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BRISTOL COUNTY BUSINESS NEWS The Official Publication of the Bristol County Chamber of Commerce, Inc. October 2017 Edition

October is Workforce Development Month October is “Workforce Development Month” at the Bristol County Chamber of Commerce. Workforce Development Month places a spotlight on workforce issues and opportunities impacting Bristol County businesses, educational agencies, economic development organizations, labor unions, elected officials, and other stakeholders. Another purpose in promoting Workforce Development Month is to highlight the programming and work of the Center for Workforce and Community Education at Bristol Community College. This October marks the fifth year in a row that the Chamber and the Center for Workforce and Community Education at BCC have collaborated in producing a Workforce Development Month. The service area of the Bristol County Chamber of Commerce is an important economic hub. In acknowledging that impacts from outside factors such as globalism and the national recession were difficult challenges to overcome it should also be noted that the Chamber’s service area accounts for more than 40% of total employment within the Providence/Fall River metropolitan region. Addressing the region’s present-day workforce needs has required the Chamber to tackle a chronic educational attainment gap that has impeded many residents from achieving the American dream. This is why the Chamber, through its Education Committee, works toward improving the adult educational attainment level. Adult educational attainment is very important to Chamber member employers because the entry level requirements for today’s jobs typically require problem solving skills and technological literacy. Of the greater than 2000 employers in Fall River,

most of the available jobs are in the medical industry, education, municipal services, niche manufacturing, food services, distribution and retail services sectors. Many of these employment positions now require more complex skills diversity than what had been needed in 20th century manufacturing positions. They are the skills often associated with the educational equivalent of an associate’s degree. Meanwhile, less than 18% of adults living in Fall River possess an associate’s college degree, or higher. This is an issue that must be addressed.

over 2000 jobs. These jobs, which allowed for lower educational attainment levels are not coming back.

Educational attainment and employability are clearly connected. Since 2001, an employment gap linked with educational attainment has developed where there are more potentially employable people living in the Fall River area than there are available jobs. In 2006, the jobs gap in Fall River was 44,638 available workers to 36,341 jobs. This equated to an almost 9% workforce gap in the wrong direction. In 2009, the employment gap amplified due to the National Recession.

Addressing workforce education through Workforce Development Month is also critical to the success of marketing the region’s competitiveness. Look to the Commonwealth’s marketing of its innovation technology cluster as to why a skilled labor force matters. That is why alignment of our educational and publicly funded workforce development systems with business and industry are critical next steps to economic success. Indeed, much of the Chamber’s program of work through the Education Committee addresses educational attainment and workforce education. These efforts must continue to be supported and promoted. Recognizing the need of a Workforce Development Month is the starting point.

Here is where the link between educational attainment and employability becomes clear. Prior to 2006, low skilled manufacturing was Fall River’s largest source of employment. In 2003, a Fall River resident could get a job in one of the many area mills regardless of their educational attainment. Today, the worker with limited educational attainment is in a really bad situation that is getting worse. This is because over 10,000 low skill manufacturing jobs related to the garment and textile industries have been eliminated or outsourced. The availability of wholesale and retail sector jobs have also declined dramatically. Both sectors have declined by

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Local unemployment is finally receding. Chamber member companies like Amazon, John Matouk, Inc., R.I Novelty, Stop & Shop, St. Anne’s Hospital, SouthCoast Health Systems, Merrow Sewing, RDA Insurance, Raw Seafood, People Inc., Blount Fine Foods, are hiring. The problem to resolve is that many residents are being left behind due to a lack in necessary job skills.


Robert A. Mellion, Esq. President and CEO

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Featured Business Expo Speakers Wednesday, October 11th at White’s of Westport

Chair of the Board: Carl Garcia, Carl’s Collision Center, Inc Immediate Past Chair: Scott O’Brien, O’Brien’s Plumbing & Heating, Inc. Chair Elect: Brian LeComte, Gold Medal Bakery First Vice Chair: Curtis Nelson, Nelson Insurance & Financial Services Second Vice Chair: Bill Perkins, People Incorporated Treasurer: Roger Cabral, Bristol County Savings Bank Clerk: Monte Ferris, Quality Inn Somerset & Venus de Milo President and CEO & General Counsel: Robert A. Mellion, Esq. BOARD OF DIRECTORS: Term Ending in 2017 Jo Ann Bentley, Jo Ann Bentley - Architect LoriAnn Taylor Branco, Center for Sight Nick Christ, BayCoast Bank Rebecca Collins, Collins Construction Michael Lund, Borden Light Marina Carl Sawejko, Sawejko Communications Tobias Stapleton, UMass - Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Action Alert Business Breakfast

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featuring Chris Carlozzi, Massachusetts Director of the National Federation of Independent Businesses

featuring Steven Cohen, President of CEA Group Inc.

