy is one of the oldest and longest European dynasties, with 19 counts, 15 dukes, 8 kings of Sardinia and 4 kings of Italy ! From the year 1000 to the 20th century, this dynasty was constantly on the rise thanks to its clever alliances. Over the centuries, it extended its initial territory of Maurienne and Chambéry to the gates of Lyon, Neuchâtel (Switzerland), including Piedmont, the County of Nice, the fiefdom of Cunéo, Sicily and Sardinia. It led the unification of Italy in 1861 and reigned over Italy until 1946. Chambéry was the capital of the House of Savoy until 1563, when the Dukes of Savoy decided to permanently settle in Turin. However, Chambéry still has two important public institutions, which can still be seen today: the Sovereign Senate of Savoy (now the Palais de Justice) and the Courts of Accounts (which is in the Château of the Dukes of Savoy).

The Château of the Dukes of Savoy Visitors can see the château from the street, or visit it on a guided tour. The château was a stronghold, palace and symbol of the power of the Counts and Dukes of Savoy, who lived here until Chambéry lost its capital status. The Château of the Dukes of Savoy is made up of a remarkable collection of buildings, dating from the 18th century to the modern day. In 1860, when Savoie became part of France, administrative matters were taken over by the prefecture and council of the département of Savoie.

In the medieval wing, the halls of the former Court of Accounts present the castle’s history (this part of the castle offers open access to the public.) From the inner courtyard the Sainte Chapelle and Tour Trésorerie (Treasury Tower) are visible. Between 1502 and 1578, Sainte Chapelle was home to the famous Holy Shroud, which made Chambéry a popular European pilgrimage destination. Once the capital of Savoie moved to Turin, the people of Chambéry allowed the Holy Shroud to be moved there. Nowadays, Chambéry has two copies, one in the Sainte Chapelle and the other in the Cathedral. The Sainte Chapelle also has incredible stained glass windows dating from the 16th century and striking ‘trompe-l’oeil’ art.

The Yolande tower houses the 70 bells of the Grand Carillon, one of the biggest sets of bells in the world (concerts on 1st and 3rd Saturday of each month at 5.30pm + summer concerts). Place du Château des Ducs de Savoie, 73000 Chambéry

The arcades in the Rue de Boigne The 19th century was characterised by urban modernisation, especially the opening of the Rue de Boigne. The people of Chambéry have nicknamed it ‘les Por-


tiques’ (the Porticoes). With its ‘portiques’, or arcades, it looks like Turin. This busy shopping street stretches from the Fontaine des Éléphants to Château of the Dukes of Savoy. When it was built, it quickly became the social hub of the town, home to famous families, as well as luxury shops and tea rooms. In 1837, Stendhal wrote in ‘Mémoirs d’un Touriste’: ‘...a place as comfortable as this will quickly become the meeting place for anyone who is bored and wants to amuse themselves on a rainy day; there are cafés, luxury shops and bookshops where you can spend an hour or two on a dreary day and you’re bored at home... It rained today. I spent the day under the porticoes of the beautiful Rue de Chambéry. It reminded me of sweet Italy...’. This road was built by the Count-General de Boigne (17511830) After finding fortune and glory in the Indies, he became a major benefactor of his home town, Chambéry.

La Fontaine des Éléphants This fountain was built in remem-


brance of the Count-General de Boigne. The Fontaine des Eléphants (Elephant Fountain) is a reminder of the General’s military campaigns in the Indies and features a bronze statue of him. It is a curious superposition of three monuments rolled into one: a fountain, a column and a statue. It is one of the most photographed monuments in Chambéry. Rue de Boigne, 73000 Chambéry

Saint François de Sales Cathedral For a long time, this cathedral was a Franciscan church, hence its understated architecture. The presence of Franciscan monks in the Savoie dates back to beginning of the 18th century, and the church in Chambéry is recorded as being one of the first Franciscan settlements outside Italy. Transformed into a cathedral at the end of the 18th century, its elegant interior comes from the ‘trompe-l’oeil’ paintings by Piedmont artists in the 19th century, which cover the walls almost entirely and constitute one of the biggest examples in Europe (with a surface area of more than 6000 m²). In the treasury is a collection of liturgical objects dating from the 12th to the 19th century, including a Byzantine ivory diptych from the 12th century. The Romantic-style organ was built by Augustin Zeiger (1847). It was listed as a Historical Monument in 1988 and was restored in 2001. It is the most visited attraction in Chambéry, and can be visited with or without a guide (open from Monday to Saturday from 10am midday and from 2pm - 5pm (6pm from June to November) and Sundays from 3pm - 7pm. The Treasury is open on Saturdays from 3pm - 5pm from the 15th May - 30th September.

tropole, de Roche rue de Roche, de Montfalcon place du Château). The Hôtel Castagnery de Château-neuf (rue Croix d’Or) has magnificent railings that separate its courtyard from the Franciscan Monastery (passageway behind the current cathedral), emphasising the wealth of the Castagnery de Châteauneuf family, who owned large iron mines in Savoie.

Organ recitals on Sundays from 1st July - 26th August 2018 (inclusive) at 5.30pm, preceded by a free guided tour of the cathedral at 5pm. Place de la Métropole, 73000 Chambéry

The Palais de Justice The Senate of Savoie served justice for almost three centuries in the former Dominican convent, which was destroyed in the 19th century. In 1848, the Senate became the Court of Royal Appeal and it was decided that a new building would be built in the Garden of Verney. Built between 1850 and 1860, it is one of the most recent examples of Italian architecture in Chambéry. The blueprints for the building were designed by the architect Pierre-Louise Besson and the engineer Pierre Spurgazzi. The façade has an ‘avant-corps’ with seven bays and Classical columns. The inner courtyard, surrounded by arcades, is heavily influenced by the style of Antonio da Sangallo and Palladio. In 1860, the Palais de Justice was used for the official proclamation of the results of the referendum on whether the Savoie should become part of France.

Italian-style mansions The Nobles of the Robe and the Nobles of the Sword lived in mansions that were appropriate for their rank, next to the main ducal, administrative or judiciary institutions. Italian-style mansions were built from the 15th century. They were usually square-shaped and built around an inner courtyard with turret. During the Renaissance period, corridors or ‘loggias’ were built to improve the distribution of apartments in several main buildings (hôtels Chabod de Saint-Maurice rue Juiverie, Dieulefis place Saint-Léger, La Pérouse rue Croix d’Or…) At the dawn of the Baroque era (17th century), the mansions became real palaces. The influence of Turin, the new capital of the States of Savoie, became more apparent. Go through an impressive gateway down a passageway that leads to an inner courtyard (Hôtels Costa de Beau- regard, Castagnery de Châteauneuf, both in the Rue Croix d’Or). In the 18th century, the façades and staircases became more elaborate, inspired by French styles, such as Louis XV railings or Louis XVI garlands and ribbons, alongside typical Piedmont architecture (hôtels Chollet du Bourget rue Mé19

L’Hôtel des Marches de Bellegarde (opposite) was made famous by Hérault de Séchelles during the French Revolution. It was also visited by Pope Pie VII and Napoleon 1st. A single French-style mansion (with a courtyard and garden) was built in Chambéry at the end of the 18th century, the hôtel de Clermont-Mont Saint-Jean (Place du Palais de Justice, next to the tourist office). After the Revolution, few buildings like this were built. One example is the mansion of the Boigne family, built in 1830 in the Piedmont style, which can be found on the corner of the Place Saint Léger and the Rue de Boigne. In the pedestrianised historic centre, mansions rub shoulders with more modest buildings, but that have colourful Sardinian-style façades, home to shopkeepers, artisans and less well-off residents. There are a number of impressive hotels and hostels on the three neighbourhoods facing France, Italy and Switzerland. These buildings recall Chambéry’s identity as a major international crossroads. As you walk through the town, admire the Italian architecture that makes Chambéry special.

L’hôtel de Cordon Centre for the Interpretation of Architecture and Heritage This 16th century mansion, renovated in the 18th century, is an excellent example of the homes of Chambéry’s nobility. Many noble families have stayed here. Apparently, Henry IV threw a ball during the French occupation of the Savoie in 1600. The Hotel de Cordon is now an Interpretation Centre of Architecture and Heritage (CIAP) This

Hautecombe Abbey


centre was established in 2010, following Chambéry’s recognition as a ‘Town of Art and History’. It has multiple aims: encourage people to visit and explore the town, teach visitors about Chambéry’s architectural and natural heritage and how the town has evolved from its early stages in order to understand recent changes. On the first floor, visitors can visit a former apartment which shows different constructions dating from the 16th century onwards. The former dining room has panoramic wallpaper from the middle of the 19th century tel-

ling the story of Cupid and Psyche. A ‘cabinet of curiosities’ and a large wooden model highlight the town’s attractions. There are temporary exhibitions on various themes: architectural projects, restoration works, practical information on managing protected buildings and more. Free access. The ‘Town of Art & History’ Service also gives guided tours, starting from this Centre.

