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Provide Beauty And Light To Your Home With Sliding Glass - Chamber Slides _____________________________________________________________________________________ By Lauris - Sliding patio doors allow fresh air and natural light into your house without you worrying about insects coming in. They are great to view the outside from the inside, Chamber Slides perfect for entertaining at your garden or deck. They are available from several online retailers at affordable prices. Here are some of them:

If you want a picture-window view, this door is for you. Aside from the spectacular view, it also provides energy efficiency, a high comfort level and superior security. It is easy and smooth to operate and maintenance-free. The door is engineered with precision to fit perfectly in your home decor. Furthermore, the precise engineering of this door eliminates any uncomfortable drafts even if the wind is blowing hard outside. A low energy consumption is another benefit provided with its Gorell ENERGY STAR highperformance glass. The interior and exterior come in white color and a clear dual insulating glass is used.

The available configurations for this series are limitless. The company offers any combination of operating or fixed panels in varying widths. The doors come with sidelites, transoms or big window wall systems to provide you with various options for your openi ngs. The frame finishes are colored using Kynar paint and also clear and dark bronze anodized. The door is designed to fit DUO-PANE high insulation glass featuring a 1/2-inch air space. Multi-point hook locks are used for improved security. Other hardware includes tandem roller, Narrow Stile with rollers in diameter of 1.5-inch and a Medium Stile with rollers in diameter of 1.81-inch. offers this model with Exclusive Comfort 365 heavy duty tempered glass for lasting use. It's easy and smooth to operate and low maintenance. Some of its key features are integral screen track, interlocking meeting rail to prevent water and draft penetration. Self-aligning and adjustable ball-bearing rollers in dual steel, double weather-stripping, reinforced sashes, multipoint locking system and double pane and argon-enhanced glass.

Some features include two-panel configuration, double-glazed clear thermo with 1/2-inch air spacer and warm-edge spacer exclusive gliding system, mortise latching system, aluminum screen in polyester powder coating and white-surface handle with painted keeper

This patio door is easy to operate and is solidly constructed. For added durability, it's strengthened using heavy-duty aluminum. And for maximum strength, welded sash corners are provided while thermal efficiency and stability are boost by frame extrusions that are multi-chambered.

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Chamber slides  
Chamber slides  

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