Registration and breakfast at 8 AM with presentation at 8:45 AM.

Registration and lunch at 12 PM with presentation at 12:45 PM.

Admission: $25.00 per person and includes breakfast buffet.

Admission: $25.00 per person and includes lunch buffet.

Register now by calling the Chamber at (508) 676.8226 BUSINESS NEWS PUBLISHER Robert A. Mellion, Esq., President & CEO MANAGING EDITOR Jennifer Lourenco, Communications Manager ADVERTISING MANAGER Kimberly Coroa Moniz, Vice President The “Bristol County Business News” is produced monthly by the Bristol County Chamber of Commerce, Inc. The opinions featured in this publication do not necessarily reflect the views of the Chamber staff, nor of the members of the Chamber Board of Directors.


This newspaper is printed at the Standard Times. All letters to the editorial page must be signed and include a phone number. All submissions are welcome and should be sent via email to:

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CHAMBER STAFF: Robert A. Mellion, Esq., President, CEO & General Counsel Kimberly Coroa Moniz, Vice President Dan Balboni, Director of Business Development Courtney Krystman, Manager of Operations & Finance Jennifer Lourenco, Communications Manager

The Massachusetts Small Business Center (MSBDC) Network provides on-to-one free comprehensive and confidential services focusing on, business growth and strategies, financing and loan assistance as well as strategic, marketing and operational analysis. In addition, low cost educational training programs are offered across the state targeted to the needs of small business. Massachusetts Small Business Development Center Network 200 Pocasset Street, Fall River, MA 02721 Phone: (508) 673-9783

Fax: (508) 674-1929

MISSION STATEMENT The mission of the Bristol County Chamber of Commerce, Inc. is to be the primary business and community information source for its members and the public to provide networking opportunities for its members; and serve as an advocate, on behalf of its members, at the local, state and federal government levels. Bristol County Chamber of Commerce, Inc. 200 Pocasset Street, Fall River, MA 02721 Phone: (508) 676-8226 Fax: (508) 675-5932


OCTOBER 2017 CALENDAR All meetings are held at the Chamber unless otherwise noted

10/18 WED...........................Ambassador’s Committee Meeting 12 p.m. 10/12 THUR....................................Events Committee Meeting 8:30 a.m.

BUSINESS EXPO Wednesday, October 11th White’s of Westport 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. For additional information please contact Kimberly Coroa Moniz (508) 676.8226

Booth space is limited!

Have you dreamed of owning Boardwalk or Park Place? Feature your company in Bristol County-Opoly! Please contact Kimberly Coroa Moniz at (508) 676.8226

10/12 THURS............................Education Committee Meeting 11:30 a.m. 10/20 FRI.......................................Government Affairs Meeting 8:00 a.m. 10/23 MON.................................Executive Committee Meeting 12 p.m. 10/23 MON....................................Cultural Committee Meeting 2 p.m. 10/25 WED...........................................................Board Meeting 11:45 a.m. 10/25 WED................................................Business After Hours Located: People, Inc. 4 South Main Street Fall River, MA 02721 Sponsored by: People, Inc. 5:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.

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Business Advice: Manage Your Finances as You Near Retirement As your target retirement date gets closer, what was once an abstract concept may now feel more like a reality. This life event can provoke different feelings for different people. While some might feel excited about the possibilities the non-working years might bring, others may be anxious and fearful. Regardless of your emotions, now is the time to stay focused on maximizing your retirement savings while also looking ahead to develop a retirement income plan that supports your vision of retirement. The following are some tips you may find helpful. ‘Catch up’ If you are age 50 or older, one way to help maximize your retirement savings is to take advantage of “catch up” contributions. The “catch up” contribution provision allows you to make additional contributions to your 401(k) or other employer-sponsored retirement plan. If you’re unable to do this, try to contribute at least as much as the employer’s match – otherwise, you’re leaving money on the table. Open an IRA If your employer doesn’t offer a retirement plan or you’re self-employed, consider opening an IRA. Even if you already participate in a 401(k) or other plan at work, an IRA can help supplement those savings and help you gain access to a potentially wider range of investment options. Keep in mind you are still eligible to contribute to an IRA whether you contribute to an employer-sponsored plan or not. You can also make catch up contributions to an IRA if you are age 50 or older. Convert to a Roth IRA?