Hautecombe Abbey Mysterious and isolated, Hautecombe Abbey is located on the edge of Lake Bourget, the largest natural lake in France, and houses the tombs of the Counts and Princes of the House of Savoy, the last King and Queen of Italy, Umberto II and Marie José. 73310 Saint-Pierre-de-Curtille

71 rue Saint-Réal, 73000 Chambéry +33 (0)4 79 70 15 94

DID YOU KNOW? A Town Built on Water

If the façade of the Saint Francis of Sales Cathedral seems somewhat underwhelming, its short stature is due to the nature of its foundations. Chambéry has 3 rivers running through it and is built on the marshes. Several thousand stilts made from larch or resinous trees (30,000 for the cathedral alone!) have been planted into the soil. The entire historic centre is built on these stilts, hence why the houses are so close together. Moreover, a few hundred years ago, it seemed like there were a lot of crayfish in the area. One of the theories for why the town is called ‘Chambéry’ is that it comes from the Latin word ‘Camberium’, meaning ‘crayfish’!

DID YOU KNOW? Unique in France, the curtains of the Charles Dullin Theatre are no ordinary curtains. In fact, they are a real 84m² painting, depicting Orpheus’s descent into hell. The curtain is listed as part of France’s national heritage. Painted by the Italian Luigi Vacca, it was a gift from King Charles-Felix de Savoie when the theatre was opened in 1824. It was saved in extremis when the building caught fire in 1864.



BE GUIDED BY ELEPHANTS ! In homage to the Fontaine des Éléphants, beloved by locals, little elephants are dotted along the cobbles of the historic centre, guiding visitors around Chambéry’s architectural heritage and leading them to Chambéry’s gems. For more details, an ‘Elephant Trail’ map is available at Tourist Information Offices. The tour is also available via the Guidigo app.


Recognised as a ‘Town of Art and History’, Chambéry isn’t content to just have ancient architectural treasures, but seeks to combine its historic heritage with modern buildings, creating a blend of tradition and modernity.


The building in which the museum is located used to be a corn exchange (called a ‘grenette’) during the Medieval period, before becoming a library museum in the 19th century. After three years of 22

renovation works, it was reopened in 2011, and now has an impressive collection of Italian paintings from the 14th to 18th centuries - the second biggest collection in France after the Louvre - and a collection of works from the French, Northern and Chambéry Schools from the 19th and the beginning of the 20th centuries. The biggest donation comes from Baron Hector Garriod, who left a

collection of 40 Italian paintings to the museum. Victor-Emmanuel II, the first King of Italy, also left a large collection to the museum. Works from the Mannerist, Caravaggisti and Baroque periods, like those found in the galleries of old Italian families, make up the majority of the works in the museum. Many portraits show the evolution of portraiture over the centuries; the collection includes a famous portrait of a young man, which has been attributed to Domenico Veneziano.

Temporary exhibitions, often displaying contemporary art, will be held at the museum throughout 2018

> The art of Romain Bernini (19th May - 3rd November). The art of Romain Bernini (born in 1979) allows visitors to experience profound and fascinating works of art. With around 20 works on display, including large drawings and paintings, the exhibition reveals a universe inhabited by transitional spaces. With contemporary figures wearing masks from faraway countries and destroyed landscapes, Bernini brings to life ancestral rites and the unsettling confrontation of worlds. By combining realistic objectivity to the undefined, Romain Bernini abandons academic hierarchies in favour of totemism: the trance induced by the artistic process forces viewers to see a reality that only art manages to reproduce, a fleeting apparition or a burst.

Le Musée des Beaux-Arts has an art library. Residents of Chambéry can rent contemporary art works to decorate their homes. PRICES

Free admission on the 1st Sunday of each month. In the absence of temporary exhibitions €3, Reduced price €1.50. During temporary exhibitions €5.50, Reduced price €2.50. Opening times: every day except Mondays and bank holidays, 10am - 6pm. Late-night openings on the 1st Thursday of every month, up to 8pm. The ground floor of the museum has a contemporary art library and book café. “Quai des Arts” This space is perfect to soak up the museum’s atmosphere and have lunch, brunch or a cup of tea. Place du Palais de Justice +33 (0)4 79 33 75 03 www.musees.chambery.fr

> Drawing war (3rd November 2018 - 25 th February 2019). Drawings and illustrations from the First World War, in collaboration with the Albstadt Museum, a town twinned with Chambéry. The dates of this exhibition are subject to change. 23


Discover another world in the pedestrianised centre of Chambéry... The Medieval centre gives way to the Curial district, which used to be Napoleonic barracks, which has recently been repaired in a very contemporary and audacious style that is surprising in its modernity and contrast. Chambéry mixes audacious and contemporary buildings alongside 1000 years of urban architecture, condensed in the town’s ancient heart: château, mansions, a labyrinth of streets and secret passageways. New buildings have been designed and built by internationally-renowned contemporary architects.

Cité des Arts et de la musique

You can see : > Mario Botta who signed the plans of the Espace Malraux Scène Nationale in 1987 www.espacemalraux-chambery.fr

> Aurelio Galfetti for his creation of the mediateca Jean-Jacques Rousseau libraryand the Eurêka Gallery (for the Albertville Olympic Games in 1992). > Yann Keromnés, the last of the three architects of the Tessinoise School. Having worked previously in Chambéry, he built the Cité des Arts et de la Musique with Aurélio Galfetti in 2002. > Jean-Jacques Morisseau, a French architect, who built the Le Manège Conference Centre, known for its glass walls and palm trees, in 1992. chambery-tourisme.com

Jean-Jacques Rousseau multi-media library


Antichambre Gallery

TRENDY ART GALLERIES Some of the biggest names in contemporary architecture have inspired gallery owners to come to ChambĂŠry. The town has at least 12 galleries, mostly displaying contemporary art, in magnificent and enigmatic spaces.

The Espace Larith largely focuses on the work of young local artists, whilst the Lans Gallery, the Antichambre, or the Mottet and Ruffieux-Brill Galleries display works by national and international artists. The Antishock Gallery specialises in displaying work by Asian artists !

Links to the websites of these galleries: Espace Larith

www.larith.org +33 (0)4 79 70 42 67

Lans Gallery

www.galerie-de-lans.com +33 (0)4 79 85 68 43

Antichambre Gallery

www.galerie-antichambre.com +33 (0)4 79 75 39 27

Mottet Gallery

www.galeriemottet.fr +33 (0)7 89 82 47 29

Ruffieux-Bril Gallery

www.galerieruffieuxbril.com +33 (0)4 79 44 11 70

Artishock Gallery

Ruffieux-Bril Gallery

www.artishok.fr +33 (0)6 11 40 51 35 25

THE GOOD LIFE & SLOW SHOPPING « If there is a small town in the world where you can experience the good life in a pleasant, friendly place, it’s Chambéry .’Jean-Jacques ROUSSEAU » Jean-Jacques ROUSSEAU

FuIt was this ‘good life’ that made Rousseau move to Chambéry to be with Madame de Warens and which he describes in books V and VI of his Confessions and in the closing lines of Rêveries du promeneur solitaire. Chambéry is still a real haven of peace, protected from mass tourism, with an authentic historic centre. Its brightly-coloured façades, narrow streets, small squares and numerous café terraces make it the ideal place for a stroll.

THE «TRABOULES», THE SOUL OF CHAMBÉRY Behind the colourful traditional façades in the centre of town is a whole network of ‘traboules’ ! It’s a real curiosity! The ‘traboules’ are like corridors allowing shortcuts between buildings. The buildings in the historical centre of 26

Chambéry are particularly deep with narrow façades, a legacy of the toisé, a 14th century tax that was determined by the width of a building’s main façade. The narrower the façade, the lower the tax - shaping the structure of

Chambéry’s historical centre. These ‘traboules’ are the heart of Chambéry. Enjoy discovering these alleyways, perhaps even plan your own route through them. In the 20th century, it was said that the ‘traboules’ let you get across the town without getting wet on a rainy day! You will pass through squares, inner courtyards, as well as designer shops, bookshops and other independent shops. Stop for a break at one of the numerous terraces! There’s plenty of opportunity to wander, enjoy and take in your surroundings !