An often overlooked retirement planning strategy is the Roth IRA conversion. A Roth IRA conversion occurs when you take savings in a Traditional, SEP, or SIMPLE IRA, or employer sponsored retirement plan, and move the assets into a Roth IRA.

You will owe federal and possibly state income tax on the before-tax amounts in your employer plan or IRA converted to a Roth inthat tax year, but not the 10% IRS early distribution penalty. Once you settle that bill, though, you’ll be able to withdraw all the money in your Roth IRA during retirement without owing any tax or penalty, provided: (1) the Roth IRA has been open for at least five years and you are age 59 ½ or older; or (2) the distribution is a result of your death, disability, or using the first-time homebuyer exception. The benefits of tax-free distributions in retirement may justify the conversion costs and allow for flexibility to manage taxable income in retirement. Converting to a Roth IRA is not appropriate for everyone. Some factors to consider include your tax bracket now and expected tax bracket in retirement, availability of funds to pay taxes due on the conversion, and your time horizon. Talk to your Financial Advisor and tax advisor to discuss your specific situation before you convert. Develop a retirement income plan Now may also be a good time to develop a retirement income plan. A retirement income plan helps make the transition from accumulating assets in your portfolio to determining how you will use all of your various sources of income to cover your living expenses when you’re no longer working. It’s critical to start the retirement income planning process before you retire. If your planning process determines there’s a gap between your desired expense projections and your required income, you still have time to make some adjustments. These can include retiring at a later date, working part-time in retirement, increasing your current savings, or reducing expense projections. You may want to begin the process with the following: Analyze your essential and discretionary expenses and create a realistic budget.

there are numerous options regarding when and how you elect to take your Social Security. Your choices can have a significant impact on the total benefits you receive over time. Your Financial Advisor can help you analyze the Social Security benefit options available to you and help you evaluate which one best fits your personal circumstances. Think about longevity. Americans are living longer and more active lives, which can translate into two or three decades of living in retirement. This affects not only how much you will need to save but also how much you’ll need to budget for health care expenses. You are eligible for Medicare when you turn age 65. If you retire before age 65 and don’t have health care through your former employer, you will have to purchase your own coverage. And, while Medicare will help cover hospitalization costs and doctor visits, you’ll probably want to secure supplemental coverage. Additionally, you should consider long-term care insurance – the younger you are when you purchase long-term care insurance, the less expensive it is. Nearing retirement can bring excitement – and also anxiety. But some careful planning now can help ease any anxieties you might experience down the road. You might want to enlist the help of a Financial Advisor to review your investments, help you develop a retirement income plan, navigate the complexities of evaluating your Social Security benefit options, and plan for health care expenses. Now is the time to evaluate where you stand financially and determine what steps you need to take to help ensure you’re able to live out your unique vision for retirement. Our firm is not a legal or tax advisor. This article was written by/for Wells Fargo Advisors and provided courtesy of Nelson Dias, Financial Advisor in Providence, RI at 401-459-6872 www.

This process will help you identify all of your sources of income, including Social Security, retirement savings, pensions, investments, etc. A Financial Advisor can help you determine when and how to take withdrawals and build an investment strategy that generates income in retirement while still giving your investments the opportunity to grow.

Investments in securities and insurance products are: NOT FDIC-INSURED/NOT BANK-GUARANTEED/MAY LOSE VALUE

Consider Social Security.

© 2016 Wells Fargo Clearing Services, LLC. All rights reserved. 0416-03023 [98732-v1BDC]

For married couples or divorced individuals,

Wells Fargo Advisors is a trade name used by Wells Fargo Clearing Services, LLC, Member SIPC, a registered broker-dealer and non-bank affiliate of Wells Fargo & Company.

Nextstar Media Group Purchases The CW Providence IRVING, Texas, and PROVIDENCE, R.I. (NEXSTAR) - Nexstar Media Group, Inc. (Nasdaq: NXST) (“Nexstar” or “the Company”) recently announced that its subsidiary, Nexstar Broadcasting, Inc., has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire the non-spectrum operating assets of WLWC-TV, the CW affiliate serving Providence, Rhode Island (DMA #52) for $4.1 million from OTA Broadcasting (PVD), LLC (“OTA”). The transaction will be highly accretive to Nexstar’s operating results immediately upon closing, which is expected by early fourth quarter of 2017. Nexstar intends to finance the station acquisition with cash from operations. OTA sold the WLWC-TV spectrum in the Federal Communication Commission’s (“FCC”) recently completed Incentive Auction and given that Nexstar’s agreement with OTA pertains to the purchase of the station’s remaining operating assets, the proposed transaction is not subject to FCC approval. The CW affiliation complements the existing programming and services delivered to view-

ers and advertisers in Providence by stations and digital platforms owned by Nexstar, or with whom Nexstar has a local service agreement, including WPRI-TV (CBS), WNAC (FOX), MyNetwork and Commenting on the agreement, Tim Busch, President of Nexstar Broadcasting, Inc. said, “The WLWC-TV transaction reflects the ongoing execution of Nexstar’s successful long-term growth strategy to opportunistically expand our broadcast and digital platform through highly accretive acquisitions. The addition of the assets from WLWC-TV will allow Nexstar to generate incremental advertising and net retransmission consent revenue growth without increasing our total U.S. television household reach. The acquisition is leverage-neutral on a pro-forma basis, and the purchase price represents a very low multiple of the pro forma contribution to Nexstar’s operating results, given the anticipated operating synergies and elevated advertising and distribution revenues.

“Importantly, as our organization grows, we continue to simultaneously elevate our support of the evolving needs and interests of our local viewers, hometown businesses and community organizations that we proudly serve each day. We intend to continue WLWC-TV’s legacy of local programming and community orientation and look forward to delivering more exceptional primetime, syndicated, sports and local news programming to Providence viewers later this year.” William Tolpegin, CEO of OTA Broadcasting stated, “We want to thank the employees of WLWC for their fantastic work at OTA, and we are thrilled they will be re-joining the Nexstar team. As an industry leader, Nexstar has consistently delivered strong local programming to the local communities it serves across the United States and we are confident that WLWC will continue to offer viewers in Providence great programming under Nexstar’s management.”

Your business success is our personal commitment.

Our Fall River commercial lending team is ready to help your business grow. As the #1 small business lender in Bristol County* and an SBA Preferred Lender, we're known for great personal service, prompt, local decision-making and custom banking solutions. To discuss your financing needs, call 508-993-3472 or visit one of our branch locations. L-R: Roger Cabral, VP Commercial Lending; Joan Medeiros, VP Commercial Lending; Pete Selley, SVP Commercial Lending; Len Sullivan, First EVP & Sr. Loan Officer; Rich Farmer, VP Commercial Lending; & Michael Patacao, VP Commercial Lending.

Each depositor is insured by the FDIC to at least $250,000. All deposits above the FDIC insurance amount are insured by the Depositors Insurance Fund (DIF).

*Based on total loan originations as reported in the 2015 aggregate small business loan data to the Federal Reserve under the Community Reinvestment Act.


MeMBer spotlight: eliZABeth cArroll, cpA cornerstone MoneY MAnAgeMent, llc

Beth Carroll is a CPA and a daily money manager. She helps seniors in their homes organizing and managing their day-to-day finances. She offers a range of services, including paying bills, reconciling bank accounts, preparing and monitoring budgets and preparing financial records for income tax filing. She started her own daily money management business after realizing the need for these services and the benefit she was able to provide for others, from her own aging parents to members of her community. Many of her clients are seniors, including those struggling with illness and/or loss. She also assists adult children who do not have the time or ability to manage their aging parents’ financial affairs. Managing money is one of the ways we maintain independence and control over our lives. Beth is committed to help others take control of their finances, simplify their lives and achieve peace of mind. Beth graduated from the College of the Holy Cross with a B.A. in Economics and Accounting. She

worked at Arthur Andersen where she developed financial and accounting skills. She later worked at a real estate investment company, a visiting nurse organization and a local CPA firm while also spending time at home caring for her four children. Beth is a member of the American Association of Daily Money Managers, the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and the Rhode Island Society of Certified Public Accountants. She is also a Notary Public in Rhode Island. Cornerstone Money Management, LLC is insured and follows the code of ethics of the American Association of Daily Money Managers. Contact Beth today for a free initial consultation. Elizabeth Carroll, CPA Portsmouth, RI 02871 (401) 323-4895 beth@cornerstonemoneymgmt. com