TROMPE-L’ŒIL ART Remember to look up as you stroll around the town! The alleys and squares display realistic trompe-l’oeil paintings featuring decorative rocks, window frames, cornerstones, etc. The Italian art of trompe-l’oeil developed in the 19th century, and seems to be here to stay. There are some remarkable examples, like the façade of the Maison des Associations, a side wall of the Charles Dullin Theatre, the Îlot de l’Horloge courtyard, the Maison Dénarié façades, the Sainte Chapelle ceiling and, of course, the vault of Saint Francis of Sales Cathedral. The latter is the largest trompe-l’oeil feature in a European place of worship (6,000 m²). Less obvious are the false windows that mingle with the real thing, even in the town’s most popular squares. See if you can spot the one at Place Métropole!

L’Armoire à Glace

A TRAIL OF DESIGNER SHOPS Explore Chambéry’s inviting collection of designer shops, concept stores, coffee shops, terraces and arty restaurants. This ‘new style’ Chambéry creates a dream-like break in the heart of the historic centre, beautifully renovated and bursting with colour. A trail has been created by a group of local retailers and designers. The boutiques sell some unique creations, all locally made: decorative items, artwork, pictures, watercolours, re-purposed furniture, upside-down plants, fabric and crochet items, dream-catchers, lamps, a recycling & re-purposing concept store, ethnic and designer clothes and accessories, shoes, stationery, household linen, ceramics, vinyl items and jewellery.

If you’re in search of something unique, a rare pearl, creativity, craftsmanship, objects made in France, this discreet and cosy shop is very enticing. Since June 2015, ‘L’Armoire à Glace’ has sold a selection of clothes, accessories, interiors and jewellery...A boutique of creators...A concept store. Meet Chloé, who is masterful in her work with leather and fabric! Discover other designers: Haute Comme 3 Pommes (paper garlands and mobiles), Bijoux39 (leather jewellery), Brasyou (Brazilian crafts), Tea Heritage, les céramiques d’Hélène, and much more...

26, place Monge, 73000 Chambéry +33 (0)6 78 48 58 22 www.larmoireaglace.com

La Forge des Halles Jean Carron used to make weighing scales here. Today this space is now being used by designers who use recycled objects, as well as socially-responsible restaurants and tea rooms. In 2018, La Forge des Halles includes: > A shop : around 15 creators, selling recycled objects that have a different function from their original purpose. Choose from the lights, jewellery, children’s clothes, baskets, furniture and interiors sold here to add a little something to your home. > A cafeteria - Socially-responsible tea rooms: feeling peckish ? Murielle is here for you all day long. The recycling theme can also be seen in the vegetables. Did you know, the vegetables that don’t meet certain aesthetic standards are rejected by big supermarkets?


Fou De Saisons collects, loves and cooks these ugly vegetables! Delicious ! Enjoy delicious meals in the heart of the shop. This quirky restaurant brings a bit of Berlin to Chambéry! > Workshops : if you love to share, transform and create, La Forge des Halles has entrusted its workshop to the Chez Mum group. Young and old can learn to make their own washing powder, save their jewellery and recycle fabric... Timetables available online : www.laforgedeshalles.com/atelier 19, rue Bonivard, 73000 Chambéry +33 (0)4 79 68 48 38 www.laforgedeshalles.com

La Galerie du Grillon This shop contains items made by a group of 7 local designers (the ‘7 crickets’), with a thousand and one delights on display. There are decorative objects made from iron or leather, lamps, candle holders, wooden jewellery, vases, furniture, canvases, etchings and dream catchers.The delicate and subtle atmosphere was probably crafted by a fairy! This shop is both visually appealing and enticing. 10, rue Denfert Rochereau, 73000 Chambéry +33 (0)6 85 83 29 41 www.galeriedugrillon.com

Métropole B

La Petite Boutique It’s called ‘La Petite Boutique’ ‘Petite’ (small) could refer to its size or even as a diminutive to suggest attachment or emotion. We love Sathinée and Hysteriko’s skills, research and personalisation. Have you seen something you like ? Have it tailored to your size, according to your personal measurements and choose the fabric, colours, designs and quality for the perfect fit! At ‘La Petite Boutique’, we take our time, we dream, we imagine... We also travel to Indonesia, inspired by its sumptuous Batik fabric. We make skirts, dresses and shirts, and we also use the scraps of fabric to make jewellery and pouches. 103, rue Juiverie, 73000 Chambéry +33 (0)6 43 07 87 05 www.sathinee.com

It’s not only a shop, but also a former office for interiors, creation and art. Unique pieces made by local designers : paintings, watercolours, upcycled furniture, upside-down plants, fabric and crochet items, dream catchers, lamps, etc. There’s a great energy that invites visitors to travel into a fantasy realm in a sumptuous décor...

89, place Métropole, 73000 Chambéry +33 (0)4 79 60 73 92 metropoleb.com

Boutique Ety A shop with 1001 gift ideas, including sun hats or rain hats (authentic Panama hats), jewellery, clothes, bags, handbags, jewellery boxes, umbrellas and other delights. What links these gems together? The quality of the materials, the origin (mostly made in France or Italy), and for some, such as the models of local animals, the fact that they are made by hand. Each object has its own story and its unique slant, bringing a special aspect to each object ! 27, rue Macornet, 73000 Chambéry +33 (0)4 79 33 53 07 www.boutiqueety.free.fr

DID YOU KNOW ? If you’re organising an afternoon with friends, a birthday party, hen party or any other occasion, there is a range of workshops offered by the Chez Mum group in La Forge des Halles, led by artists, DIY enthusiasts, inventors etc On the programme : jewellery making, sewing, repairs, essential oils, bird-making, dream catchers...

VINEYARDS ON YOUR DOORSTEP THE SAVOIE, LAND OF VINEYARDS Savoie has been a wine-growing region for 2,000 years. The Savoie vineyards are characterised by micro-climates, landscapes created when the Alps were formed and steep hillsides - perfect for wine production. The diversity of grape varieties, combined with the savoir-faire of winemakers, produces a unique, almost secret range of wines to please both connoisseurs and aesthetes.

After cheese, wine is the biggest agricultural activity in the Savoie. The wine is of a high quality, recognised by three AOC : • Savoie (+ 17 origin denominations) • Roussette de Savoie (+ 4 origin denominations) • Seyssel (+ 2 origin denominations). The Savoyard wine producers focus on quality and produce wines from grape varieties such as Altesse or Roussette, Aligoté, Chasselas, Jacquère, Chardonnay, Molette and Gringet for white wine, as well as Mondeuse, Gamay, Persan and Pinot for red wine.


‘Vignobles & Découvertes’ certification 400 producers and 2 wine cooperatives (Cruet and Chautagne) ensure that you can enjoy the characteristic and very special Wines of Savoie. They are sold all over the world, from Paris to New York, from Tokyo to Rio, and are available in many Michelin-starred restaurants. The ‘Coeur de Savoie’ region, which covers an area of thirty kilometres between Chambéry and Albertville has received ‘Vignobles et Découvertes’ certification. Vignobles & Découvertes is a quality seal awarded to wine tourism destinations that offer a wide range of tourist facilities (accommodation, catering, cellar and wine-tasting tours, museums, related events, etc.) to help visitors plan their stay and choose services of a professional standard. In the ‘Cœur de Savoie’, this includes around 100 service providers (wine cellars, restaurants, hotels, guest houses, activity providers).

It includes single-variety AOC vineyards : Mondeuse, Jacquère and Altesse, planted on the sunny slopes of the Bauges and Chartreuse mountains.

18 Vignobles & Découvertes structures propose Savoie wines in the Chambéry agglomeration :

> Hotels : Best Western Alexander Park, Mercure, Château des Comtes de Challes, Hôtel des Princes, Ibis Styles, Ô Pervenches. > Restaurants : L’Atelier, Le Café Chabert, Evencio, Le Savoyard, Le Sporting, Ô Pervenches. > Wine shop / producer : Plaisirs du vin, Domaine Richel Saint-Baldoph. > Tourism partners : 1786 tour opérateur, Savoie Montgolfière, Service Ville d’art et d’histoire de Chambéry, and Greater Chambéry Alpine Tourism. A website and bilingual ‘Cœur de Savoie’ map show all partners: www.coeurdesavoie.fr

Quirky !