Dave’s Tire & Auto Service (508) 679-6482

Guaranteed Service & Repairs for Domestic & Foreign Cars, Light Trucks & SUV's • Computerized Wheel Alignment • Brakes/Front End • Shocks & Struts • Tune-ups/ Oil Change • Air Conditioning • Mufflers/Exhaust 6

352 Bedford Street Fall River Open Monday - Saturday at 7:30 a.m. Mention this ad for a 10% discount on parts with repairs

ABc disposAl WelcoMes neW generAl MAnAger

NEW BEDFORD, MA- ABC Disposal Service, Inc. (ABC) (owned & operated by the Camara Family) located in New Bedford, MA is pleased to announce that they have promoted Jerry Dugan, Jr. to General Manager of ABC and their sister company New Bedford Waste Services, LLC. (NBWS). The companies have operations in New Bedford, Rochester, Sandwich, Bellingham and Martha’s Vineyard. ABC is one of the Largest Family owned hauling and recycling companies in New England. They operate in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. “We are very pleased with everything Jerry has done for our companies over the last nine years and know that he is very well qualified to be taking on his new role as General Manager” said ABC CEO Michael A. Camara.

For the last nine years Jerry has served as the Operations Manager for both ABC & NBWS. Prior to joining ABC in 2008 Jerry worked for his family hauling company in Newport, RI. and then went on to work for a national hauling company. While working for the national company he had many different roles including Operations Manager, Site Manager, District Operations Manager and Senior District Manager. “During his many years in the waste & recycling industry Jerry has been able to gain a tremendous amount of knowledge about daily operations, personnel management, allocation of resources, customer service, safety and financial responsibility” said ABC CEO Michael A. Camara. Jerry lives in Middletown, RI with his wife Sue.

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Seven Named to Diman Hall of Fame

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On Oct. 8th at the Venus de Milo restaurant, seven new members will join the Diman Regional Vocational Technical High School Hall of Fame. This unique non-sports recognition was established in 1998 to honor Diman graduates, retired staff and community supporters of the school. This year’s class of inductees reflects all three of these categories. Among the new inductees is the leader of Prima Care Richard Mateus. This growing health care group has been an active Chamber member under his leadership. Other new inductees, who were voted in by current Hall of Fame members, include: Diman graduates Tina Bell,, John Viveiros, Mark Costa; retired staff members Brian Bentley and David Viveiros; and the school supporter is the Diman Alumni Association. In 1989 Mateus graduated from Diman’s Electrical shop. After graduating from Salve Regina with a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance, he embarked on a professional career that landed him at Prima CARE in 1996. He started at this newly formed multispecialty physician group as the Chief Financial Officer. After twelve years in this position, he was promoted to Chief Operating Officer. Within four years he was awarded the title of Chief Executive Officer. Under his leadership tenure, the organization has grown to 170 healthcare providers, medical centers in five locations, over $100 million in annual revenues and provides care to over 120,000 patients annually. Outside of Prima CARE, he has membership in a number of related health care organizations and serves on the City of Fall River Zoning Board of Appeals. In 2007, he was awarded Diman’s Distinguished Graduate Award. Bell is a 2000 graduate of the Drafting shop. By graduation she was the outstanding vocational student in her shop, National Honor Society member and officer, recipient of three trade fair first place honors and senior class valedictorian. She started a Diman Coop job in her trade area at Mount Hope Engineering in Swansea. Seventeen years after graduation, she is still employed by this company as the Lead CAD Designer. Along with her professional career, she has been involved with a number of volunteer activities including Swansea Girls Softball League, Hoyle Elementary School, Luther Elementary School, Espirito Santo Church and Diman’s Drafting shop advisory board. Her volunteer work earned Bell the 2017 John Brayton Community Service Award from the Bristol County Chamber of Commerce. Graduating from Diman in 1981, John Viveiros has been working in the plumbing trade for the Simon Supply Company in Fall River. In addition to his professional career and family, he finds time to volunteer with a number of organizations. For the Diman Alumni Association, he has organized the annual golf tournament that serves over 140 golfers every year and achieves a high