Alpes Flaveurs

• • Biennale des Vins de Montagne et de Forte Pente & Chambéry by Wine (April 2018) Organised every other year, this market celebrates wines grown in mountainous regions. Visitors have the opportunity to meet over 60 wine producers from across France, attend round table discussions and visit a wine market where they can taste and buy top wines from France and abroad that are original and full of character. In 2018, the event will take place in different locations around the town, and there will also be weekly free wine-tasting sessions in the month leading up to the Biennale. Pleasure-seeking and wine-loving visitors can come here for a weekend to learn more about the surrounding vineyards. https://fr-fr.facebook.com/biennaledesvinsdemontagne/

• La Balade gourmande (July 2018). • The fascinating weekend of « Vignobles & Découvertes » (3rd weekend in October). www.vignobles.coeurdesavoie.fr 31

Alpes Flaveurs provides a variety of private wine tourism services, to explore the region and its wine. > HIKES AND WINE-TASTING IN THE VINEYARDS : From the mountains to the wine cellar > VARIOUS TRANSPORT OPTIONS : Segways, Citroen opentop 2CV cars, bicycles, electric bikes, Limousines, etc. > WINE-TASTING IN THE TREES : Enjoy wine-tasting in the trees in comfortable tree-house accommodation, suspended pods or on the forest floor. > WINE-TASTING and VISIT TO THE CHÂTEAU DE MIOLANS. 67, voie des Abymes, 73800 Les Marches +33 (0)6 72 72 98 42 www.alpes-flaveurs.com


For centuries, the Savoie has become known as a region where you can live well...and eat well. Its location has allowed ChambĂŠry to benefit from French, Swiss and Italian influences, particularly in the kitchen. The alpine climate has also been important, demanding rich and consistent recipes. Copious and delicate, hearty and delicious cuisine has thus developed over time. The produce from the lakes, mountains, sunny hillsides and fertile fields have perfected an art that is given pride of place in Savoyard heritage.


A NUGGET OF HISTORY The Princes of Savoy, nicknamed ‘the doormen to the Alps’ were familiar with certain dishes before the French court, such as sorbets, thanks to Marie de Médicis in the 17th century, chocolate, due to the Spanish occupation (1742 - 1749) and even spices and potatoes. Historians, who have studied the culinary history of the Savoie region, have highlighted three major periods that brought new recipes and skills to the region, which are still used today. • Towards the end of the Me-

dieval period, recipes based on potatoes or polenta, influenced by ‘Italian’ cuisine, served with salted meat, became popular. During festivities, these would be accompanied by desserts such as rice pudding, ‘rissoles’ (pastries filled with compote), doughnuts or Savoyard cakes. • Over the years, until the end of the 19th century, recipes continued to evolve and improve. Chefs competed for greatness in their dishes of vegetables, gnocchi, soufflés, meat and game, including the famous ‘fricandeau’

and ‘civets’, not forgetting desserts such as crèmes, flans and syllabubs. • With the growth of the tourist industry in the 1950s, generations of top chefs have been working in the best hotels and restaurants in the Savoie, showcasing local produce through recipes that combine salty and sweet flavours, such as saffron bread or aniseed cold cuts. Local milk, fish and game also offer a variety of dishes to suit every taste and strengthen the Savoie’s culinary reputation.


MAKE YOUR MOUTH WATER As well as using high-quality local produce, farmers and chefs in the Savoie have worked hard to pass on traditional skills down the generations. Aside from established manufacturers of local specialities, Chambéry also offers high-quality foodstuffs. Here is a quick overview of our favourites.

Cold meat Whether they have been produced on a small or large scale, Savoyard cold meats are famous for their quality, and rightly so.

Local specialities include ‘diots’, which are small, pure pork sausages that are cooked over vine shoots, prepared in red or white wine from the Savoie and accompanied by Crozet square pasta, polenta or cabbage. 33

There are many mountain pastures in the Savoie, creating cheese with a reputation that extends far beyond the region: many local cheeses have AOP (Protected Designation of Origin) or IGP (Protected Geographical Indication) recognition, including Beaufort, Bleu de Termignon, Reblochon, Tome des Bauges, Tomme de Savoie, Abondance, Tamié…

Dining room, beer bar and small, home-made cooking - ideal for having a drink, lunch or a snack. Sit inside amongst in the ‘upcycled’ décor or on the peaceful, sunny terrace. 95, rue de Bolliet, 73230 Saint-Alban-Leysse +33 (0)4 79 65 91 90 www.archimalt.fr

BAS (Brasserie Artisanale de Savoie)

Freshwater fish and seafood Lake Bourget fills our plates with trout, lavaret and Arctic char... Crayfish (after which Chambéry apparently is named) are seen less on menus as they become more rare.

Mushrooms Cep, chanterelle and morel mushrooms are used in local recipes, such as the delicious ‘croûte aux morilles’.

Beer Did you know that Chambéry has at least 6 breweries - the same number in the entire Duchy of Savoie in the 19th century !

Archi Malt This micro-brewery produces high-quality, original artisan beers. Archi Malt offers a range of 6 permanent beers and some limited edition beers.


Founded in 2005, this artisan brewery brings together local malting traditions. Mr. de Oliveira, a passionate brewer, combines both creativity and tradition during the beer-making process. The B.A.S produces 5 beers: blonde, amber ale, white ale, black beer and spiced brew for Christmas. 171, chemin de la Liu (Entrepôt) 73000 Sonnaz +33 (0)9 73 64 53 34 http://b-a-s.fr/

Brasserie du Montblanc Brewery, beer bar and multi-award winning restaurant: in 2013 and 2015, Mont Blanc has won two gold medals, with its white ale being voted the best in the world. In 2011, 2014 and 2014, Mont-Blanc has won the prize for the best amber ale in the world. 5 times world champion! These awards have provided the Brasserie Mont-Blanc with international acclaim. 128, avenue René Cassin, 73290 La Motte-Servolex +33 (0)4 79 62 23 99 www.brasserie-montblanc.com

La Montagnarde The new kid in town ! This tiny micro-brewery is located above Chambéry, on the slopes of the Massif des Bauges, and likes to experiment with ingredients to produce unusual, high-quality beers. La Montagnarde regularly serves limited edition beers, depending on their current sources of inspiration. And more perma-

nent brews, such as La Nîveôle (white), la Dîvîne (blonde), la brett framboise (with raspberries from the garden!), or l’Indigene (malt from Ardèche, the others are local). 9, route du Four, 73230 Saint-Jean-d’Arvey fr-fr.facebook.com/lamontagnarde73/

Vertic’ale This eco-friendly brasserie (you can return the bottles!) has been running for one year. Beers are produced in limited batches. This micro-brewery is located between Granier and Nivolet and its Savoyard ales are a far cry from those sold in supermarkets. The ales are one of the main types of beer (including abbey beers and blond ales). The Vertic’Ale brewery is eco-friendly and is committed to having a short supply chain to support local industry. Raw ingredients, water, bottles, labels and packaging are all sourced locally or within the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes area. Only the hops are sourced further afield, as there are no local producers.

The brasserie serves limited-edition beers, according to ingredient availability and current trends, as well as 6 ‘permanent’ beers: l’Apicole (honey-flavoured), la Roots (brown), la Tropicale (blonde), la Déversante (red), la Grelotte (white) and la Godille (blonde). 896, rue des Belledonnes, 73490 La Ravoire brasserie-verticale.beer

La Baujue Brewery This local, independent micro-brewery is located right next to Aillons, in Lescheraines, and lets visitors taste its original creations. La Baujue uses locally-sourced, organic ingredients. La Baujue in figures: 4 types of beer (white, two blondes and a ‘beer of the moment’), 41 sales locations mostly in the Massif des Bauges and 550 litres per week!  ZA La Madeleine, 73340 Lescheraines +33 (0)6 52 18 75 73 www.biere-labaujue.com


SPOTLIGHT ON THREE TYPICAL LOCALSPECIALITIES Chocolate truffles Chocolate truffles are celebrating their 123rd birthday! They were born in Chambéry thanks to Louis Dufour, a pastry chef and chocolate maker, and the great-uncle of Maurice Opinel, heir to the famous knives. A chocolate shortage on Christmas Eve in 1895 led to the creation of chocolate truffles, which are now famous across the world. Using the ingredients he had available, Louis Dufour made this sweet treat, which he called a ‘truffle’.

Le gâteau de Savoie (Savoyard cake) Invented in Chambéry in 1358, the ‘gâteau de Savoie’ is the ultimate party dessert. It was said to have be the brainchild of Pierre de Yenne on the request of the Count of Savoy Amédée VI who 36

was hosting his overlord Charles IV of Luxembourg. The cake was made of egg yolks, sugar, flour and egg whites whipped into stiff peaks. In the 17th and 18th centuries, Massialot, (a private chef for the French courts), and Menon, (a French culinary writer and foodie), perfected the cake recipe, adding flavours such as lemon zest, cinnamon, fleur d’oranger etc, as well as icing sugar. It’s now the ideal accompaniment for a cup of tea.