level of sponsorships. For the last four years he has been the President of this Diman organization. Other volunteer activities over the years have included Little League, PAL Hockey, Columbus Park Board of Directors, CYO Baseball, Adult softball and membership in Freemason. A member of the Diman class of 1991, Costa was an outstanding varsity athlete in baseball and soccer. After graduation, he joined the Army National Guard.. Following basic military training, he enrolled in Bridgewater State University. Earning a Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology allowed him to secure a Probation Officer position at Fall River District Court. In addition to this employment, he has been an elected member of the Fall River School Committee for over ten years. With a growing family, professional employment and elected duties, he still finds time to support the Wish Come True Committee, Katie Brown Education Board and BOLD Coalition. Retired Diman teacher David Viveiros taught Culinary Arts for 28 years at the school. He also taught the evening gourmet cooking class for many years and has been a substitute shop teacher since his retirement in 2006. While being a Skills USA Advisor with his culinary students, they earned 30 state medals during vocational competitions, along with 9 national medals. His efforts with the state Skills USA organization, earned him the Advisor of the Year award. In addition to his Diman Culinary Arts experience, he was a chef for 15 years at various restaurants, owner of a catering business, instructor with Mass Migrant Program and job coach at Southcoast collaborative. Volunteer activities have supported Special Olympics, Sacred Heart soup kitchen, Holy Name Church and Veterans in Hospitals. After graduating from Providence College with a BA Degree in English and later with an MA in Education, Bentley embarked on a career path that placed him in an English classroom at Diman in 1976. His connection to Diman would carry on for 38 years. In 1998 he was promoted to the Dean of Students which lasted 12 years. He was selected in 1998 to the position of Academic/ Post-Secondary Coordinator, which he served until he was hired to be the Assistant-Superintendent-Director/Principal in 2001. In addition to his regular duties at Diman, he coached Freshmen Basketball, coached JV Girls Softball, School Improvement Council member, Senior Prom Advisor, Junior Prom Advisor, Yearbook Advisor. Teachers Association President, District Policy Manual Revision team, etc. He was a Skills USA Advisor for the Diman students that competed in the Opening and Closing Ceremony Team competition. His state teams won 19 gold medals (state champs), 2 silver medals and two bronze medals. Continued on Page 9

Continued from Page 8 In retirement he has stayed active in education with the Skills USA state board, teaching college level courses and mentoring newly appointed local school administrators. The Diman Alumni Association has been in existence in some form for over 50 years. A recent focus has made this nonprofit an organizer of fund raising events that have created an

endowment fund that supports scholarships for college bound Diman seniors and trade scholarships for students entering the workforce. For many years the efforts of this organization has been supported by the volunteer efforts of graduates from Diman Vocational High School and Diman Regional Vocational Technical High School. The growth of this organization was recently recognized with the Outstanding School Partner Award from the Mass Association of School Committees.

Member Spotlight: Somerset Federal Credit Union Somerset Federal Credit Union is a not-for-profit financial cooperative that is owned by its members. SFCU serves people who live or work in Bristol County, Massachusetts and members of their immediate family. Yesterday Inspired by financial cooperatives popular in 19th century Europe, credit unions caught on in America in the early 1900s. Somerset Federal Credit Union's birth took place in 1936 at Panneton's Drug Store. The community of farmers and working people came together and founded Somerset's first financial institution, the "Somerset Community Credit Union." Since banks of the day would lend only to property owners, the new Credit Union expanded access by loaning money to people based on their good character and proof of steady employment. The financial institution was later renamed "Somerset Federal Credit Union," and was one of the first credit unions in Massachusetts to own and operate its own building at 1275 County Street. Today Now headquartered at 740 County Street in Somerset, Massachusetts, SFCU is proud to have more than 12,000 members and over $142 million in assets. Under the leadership of a member elected Board of Directors, and dedicated Senior Management Team, SFCU continues to look towards the future by providing banking solutions for each generation we serve. By making SFCU a part of your financial life, you can expect something special; something that may be unusual in today’s often impersonal world. By joining the Credit Union, you become a member, not an account number. We strive to make your dealings here pleasant in every way – a truly neighborly experience. You can rely on us for all of the financial products and services that help make your life easier. Not to mention, we continually add new products and services to make our Credit Union a convenient, one-stop destination for all of your banking needs. Here at SFCU, our goal is to provide our members with the financial services they need along with the latest technology and the personal attention they deserve. SFCU is ALWAYS THERE!