Chambéry Vermouth According to tradition, Vermouth was popular on both sides of the Alps in the Kingdom of Sardinia. From 1821, Maison DOLIN was officially declared to have invented Chambéry Vermouth, whose recipes made from white wines, plants and spices was only known to Joseph Chavasse and a few select employees. A decisive moment for the business was receiving a gold medal at the Philadelphia universal exhibition in 1876, which opened the doors to the ‘New World’ and offered new market opportunities to Masion Dolin. At the beginning of the 20th century, there were around 30 Vermouth producers. Nowadays, only Dolin and Routin still produce Chambéry Vermouth.

‘LES TABLES DE L’ALPE‘ A CLUB OF RESTAURANT OWNERS COMMITTED TO ALPINE CUISINE In 2008, the ‘Les Tables de l’Alpe’ club was born, bringing together chefs from Chambéry who were committed to certain values and practices, local produce and traditional know-how. ‘Les Tables de l’Alpe’ aims to bring together high-quality produce from the Alpine pastures and skills from Chambéry’s restaurant owners.

The club now has 10 renowned restaurant owners : > L’Atelier Gilles Hérard 59, rue de la République, 73000 Chambéry +33 (0)4 79 70 62 39

> Le Château des Comtes de Challes Pascal Colliat 73190 Challes-les-Eaux +33 (0)4 79 72 72 72

> Le Bistrot Carla et Sylvain Bailly 6, rue du Théâtre, 73000 Chambéry +33 (0)9 82 32 10 78

> Les Gourmands Disent Antoine Bajard et Stéphane Daval 43, rue de la République, 73000 Chambéry +33 (0)4 79 33 57 05

> La Brasserie Les Barjots Christian Poulet 688, avenue des Follaz, 73000 Chambéry +33 (0)4 79 75 27 99 > La Brasserie du Théâtre Thierry Renaudin 14, rue Denfert Rochereau, 73000 Chambéry +33 (0)4 79 25 56 10 > Le Carré des Sens JB Verjus 32, place Monge, 73000 Chambéry +33 (0)4 79 65 98 07

> Le Saint André Jérôme Couvert Lac de Saint-André 73800 Les Marches +33 (0)4 79 28 11 71 > Le Savoyard Christophe Flicker 35, place Monge, 73000 Chambéry 04 79 33 36 55 > Maxime Seyes Traiteur +33 (0)6 24 30 56 73


Saveurs & Terroirs exhibition

Created in 1999, this culinary trade fair has quickly become the biggest in the Alps. It takes place every year on the last weekend in November, bringing together farmers, artisans and wine producers. Local Michelin-starred chefs give cooking classes, and there are culinary workshops led by artisans and restaurant owners. It’s an unmissable event for foodies, combining an exploration of flavours and presentation of skills. www.saveursetterroirs.com

Ronde Gourmande

Every year, during one of the weekends leading up to Christmas, the Regional Natural Parks of the Masifs des Bauges et de la Chartreuse as well as the Savoie Mont Blanc Chamber of Agriculture bring together farmers and producers from the Savoie region for a Ronde Gourmande (local produce market) in the Le Manège conference centre.

LOCAL BUSINESSES In Chambéry, tradition and innovation, small and large scale production have coexisted peacefully for many years, allowing for economic development and job creation in the region.

Alpina Savoie Established in 1844 by Antoine Chiron, the oldest semolina manufacturer in France is now the biggest producer of organic durum wheat and the second-biggest French producer of pasta and couscous. Every year, 43,000 tonnes of produce are sold and 15,000 tonnes of the famous Crozet square pasta are produced (from the slang word ‘croé’ meaning ‘small’). Alpine Savoie is one of the few pasta producers that has its own wheat mill that runs 24/7, producing 250 tonnes of durum wheat every day. 36 types of pasta, semolina, couscous and Savoyard specialities are sold internationally. www.alpina-savoie.com

Brasserie du Mont-Blanc In the 19th century, the Brasserie du Mont-Blanc was one of 6 breweries in the Duchy of Savoie. Steeped in over 180 years of history and tradition, the brand was rebooted in 1999 in Chambéry by Sylvain Chiron, the son of one of the founders of Alpina Savoie. He has revived the Alpine malting tradition: traditional malting using glacial water from Mont Blanc, a rigorous selection of special malts, fine hops and know-how acquired with the help of Belgian brewer monks.

In 2013 and 2015, Mont-Blanc has won two gold medals, with its white ale being voted the best in the world. In 2011, 2014 and 2014, Mont-Blanc has won the prize for the best amber ale in the world. 5 times world champion! These awards have provided the Brasserie Mont-Blanc with international acclaim. Already established in over 20 countries, the Brasserie du Mont Blanc continues to develop new products, including ‘Blue’ beer made with blueberries, which visitors can try (in moderation!) in the very heart of the brewery-distillery in 128 avenue René Cassin in La Motte Servolex, served with a good meal and friendly atmosphere! www.brasserie-montblanc.com/ N.B : there are four other craft breweries in Greater Chambéry !

Cafés Folliet A master coffee roaster since 1880, the local family business has become one of the biggest players in the French restaurant industry. With 18 commercial agencies across France, Cafés Folliet is continuing to develop clever ideas to bring services and innovation to the 21,000 professionals in the restaurant and hotel industries that they supply on a daily basis. As it has grown, Cafés Folliet has bought over 20 businesses, including Choky-Tropico in 2005. This allows it to offer hotel and restaurant industry professionals a complete range of products in addition to their coffee. The coffee is roasted on the Cassine site 38

and the smell of roasted coffee beans is well known to Chambéry’s residents, right up to the Monts tunnel. Visitors can try this coffee in the brasserie that has the same name, a former grocery established in 1880 by Claude and Philomène Follier, 6, place de Genève in Chambéry, or the coffee is sold in the shop next door, at 2 Rue de Maistre ! www.cafes-folliet.com

Cémoi - Coppelia Coppelia chocolates have been an integral part of the Savoie’s heritage since 1919. Owned by CEMOI manufacturers since 1987, this historic chocolate-maker from Chambéry is the biggest producer of liqueur chocolates, and has now expanded into other sweets, occupying a central place in production. The business is not a brand, but develops and makes products for big supermarkets and distributors. Every year, it produces 7,000 tonnes of products, including 300 tonnes of the famous ‘chardons’. www.cemoi.fr

Maison Dolin Joseph Chavasse created a liqueur distillery in 1815. Six years later, in 1821, he invited a new Vermouth recipe using white wine, plants and spices. Maison Dolin’s other specialities include Chambéryzette, an aperitif made from Vermouth and strawberry liqueur, invented in 1902, as well as génépi liqueur, which has become strongly associated with the Alps with the growth of winter sports.

Just like its creator, Maison Dolin is a creative and innovative company and continues to produce new recipes. www.dolin.fr

Opinel In another culinary-related field, we have the famous Opinel knife, created in 1890. Opinel is an iconic Savoyard brand, a legendary designer based in Chambéry, manufacturing a tool that is passed from pocket to pocket down the generations, the famous pocket knife with a wooden handle. The Opinel knife is timeless, entering the dictionary in 1989. Revered by designers, it is ranked amongst the world’s most iconic objects and displayed in the Museum of Modern Art in New York and the Victoria & Albert Museum in London. Opinel has changed over the years, and now offers a range of modern and colourful products. Since 1890, Opinel has sold over 300 million knives in over 70 countries. La Piste Vert is THE official Opinel retailer in Chambéry  172, rue Croix d’Or, 73000 Chambéry +33 (0)4 79 33 57 31 www.opinel.com

Routin In 1883, Philibert Routin established the Maison Routin in Chambéry, in the heart of the French Alps. The company produces and sells syrups, with over 300 recipes ranging from ultra-classical to ultra-creative, as well as alcoholic drinks made with local mountain plants, such as the famous Chambéry Vermouth. Routin is the second-biggest French syrup manufacturer and the biggest French exporter. Routin products are sold in over 80 countries around the world, to both individuals and professionals.

Botti Fruits

Catherine Botti, won a ‘Best French Greengrocer’ award in February 2015. If you visit the market, take time to visit the “Botti Fruits” stall in the Halles. Catherine Botti won a ‘Best French Greengrocer’ award in February 2015. Her stall is a rainbow of colours and flavours. Cooking advice and recipe ideas available on request!

+33 (0)6 21 82 98 00 catherine.botti@laposte.net



When the covered markets in the town centre were replaced by retail parks in the outskirts, the Halles de Chambéry (Chambéry covered markets), fully renovated in 2011, are the real ‘stomach’ of Chambéry. Fresh, seasonal produce bring colour and flavour to the stalls, and is all locally sourced from the surrounding area, such as the Bauges or Chartreuse mountains and Lake Bourget. The Halles are open 5 days a week. Moreover, with a market in each district, including an organic market (Place du Palais de Justice, Thursday afternoons), you can go shopping 6 days a week ! www.chambery.fr/57-foires-braderies-marches.htm




The train guard announces : ‘You have arrived in Chambéry-Challes-les-Eaux’ The two towns are inseparable! Nestled at the entrance to the Regional Nature Parks of the Massif des Bauges and Chartreuse, next to the vineyards of Combe de Savoie, Challes-les-Eaux welcomes visitors in a green haven that promotes well-being.


In the 19TH century, following the discovery of the most sulphur-rich waters in Europe, his little country village became a new spa town, known as ‘Sulphur Queen’, and its destiny was changed forever. Challes-les-Eaux has effective and unique thermal springs, whose water has scientifically-proven benefits and is widely recognised as a treatment for respiratory and gynaecological problems. At the beginning of the 20th century, during the golden age of thermal baths, well-heeled visitors came to ‘take the waters’ and seek entertainment. You could meet famous artists or writers, such as Michèle Morgan, Louis Jouvet or even André Gide…

History of the Thermal Springs in Challes The thermal spring was discovered in 1841 by Doctor Domenget, who highlighted its therapeutic properties. He was military doctor to the Savoy Royal family and for years he enthusiastically championed the water of Challes, known as ‘Sulphur Queen’ because of its sulphur content, one of the highest ever known. A proper spa was built in 1874 and extended in 1927 and again in 1939. It has been renovated by its current operator, Chaîne Thermale du Soleil.

An oasis of health and well-being Buried 100m underground, the most sulphur-rich waters in Europe have anti-bacterial, decongestant, healing and analgesic properties. The spa provides officially-recognised courses of medical treatment for respiratory disorders (for children and adults) and gynaecological problems. But the spa also includes a 150m² area that is devoted to well-being! In an incredible natural environment, we let nature take charge and relax into expert treatments from an attentive team of experienced professionals. Massages, face and body treatments, aromatic body wraps, slimming therapy, multi-sensory water massage beds, pressotherapy,

New mothers and mothersto-be, as well as sports enthusiasts, will find exactly what they need at Thermes de Challes : • « Baby pampering  »

Bring your baby along to enjoy specially-adapted treatments and enhance your bond. Various workshops also open to dads: baby massage, baby & parent whirlpool bath, and baby & parent sophrology sessions. There are also sessions and mini-courses for ‘news mums’ and ‘mums to be’.

• Invigorating every time ! Try our all-in-one ‘Sports Recovery’ treatments to feel great after intense or exceptional physical activity or, for nature lovers, a ‘Form and Hiking’ mini-course. . Thermes de Challes-les-Eaux Avenue des Thermes, 73190 Challes-les-Eaux +33 (0)4 79 71 06 20 www.chainethermale.fr/ challes-les-eaux.html

For the curious

Once upon a time in the spa town of Challes...

Accompanied by a professional guide (Fondation Facim), you can relive the era when ‘bathers’ came to take the waters, enjoy the casino and walk in the park. A refreshing break at the Château des Comtes de Challes is a great way to end the visit. Guided tours: Tuesdays 03 /07, 17/07, 31/07, 28/08. for more information : +33 (0)4 79 60 59 00


FROM HOT TO COLD CRYOTHERAPY Why not try a session of 2 to 3 minutes in a cyrotherapy cabin at -110°C ? Cyrotherapy, or cold treatment, has been used for several years for its analgesic and anti-inflammatory benefits to the whole body. It was first used in the sports world for physical preparation before sports activities, as well as recuperation afterwards.

Recommended for :

> Treatments (pain, rheumatology, traumatology, neurology, dermatology…) > Beauty and well-being ((tiredness, anxiety, stress, sleep disorders, jet-lag...) > Sport treatments (physical preparation and recovery…) The Challes-les-Eaux Cryopole proposes whole-body cyrotherapy for pain relief as well as for well-being and cosmetic benefits, as well as sport-related needs. 351, avenue des Massettes, 73190 Challes-les-Eaux +33 (0)4 79 36 83 06 www.cryopole.com


Chambéry is surrounded by lakes and mountains, which is an endless playground and real bonus, all year round! Spice up your trip with some adrenaline and surprises, or, if you’re a nature lover, simply enjoy the beautiful countryside... With sailing, rowing, canoeing, kayaking, rafting, fishing, diving, water-skiing, wake-boarding, stand-up paddle boarding, gliding, dog sledding, caving, hiking, canyoning, via ferrata, mountain biking, farm visits and skiing all on offer, the hardest part is knowing where to start !

LAKE You can reach the lakes in just 10 minutes by car, or along the Voie Vertes if you’re a keen cyclist.

Lake Bourget Lake Bourget is the biggest natural lake in France, a unique landscape with mountains surrounding the turquoise waters.


This vast nautical playground offers a wide range of gentle and vigorous activities. Enjoy a change of scene, in or on the water: a romantic dinner-cruise along the unspoilt coast, the unforgettable thrill of yachting, a visit to Hautecombe Abbey, the simple pleasure of swimming in 26°C water, or a visit to Chanaz, nicknamed ‘The Venice of the Alps’.

THE REGIONAL NATURAL PARKS When you think of the Savoie, you immediately think of the mountains. Chambéry is in a valley surrounded by mountains, and is located at the bottom of two mountains: the Bauges and Chartreuse Massifs.

Lake Saint-André Lake Saint André is nestled at the foot of Mont Granier (900m high one of the highest cliffs in France) and in the middle of the biggest wine-growing region in the Savoie. Fishing lovers will adore this natural paradise, whilst hikers will enjoy the relaxing and peaceful countryside.

Lake Aiguebelette Lake Aigubelette is a ‘shining emerald in a green haven’... In the heart of the Avant-Pays Savoyard region, this lake is a protected area (motorboats forbidden). In the summer, the temperature of the lake can reach 28°C - perfect for a dip !

The Regional Natural Park of the Massif des Bauges

The countryside is stunning, particularly the Revard panorama and Pissieu waterfall. Some sites are easily accessible, while others require specific guidance or technical skills.

An relatively mountainous islet in the heart of the Pays de Savoie, classed as a UNESCO world Geopark, with 54 known geo-sites. The park is home to some remarkable flora and fauna species and its underground life and aquatic heritage are exceptional. Two gems are Prérouge Cave - entrance to the deepest potholing network in Savoie, and Canyon du Pont du Diable - a must for canyoneers visiting the Rhône-Alpes region.

In summer : In summer, the Re-


gional Natural Park of the Massif des Bauge is a paradise for hikers, horse-riders and mountain bikers. Climbing, canyoning, via ferrata, forest adventure course, gliding, archery, donutting astronomy and fat biking to add some excitement to your stay!

In winter : In winter, the Massif des Bauges welcomes you in its white winter coat. Two family resorts - Aillons-Margériaz 1000 /

Aillons-Margériaz 1400 and Savoie Grand Revard are ideal for learning and practising cross-country and downhill skiing, with a multitude of activities for even more adventures: snowshoe hiking, dog sledding, ski joering, authentic Russian or Polish sleigh rides, tobogganing, etc. www.lesbauges.com A press release on the Massif des Bauges is available on request !

The Regional Natural Park of La Chartreuse The Regional Natural Park of La Chartreuse is the birthplace of the Chartreuse Order (1084). The park stretches across 76,700 hectares and 60 municipalities in Savoie and Isère. It is home to authentic villages surrounded by majestic landscapes and is accessible to everyone all year round. Massif These mountains are ideal for all kinds of sports activities: hiking, paragliding, hang-gliding, and

winter sports. This land of tradition and savoir-faire also sells its local produce, to be found as you wander between workshops, boutiques, exhibitions and museums.

Worth noting : The waterfalls of Saint-Même Cirque (a little Chartreuse paradise), the Sarde trail, and the savoir-faire and cultural attractions. Close to Chambéry are the Maurienne and Tarentaise Valleys - the Vanoise National Park for nature lovers and the big Alpine ski resorts for winter sports fans! As for hiking, there’s plenty of options available! On the slopes of the Bauges, La Chartreuse and Epine, there is a huge variety of circuits and viewpoints! The most well-known hiking route is undoubtedly the GR 96 across the Northern Alpine foothills. The most experienced hikers who tackle the GR 96 will have the opportunity to go into the heart of Chambéry as the route passes right in front of the train station!