Business After Hours 2017 Schedule

Wednesday 10/25 5:00 - 7:00 p.m. Location: People, Inc. 4 South Main Street Fall River, MA Sponsored by: People, Inc.

Thursday, 11/16 5:00 - 7:00 p.m. Location: Venus de Milo Swansea, MA Sponsored by: Venus de Milo, The Herald News & The Bristol County Chamber of Commerce

Thursday 12/7 5:00 - 7:00 p.m. Location: White’s of Westport 66 State Rd. Westport, MA

Business Hours Monday: Tuesday: Wednesday: Thursday: Friday: Saturday:

Drive Thru

9:00am – 4:00pm 9:00am – 4:00pm 9:00am – 4:00pm 9:00am – 7:00pm 9:00am – 6:00pm 9:00am – 12:00pm

Open 8:00 am, Monday – Saturday, and with the listed closing hours above.

Sponsored by: White’s & Carl’s Collision SFCU Senior Management Team (from left to right): Eric Santos, Assistant Chief Lending Officer, Teresa Viveiros, Chief Lending Officer, Pamela Mello, President & CEO, Elaine DeMoranville VP of Risk Management, Zelda Franco, VP of Operations and Anthony Costa, VP of Finance and.



Leadership | Process Improvement | Sales | Customer Service | Project Management | Advanced Technology

195 Broadway, Fall River, MA


Open Wednesday evenings until 8:00 pm Hours: Mon. - Fri. 8:00 am - 4:30 pm, Wed. until 8:00 pm, Sat. 8:00 am - 3:00 pm Locations: Fall River, MA • Plainville, MA • Hyannis, MA • Cranston, RI HVAC Locations: Woburn, MA • Avon, MA • East Hartford, CT


This 28-hour training challenged participants to explore their own bias around culture, race, gender, class and sexual orientation, and think about the connections to health inequality and ensuing health outcomes.

A Business Case for Inter-Cultural Awareness Recent events around the country, and close to home, for and against white nationalism have brought the issue of cultural awareness front and center in our communities, at our dinner tables and in our workplaces. People have had different reactions and we have all been challenged to think about our feelings around very sensitive issues. In the workplace, there are important reasons to take a closer look at the conversations generated by the more recent discord and confrontation. Some workers espouse the belief that their culture is “better” or, that “American culture” should only be represented by one particular group of people at the exclusion of others. The United States of America is, as John F. Kennedy called it, “a nation of immigrants.” This is especially true here in our region where the roots of immigrant labor have shaped our industries and grown our economy over the centuries. This tradition continues and Fall River is recognized as one of our Commonwealth’s Gateway cities for new immigrant families. The rationale for increased awareness and cultural competence within organizations and the business benefits are clear: • • • • •

Incorporates different perspectives, ideas and strategies into the decision-making process Decreases barriers that slow progress Moves toward meeting legal and regulatory guidelines Improves efficiency of delivery of services Increases the market share of the organization

Robert Vitello, Director of Corporate Services at the Center says, “In 2017, just about every business has international dealings: either selling their products around the world or competing for new customers and new markets. Our region is made up of many cultures that bring different skills and new perspectives to the workplace. Beginning to understand and learn how to interact with co-workers or customers from various cultures other than their own is an important skill.”

“In the end, participants build trust and rapport and have a greater appreciation for each other as co-workers.” This business case for inter-cultural awareness holds true as companies in multiple industries are finding a growing need to improve services and production, expand strategic planning and increase market share. BCC has developed training solutions that help address these challenges. Inter-cultural awareness can also extend broadly to a range of situations involving co-workers and customers. For example, Steppingstone Inc., a local leader in behavioral health and homeless services, is charged by its funding agencies with providing cultural and linguistically appropriate services to its clients. They offer continuous in-service training for executive, clinical and support staff. They decided to work with BCC to develop a more in-depth training focused on “Cultural Competency for Improved Client Care,” in the two-year Workforce Training Fund Program grant they received.