AN AERIAL SPORTS TRADITION ! The perfect place to feel as free as a bird. Built in 1913, this military stopover point has over time become the oldest and most prestigious airfield in the Savoie. This aerodrome is one of the best sites in France for gliding! It attracts numerous pilots from abroad and possesses various aerial sports facilities. Today, the airfield is home to several aerial sports organisations : Avenue de Chambéry, 73190 Challes-les-Eaux

CSVVA Les planeurs de Challes Discover the joy of flying in a glider ! Beginners’ flights over Challes-les-Eaux and the Chambéry basin. Join eagles and vultures for a bird’s eye view of the Alps. Maiden voyages of 30 min or 1 hour (Prices from €110 to €180), ‘Aerobatic maiden voyage’ also available, 15 min, €180. +33 (0)4 79 72 97 19 www.planeurs-challes.fr

Flying club Les amis du CLAP73 The flight club of Challes-les-Eaux Flying school of Challes-les-Eaux Maiden Voyage (€100 for 25 min) and tourist flights on request. +33 (0)4 79 72 79 64 http://aeroclub-clap73.org

Aviation RG ULM

Hot-air balloon flights

Learn all about pre-flight checks, runway steering and of course the pleasure of piloting once airborne! The flight includes: a 30 minute theory session on aerodynamics, an introduction to steering and control mechanisms, elementary flying techniques, preflight check-up and a 30-minute dual-control flight with an instructor. Price: €150

Take off to admire the Alps at sunrise and watch nature come to life. Duration: 1 hour. Obtain your first flight certificate on landing and celebrate in a bucolic setting with champagne and fruit juice. Prices: €250/person.

+33 (0)6 11 01 88 85 www.gooble-air.com

Gliding over Mont Blanc and the Alps Gain height with engine running to the destination of your choice: Mont Blanc or the 2 lakes (Bourget & Annecy). Use of oxygen from 3,800m. At 5,000m, the engine is switched off, and the glider silently swoops over magnificent countryside, snowy mountain passes, glaciers and multi-coloured lakes... Surf the air currents ! +33 (0)6 80 33 66 98 www.airmonie.com


500, chemin de Ramée 73190 Saint-Jeoire-Prieuré +33 (0)6 10 26 65 76 www.savoiemontgolfiere.com


CHAMBÉRY, A TASTE FOR PARTYING ! In Chambéry, the eclectic and varied cultural life is creative and modern. The town is vibrant, with cultural events to suit all tastes, including several festivals, fairs, trade fairs, exhibitions, shows and concerts. These large-scale events are great if you want to extend your stay, and add to the town’s friendly and dynamic reputation. Don’t miss >>>>


Odyssea 26 May 2018 Every year in May th

cover new authors and celebrate books and literature. www.festivalpremierroman.com

La Vélo Dingo 2nd - 3rd June 2018 More information on page 7.

A pink wave rolls over the town! In a fun and friendly atmosphere, men, women and children, dressed in the famous pink t-shirts, run or walk to raise money for cancer charities. Since its inception in 2007, Odyssea Chambéry has become the biggest sporting and fundraising event in the Savoie. Supported by a team of 250 volunteers, over 60,000 runners or walkers take part, raising €500,000 for local cancer charities. www.odyssea.info

Festival du premier roman (Debut novel festival) 24th - 27th May 2018, Every year in May The ‘Festival du premier roman’ in Chambéry is a literary festival organised by the Association Lectures Plurielles. The only one of its kind in France, this festival seeks to discover and promote debut novels, written by French-speaking or European authors. A network of over 3200 readers are invited to choose which authors will be present at the festival. 22 French-speaking and foreign authors (Italian, German, Spanish, English, Romanian and Portuguese) are invited for this 4-day eclectic public festival, which includes meetings, debates, workshops, readings, shows, exhibitions and more. Visitors can dis-

La Fête des Éléphants Friday 6th July 2018, Every year in July Created in 2015 to celebrate the return of Chambéry’s iconic elephants after repair works, the Fête des Eléphants is one of the biggest summer events in Chambéry! With activities during the day, a parade in the evening, and video projections on the Fountain, the fair has something for all ages! Admire the ‘4 sans Q’ as you’ve never seen them before !

Festival des Cultures du Monde (Festival of World Cultures) 7th - 14th July 2018, Every year in July Since 1966, the Groupe d’Arts & Traditions Populaires La Savoie has organised and promoted the Chambéry Festival des Cultures


du Monde, which is now one of the biggest festivals in south-east France. Every year, 6 to 8 countries are represented for 8 days of free shows throughout the town. It’s a great opportunity to learn more about different cultures from across the world in a spirit of openness and exchange. www.festivalchambery.com

Les Estivales en Savoie (music festival) 4th - 24th July 2018, Every year in July For the past 14 years, Les Estivales has brought theatre to the Château of the Dukes of Savoy, showing the public the soul of one of the most beautiful places in the Savoie. Over the course of the festival, 10 free concerts take place in the beautiful court. In 2017, over 21,000 people came to Les Estivales. To kick off the 15th year of the Estivales, Vitaa , an urban and contemporary pop artist, will be providing a breath of fresh air to the Château. She will be performing her 5th album, J4M, released in 2017, and which includes collaborations with Stromae, Jul and Claudio Capéo. www.estivalesensavoie.fr

Bel-Air Claviers Festival 12th - 16th September 2018, Every year in September This festival is an unmissable showcase of young talent and brilliant international soloists for a series of concerts and master classes. There will be 2 new additions for its 7th year : > a new artistic director, Jean Rondeau, > the Musée des Beaux-Arts and Bel Air, combining museums and music. www.rencontresbelair.com

Festival de la Bande Dessinée (Comic book festival) The 42nd Festival of Chambéry will take place on the 5th, 6th and 7th October 2018 Every year in October The Festival de la Bande Dessinée in Chambéry was established in 1975 by Robert Savoy, who manages a design studio. It takes place in October. and is the second-oldest comic book festival in France, after Angoulême. Today, the comic book festival in Chambéry is highly regarded amongst artists, who flock here for the authentic and friendly atmosphere. www.chamberybd.fr

Saveurs & Terroirs Exhibition 23rd - 25th November 2018, every year in November Discover produce from different areas of France and abroad, whilst enjoying the entertainment on offer: cooking classes with Michelin-starred and Mercotte chefs, a petting zoo with fowl, pigs, goats and sheep... www.saveursetterroirs.com

Festival International des Métiers de Montagne (International Festival of Mountain Trades) 22nd - 25th November 2018 This unmissable Alpine event in 48

Chambéry seeks to promote jobs opportunities in mountainous areas. It allows those, particularly young people, who are interested in a mountain-based careers to meet industry professionals, encouraging exchanges, reflection and sharing experiences. The professionals themselves can also meet and share resources. The event includes round table discussions, debates and conferences across 3 ‘villages’: training village, employment village and professionals’ village. The festival also has a special ‘mountain space’ for artisans and their work, offering many activities for the whole family. The Festival take place every 2 years in Chambéry (even years), alternating with a foreign town. www.metiersmontagne.org

Christmas Markets From the end of November to the 24th December 2018 Advent is a magical time in Chambéry. The pedestrianised historic centre transforms into a village of Savoyard chalets and lots of activities and entertainment for all ages. Shows, glittering lights, Grand Carillon concerts, and even a magical visit from Father Christmas, which the children will remember forever...

Les Nuits de la Roulotte An outdoor, winter festival in the heart of Chambéry. Traveller culture is at the heart of this event, with music being essential.

MAIN LOCATIONS OF SHOW Le Phare events park


Season of Chambéry Savoie Mont Blanc Handball - numerous events. Events : www.le-phare-chambery-metropole.fr

Espace Malraux Scène Nationale Events : www.espacemalraux-chambery.fr

Espace Jean Blanc Events : www.laravoire.fr

Les Grandes Braderies (flea markets) Flea markets are held twice a year, in the last week of April and the last week of September. This is one of the biggest and most spectacular flea markets in the region.

Antiques markets A market for professionals, every second Saturday of the month at the Place Saint Léger, a pedestrian zone in the historic centre.