“Cultural competence in health care describes the ability to provide care to patients with diverse values, beliefs and behaviors, including tailoring health care delivery to meet patients’ social, cultural and linguistic needs,” says BCC Instructor Mikkie Harvey, who leads conversations on Cultural Competence, Diversity and Inclusion. The training is very powerful as people begin to consider the influence of one’s own biases and beliefs and the potential impact on service delivery. In the end, participants build trust and rapport and have a greater appreciation for each other as co-workers.” Other industries in our community are moving to address inter-cultural awareness and cultural competency. Organizations, businesses, and agencies are recognizing that capturing greater market share in the rapidly diversifying communities of this country requires that they respond better to the unique needs of their clients and the communities they seek to serve. Join the Bristol Community College Center for Workforce and Community Education at our next Power Hour on Tuesday, November 14 as we discuss how cultural competence can drive business. Hear from experts, ask questions and learn from your peers.

POWER HOUR a free Professional Guest Speaker Series at BCC

(7 7 4 ) 3 5 7 - 3 2 5 4

Cultural Competence in Business Tuesday, Nov. 14 5:30 to 6:30p.m. 1082 Davol Street Fall River, MA 02720


chAMBer in the coMMunitY


BayCoast Bank partners with the Bristol County Chamber Foundation and the Massachusetts Teachers Association to develop and fund a series of Professional Development Programs centered on the issue of Social and Emotional Learning or SEL. (Kuss Middle School, August 24th 2017)

Blend Cafe & Yoga Grand Opening (August 30th 2017)

RapidLab Ribbon Cutting Ceremony at Umass Dartmouth’s Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (August 25th 2017)

The Bristol Workforce Investment Board receives a $225,000 grant through the Massachusetts Workforce Competitiveness Trust Fund to create a new training program for positions as sewing machine operators and stitchers within the textile industry. (Merrow Manufacturing, August 24th, 2017)

Battle of the Cupcakes at White’s of Westport (September, 28th 2017)

Business After Hours Sponsored by BayCoast Bank at Bristol Community College (August 30th 2017)

Bristol countY chAMBer oF coMMerce nAMes BoArd rooM in honor oF BAYcoAst BAnK

SWANSEA, FALL RIVER, MA BayCoast Bank recently announced it will donate $25,000 over five years to the Bristol County Chamber of Commerce in support of the chamber’s mission of improving the regional business climate. In recognition of this show of support, the Bristol County Chamber of Commerce has renamed its board room the BayCoast Bank Board Room. The Bristol County Chamber of Commerce is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to serving as the leading voice of business in Bristol County. Members represent all sectors of the economy, from education and innovative technology to healthcare, tourism and hospitality, manufacturing, service and small business. By representing the interests of its diverse membership, as well as encouraging and promoting new and existing business activities, the Bristol County Chamber of Commerce has grown in recent years to become one of the larger and more active business organizations in southern New England.

Robert Mellion, Chief Executive Officer of the Bristol County Chamber of Commerce, said, “The Bristol County Chamber of Commerce Board Room is the symbol of commerce and industry in the region. It is also often the first impression that many business people and government representatives receive when visiting the region. This sponsorship by BayCoast Bank helps to ensure that everyone’s first impression in our area is positive. “The Bristol County Chamber of Commerce is very grateful to BayCoast Bank for making this possible,” Mellion added. “Thank you!” “The Bristol County Chamber of Commerce is doing such great and important work for our region,” said Nicholas Christ, President and CEO of BayCoast Bank. “We are very happy to contribute to their efforts, for the betterment of everyone who lives and works on the South Coast.”



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Chamber Membership Matters For more information on Chamber membership, or to include your business in the Chamber’s Member-to-Member Discount Program, please contact a Chamber staff member at (508) 676-8226 15

Bristol County Chamber of Commerce 200 Pocasset Street, Fall River, MA 02721-1585 (508) 676.8226

To Register, Contact a Chamber Staff Member at (508) 676-8226 or email communications@

***Registration is Required***

Thursday, November 16, 2017 5:00 - 7:00 p.m. Location: Venus de Milo 75 GAR Highway Swansea, MA 02777 Sponsored by: Venus de Milo, The Herald News & The Bristol County Chamber of Commerce


Wednesday, October 25, 2017 5:00 - 7:00 p.m. Location: People Incorporated 4 South Main Street Fall River, MA 02721 Sponsored by: People Incorporated

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