Pharaonic 16 March 2019 th

Pharaonic is the biggest electronic music festival in the Alps! Every March, Le Phare becomes a temple of electro music, welcoming DJs from across the world. These DJs become themasters of

ceremony for the night and set the festival on fire. Pharaonic has welcomed big names, including Don Diablo, Bob Sinclair, Feder, Martin Solveig,Showtek... www.pharaonic.fr



LE PHARE AND EXHIBITION PARK Le Phare and the Exhibition Park, which host trade fairs and public fairs, conferences, shows, sporting events and large events, are now managed by one delegate.


Almost 13 million euros have been spent to modernise and enlarge the Exhibition Park and refurbish Le Phare. The halls have been fully refurbished, a new 1,500m² hall has been built with retractable tiered seating (capacity : 600), the installation of several big screens, fibre-optic broadband for high-

speed and reliable Wi-Fi connection, and green outdoor spaces - Chambéry has an exhibition park 3.0. Together, the two facilities cover an indoor area of 16,000m² and an outdoor area of 20,000m², various reception rooms and with a capacity to welcome up to 3500 people in total.

Objectives : More shows, more sports events and commercial events. Making this site a more attractive event location and hosting big national and international conferences.

A VARIED AND COHESIVE OFFER FOR ALL REQUIREMENTS Le Manège conference centre is located in a former riding ring, dating from 1854 and located in the town centre, offering a functional and cosy setting, with nearby accommodation for all participants. The 400-person amphitheatre with wooden and velour seats, as well as the big dining room with parquet flooring and exposed beams, are particularly appreciated by guests. To organise a seminar, convention or gala dinner in a prestigious location, you will also find 4 châteaux and charming residences in Chambéry, all surrounded by beautiful grounds : the Château de Candie, le Domaine des Saints Pères, the Château

des Comtes de Challes and the Château de Servolex. Finally, if you are looking for a more modern setting, various hotels have reception rooms available, each with a different feel, such as the recently-opened Grenier in the Maison Rouge.

Contact details

Commercial hub Groups and business tourism Florence Fournier

800, avenue du Grand Arietaz, 73000 Chambéry +33 (0)4 79 79 09 17 - +33 (0)6 30 32 58 37 / f.fournier@grandchamberyalpes-tourisme.com


KEY FIGURES Chambéry tourist office one of the oldest in France (1896) - has grown. From the 1st May 2017, following the NOTRe law, it has been renamed ‘Grand Chambéry Alpes Tourisme’ (Greater Chambéry Alpine Tourism). As well as the wealth of a ‘Town of Art and History’, the tourist office has acquired the charming spa town of Challes-les-Eaux, and a superb regional natural park, including the Massif des Bauges. It’s a region that combines urban and mountain environments and offers cultural discoveries, local know-how, well-being and outdoor activities !

Greater Chambéry in figures - 38 municipalities 136,805 residents - 1 ‘Town of Art and History’ - Chambéry 60,000 residents - 1 spa and well-being resort, Challes-les-Eaux - 1 Regional Nature Park : Bauges Massif - 1 world UNESCO ‘Geopark’ - 2 winter sports resorts Les Aillons-Margériaz, Savoie Grand Revard - 4 municipalities in La Chartreuse - Altitude: 241m - 2217m (Arcalod)

Tourism in figures Welcome and information, promotion, communication, marketing With a dynamic team of 23 fulltime staff, the Tourist Office is expanding its reach, in collaboration with its partners, in order to increase the number of visitors to our beautiful region.

5 tourist centres • 2 in Chambéry « Culture et Patrimoine » and « Saveurs et Nature’ », • 1 in Challes-les-Eaux, • 1 in Aillon-le-Jeune • 1 in Châtelard

Guided tours themed around ‘Art and history’ • 14 certified tour guides • 524 visits for individuals per year, making 8681 visitors in total • 251 group tours per year, making 7,814 visitors in total • 25,000 tourist beds (of which almost 9,000 are commercial) • 1.3 million estimated nights spent by tourists • 83 million euros (approx.) spent by tourists

Source : overview of local tourism, CRT , CRT Auvergne Rhône Alpes, Savoie Mont-Blanc Tourisme


An ideal location

Getting here

Nearby - 2 hrs 50 mins from Paris

Chambéry can be reached by motorway: A43 from Lyon, A6 from Paris, A41 from Geneva North, or A7 from Marseilles.

(by rail)

- 1 hour from Lyon, Geneva and the Italian border

- 2 hrs 20 mins from Turin; 3 hrs 30 mins from Milan

Mountains - Close to the biggest ski resorts in the French Alps

- Entrance to the Vanoise National Park linked to the Grand Paradis - Entrance to the Regional Nature Parks of the Massif des Bauges and Chartreuse

Lakes - 10 mins from Lake Bourget, the biggest natural lake in France - 20 mins from Lake Aiguebelette, in an unspoiled environment - Enjoy the water, with temperatures of up to 28°C

By road

Distance from major towns Paris Lyon Grenoble Chamonix Marseille Turin Genève

567 km [5 h 10] 109 km [1 h] 57 km [35 m] 140 km [1 h 40] 331 km [3 h 45] 220 km [2 h 20] 85 km [1 h]

By rail TGV / Daily trains to Paris (2 h 50; 7 direct outbound - 6 direct inbound per day), Turin and Milan (3 outbound/inbound) Local rail (TER) / Various stations www.sncf.com www.ter-sncf.com/rhone_alpes

In coach Several coaches from France and abroad Bus station Square Paul Vidal Parc du Verney +33 (0)4 79 69 11 88

By plane Chambéry Savoie Mont-Blanc Airport (8 km) 73420 Le Viviers du Lac +33 (0)4 79 54 49 54 www.chambery-airport.com

Lyon-St Exupéry Airport (75 km) 0 826 800 826 (premium-rate n°) www.lyon.aeroport.fr

Geneva Airport (85 km) +41 22 717 71 05 www.gva.ch / Accueil France +41 22 717 82 77


Grand Chambéry Alpes Tourisme, 5 bis, place du Palais de Justice, 73000 Chambéry, France / Mai 2018 Direction de la publication : Xavier Dullin Photo credit : ©ART PRISM, ©Challenge Cyclo’Tour Rotor, ©C. Baudet, ©C. Haas, ©Chambéry - Didier Gourbin, ©Chambéry - E. Tamborra, ©Chambéry - G. Garofolin, ©Chambéry - Laurent Madelon, ©Chambéry Milla, Photographie, ©Chambéry - Nicolas Favrichon, ©Chambéry - Pierre Huchette, ©Chambéry - Pierre Morel, ©Chambéry - Romain Fontaine, ©Corentin Mossieux Chaîne Thermale du Soleil, ©David Jarriand, ©Espace 3D, ©G. Cottet, ©Grand Chambéry Alpes Tourisme, ©Jean-Pierre Teste Photographe, ©Julie Chavaribeyre, ©Les Aillons Margeriaz - Peignée Verticale T. Nalet, ©Madame Vacances - Château de Candie - ART PRISM, ©Massif des Bauges, ©Massif des Bauges - C. Haas, ©minicel73, ©Office de tourisme de Challes-les-Eaux, ©OT Pays du Lac d’Aiguebelette Henri De Caevel, ©OT Pays du Lac d’Aiguebelette - Pascal Lebeau, ©OT Pays du Lac d’Aiguebelette - Vertes Sensations, ©P. Lebeau, ©Pascal Gaudin, ©PNRMB. Cornillon, ©Restaurant - La Maniguette, ©Saint-Pierre de Curtille - G. Lansard, ©Savoie Grand Revard - Peignée Verticale T. Nalet, ©Savoie Loisirs - D. Planche, ©Tomfry, ©Uolir, ©vouvraysan, ©Guillaume Rouault/Chambéry Métropole, ©Domaine des Saints-Pères, ©Chambéry Savoie Mont-Blanc Handball, ©Grand Chambéry. The text for this 2018 press release was written by Greater Chambéry Alpine Tourism..


GRAND CHAMBÉRY ALPES TOURISME Gérard CHARPIN Press Officer - +33 (0)6 19 22 08 34 g.charpin@grandchamberyalpes-tourisme.com Virginie DUPÉ Assistant Director - +33 (0)6 13 30 79 39 v.dupe@grandchamberyalpes-tourisme.com

Profile for Grand Chambéry Alpes Tourisme

Press release Greater Chambery 2018  

Here is the press kit of Grand Chambéry Alpes Tourisme presenting Chambéry, Challes les Eaux and their surroundings.

Press release Greater Chambery 2018  

Here is the press kit of Grand Chambéry Alpes Tourisme presenting Chambéry, Challes les Eaux and their surroundings.